Seeing Your Pictures

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Setting here looking at you lying across the bed makes me so hot and so passionate. Mmmmm it would be nice to be there, to see, to feel, to taste your sweet, smooth skin. To feel your legs, your breasts, your sweet ass in my hands. Just to cover you head to toe with sweet licks and kisses. You look so-so Sexy laying on that bed I can only imagine the heat and passion that fills your body as you lay there. Mmmm the warm sun fills the room, along with the sweet sent of Apples that fills the air from your sweet body. I would Just love and consider myself the luckiest man alive to see more PICS of you. I would cherish them forever. I will take more if you like? I would love to be in the same room with you, taking your picture. Let me know Here is what I see as you lay there.

Walking in I see you on the bed, mmm I could look at you all night long but I’m sorry I can’t do that, you are the passion in my eyes. Walking over to you, your feet dangling off the bed, mmm you know I love them don’t you. I will see them later for sure. I set next to you on the bed, your head tilts to look up at me, mmm the soft silky hair cascades down across your back, and across your face, Mmmm I can see your soft, eyes through it looking at me as no one has in a very long time.

Taking my hand and brushing it away from you as I want to see the beauty that it is trying to cover. Mmmm your face is so pretty, such soft lines, so smooth, your lips, mmmmm leaning down I kiss them my tongue slides between them, searching for your, finding it and teasing it. It is so hot. My hand slide under your hair and caresses your back, so soft and so smooth. My hands slides down and under your Bathing suit sliding my hands slowly down almost to that sweet ass, mmm you know how much I just love to feel it in my hands as I squeeze it softly, gently. As ii slides back up across you I slide the straps off your shoulder, your arms slide out easy. Moving over doing the same to the other. Standing up and getting between your legs I brush your hair from your back and you turn you head back and lay it back on your arms. Leaning up I kiss escort bostancı your neck, the smell of apples fill me as I feel the burn on my lips as they touch you. I slide my tongue back and forth across you lower and lower down across your back.

When I get down were my head is over that sweet ass I can’t help but nibble and kiss what is showing out of your suit, waiting till I can get to what is under it. As I slide it across your suit, your ass wiggles back against me, you can feel my hot and wet tongue sliding across it as you raise your hips up off the bed. I slide it down across your sweet Pussy, feeling the heat of it across my face, and the wetness under my tongue. It feels so good and I can’t wait till there is no barrier between the two. Reaching up and slowly sliding your suit down, mmmm your sweet breasts now free, as I slide my hands under you, feeling them in my hands, my fingers gently rubbing your nipples between them, as I slide it further down, slowly across your ass, leaning over and kissing it as the suit comes off and shows it to me.

As I slide it down across your legs I lean forward and slide my tongue across your lips, just touching it ever so lightly, oooo your so wet already and your sweet juices taste so good. Can’t wait till my mouth is so full of it, As I lick my way down your inner thighs your so wet that it runs down there, I lick it as it slides down your leg. I slide the rest of your suit off and off you. Kneeling at the foot of the bed my hands slide up your legs as I lean down and run my tongue along the bottom of your feet, mmmmm I really do love that, taking the tip of my tongue I slide it back and forth under your toes, wiggling it between them, before taking each one in my mouth and suck it, nibble it, gently biting on them. Sucking them causes you to squirm on the bed mmm you really do like that don’t you. As I continue sucking on your toes my hands slide up your legs, squeezing your ass, as my fingers slide closer and closer to your moist lips. as my fingers slide over them I parts them sliding deep inside your wet pussy, gently ümraniye escort but very deep, I slide them slowly in and out of you as your hot juices flow across them and down my hand, mmmmm your so wet.

As you raise yourself up on your hands you hand down and looking back at me between your legs you see me just in time as my fingers slide out of you and between my lips, as I suck your hot cum from them. Licking all your juices off them and wanting so much more. As my fingers slide inside you once again and my tongue dances across your feet, my other finger tease your cute ass, just rubbing across it circling it, adding to the pleasure your feeling, as these fingers are so gentle when they explore you, rub you. Your ass wiggles back against me as it drives my fingers deep inside.

Sliding them back out of you I ask you to turn over on your back, as you do so you spread your legs inviting me so close into you, mmmmm I do so bad but not just yet sweetheart. Getting up and climbing next to you but laying opposite of one another I lean down and kiss your breast, licking your hard nipples before sucking them into my mouth, mmm they are so hard and I can tell they love being in there. Your hand slides up my leg, searching and finding my cock as they wrap around it, squeezing it gently in them, Mmmmm that feels good. As the slide up and down it’s hard shaft your one hands slides down and caresses my balls, mmmm dam does that feel good. Your soft hands make my cock so hard and so ready for anything you want. Your hands then slide down inside my thighs, Mmmm Just like you it feels good there also, as you slide it back up and grasp my cock again I can feel your warm breath across the head of it just before I feel your tongue slide across it, then that sweet feeling as it touches then parts your lips, mmmmmmmmmm

At the same time my head falls in between your legs and my tongue parts your hot pussy, driving deep inside you, feeling the heat and passion not only here but in the lips your have surrounding my cock as it slide deep inside you. My hands slide down around your thighs so kartal escort bayan that your legs are now behind my arms giving me a great sight, taste and feel of your wet pussy and hot ass. Your so wet from my licking you and nibbling your lips I can see and sure you can feel your Hot juices running down across the cute ass. As my tongue licks you deep inside my bread teasing your thighs and rubbing against your clit, I slide my finger down across your ass, circling it and it pushes ever so slowly inside you, your hips wiggling it in as fast as your like it to be, and from the pressure your sucking on my cock and the soft moans coming from you I take it that you like that feeling.

It is not Hard, not Deep, just barely inside as your wiggle it in, my tongue deep inside tasting all your juices as it flows from you. Mmmmm OMG I can feel your tongue and you slide my cock out from your sweet lips and it slides across my balls, gently nibbling and sucking on them Mmmmm That’s a first, Dam that’s good, Mmm asking you to stop before I cum so much. Sliding out from your side I slide back down between your legs, lifting them up onto my chest your feet right were they should be on either side of my head, You take my cock in your hand, holding it in front of your wet, hot pussy, sliding the head of it back and forth across your swollen lips as you slide it between them and I slide it further in, Taking my hands and wrapping them around your legs I squeeze them tighter which brings both your feet mmmm right in front of me. As my hips slide up against yours, I lick and suck on your feet, toes, the sides, nibbling on them as my hips slam up against your hot ass, you can feel my balls slapping up against your ass, mmmm I love that feeling.

As I feel your pussy tighten down on my cock I know that the time is so near, as I feel your orgasm flood my cock, running out of your lips, the feeling of it so thick and hot hitting the head of my cock is too much as I drive deep inside you and you feel load after load of Hot cum hitting deep inside you, my cock pulsating inside you, as your sweet pussy drains every drop from it. Sliding out of you and collapsing next to you, I lay my arm across you, looking into those eyes I kiss your long, deep and passionate. I whisper in your ear that “I thank you so much for the PICS Darlin”

See what you do to me. Night Darlin…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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