Sex and the Office Ch. 05

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It wasn’t meant to have lasted long, but somehow, the party went on longer than expected. Anyway, it was Jill’s leaving party, so what the hell! Everyone was enjoying it. The staff had arranged a buffet meal at the local rugby club house. Wine and beer had been consumed in larger quantities than expected. The last few people left in a merry frame of mind. It was getting late, but it was summer and there was still a some light in the clear sky. It was a shame that Jill’s boss, Frank, was unable to be with them. He was on a business trip to America and had said his farewells a few days earlier.

Jill and Roger were both breathless, crouching behind his car parked alongside the grass verge in the far corner of the car park. They were both rather inebriated, feeling silly and giggly. As a pointless joke, they were hiding from colleagues they had just left in the clubhouse.

Jill’s heart was knocking at her ribs with the exhilaration and the exercise of running across the park, being pulled along hand in hand by Roger. She could hear John’s voice behind them. “What happened to Roger and Jill? They were with us only a minute ago.’

‘His car’s still there. They must still be in the building.’ That was Trisha’s voice Jill could hear. She giggled, feeling hot and still panting a bit.

‘Probably in the loo. Oh, come on! Let’s go.’

As Jill heard the sound of a car door opening, she was taken aback by Roger putting an arm round her, reaching over to give her a friendly kiss. After the moment of surprise, she returned the kiss – still giggling – which became rather prolonged. Floating across the car park they could hear calls of ‘Goodnight’ from the others as their kiss developed into mutual nibbling of lips. Mm – she liked kissing. And Roger was a good kisser, she thought.

When Jill heard a car motor starting up, she put her hand behind Roger’s neck to continue the passionate kissing. Wonderful! I’m drunk, but it’s great, she thought. It was then that she felt his other hand reach up her blouse to cup her left breast, slightly damp with perspiration. Jill stiffened. Hey, just a minute – but, what the hell. Who cares! She relaxed. Besides, Jill liked having her tits fondled. The kiss became even more eager.

Because it was a warm evening, Jill had not tucked her blouse into her skirt, leaving it hanging loose. To be even more comfortable, she had discarded her bra earlier in the evening. There were no barriers to prevent Roger’s snooping hand exploring her contours. Her self-supporting breasts were firm and supple, with outstanding nipples, which had caused something of a sensation in the office earlier in the day.

Jill made no attempt to stop him. Anyway, it was too late. He was already feeling them. Besides, Jill had been flirting with her eyes at him all evening, feeling that tell-tale tug in her belly. Warm and runny! So it was hardly surprising he would try to feel her up. And she enjoyed having her breasts fondled – and by a strange hand, it was all the more exciting. It was a long time since strange fingers had played with her nipples. That wonderful warm feeling in her loins bubbled over in her vulva. Besides, Jill had a sneaking attraction for Roger, who was an outgoing, amusing — if loud — person. Well, he was a marketing manager after all. Handsome and thirty-five.

Roger had the self-confidence of a guy with a large cock. Such guys knew they were a bit special. Jill knew about it, because she had been told by Roger’s secretary, Pattie. He had a rather special piece of male equipment. Though how Pattie knew, Jill could only guess at. Although feeling slightly guilty, she enjoyed the feel of Roger’s roving hand on her breasts, wondering why he had left it so late to try to feel her. After all, this was his last chance!

‘What absolutely beautiful breasts,’ Roger murmured into her mouth. ‘Stunning!’

‘That’s what you say to all the girls,’ she laughed softly.

On this particular evening, Alan was in London on business, leaving Jill with the children for three nights, which was rather a long absence for both of them. Both of them were highly sexed and usually fucked at least once a day. Jill missed her sex badly. When Alan was away, they would speak on the phone for half an hour or so, whispering sexy things to each other, sometimes leading to a mutual masturbating session whilst listening to their grunts and whimpers, encouraging the other to an orgasm. But she still craved cock!

This particular evening, Alan had phoned a little before the baby sitter arrived. She had teased him about his firm’s secretaries, since this was the evening of their annual party. There would be food and wine, a little dancing, perhaps, with an odd grope. She wound her husband up by admitting that she would be going to her farewell party wearing very little on such a warm evening – which would almost certainly turn on the men.

‘You get them all wound up darling!’ he told her.’ Then tell me all about it when I get home.’

‘I will, kartal escort darling. Believe me. Must go! Have fun!’ And she left the house feeling very sexy.

The other eight men in their party all fancied Jill; she was very attractive, a very slender 5’5″ with an elegant deportment and a ready infectious laugh. But the other secretaries were attentive, offering a little amusement. Roger was particularly interested in Jill this evening, sitting beside her. But it was John who could hardly keep his eyes away from the shadow of her nipples pushing against the fabric of the blouse. Roger had pulled his leg about it.

‘Hey, John! It’s rude to stare – even if they are worth staring at.’

‘You men,’ Trisha had said. ‘All you think about is sex!’

‘And why not? It makes the world go round!’

‘What would you think if I stared a your crotch openly?’

‘Hey! I’d think — I’ll be alright tonight!’ was John’s retort? They laughed.

‘But I have to say, Jill, they do look particularly succulent,’ was Roger’s whispered opinion.

‘I know you’d like to get your hands on them, but just drink your beer and mind your own business,’ Pattie told him.

‘Chance would be a fine thing.’

Jill threw her head back and laughed, allowing her breasts to push against the fabric of the blouse throwing the nipples into even further relief. Her husband jokingly called them organ stops. During warm weather, when shopping on a Saturday morning, Jill would go without a bra beneath her white cotton blouse, allowing her prominent, dark nipples to stand out against the fabric. Alan encouraged her in doing this, enjoying watching the reaction of the other male shoppers when they noticed her prominent buds.

So this was a deliberate move on Jill’s part to tease the men. She enjoyed the feeling of power over them, egging them on by offering them a glimpse of her feminine charms. John managed to move casually behind Jill’s seat so that he could glance down the top of her blouse in the hope of catching sight of more of those tantalizing swellings.

But Jill knew what John was up to, laughing even more, twisting her head round to look at Pattie, knowing that her blouse would stretch open sufficiently for her right nipple to be visible to John, looking over her shoulder. The thought of him getting a thrill from looking at her nipple gave her a kick. His erection would be pressing against his flies. She couldn’t resist turning for a quick look. Yes! Very stiff! She laughed up at him.

Pattie couldn’t compete with Jill in the breast department, but she was equally sexy. She quite fancied Roger herself, having recently enjoyed a mutual encounter with him – though it was confined to hands only. Having allowed him to fondle her bottom and press her breasts, whilst kissing, Pattie had fingered the shape of Rogers erect cock in his trousers, feeling it twitch. She was impressed; curious to have a closer inspection sometime.

All the men fancied Jill; but then they fancied all the secretaries really. Given the chance, they would willingly fuck with any of them. And, if the truth were known, all the secretaries fancied the men – Pattie had pressed the stiffness of several of them all at one time or another. For a laugh of course. Though she was aware of several casual sexual encounters between some of the staff.

When the bar was due to close, all except Roger and Jill disappeared into the toilets, leaving them alone.

‘Come on,’ he suddenly took Jill’s hand. ‘Let’s run off and hide from them.’

Rather than ask why, Jill said nothing, but ran down the corridor silently with him, breasts bouncing, and out of the front door. They sprinted across the car park to Roger’s Rover, ducking down behind it, trying to stifle the giggling. Jill, out of breath, panting heavily, peered round the front bonnet.

‘Shh!’ she hissed. ‘They’re coming!’

And to Jill’s surprise, Roger had taken advantage of the situation to feel her breasts and kiss her on the mouth. Which of course, had been his plan all along. Seeing her nipples straining against her blouse, had determined him to get his hands on them, use the opportunity whilst Alan was away. Roger suspected that Jill was inviting him to fondle them. And now he had! It was all much easier than he had anticipated. They were everything he had expected. Soft and firm with large hard nipples. Gorgeous!

Although Jill gave a little gasp of surprise, she hadn’t try to stop him. Very encouraging.

‘Stunning!’ he repeated, exploring their texture and firmness.

‘Yes, well. Now you’ve had your feel, shouldn’t we be going?’ But Jill made no move to stand up. She was enjoying the caresses too much and was, in fact, speculating on the state of Roger’s cock. Pattie had confided being impressed by its quality. Jill wondered whether this was her chance to discover for herself. She’d had enough to drink to abandon any false modesty. Besides, if Roger could feel her boobs, she could feel his cock. Only fair. maltepe escort bayan It wouldn’t take long. A quick feel, that’s all.

“What’s the hurry? Roger was whispering. ‘Alan’s away and Janet’s at her Mother’s. We have all night.’ Roger had no intention of letting this opportunity go by without making full use of his advantage and enjoy feeling Jill’s softest centers.

Whilst considering her response, still squatting on her heels, enjoying having her neck and earlobes nibbled, Jill never considered how vulnerable her vulva was. Beneath the wide wrap-round skirt, she was wearing only loose silk French knickers. Jill liked to wear expensive, attractive underwear against her loins. But these did little to protect her genitals against invasion. And invaded they were.

Roger’s other hand slid quickly under her skirt from behind, over her taught buttocks to cup Jill’s soft hair-covered secret entrance in his palm. He had reasoned that she had not repulsed his exploration of her breasts, so it was worth trying to get into her silk knickers. Before Jill could prevent it, the thick, well-endowed vulva with its fleshy inner lips, nestled into his palm, spreading its honey, enjoying the attention.

Jill’s aroused vulva was well covered with a mat of copper-colored curls, spreading into her inner thighs and peaking to her belly button. Its over-generous succulent inner lips hung low from the clitoral hood, flanking the trickling vaginal opening.

‘You bugger!’ she scolded, wriggling, but without dislodging his hand. ‘That bit’s private. Well, apart from Alan, of course.’

‘What? Such a marvelous piece of woman you have there — so luscious and soft — so wonderful – and you want to keep it private? Shame on you!’

‘You have Janet’s to play with.’

‘Yes, but yours is so attractive, so different.’

‘Maybe! But you’d find any woman’s pussy attractive.’

‘Besides, yours is ready, willing and able. It’s soaking.’

‘What do you expect? It’s being stimulated. Anyway, it usually is. I’m permanently wet. So stop it!’ But she didn’t mean it, and Roger knew she was only going through the polite remonstrations. He pressed her down with his other hand as he started to fondle the soft, plump vulva, swollen with desire, his fingers pressing up against her erect clitoris. Jill was very, very sexy. Very, very receptive.

Oh shit! she thought. ‘Stop it, Roger!’ Jill protested in a loud whisper, toppling over sideways in the struggle. Roger leaned over her, his hand still clutching her most vulnerable part.

‘Can’t I share it. Just for tonight? Can I have Alan’s share?’

‘No!’ But Jill was sorely tempted, unable to prevent his prying fingers from exploring her generous labia, feeling their fleshy folds, getting her very horny.

‘Besides, it’s not fair on Alan or Janet.’ Jill was surprised by the hoarse nature of her voice. She was clearly confused by her eagerness. She was torn between her desire to be faithful to Alan and her desire to enjoy the sensation between her legs, of being felt and caressed.

‘They won’t know, will they? And I can tell you’re ready share its secrets.’

What the hell, Jill thought. What’s a touch between friends? Besides, it feels so good. She sighed. After all, it’s what she was had been wanting ever since she spoke on the phone earlier with her husband. Though with Alan, rather than some other man. Roger had been provocative during the party, whispering how she turned him on — how gorgeous she looked — how soft her skin. Generally chatting her up when the others weren’t around.

So, she had spent the whole evening during the party on the edge of stimulating thoughts, eager for Alan to get home and screw her hard. And here she was, being felt up by his friend instead. And enjoying it. Oh hell!

‘We shouldn’t really,’ she said thickly. But without conviction. The teasing fingers, now playing with her stiff clitoris, causing her loins to jerk and squirm, were in no mood to be refused this attention. She would have to stop him right now, otherwise what was left of her resolve would be gone.

Jill’s inner muscles were flexing with anticipation, dilating and contracting the puckered vaginal opening in rhythmic spasms. No. She must go home! Before it went too far. In an attempt to push him from her, Jill put her hand on Roger’s thigh, only to find it resting on his hardened cock straining at the leg of his shorts. She paused. Her mouth dried up. Jill hadn’t really intended this — nor expected to contact his cock. Roger would believe, of course, that she’d done it deliberately. But she didn’t take it away. It was too interesting.

Jill always had an insatiable fascination for cocks. Having a brother two years her senior, she had been familiar with the essential part of the male anatomy for as long as she could remember. She had often watched him play with it until it grew stiff, not thinking it anything special at the time.

But it wasn’t until she had joined the escort pendik local Gilbert and Sullivan Society that she finally played with a cock herself. One of the older members gave her a lift to rehearsals in his car and, when she got to know him better, he promised he would get her a solo part in the next show if she was good to him. Being good, she found, meant pushing her hand into his trousers and playing with his erect penis, which was usually already stiff with anticipation, rubbing it up and down until it ejaculated in her hand.

After overcoming her nervousness, she did as he asked. This was the very first cock she had felt; her first experience of sperm, which she found strangely exciting. She began to enjoy playing with it, tossing it off. Though not getting the part in the show her promised, Jill did get an appetite for cock. She was rather surprised that she had waited so long to sample one. She would soon be nineteen – but she would catch up!

There had been many cocks since those days. It had been with some surprise, and absolute delight that Jill discovered that each cock was different from the rest. Since her first real fuck in the back of a car with her first leading man, each encounter with a cock was a new thrilling discovery for her.

So, when Jill first agreed to have a pub lunch with Alan, she thought he would drive her onto the moors for kisses and caresses, expecting her to play with his penis and he to feel her pussy. But that was not the case. He never touched her. They just chatted, getting to know each other until time for him to go to a meeting. She was disappointed of course.

It was on their second date that he slid his hand into her blouse during a prolonged kiss. His fingers touched her skin with a soft delicacy, making her shiver with excitement, raising goose pimples on her arms. Exhilarating! As they kissed, the smell of his skin excited her curiosity about his body. She wanted him naked in her arms. But no!

Most men couldn’t wait to scoop a woman’s breast into their hand, rubbing it as if trying to polish it. But Alan kept her waiting before reaching inside her blouse with sensitive fingers. With their sensitive tips, they traced the contours of the breast, exploring, touching her nipples gently, sending rippling waves of delight through her whilst bringing the teat to its swollen hardness.

So delicate was the touch that the rippling current she felt reached her clitoris, triggering a mild orgasm. Her vagina was flooding! But that was all he ventured on that second date. She was beginning to wonder if he didn’t find her attractive, after all. Perhaps he was just a breast man.

On the third lunch date, as they started their kissing, Alan had lingered rather longer in fondling her breasts, bringing her to a peak of anticipation. Jill inhaled his fragrance with joy. When his other hand reached up the hem of her dress, she sighed with relief. At last! I’m going to be felt properly, she thought. The fingertips stroked her inner thigh as lightly as a feather, gradually reaching the gusset of her knickers, teasing the silky-soft hair surrounding the vulva. She thrilled with anticipation. This was it! Jill was wearing her favorite silk open-leg knickers, offering free access to what was within, so that Alan’s fingers had no obstacle to reaching Jill’s soft labia. So very wet.

Jill was over the moon! Lost in sexual exhilaration. She murmured with pleasure as she wriggled her loins.

‘At last!’ she whispered to him, ‘I was beginning to wonder if you would ever want to feel me properly. What was the delay?’

‘It is so much more thrilling if you have to wait a while. I didn’t want to rush you. Make you think that’s all I want from you.’

‘Well, it probably is. It’s all I want from you right now!’

‘Good! You have a lovely body!’

‘God! You had me begging for it.’ And she gasped with the thrill of his touch.

‘You’re wearing the right underwear — feeler friendly!’

‘Are you complaining?’ she muttered, her lips pecking at his. ‘Come on. Feel me good!’

Reaching her face to his, Jill sought his lips to press her tongue into his mouth, as her fingers grappled with the zip of his trousers, eager to release what she most desperate for. Her fingers slid into his underwear to search for his stiff cock. There it was. Wonderful. Thick and stiff. Whilst Alan’s fingers examined her labia and vagina, Jill pried his cock from the confines of his trousers. She curled her hand round the girth. Mmm. Lovely! Straight and thick. Smooth skin, velvet to the touch. Loose foreskin.

Returning the kiss, Alan’s fingers explored the most secret center of Jill’s body, fingering every crevice, every fold of warm flesh, discovering the delights of her entire vulva, to her utter ecstasy. Fabulous! She would hold off her orgasm as long as she could, to wallow in the sensuousness of having her vulva fondled and explored.

Where they were parked did not allow Alan the pleasure of mounting the willing Jill — of penetrating her eager entrance. That would have to wait for another time. They had to make do with manual manipulation until Jill could no longer withhold the blast off of her orgasm. It came from deep within her, erupting like a volcanic eruption!

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