Senior Year Memories Ch. 02

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Usual Disclaimer Time: Even though this story almost entirely takes place in a high school setting, all the characters in this story are 18 years old or older, and since we’re living in the wide wonderful world of porno-land here, things might get a little unrealistic from time to time, but it’s all in good fun, I swear.


Previously, on Senior Year Memories: As a favor to his favorite teacher, Mrs. Lynn, 18-year-old nerd Ryan Collins took on some extracurricular history tutoring in the first week of senior year. Ryan was dismayed to find out his first tutoring assignment was Kaitlyn Pruitt, a childhood friend who’d grown into a mean girl and a royal bitch. A very sexy mean girl, but still a mean girl. Trying to get out of tutoring to attend a party, Kaitlyn attempted to bribe him with a handjob. Seeing his giant cock, though, led to some steamy sex where Ryan lost his virginity, and the two old friends may have created a new bond that promised an interesting senior year.


I’d heard it said that after you lose your virginity, the whole world looks different to you. There’s supposed to be a spring in your step, a brand new energy you can’t quite explain, a beautiful sense of knowing that the world isn’t that bad if it’s possible to know that kind of pleasure.

For the weekend after Kaitlyn and I first had sex, I knew that feeling well. I was on top of the fucking world, and it felt like not even god himself could’ve knocked me down from that high perch.

That feeling lasted until about Monday, when it was replaced by intense fucking paranoia. Now, I’ve had classmates on my ass my entire life, so I know what it’s like to have people snickering and having it out for me. It only takes a year of running from Regan Hills’ resident raging asshole, epic bully and king of the school because he’s a fucking star football player Kyle Bowman to grow a set of eyes in the back of your head.

That’s how when I started seeing them everywhere.


Watching me. Eying me from a distance. Girls who’d go out of their way to ignore my existence not even a few days ago, looking at me, smiling, some of them I think even licking their lips. Some of the hottest girls in school, popular girls, girls whose social circles I was practically entire solar systems away from. I was probably reading too much into this, probably overthinking things, but it was hard to ignore Kaitlyn’s words.

“Regan Hills High is pretty much fucking slut central.”

Did Kaitlyn tell them? Did she leak to her friends what we’d done and, well, tell them about my cock? I mean, we fucked close to four times that day (and even managed to get some tutoring in too, believe it or not), I wouldn’t doubt that she might’ve bragged about it a little, but I could’ve sworn that she’d keep it under wraps that she had sex with a nerd like me. God knows I’d kept it under wraps.

After all, no one would believe me.

Also, I had pretty much no one to tell so they wouldn’t believe me; that was also a problem.

Or could they just sense it, like lions on the prowl? Is there just something about me, something they could smell that says I’d had sex, and that I had a big cock?

No, no, it had to be Kaitlyn.

At first it was just weird, like Brianna Roth dropping her pen and asking me to pick it up, giving me the perfect view up her skirt as she parted her legs slightly, or a group of cheerleaders looking at me and giggling when we passed in the halls. When these things happened, I kinda thought I was going crazy. However, when Haley Campbell brushed her hand over my cock “accidentally” while passing by during PE, and Rose Ferris did exactly the same thing “accidentally” in the school lunch line, I knew it wasn’t just paranoia, and that something was happening.

Now, normally you’d think, hey, I’m a red-blooded American teenage boy, I should be all over this, but I wasn’t. I was still trying to figure out what sex with Kaitlyn meant, and having all these other girls looking at me like I was a piece of meat was just, well, weird. I shouldn’t have been scared by this, but I kind of was. Scared and excited, for sure, but confused even in the excitement.

I needed an escape, needed a place to get my head on straight. Normally that meant I’d go have lunch in Mrs. Lynn’s room, but she wasn’t in when I went looking. Wanting a place that not a single popular girl was likely to find me, I went to the only place I knew that I could find an escape.

The library.

Save for the cute blonde library aide Marie who eyed me occasionally through her horn-rimmed glasses but otherwise left me be, I was alone in my quiet corner. Alone enough that I could pull out my phone, ignoring the library’s “No Phones” rule, and text Kaitlyn.

Me: Have you told anyone about what happened?

Kaitlyn: What? That you’re tutoring me?

The emoji she sent was one of pure innocence, which told me everything I needed to know.

Me: Why’d you tell?

Kaitlyn: Why not? I told you you got a gift that’s gotta be shared with the world. I’m just helpin that bahçeşehir escort along.

Kaitlyn: Why, you think we got somethin special going on? That I wanted to keep you to myself or somethin?

In all honesty, I hadn’t really thought of what I’d call the two of us. I knew the two of us weren’t, like, together or anything, but further than that, I hadn’t put a lot of thought into what we were. Having occasional filthy and fucking awesome sex, but more than that?

Me: Don’t know what to think.

Kaitlyn: Well, far as I’m concerned, I’m not lookin for a boyfriend right now, but steady sex I can live with. You and me fuck when we can, and I’m happy, but really you gotta get out more. See what school’s got. Some of my friends, they wanna find out too.

Me: So, what, you’re like my pimp?

Kaitlyn: Pimp would mean I got paid. Call it an almost-friend with benefits? One of those benefits bein that I help you get laid with other girls too?

Me: This is fucking weird, you know that, right?

Kaitlyn: I know, ain’t it great?

Kaitlyn: Also, tell someone. Secrets aren’t as fun unless someone else knows.

I waited for more, but that’s all she had to say.

So Kaitlyn had been telling people, which at least explained how weird things had been around school, but didn’t tell me what I should do next. She wanted me to have sex with anyone who offered it by the sounds of it, which was a fine plan if I could pull something like that off, but it wasn’t like girls were throwing themselves at me or anything.

At least, not as far as I could see. Not yet, anyway.

And she wanted me to tell someone? Who the fuck would I tell? Dad? If he were around, he’d have loved to hear that I’d gotten laid, but first he’d have to be around, and second, well, talking to Dad about stuff like this would’ve been weird. I had a few friends, not many, but people who might’ve been interested to know… or not, depending on the friend.

No, I had to keep this to myself. I couldn’t stand anyone laughing in my face if I told them, and also… I knew that Kaitlyn thought that secrets were best shared, but I thought, at least this one, had a certain power holding it close to my chest. If I didn’t tell anyone I was close to, then it was mine for just a little longer, and if it was mine, then it never had to run away from me.

Speaking of mine…

Looking over one shoulder, then the other, I opened the ‘SENIOR YEAR MEMORIES’ folder Kaitlyn created in my phone, looking over the two selfies she took, both of us naked, one picture of just the head of my cock in her pussy, the other of my cock all the way in. Kaitlyn’s face was one of pure bliss and pleasure, far friendlier than she’d ever been to me before we started fucking when she was just a stuck up bitch. Seeing her like this was a look I could’ve gotten used to…

“Hey, whatcha got there?”

The voice belonged to another welcome face, just one that wasn’t all that welcome at this exact moment.

“Nothing!” I said, quickly swiping the album closed and shoving the phone in my pocket.

“Nothing, huh? That’s a pretty urgent nothing,” Tori McNeil mused, sitting opposite me at the table.

If pressed to name my best friend, Tori would’ve been the only contender, easily. I’d known her since before I could remember, and all told she hadn’t changed much in the entire time I’d known her. Ever since we played in the sandbox she was a tomboy who could beat me or pretty much any other boy in a fight, and, well, that hadn’t really changed. True, now she was taller, slender and lithe with that classic redhead complexion, pale skin, freckles on her arms and cheeks, bright blue eyes and a mop of curly red hair that fell about her shoulders. She still wore the same slightly-baggy overalls and long-sleeved tie-dyed shirts that covered her frame, but I knew she’d grown up. There’d been times I was convinced we were destined to be together if just out of lack of options, but she’d always had a more active social life. That she was out and proud bi and told me she preferred girls generally, also never helped my case, but it did make it fun when we’d girl watch together.

“What, you hunt me down just so you could be a bitch?” I joked.

“Me? Never! No, I hunted you down so I could make you my bitch,” she joked back.

“Well, you caught me, oh no, whatever will I do?” I fired back, sarcastically.

“Well, I got a pretty good strap-on at home, we could see how much of that you can take,” she said without missing a beat.

I was going to laugh before I realized she was probably right; not long after she turned 18 last May, she got a summer job working at a sex toy store the next town over. Her insane stories of working the store were pretty much my only highlights of the summer.

“Pass,” I said.

“Awww, you’re no fun,” Tori said.

“I’ve been told this.”

“By me.”

“And others.”

“That’d normally indicate a problem, you know?”

“I’m all about problems,” I said.

“So I’ve bakırköy escort heard,” Tori said mysteriously.

I gulped. Had she heard? Tori didn’t travel in the same social circles as Kaitlyn or any of her friends, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t have heard; Tori was on the school paper and loved to keep an ear to the ground for gossip.

“Oh?” I asked, noncommittally.

“Yeah,” Tori said, leaning in close across the table. “Kyle’s looking to make an impression to kick off senior year, go out with a bang, I think, and he’s been looking for an easy target.”

“Me?” I asked. This was hardly a surprise, but still unwelcome news.

“You got it,” Tori said, tapping the side of her nose.

“Thanks for the warning,” I asked.

“Actually, that wasn’t the only reason I came looking for you,” Tori said, flashing her large, toothy smile. It’s the kind of smile that lights up a room, one of pure joy, and she’d always known she could use it to butter me up to do pretty much anything.

“What do you want?” I sighed.

Tori pouted. “Well, if you’re gonna be a dick about it…”

“Sorry, I won’t be a dick, just not in the mood for games today,” I said.

“Fine, then I’ll cut to the chase. The school newspaper’s low on reporters and Nadia put the word out for us to look for the best writers we could find, saying we’d be off her shit list for a whole month if we got her some solid talent. Since I don’t know any great writers and you’re the closest I’ve got, I thought I’d hit you up, see if you were interested,” Tori said, amused.

“High praise,” I said, flipping her off.

“Seriously, though, you should try out. I think you’d really kick ass. And you and me together? Come on, what a way to end high school, right?” Tori said.

She was right, it would be fun. Aside from tutoring for Mrs. Lynn, and whatever the fuck was going on with Kaitlyn and me (some of which actually was tutoring), I didn’t have many extracurriculars going on. It would cut into my time at home, and I wouldn’t be able to play as many games as I liked, but…

“Sure, what the hell,” I said.

“Now that’s the pushover Ryan I know and love!” Tori exclaimed. She looked embarrassed when Marie loudly hushed us, then we both wound up covering our mouths to hold the laughter in. Tori got up from her seat, wrapping her arms around my neck in a hug and rocking me back and forth.

“Thanks man, I really owe you,” Tori said, then grabbing a seat next to me. “So how’s your day goin’?”

Now, if I was going to tell her, this would’ve been the perfect time to do it. She gave me an intro, I’d just done her a favor, I could probably just get in, tell her my crazy story, let her disbelieve me, and then back it up with the ‘SENIOR YEAR MEMORIES’ pictures to prove what had happened.

I could’ve done this, but I didn’t, because I was scared, and I still wanted this to be mine.

“Oh, you know, same old, same old,” I said.


I was riding my bicycle home after school when the car honked behind me. I waved it past. It honked again. I waved again. I wasn’t hogging the road, and they easily could’ve pulled around me if they wanted to; why’d they have to be such an asshole?

It pulled up alongside me.

“Hey, you’re Ryan, right? Need a ride?” the driver asked.

I slowed and put my foot down, balancing on the bike as I took in the driver.

If you were to try running a search for “blonde bimbo cheerleader,” a picture of Brooke King was probably going to be one of the first results you’d pick up. Slender and spunky and full of energy, she was an 18-year-old Regan Hills High School cheerleader, and one of Kaitlyn’s best friends. While most of Kaitlyn’s friends were about as cruel as she was, or, had been before I started screwing her, Brooke was never one of the ones making fun of me, probably just because I wasn’t worth her time. She was cute and sweet and not exactly the brightest bulb in the circuit, to put it mildly, but I didn’t hold her as being any better or worse than all the other popular kids who never gave me the time of day.

“I’m fine,” I said, picking up pedaling again. She kept pace beside me, slowly.

“Awww, come on, it’s a hot day out and I totally got a nice ride! Like, air conditioning and everything! Even got a bike rack on the back!” she said. Her voice was high and kind of grating, but it wasn’t unkind.

“I’m fine,” I repeated.

“Awww, like, why not?” Brooke asked.

“You do know this is the first time you’ve ever really talked to me?” I asked.

“Hey, we’ve talked before!” Brooke said defensively.

“Asking me for a pencil and then complaining that I gave you the wrong pencil is not exactly what I’d call talking,” I said.

“But, but, we said things to each other! That’s, like, talking, right?” Brooke shot back.

I laughed. If she actually paid attention in any class, she might’ve made a good lawyer one day.

“Not really,” I said, pedaling a little harder. This was turning out to be pretty pointless, başakşehir escort since it didn’t take much for her to keep up with me in her little, stylish, and, yes, of course pink hatchback.

“You really don’t want a ride?” Brooke pouted.

“It’s really not that much further,” I said, trying to soften the blow.

“But, but, Kaitlyn told me that you got a cock and a tongue that don’t quit, and I swear, I’m, like, totally better at sex than she is,” Brooke said.

That made me stop. Brooke shot past me for a few feet, then braked and backed up to meet me.

“What?” I asked.

“Yeah, let me give you a ride, and we can go to my house and I’ll, like, totally destroy your cock,” Brooke said, smiling sweetly.

“You will?” I asked.

“Totally,” Brooke confirmed.

So Kaitlyn really was pimping me out to her slutty cheerleader friends. Never in my life had I dreamed that something this completely insane would happen, but here it was, happening. What mattered now was how I handled it.

“Okay,” I said.

“Yay, sweet!” Brooke exclaimed.

I rolled my bike up to rack on the back of her car, then took the passenger seat, getting a good long look at Brooke for the first time in, well, ever.

She was short and petite, dressed in the Regan Hills High School Pumas’ cheerleader outfit of white knee socks, short blue skirt and a long-sleeved, tight white top with our school’s initials and mascot face on it. I figured she must’ve just come from practice, but with Brooke it felt entirely possible she might’ve just worn this every day. For her size, her legs were long and lean, a tight gymnast’s body. It meant she had small breasts, an A cup, maybe B, but the flare of her hips gave her an incredibly round ass. Her face was utterly cute, with round blushing cheeks, a small, perky smile shining with lip gloss, sparkling green eyes, and a pixie-ish, upturned nose. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was kept in a pair of messy pigtails.

Yeah, she was a bimbo cheerleader, but for what we wanted to do, that wasn’t all bad.

Her driving, though, that was pretty bad. She shot off down the street fast enough to press me back into my seat, pumping up her radio to a local pop station so loud I thought my ears were going to bleed. She was talking at a mile a minute, but since I couldn’t hear her over the music, I was forced to yell.

Laughing, she turned the volume down. “Sorry, don’t like my tunes? Lotta guys don’t. But it’s okay if you’re wrong, nobody’s perfect. Like you. I wouldn’t have thought to look at you before or anything because, like, you’re not that hot or ugly or anything like that, but when Kaitlyn said you were like some sex prodigy with a huge cock I just knew I had to get in on that.”

“Sex prodigy?” I asked. I knew that Kaitlyn seemed to have a good time with me, but I wouldn’t have gone so far as to believe she’d call me something like that. It was flattering, but it was sure as hell unexpected from someone who’d been around as much as Kaitlyn.

“Yeah, and she knows sex. I do too. So can I, like, see your cock?” she asked, looking down at my stiffening jeans.

“Shouldn’t you be looking at the road?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, I’m, like, super-good at multitasking,” she said, looking down at my pants and licking her lips. I didn’t really believe her, but it seemed like she’d be just as bad a driver if I had my cock in my pants as she would be if I whipped it out, so I unzipped my fly and pulled out my hardening, ten inch cock.

“Holy crap, that’s huge!” Brooke said.

“Thanks,” I replied.

“I don’t know if that’s gonna fit in my cute, tight little pussy. Wanna see it?” she asked, slamming on the brakes as we got to a stop sign.

“Uh, sure,” I said.

“Yay!” Brooke said again, hiking up her skirt to reveal her frilly, hot pink underwear. With deft fingers, she pulled the crotch of her panties aside, revealing a pink pussy every bit as cute and tight as Brooke herself was. I wasn’t surprised in the slightest that she’d shaved her pale blonde pubes into a heart that pointed right down at her cunt lips.

“Pretty sweet, huh?” she said, playing with the lips as she giggled.

“Yeah,” I said.

Reaching over, she grabbed my cock, rubbing the head and coaxing a drop of precum from the tip and smearing it around with her thumb playfully. I took a sharp breath in as she started to jack me enthusiastically.

“Come on, finger me while I drive. I can probably, like, cum by the time we make it to my place,” she said, grabbing my hand and pulling it to her pussy lips. I didn’t think that it was all that smart an idea, while she was driving, but it’s hard to say no to a girl when she’s jacking your cock, especially when she’s doing it as expertly as Brooke was. I dove in, running my fingers up and down her moist slit, curling two of them inside as she giggled and cooed, driving even faster now as we masturbated each other.

“Oh yeah, fuck me with your fingers, fuck me with your fingers, right there, like that,” she directed, her voice getting higher as I fucked them in and out of her, circling her engorged clit with my thumb.

I don’t know if I felt more fear or eroticism as we pleasured each other while she drive to her house, but it’s probably a miracle we made it there when we did. Still, we did make it, pulling into the empty driveway of a suburban house in one of Regan Hills’ more expensive residential districts.

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