Sensuous Healing

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This story was inspired by my beautiful internet friend and lover, Tiffany. Tiffany really is as sensuous and desirable as described here and this story emerged out of a shared fantasy. Only the names have been changed. We would love to get feedback from readers. Please email any comments, suggestions, and ideas direct.

I had been rather troubled of late by my dear Tiffany’s ill-health. Usually so vibrant and full of energy, she had been feeling rather low and generally under the weather. Of course she had been to see the doctor and had got a programme of pills. But these, somehow, only sapped her still further of energy and she was getting a bit bored at being confined to the bedroom all day. I knew something was lacking and I had an idea what it might be.

Let me tell you about my lover. Well, it is easiest if I begin by saying that she has a rare and alluring beauty. Much of this is attributable to her wonderfully rich ethnic background. Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Portuguese, Spanish and French ancestries have combined to produce a unique personality. Her face is open and warm, her skin smooth and flawless. Her most arresting feature is her deep, dark, eyes, expressive and penetrating. I love women with large eyes. Her lips, too, are lush and soft and made for kissing. You will see that she is altogether a sensual woman.

You will love, too, her long black hair which reaches well down her back. And then her body! Well, Tiffany is a true woman. Her body is deliciously curvaceous. Her breasts are full and large and rounded off by sexy erect nipples. Her arse, too, is well proportioned, offering much for a man to lust after and squeeze and caress. You will imagine that she looks great in tight jeans or short skirts! A soft stomach gives way to a delightful pussy. She usually keeps it smooth and shaven so her cunt lips are clearly visible and accessible to her fingers or my tongue. I love every inch of her – down to her slender, feminine and manicured fingers. She is, quite simply, an exotic and erotic beauty of the first order.

Tiffany is also bisexual. Ever since we met she has been quite open about this fact. She loves women – their bodies, their mannerisms, their personalities. She has had female lovers in the past and I encourage her to continue to enjoy female love. The thought of her with other women turns me on tremendously and my Tiffany is generous enough to share her lesbian fantasies with me, knowing it pushes me to the limit of my arousal.

She is, I think you will agree, an extraordinary woman. And it was to help this extraordinary woman recover the full bloom of health that I picked up the phone a few days ago and dialled an organisation entitled ‘Intimate Nursing’. The advertisement promised personal nursing care for anyone requiring intimate attention, with a full range of services offered, from massage to bathing to the relief of pent up stress.

The company’s website listed a number of nurses by name and I selected a certain lady called Angela. From the picture I could see that she was beautiful and about 35 years of age. More importantly she stated that she confined herself to the care of female patients only. So when I picked up the phone it was Angela I requested and the next day, when the bell rang shortly after 11am, it was her I found waiting on our doorstep.

I was delighted to see that she looked just like my Tiffany’s favourite kind of woman: light brown hair, olive complexion, wonderfully curvy body. I tell her to go up stairs and assure her you will be a receptive patient. She enters the room and finds you still in bed, she smiles and introduces her self and tells you to relax – she is there for you. She sits down on the edge of the bed. She is wearing a tight white uniform. Her bust is clearly visible, straining against the fabric. She introduces herself as Angela and places a soft hand on your forehead.

‘Umm, Tiffany, you’re feeling a little warm. But don’t worry, I’m here to look after your needs – all your needs. I specialise in looking after women, Tiffany. I think I know what they want. But to do that Tiffany I’m going to have to examine you closely, baby. Would you like that? Would you like me to examine you intimately?’

Angela strokes her finger over your cheek and along your neck. She raises her hand and slides her fingers through your hair.

‘Do you mind a woman touching you Tiffany? Does it make you uncomfortable? Or do you, I wonder, like it? I can stop if you want me to – you just have to say….’

Angela peels back the cover and reveals your night shirt. Her slender fingers unbutton the top and the smooth skin of your chest becomes visible and the swell of your breasts. Her hand slides over your cleavage, cool against your skin. She runs her fingers over your lower neck, your upper chest, and then down slowly to the softness of your large breasts. You exhale your breath and close your eyes.

‘I notice your not telling me to stop, Tiffany. I’m glad, Tiffany. I want to touch your rus escort body Tiffany. I want to feel it nice and close. And I think you want me to touch you, don’t you? I think you like a woman’s touch, don’t you? I think your want me to caress your luscious young breasts, don’t you Tiffany? I can always tell, dear, when a woman is open to new possibilities – open to another woman. Shall I kiss you, my dear, would you like that?’

‘Yes, Angela, yes – I’d like that very much – I’d love that…’

Angela leans across and places her red lips on yours. Your lips are hot and wet and you respond to her embrace, clutching her head, loving the feel of he abundant hair. And her hand is now gliding over you my sweet, exploring and loving your ripe young body, enjoying your response as you shift and move against her hand. Soon your buttons are undone and your breasts are exposed to this woman. She expresses her admiration for your breasts, so full and inviting.

‘Massage yourself honey, love your breasts for me while I make myself more comfortable and join you in your bed.’

She stands back now and slips off her clothes – dress, panties, bra – revealing her beautiful curvaceous body. You are salivating at the sight, stroking and massaging your tits, yearning for her touch. And then Angela lifts back the cover and slides her body alongside yours, rubbing herself against you and seeking out your tongue, your lips.

‘Tell me Tiffany, what you want me to do to you…I’m yours baby, yours alone. Your own lesbian nurse. I’ll do whatever you want to relieve your tensions and get you well baby. Tell me what you want me to do, darling, tell me…..’

You are moaning now under Angela’s attentions, enclosing her body in your arms, pulling her closer to you, revelling in the sensuality of her feminine curves.

‘Oh yes, Angela, I’m loving what your doing, I don’t want you to stop. This is what I want – what I’ve wanted. Jon knows about my desires, he knows I’m bisexual – and he loves me for it. He knows I need lesbian love, that I need a woman’s touch, that I lust after sexy women. Oh baby, touch me and love me, please, help me relieve my aches and frustrations with your tender care.’

Angela looks up at you, her eyes gazing deep into yours, her hands cupping your head. As she smiles at you her face is so radiant with sensuality. She is so beautiful you feel yourself swimming in her arms. So slowly she presses her mouth against yours. You are trembling.

‘I understand, my dear Tiffany. I understand your lesbian desires. I feel share them too, my dear. It’s why I’m here, my sweet. It’s why your Jon arranged my visit. I specialise in nursing the needs of women. And believe me, Tiffany, many women love my services – married women, so-called heterosexual women. They all find that I’m just what the doctor ordered. Now let me kiss these wonderful lips of yours again…’

You merge with your lover on the bed, her soft body merging with yours, her hands ravishing you, exploring your breasts, your stomach, your hips, your thighs, and very lightly and gently your opening pussy.

‘But Angela, darling, I haven’t washed for three days now. I’ve been in bed, hot and sweaty. I want to be clean for you. Shall I bathe first, will you wash me and get me fresh for you – I don’t want to turn you off me…’

‘God no, babe, no, I want you like this – hot and dirty. I want to taste and smell your sweat. Its turning me on honey, I love your aroma. I want you dirty – hot and wet and slutty for me. I want all of you, I want to lick every last inch of you, every last inch of your kinky young lesbian body.’

Fired with passion Angela begins to devour you, her tongue tracing its way over your breasts, licking and nibbling your erect nipples, kissing and groaning as she takes what she wants from you. You respond as you must, raising your arms above your head, exposing your damp arm pits to her lustful tongue, helping her to the treasures of your body.

And yes, my dear, you know very well that I’ll want to see you with this woman, that it drives me to the limit of my desire. And so you know that after leaving you two girls time to get to know each other I ascend the stairs and gaze through the half-open door. The thought of you with Angela has already got my cock hard. Seeing you know with this woman makes me ache with desire. I quietly remove my shirt and trousers and slip of my shorts. Naked I enter the room, my cock full and hard before me. You don’t notice me at first – your eyes are closed as you give yourself up to the pleasure you are experiencing.

‘That’s it, Angela, fuck my Tiffany. Fuck her in our bed. Give my little lesbian slut what she deserves.’

You look up at me, your eyes wide with desire and happiness.

‘Ohh Jon, I didn’t know you were still here….I…oh Jon, I’m loving this, oh god, how did you know? Please don’t mind…’

‘I don’t mind honey. This is what I wanted. Enjoy it yenimahalle escort baby – take what you need darling. Tell Angela what you want, Tiffany, tell her what you want her to do to you while your man watches and strokes his erection. Talk dirty baby, real dirty.’

‘Angela, Angela, fuck me please. Fuck me in our bed while my man watches. Show him what a lesbian whore I am. He needs to know, Angela, he needs to know how much I need women – how much I fantasise about women. Eat my dirty wet pussy, lick me out, it’s yours girl, take me – I’m so wet and horny. That’s it…urghhh yes, lick me there, harder, deeper…ummm….this is so good…see Jon, see what a dyke I am, see how this woman’s satisfying me? Isn’t this what you wanted? Isn’t this how you wanted to see your Tiffany?’

I walk up to you and kneel by the bed, and lean across to kiss you tenderly.

‘Yes, my darling, this is what I wanted…’

I slide onto the bed beside you and begin to help you massage your breasts as Angela presses her face hard against your dripping cunt, licking and exploring and cleaning the deepest recesses of your cunt. And then you reach for my cock and grasp it with your so slender hand. You begin to rub it back and forth. I know you want me to cum – to offload my essence onto your breasts to share with your lover, to lubricate the passion of your lesbian embrace. And I want that too, loving to watch your face as you respond to Angela’s expert tongue, sliding back and forth over your shaved pussy, adding her saliva to your oozing juice. When her index finger presses up against your anus and begins to tentatively explore the entrance you squeal.

‘Oh, ahh…yah, yah, that’s it, ohh…yes, fuck me girl, fuck me…’

You are rubbing my cock back and forth frenetically now and I arch my back, offering you my manhood, my aching hard cock, knowing my cum is close and rising.

‘Go on Tiffany, darling, take it honey, I’m cuming, I’m cuming…,your Jon’s cuming for you, ahh yes…’

A fountain of cum shoots out and splashes onto your ample breasts, then another and another, as you continue to pump my cock, squeezing every last drop of my liquid onto your smooth chest. Still gripping my cock you pull me to you and slip my cock into your mouth, licking me clean and suckling my softening member. Only when you know I’m fully spent do you release my cock from your mouth and reach down to take Angela’s left hand in yours and pull her up towards you. Angela slides her luscious body over yours, kissing and licking your moist skin. Pressing your cum soaked breasts together you offer them to your female lover who plunges her face into your cleavage, lapping up my cum from your breasts, flicking her tongue over your nipples, driving you still closer to the edge of ecstasy.

‘Oh Tiffany, darling, Angela loves your tits, baby, there so full and juicy, so tender and succulent. God your hot, girl, fucking hot and horny…do you want to be fucked, baby? Do you want to be fucked by a woman? Shall I strap on my cock, baby, are you ready to be fucked while your man watches…watches his woman get what she needs…?’

As you nod and murmur your ascent Angela steps off the bed and reaches in her bag to produce a soft black strap-on cock. She deftly straps it around her generous hips and begins to stroke it. She walks sensuously over to me and presses herself close to my chest, lifting my hand and placing it on her dildo.

‘Umm, Jon, do you think Tiffany would like me to fuck her with this cock? What do you think Jon? Does she love big cock in her pussy? Does she love big black cock?’

‘Yes, yes, she does, Angela, she does. She loves to be fucked long and hard. She’s hungry for it.’

‘Do you mind me fucking your girl, Jon. Do you mind her being fucked by a woman? I can give her what she wants, Jon, are you ok with that?’

‘Go on, girl, she wants it – and I want it. Fuck her, Angela, fuck my Tiffany, give her the lesbian fucking she craves…’

Angela slips from my grasp and clambers on to the bed, kneeling before you, her cock swinging before her. You rise to meet her and clasp her in your arms and reach for her cock.

‘I’m ready for you darling, I’m ready, fuck me with this tool, girl, make me your cock-slave. I’m so horny – I haven’t been fucked for days, feel how wet I am, feel my horny pussy…’

You take Angela’s hand and place it against your cunt, shuddering as her slender fingers make contact with your exposed flesh. Gently Angela slides a finger into your opening, moving it inside you, pressing up against your clit, making you writhe before her touch, gyrating your hips, your arse thrusting back and forth against her finger. Seductively removing her hand, Angela raises her finger to your mouth and feeds you your own juices. You run your tongue along the offered finger before closing it in your mouth and gazing up at your lover with your deep dark eyes.

‘Umm, Tiffany, you are hot for it aren’t you? Your quite a little lesbian whore for your Angela. God baby, your turning me on so bad, let me fuck you girl, let me take you in front of your man…get on your hands and knees darling…’

Doing as you are told you position yourself on the bed in front of Angela, exposing your arse to her and awaiting her to mount you from behind, doggie-style. As you let your head hang forward your thick and long black hair cascades onto the bed, covering your face. Your large breasts swing before you and your back curves gracefully, offering a feline profile, rising to your generous arse, so smooth and inviting. Angela shifts forwards and kneels behind you, her strap on cock thrusting forward. She reaches out and takes an arse-cheek in each hand, squeezing and manipulating and feeling your fullness. Allowing your arms to bend, your shoulders press against the bed, you arse pushing up now. Desperate for this woman’s love you groan and whimper.

‘Please Angela, please, take me darling, please…’

Angela responds to your pleading by taking the cock in her hand and placing its shiny bulbous head against your cunt lips. At first she moves it up and down, teasing you, smothering the head in the juices you are oozing continually. Only when she knows that you are really ready does she press the black cock into your hungry cunt, inch by inch.

‘Here Tiffany, take it honey, take it all…Angela’s here for you girl, she’s got you, eat my cock girl, suck it in, that’s it, that’s it, I’ll stay hard for you baby, I’ll stay hard all night…I wont stop fucking you Tiffany, you’ll be begging me to stop girl, but I wont. You won’t want a man after I’ve finished with you darling.’

At first you scream as Angela’s big black cock enters you. You’ve never been fucked by a cock so large before. You press your face against the bed to stifle your cries. You are feeling the pain of having your cunt opened as never before – but it is a delicious pain, a pain you have yearned for, and soon it gives way to an intoxicating sensation of raw heat. As your cunt stretches to accommodate Angela’s cock and you drench it in pungent juice you surrender yourself to this fucking, crying and moaning and urging your lover on to fuck you, and pound you, and fill you, and take you. Your whole body is shaking to the rhythm of Angela’s lustful fucking.

I’m mesmerised by the sight and slowly approach the bed. Placing myself above you I reach and clutch your hand with my right hand. You squeeze it tight. I want you to know that I’m with you, sharing in your passion, encouraging you to give yourself up to your desires. With my left hand I gently stroke the hair from your face. Your cheeks are aflame and your skin moist with sweat. You are delirious with pleasure, exhaling air sharply with each thrust into your gaping cunt. Sensing your are close to orgasm Angela moves to push you over the edge by pressing a finger against your arse hole. Your anus is already moist from your arousal and she has little difficulty pushing her middle finger into your arse up to her knuckle. Soon her trusting motion in your cunt is replicated by the thrusting of her finger in your arse.

‘You like this don’t you girl? You like Angela fucking both your holes. Your such a lesbian slut, your wanton. You wont it all don’t you? Show be, baby, show me you’re my slut. Cum for me, Tiffany, flood me with juices, go on girl, go on, now baby, now, I want it, I want it…cum you bitch…’

And yes you cum, crying out in your passion and squeezing my hand and giving your body up to the surge of feeling emanating from your delicious pussy. As you spend your orgasm Angela eases up her fucking, letting the black cock rest awhile in your satiated cunt. Only slowly does she allow the cock to slide out of your womanhood and you crawl forward before laying flat on the bed, your body heaving as you recover your breath and your energy.

Angela, still hungry for you, begins to kiss your arse and lick the base of your spine. You shift on to your side and look back at your lover, reaching out and pulling her onto you. You raise your lips, wanting so much to kiss her and thank her for what she has given you. You kiss so tenderly, so beautifully. Your soft lips touch and your tongues meet and explore, carrying on your love making. As you kiss Angela’s cock presses against your stomach and you run your hand up and down her smooth feminine back.

‘Oh Angela, I’ve never been fucked like that, never. Please don’t stop loving me darling, please don’t stop loving your Tiffany. Stay with me all night. Fuck me all night. I’ll be your lesbian sex toy. Do what you want with me – just stay, darling, please.’

I watch as this woman kisses and devours you, her soft silky body, her breasts and stomach, pressing and rubbing against yours, her hot lips seeing out your mouth, your nose, your cheeks, your neck. Revelling in her passion you arch your back, tilting your head backwards to offer her the smooth underside of your neck. Angela runs her tongue across your tight skin, licking and kissing and caressing you. Your breathing is heavy, rasping, your head rocking from side to side, your hands clasping her back and then her cute arse, pulling her to you, keeping her close.

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