Seven Days Day 01

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Diana and I had only been married for a few years. This was actually the second marriage for both of us and we were in our mid 30’s. We both had children from our first marriage and our kids lived with their respective other parents for reasons I won’t bother to go into. This was actually a small blessing as we both had a strong sex drive and we never had to worry about doing whatever we wanted to do, whenever we wanted to do it. She was one hot number in my book. Diana stood at almost 5’8″ and weighed just short of 140 lbs. She kept herself in great shape after her stint in the Marine Corps and giving birth to two daughters. Her abs were toned and legs were long and she had the “perfect” ass as far as I was concerned. It wasn’t small and tight but somewhat full and round and perfect for slamming from behind, which I did often. She had very nice breasts, they were a large 36B or small 36C with just a little bit of sag and great dark pink nipples with areolas just bigger than a quarter and pencil eraser sized nips. Her hair was auburn/red and the only way you could tell it was fake was by comparing it to the thin strip of pubic hair she kept neatly trimmed just above her otherwise shaved pussy.

One Sunday night, we were cuddled up on the couch watching a movie when a steamy sex scene came on.

“Mmmm, I love it when you fuck me like that.” Diana muttered after it was over, never lifting her head off my chest.

“I love fucking you like that.” I simply replied, running my fingers through her hair.

“I love the way you make me feel.” she purred.

“I love the way you feel.” I stated a matter of factually.

She rolled over onto her back, her head in my lap and looked up into my eyes.

“Let’s do something to spice up our sex life.” she half asked and half stated.

“What’s wrong with our sex life?” I asked.

“Nothing” she said, “let’s just do something different.” as she smiled.

“What did you have in mind?” I had to ask.

“I don’t know, I’ll leave that up to you. You’re the one with the perverted mind.” she said in a rather sexy voice.

She did have me pegged there. My pension for sex and porn and all thing naughty did out way hers. Not that she was innocent by any stretch of the imagination. One time while we were having sex, she was on top of me, riding and grinding on my cock and her hands had my shoulders pinned down and she proceeded to tell me how many guys she had fucked, how she fucked them and where she had fucked them. God that was hot….. but anyway… My cock started to get hard thinking about it against the back of her head and she felt it growing. Without saying a word she rolled onto her side and pulled the front of my sweatpants down and pulled out my half hard cock and promptly started lovingly sucking on it. The harder it got the more eagerly she sucked, going deeper, going faster, and sucking harder.

“Oh fuck baby!” was about all I could say as I leaned back and let her enjoy the feeling of my erect shaft sliding up and down her throat. My arms were stretched out on both sides of me on the couch back as I watched her do her deed. I don’t have a huge cock by any stretch, just short of 7 inches, but it is thick. Most women can’t even fully wrap their fingers around the base but that was not an issue for Diana. She had sucked more cock in her life then she would ever tell me or admit too and had no problem burying her nose in my pubic hair every time she went down. My mind swirled as I tried to think of a way to fulfill her request as she bobbed up and down on my dick… then it came to me, in more ways than one.

I could feel my orgasm building rather quickly as it usually does with her expert, spontaneous blow jobs. She sucked harder than an Oreck vacuum cleaner as my cock swelled in her mouth as she knew what was coming next and she was going to get what she wanted. I let out a grunt and a groan as my orgasm ripped through my body and my cum erupted into the deep part of my lovely, cock sucking wife’s throat. She didn’t slow down or skip a beat until every last drop of my jism had been milked from her favorite faucet. As my cock slid from her sealed mouth she sat up and gave me a deep, passionate french kiss, pushing my cum from her mouth to mine with her tongue. I don’t know how much she swallowed but she knows how much I love my own spunk and I moaned a bit as I swallowed the juice and kissed her even deeper. Our kiss ended and she fell back to sitting on her knees, licking her lips looking at me.

“Did that help you think of anything?” she smiled as she wiped the last drop of cum from her chin with the back of her hand.

“I wish you wouldn’t do that.” I said kind of sternly but with half a smile.

“Do what?” she asked, almost looking offended that she had just sucked me off without permission.

“Wipe the cum off your face. You know how much I love it when you look like a slut.” I laughed a bit.

“Yeah, only you would want to parade your wife through the mall with cum dripping off me.” Diana retorted, referring to an episode less than Niğde Escort a year ago.

“You love it and you know it. You’re a slut at heart and I love you for it.” I replied.

“Yeah, maybe, but for you, anything, well almost anything.” she smiled with a truly slutty look on her face. “So, did you think of anything?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I did. There isn’t any one thing I could think of that fits your request, but I did think of a few, so what I am proposing is that each day, for the next 7 days, we will do something different. I may or may not tell you what it is, but you just need to agree now to go through with it without question. Okay?” I said with all sincerity.

Diana looked away for a few seconds thinking about all the possible scenarios I might dream up and then looked back at me and said “Okay. When do we start?”

“We will start tomorrow, but I ask one favor in return.” I smirked.

“What’s that?” she giggled.

“No matter what we’ve done, no matter who gets in bed first, we end every night for the next 7 days with you sucking my cock. Deal?” I asked.

Really, without even thinking about it she said “Deal!”

Day 1:

The alarm clock went off at 5:30am with the Van Halen song Hot for Teacher playing on the classic rock radio station it was tuned into. I rolled over and cuddled and spooned my naked wife as I usually did. I slipped my arm under hers and gently cupped her bare breast, and pushed my hips into her ass so that my cock was pressing between her ass cheeks. If I wake up with an erection, I would usually just slide it into her and wake her with soft, slow pumping while I gently pinch and twist her nipples and get out of bed with my cream pie running down her ass cheek. She was a heavy sleeper and I always woke before she did and she had told me on many occasions that that was her favorite way to wake up. But not that day, I had other plans.

I got out of bed, grabbed my robe and went to the kitchen to make coffee. A sleepy Diana soon followed as we began our daily morning routine before work. We did our usually morning chit chat and then she headed off to get ready. Once I heard the shower turn on I started my countdown. It would take about 3 or 4 minutes for the water to get hot and for her to get inside and get herself all wet. I went into the bedroom and took off my robe. My cock was already half hard in anticipation but I started stroking it even more so that I was fully erect. As soon as I figured the time was right I made my move.

Now Diana and I have had shower sex many times, but this time was going to be just a little different. It was only the beginning of my plan for her for Day 1. I grabbed the video camera and holding my hard cock with my other hand I went into the spacious bathroom. I placed the camera on the back of the toilet and aimed it at the shower stall door and hit record. I went straight to the shower and opened up the door and just my luck, as I had hoped, her back was to me. Just as soon as my wet, naked wife felt the cold air on her back side she started to say something and started to turn around. The only problem was that I was all over her. My hand reached around and I covered her mouth and before she could turn around I pushed her, chest first up against the shower stall. She had a very surprised look on her face with maybe just a hint of fear until she realized it was just me. I kept my hand over her mouth as I forced her to look straight ahead into the shower wall. My free hand slid up the inside of her body, over her belly and up between the shower wall and her tits. Squeezing and groping her tit firmly but not painfully, her nipple became hard in my hand. I removed my hand from her mouth and and took a strong hold of the back of her wet, red hair and held her forehead against the wall as I continued my sexual assault on my wife with the water rushing over us both.

Diana figured out pretty quick not to move or make a sound. I moved to her left side and turned her head to the right so she was not looking at me and pressed her temple to the wall. With my left hand molesting her tits and my cock pumping up and down against her left thigh I took my free hand and shoved it between her legs. The way I had her, the video camera had a perfect unobstructed view of my 2 fingers sliding up into her wet pussy. Cupping her cunt with my hand and my palm covering her ass hole, I pulled her hips out a bit so that I could finger fuck her better, harder, deeper. She just stood there panting as my 2 middle fingers flew in and out of her pussy from below and behind and she was just about to orgasm when I stopped and pulled my fingers from her dripping cunt.

I grabbed her hair and turned her around to face me and pressed her back against the other shower wall and covered her mouth again. Now the video camera had a side view of her assault and she had no idea she was being recorded. I used my feet to kick her legs apart in the standing position. I uncovered her mouth and grabbed each of her hands and pinned them against the shower Niğde Escort Bayan high above her head. There was a look of shear lust in her eyes as I bent my knees slightly and tried to guide my cock into her snatch without any hands. Now, if you have ever tried to fuck a woman who is flat, back against a wall, it’s really that easy to make penetration. Sure, you could pick her legs up and lift her higher, but that would take the fun out of it. With my knees bent I was stabbing up into her crotch with my cock trying to find her hole. Diana didn’t move or make a sound as she waited for me to find my target and the look in her eyes was saying “Hurry up and shove that fucking thing inside me!”

Once the head of my cock found the bulls-eye it was game on. This wasn’t meant to be a passionate love making session, I forced my hips up high and hard driving my cock all the way into her in one move with so much gusto her feet damn near came off the ground. Her eyes almost popped out of her head as I ripped her pussy open with my thick, erect shaft. She was about to let out a moan when I gripped both of her hands above her head with my left hand and covered her mouth again with my right. Staring straight into her lust filled eyes, I fucked her with hard, deliberate thrusts, making faces like I didn’t give a shit about her. It really didn’t take long for me to feel my orgasm building. I was so turned on it was crazy. I grit my teeth and made a mean looking face as I exploded inside her pussy and filled her with several good loads of steaming hot cum. I wanted to leave my cock in her and kiss her after the last shot left it’s place of origin and enjoy a little afterglow but that would not fit into today’s plans.

I didn’t really care if she had an orgasm or not. I had gotten off and my little slut’s pussy was full of my white, creamy juice. In one fluid motion I released her from my grip and pulled my still hard cock from her cunt as it hadn’t had time to get soft yet, and stepped out of the shower and slammed the door shut behind me. I didn’t even look back as I grabbed the video camera and fled the scene of the crime.

It was about 30 minutes later when Diana walked into the kitchen, dressed for work. It was pretty much you standard attire, sensible shoes, tan khakis (with no panty lines, she always went commando), a thin black belt and dark blue button up blouse neatly tucked in. Her hair looked a little disheveled like she couldn’t quite concentrate on fixing her hair just right and it appeared like she had one extra button undone on her blouse, showing me a nice little bit of cleavage and the very edge of her black lace bra. We made absolutely no mention of what had transpired in the shower as we chatted, drank coffee and did our daily morning routine before work. Shortly thereafter, we kissed, said goodbye and left for our respective jobs.

Now I’d be lying to you if I told you that I had a regular day at work. My mind was filled with images of my sexual assault on my dear wife as it played back through my brain over and over. Those thoughts were replaced after lunch by plans of raping her again as soon as I got home. Throughout the day, we exchanged a few text messages but again, there was no mention of the morning’s events. Tomorrow I’d find out about how she felt about it, but today I didn’t care because that’s what Day 1 was all about.

As I pulled into the driveway I could see that she was already home. I expected that, I had planned that. I sat in my car for a few minutes rubbing my cock through my pants to get the blood flowing and contemplated where she might be when I take her and force myself upon her. It really didn’t matter I just needed to fuck her. I got out of my car and went to the front door. I quietly went inside and shut the door behind me in an attempt to surprise her. I tip-toed through the entry way still rubbing my cock when I heard the water running in the sink in the kitchen. I paused for a minute and rubbed my cock till I was fully erect and silently moved into the kitchen. Her back was too me again as she looked out the kitchen window and rinsed a coffee cup. Showtime…

I knew I was going to surprise the hell out of her because she didn’t even know I was home. I slammed my hips into her ass forcing her hard against the counter. She started to scream in surprise and horror but my hand was already over her mouth before she had a chance to get it out. I had the initial attack all planed out. Quick, hard, fast and to the point. I figured that after the first 30 seconds was over, she’d figure it all out but I wanted that 30 seconds to be memorable.

Just about the same time as my right hand covered her mouth my left hand reached around her waist to the buttons on her blouse. I instantly ripped her blouse open hearing the sound of tearing cloth and sending buttons flying exposing her bra covered breasts to anyone who could see into our kitchen window. In her brief moment of panic she tried to reach for my arms to get them off of her, dropping and breaking the coffee cup Escort Niğde in the sink. But who cared, I was too strong for her efforts. Fueled by pure lust I grabbed the top of her bra cup and ripped it open as well breaking the tiny plastic front clasp that held it together freeing her tits for the world to see. If anyone was watching through our kitchen window it would have looked like a violent rape and that is pretty much how I planned it, just no pain for her.

It only took about 15 seconds for me to pin Diana to the counter and get her exposed the way I wanted her to be. I hadn’t planned on doing it in front of an open window, that just turned out to be a bonus. That’s also about how long it took her to figure out what was happening. She slowed down her urge to fight back as the realization that she was about to get molested and raped again sunk in. I kept her upright as I dry humped her ass through our pants and kept my hand over her mouth. I mauled her tits in front of the open window, crushing, squeezing, and pulling her nipples as they got as hard as my cock. Her hands where holding onto my arms as I assaulted her, not to try to drive me off but as only a place to put them as I had my way with her.

I uncovered her mouth and grabbed the back of her hair pulling down so her chin and chest where up, nipples pointing straight ahead. She knew better than to say anything and I was happy about that. I backed off her ass so my free hand could reach down and undo her belt. Then the button and zipper on her pants fell away and my hand made a forceful trip past her trimmed pubic hair and straight into her wet pussy. And oh was she wet. Her legs where still somewhat together so I had to reach hard to get my 2 fingers to her love tunnel, but once there, they easily slid inside. I pulled her back into me again dry humping her ass, fingering her hard and deep and continued my ravaging of her tits for all to see. Diana remained silent and still but her labored breathing told me it was time to fuck the shit out of her.

Treating her like the fuck slut she was I pushed her head down into the sink, her tits now pressed into the counter and I pulled her shirt and bra down over her shoulders. I stepped back and pulled her pants down to her knees. I didn’t want them any lower, I wanted her legs together and pussy tight, well as tight as you can get a tunnel you can drive a truck through anyway. A few seconds later my cock was out, hard thick and dripping pre-cum. I thought about making her suck it but I wanted her to stay in the window more. I grabbed my cock and ran my head up and down her slit for a second getting it wet as she was bent over the counter ass out for me. Then I pulled back on her hair, lifting her head and chest back up a bit as I drove my cock into her so hard she finally let out a real scream as her hips slammed into the counter and my cock tore up inside her easily and completely.

Holding her head up so she had to look out the window she tried to cover her nipples from over exposure but was unable to let go of the counter due to the forceful fucking and pounding she was getting from behind. Her legs buckled and knees bent as her first orgasm spread through her body like a tidal wave. She bit her lip and did everything she could not to make and sounds but she couldn’t stop the moans and squeals. The counter kept her from falling down and I just kept on fucking and fucking like a man possessed. I paused for a minute and looked around. I saw it right there within arm’s reach, and I grabbed it.

I grabbed the bottle of olive oil and leaned back a bit and drizzled a bit down her ass crack. I pulled my prick from her pussy and rubbed it up and down her ass hole getting both nicely lubed. Now I’ve minded for brown gold before with her but this time I really wasn’t just going to ease it into her and I think she knew it. Her body seemed to tense up as the head of my cock popped into her well lubed, tight rectum. A second later she started to relax and I grabbed the back of her shirt and bra and firmly pushed my cock up into her ass. She screamed again as I held her shoulders up in front of the window and my cock completely disappeared inside her. I didn’t give a fuck what she did now, I just took hold of her hips and started plowing away at her slamming my hips into her cheeks over and over. Then it happened…..

She tried to push away from the counter but I wouldn’t let her, I was about to cum. She tried to twist away from the other side but again I wouldn’t let her. My cock exploded inside her unleashing a torrid of cum, jet stream after jet stream into the depths of her bowels matching each of my pumps. I had barely noticed during my ecstasy that with each of my deep orgasmic pumps, Diana was reaching back, hitting me on the chest with her with her fist with the strength of a spent whore. It didn’t matter to me, just as soon as I was done cumming I pulled my dick from her ass, zipped up and turned and started to walk out. “You fucking bastard….” I faintly heard her mutter. I turned around, there she was, bent over the counter looking back at me, shirt ripped off her shoulders, pants around her knees and cum dripping out of her ass and down her leg. Satisfied, I immediately went to my office to check my email and leave her to do whatever it was she needed to do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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