Senior Class Daughter Swap Ch. 04

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Just a friendly reminder that it will help with context to at least read the first installment of this series, to understand characters and their relations to each other.

‘Some girls were just born to suck dick’ I think, as I look down my body to see Joslyn blissfully sucking away at my cock. Just like yesterday, I woke up to the sight of her walking through the doorway to my bedroom, on her way to slip into my queen size bed. And just like Monday morning, she had no intentions of being there to sleep. Instead, as soon as she got in bed, her hand went straight for my sleeping shorts, pulling them below my resting cock, so she could enjoy that feeling of a cock going from soft to semi-hard in her hand, before dipping her head below the sheet to harden me up completely.

After Monday morning’s blowjob, she let me in on a little more of the things she enjoys, this being one of them. The fact that she doesn’t actually get to spend the night with a bf in his bed, means she doesn’t get to enjoy morning fun as much as she’d like. Or at least as much as she’s enjoyed here with me. Pair that with the fact that by the time she’s got her hands on someone’s cock, he’s almost always already gotten to full mast, she’s missed the chance of getting to feel a cock grow to full hardness in her hands or mouth. When she told me how much she enjoyed feeling me go from soft to fully hard in her hands and her mouth, I almost felt sorry for her for not getting to feel that more often before. Almost….

But as for now, just like yesterday, I have a voracious 18 year old bobbing and slurping up and down my now rock hard pole, leaving a glistening coat of saliva on the full length. I have her hair in my left hand, simply to give myself a better view as she works her skillful mouth on me. Watching those lips engulf the barrel of my cock on her way down, before pulling back up to hold just the head inside as her tongue dances around my sensitive tip. The little minx plays with her tongue for a couple seconds each time, before slurping her way back down my rigid 7 inches, practically humming the entire way. She was born to suck cock…the good girl that she is.

Yesterday she spent a solid 15 minutes worshipping my cock, even spending a good amount of time licking and sucking each of my balls, before coaxing a full morning load out of me. When I warned her that I was close to cumming, she did what a good girl should do, speeding up her bobbing and sucking, showing me just how eager she was to get her treat. Her reward (and mine) was 5 hard spurts of my cream that were eagerly swallowed while she softly hummed and moaned around my shaft. Not a single drop wasted, like the good girl she’s showing herself to be.

But this morning Joselyn looks to have different ideas, as I feel her lips pop free of my cock, with an audible pop sound, and a big smile on her face. No words are said as she quickly crawls up my body and swings her left leg over top of me, bringing her tight little slit inches away from the tip of my cock. A quick guiding hand on my shaft helps to line me up with her entrance, and without fanfare, she slides the first half of my length into her body.

What welcomes me is her tight, wet grip and the intense heat inside her. Not that I’ve been in any woman I’d describe as ‘cold’, but Joselyn’s tight little pussy is just on another level. I feel like my cock is immediately surrounded by a superheated glove of wetness, squeezing every point of my intruder. The velvety grip sliding along every nerve and sensitive spot I have.

I watch intently as the tight little slit spreads to engulf me, before looking up to see her facial expression. Where before she had a devilish grin, it’s now replaced by one of concentrated pleasure, with her eyes nearly closed, with a deep exhale puffing out of her as she seats herself on my cock.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk I needed that.” Her voice raspy, eyes still nearly shut, as she slides up until just my head stays lodged in her tight opening, before sliding back down to engulf nearly my full length. The barrel of my cock glistening in the early morning light of the room, a mix of her saliva and the juices from her tight, superheated pussy.

“I had sex dreams half the night, daddy.” Her voice barely above a whisper, noting her calling me ‘daddy’ now when she’s extremely turned on. The first time she did it, I’m sure it was to gauge my reaction and to tease me. The last few times she’s called me daddy, were mid-orgasm and just now as she felt me ‘stab’ deep into her body for the first time in the morning.

Another pull upward until just the head remains lodged inside her beautiful little slit, before sliding back down to my base, where my girl for the week has decided to stay while wiggling her hips to feel me stuff her completely full.

‘Jo’ left her tank top on this morning, maybe in her haste to get at my cock or maybe by design, so her tits remain barely contained in the thin pink material as she hunches over me, working my cock into every little Kıbrıs Escort spot she can. This doesn’t deter me, as one hand goes to her right tit, squeezing it firmly through her shirt, as the other grabs a handful of hair, giving her a controlling tug.

“How bad did you need it this morning? Be a good girl and tell me!” Speaking between breaths, as the young beauty starts slowly moving herself up and down on my cock, accentuating each stroke with a ‘roll’ of her hips, to get more of me into her each time.

My actions are immediately met with a low moan, followed by a long deep inhale and exhale, causing her tits to heave even more for me. Her eyes now more open than before, rolled slightly back as I find a way to ‘control’ her a bit from below.

“Sooooo bad. I woke up soaking wet, daddy.” Comes the near ‘pleading’ voice of the beautiful 18 year old slowly riding my cock.

Each time she glides up and down my cock, I feel her intense heat, her juices completely engulfing me, and the tight grip as she tries to ‘milk’ my cock with every stroke. I see the look of concentration on her face, and I think that she must have been dreaming of something just like this. The next time she’d feel completely stuffed with cock, forcing her to cum for me.

One thing I’ve learned about Jo over the last 2 days is that once past the exterior confidence and bravado, if you’re good at fucking and show her the right type of confidence, she gives up all control. This is her way of letting go, letting her guard down, and letting someone else make her enjoy the situation that much more while relinquishing all control.

“And who does your pussy belong to?” My tone confident, knowing that full well how she responds to a confident tone, and the skills to match it.

Her response comes amid a longer, deeper moan as she slams her body up an down faster on my cock.

“You daddy. It’s yours!” The pleading voice comes between a moan and a longer deeper sound, as I feel her juices coating my balls. “I’m all yours daddy. Fuck, fuck fuck…..!”

Her pace quickens to a rush of up and down motion, with a twisting of her hips with each stroke. Both hands planted on my chest for balance, as she works my full length in and out of her perfect little pussy. Her intense riding has gotten me ready to cum quicker than I thought she would, feeling the telltale signs building. Starting with the familiar tingle in my balls, spreading to the intense feeling of needing my release…it’s almost time.

“Ohhhh fuck I’m close, Jo. Make me cum, baby! Earn that cum, hunny!” My words coming between panting breaths and grunts, as I feel myself almost ready to fire my cum into her. Knowing that telling her to ‘earn it’ is another psychological cue of hers.

Her response is simply to ride me even harder. Rushing her tight young body up and down my cock faster, gripping me the entire way until she shudders to a stop with me buried. Her entire body shaking on top of me, her eyes forced closed with her mouth hanging open. Her tight grip on my cock now shaking, clenching and relaxing as she rolls through her orgasm.

My hand goes from her tit down to her hip, the other following suit as I pull her upward a few inches, and begin pumping my cock into her from below.

Hammering away at her furiously as she gasps and shakes on top of me, until I jam her down my full length and erupt inside her at full depth. First one shot, then the second and third, before I pull her up and shove her back down on my length, coaxing the fourth and fifth shots of cum out of my cock and into her depths.

I hold Jo down, fully impaled on my cock until the last few smaller pumps of cum leave my cock, wanting to fill her completely, before pulling free. Feeling her body continue to shake, although softening in intensity as she rides out the waves of pleasure going through her. A moment later I see her open her eyes again…that smile coming back to her face as she does a little ‘good morning’ stretch upward. Just this time it’s with my cock still lodged inside her tight little pussy, slowly deflating.

A simple “good morning daddy…good for you too?” comes out of her, as she slips off to my left side, and onto her back beside me with her legs canted slightly open. I look over at her, seeing the nubile young creature that I just pushed to orgasm and deposited my sperm inside, before looking back down my own body. Seeing my cock shining in the morning sunlight, laying over on my left hip, looking triumphant in its morning work.

Jo must have seen it too, as she rolls over on her side, eager to suck her juices ‘clean’ off of me. Only taking a brief moment to do so, she first licks the head playfully, before engulfing the entire barrel, down to my balls in her talented mouth. A few quick dives down to my balls, kissing them with her lips, and she’s pulling her mouth free from my cock, happy with her work.

“Mmmmm great for me baby. Anything big planned today?” My simple question, knowing it’s Lefkoşa Escort a work from the home office day for me today.

Jo lays back down, this time on her side with a leg draped over mine and her hand on my shoulder.

“Nah nothing big school wise. But I did talk to my girl Emily about coming over later today…around 5 maybe. Think you’d be ok with that?” Her question and tone don’t give away any detail further. And who am I to tell her that she can’t have a friend come over.

“Sure, I don’t have a problem with her coming over. What are you two planning on doing?”

I see a ‘really?’ type of look come across Jo’s face, as if I’ve asked what color the sky is. Apparently I don’t ask the best questions right after a ‘good morning’ fuck from a cock hungry 18 year old.

“Um, so I only get to do this swap thing one time, and it’s only for a week. Tryin to make the most of it.” Her eyes rolling with a ‘seriously guy’ smile on her face, as she hops up in bed and pops off the left side, before starting to make her way to the door.

I get to watch Jo’s amazing ass swaying with each step as she walks out of my bedroom matter of factly, directly into the bathroom, where I hear the shower turn on. ‘I guess there’s going to be two of them again tonight……poor guy.’

The next half hour goes by like any normal morning, if you discount the half-naked 18 year old walking around one end of the house, getting herself ready for a school day. I nonchalantly glance at the hallway from my spot in the kitchen, watching some morning news and slowly eating a cream cheese covered bagel. In order I see her wrapped in just the bath towel, then just in a tank top and panties, and then finally in something more appropriate for school: jeans and an appealing little t-shirt. Quite the transformation, I think to myself.

I look up in time to see her come back out of ‘her room’ one more time before she comes into the kitchen and snags a bagel for herself, getting a quick bite in to start her day. She catches me in between bites from her bagel.

“OK so I heard back from Emily. She’s good with coming over, and said probably like 5ish, because she has to work today. And she’s a LOT of fun. So yeah….might need to drink a protein shake or something.” Before giving me an evil grin, coming around to give me a hug with one hand snaking between us to grab at my package. “If you know what I mean.” Finishing it off with a wink.

With that, I watch her almost bounce her way to the small bag that she set on the living room ottoman, on her way out of the room earlier, and make her way out the door.

‘Is she maximizing her week…..or mine?’ I wonder, finishing up a glass of orange juice, before making my way to the home office at the end of the hallway.

Aside from the morning fun, my Tuesday has gone just about like every other Tuesday has while working from home: emails, a few calls to customers to clarify some orders made, the usual thing that keeps middle-age working stiffs like myself busy. I hear the low buzzing from my phone, along with the chime signaling that I’ve received a text message, before looking over to see that it’s from Kate.

“Jenny told me she wants to come over during lunch for a little fun. I guess her swap dad isn’t into blowjobs at all, and it turns out that Jenny really is…. So yea she wanted me to make sure it was ok.”

‘Not the kind of text you really expect to get from your daughter at 10 am. But then again, it hasn’t exactly been a normal week’, I think to myself. Most of our texts are pretty benign and ordinary, even as of late. Our exchange earlier this morning was probably as normal as any dad and daughter’s could be, when she’s staying at someone else’s house.

Me: Good morning hun. Just a reminder that if you need anything, let me know. Hope you’re having a good week so far. I got a little sidetracked last night, and forgot to send a good night text.’

Kate: Yeah it’s all good here dad, nothing special. Looks like it’s a busy day. Test meeting with the counselor to go over a couple of the college choices that have sent me invites so far.

Me: Well if you need me to be there with, or anything else, just let me know.

Kate: I think I’m good for now. Probably have you come with when it gets narrowed down more. Love ya dad!

Me: Love you too hun. Let me know if you need anything.

So it’s not that incredibly surprising that Kate would text me during the day. I just wasn’t exactly expecting the reason. I figured they’d both be kept more than busy for the week. Seems I may have been mistaken. ‘Did we overthink this? Were we the only ones that ‘prepared’ in this way?

The moment of self-doubt washes away as I remember just how ‘energetic’ Joselyn has been with me so far this week. There had to have been other daughters that wanted to make sure they were just as prepared for the week.

“OK lunch is 11:30 to 12:15. I’m giving Jenny your number, so I’m not just relaying messages Girne Escort back and forth. Later dad.”

How am I lucky enough to have such a good girl as her? How many other girls wouldn’t be as helpful in the situation? How many others would happily offer up their dad to one of their friends, when she needs some relief? I’m pretty lucky.

The chime and vibration of my phone snaps me out of my momentary lull, seeing just a number come up on screen, instead of a name, I assume it’s likely Jenny. A quick swipe and a tap and my thoughts are confirmed.

“Hey Mr D, you don’t mind if I come over during lunch for a few minutes, do you?”

My answer is a quick “Sure hun, come on over. When do you think you’ll get here?”

“Lunch is at 11:30. So give me 10 and I’ll be there.”

“OK hun, garage door is up. Kitchen door will be unlocked. See you in a bit.”

And just like that, I have a lunchtime blowjob set up with my daughter’s best friend. A quick tap of the home screen on my phone to light it up, and I see the time is 10:16. Plenty of time to get a good amount of work done before she comes over.

The next hour and a half goes by pretty quick, surprisingly. None of the anticipation of what’s to come…perhaps I’ve been getting laid too often, and it’s making me not anticipate things quite so much. ‘Woe is me’…

At 11:39 I make my way out through the living room and into the kitchen to grab a bottled water out of the fridge. No sooner have I shut the fridge door, then I hear the door between the kitchen and garage open and shut, and the sound of an eager 18 year old walking through the mud room and into the kitchen. Turning toward the opening between the two rooms, I’m greeted by a big hug from Kate’s best friend Jenny, followed by her pulling back, ‘bouncing’ herself up on her toes, a big smile and a “Hey Mr D, happy to see me??”

“Of course I am, hun. What’s got you so eager and bouncy today?” The coy question comes out, seeing what type of response I can draw out of my lunchtime guest.

“I just wanted to come see my favorite ‘daddy’. And I thought maybe you’d missed me….” Batting her eyes at me just a little bit, to go along with her grin.

I take Jenny’s hand and walk her into the living room with me, until I’m standing right in front of the couch. Turning to face her, I see the eager look in her eyes, telling me she’s more than ready.

“Here hun” grabbing a throw pillow and tossing it on the floor “Kneel down on that and I’ll show you how much I missed you.”

Her response is almost immediate. I had the inside track on what she wanted, from Kate. And I didn’t know if she knew that Kate told me…but from her response, it doesn’t seem like it matters. She’s getting what she wants.

My hands go to my belt, then to the button on my jeans, shucking them down my legs to show her that I’m not wearing underwear. My cock hangs half hard in front of her, as I watch her eyes immediately go to it. A quick glance up at me shows her smile, before looking back down at my half hard member, to see her prize. She leans in and scoops it into her mouth with her tongue, a far cry from the novice she was just a week ago. She feeds the soft spongy head across her tongue and into her mouth, before closing her lips around my shaft and sliding her way down most of my length. I feel a quick suckle at my rod, before she pulls back and lets go with her lips.

I take that moment to sit down on the couch, instructing her to get my pants all the way off of me, before continuing. Showing herself to be a good girl, she does so quickly, but not in a rushed, haphazard way. Now with my pants completely off, I’m free to spread my knees wide open and beckon her to lean in to get more of my cock in her eager mouth.

A simple curl of my finger, then point at my cock, and she takes it between her lips, sliding to the base of my still half-hard shaft. Once, twice, then three times in quick succession, she goes from tip to base, as I begin firming up in her hot, wet mouth.

“Mmmmm good girl” escapes my lips as I lean back and enjoy her doing her work for me. Watching her face bob into my lap as I feel her lips embrace my length, trying to ‘kiss’ their way to my base. As I stiffen and grow to my full length, she’s no longer able to get the full length in her mouth. Instead I feel my head bump against the entrance to her throat, and the toned down gag reflex I’m training her to work through. My hand goes to her head, threading my fingers in her hair softly, just letting her know that it’s there…not pressing her or guiding her yet.

I’m rewarded by low moans and a humming feeling around the barrel of my cock, as she responds to my hand.

“That’s it hunny. Get as much of that cock in your mouth as you can. Show me you’re a good girl.”

The low humming moan sound picks up intensity, showing me that she enjoys my encouragements.

“Have you missed my cock, sweetie?” Trying to coax more out of my daughter’s best friend, as she glosses the length of my rod with her saliva.

Her response is a muffled ‘mmm hmmmm’ and an affirmative nod of her head as she glides up and down my pole with her lips 3 more times. After the third, she pulls up off my cock, replacing her mouth with her hand to slowly stroke me, while catching her breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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