Sex in DC

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Ayisha Cottontail

You are on a business trip to DC, waiting for a meeting to review a recent system report for funding. You arrived the night prior to the meeting and are just relaxing in the bar downstairs, from your hotel room, as you finish up your first drink you see an athletic, 6 foot tall lady dressed in a blue dress come through the door and take a seat by the dance floor. As you watch her and order another drink, you see several of the single males approach her table. She asks them to leave several times and they are becoming rude and pushy. You ask the bartender to refill your drink and for a margarita, then you head for her table.

As you slide into the booth beside her, you hand her the margarita and say, “Hi sweety, sorry I am late, my meeting ran over.” She smiles at you with relief and responds, “No problem, these guys were just moving on.” She smiles and nods at the men that were hounding her and lays her hand on your arm. The men tuck tail and run the other way, you are feeling good about rescuing this beautiful stranger and decide to strike up a conversation by introducing yourself when the men are out of hearing range.

As the two of you sit and enjoy your drinks you look her over, realizing that her body is even more gorgeous than you first thought. Each muscle is tightly toned, she is very leggy, and has a great set of breasts. She has a small waist with a flat tight stomach. She sees you checking her out, smiles slightly and leans closer to you asking what you are doing for the rest of the evening.

You smile, “What do you have in mind?”

Ever so lightly, but with enough pressure to feel through your denim jeans, she traces small concentric circles on your leg, starting and your knee and moving towards your inner thigh, creating a warm sensation throughout your body and a hardening of your dick. As she gets closer and closer to your manhood, she gently bumps your zipper and smiles as she listens to the music and looks at the dance floor. You lean closer, your lips brushing her ear and gently whisper an invitation to dance.

She smiles and nods, sliding out of the booth behind you and taking your hand. The music has turned slow, she lays her head on your shoulder, her breath whispers against your neck, and wraps her arms around your shoulders, sighing as you pull her close. You notice that you fit very nicely together, your heights compliment one another, your bodies fit together in that puzzle tight fit. Her body is warm and strong in your arms. You can feel the tone set of her muscles and pull her a little closer as you sway together to the music bodies touching, her lips rub your ear, gently at first, kind of like a breath of air passing over your earlobe. Then she güvenilir bahis blows a soft whisper along your neck as you pull her closer she closes her lips on your earlobe and nips the soft skin on the bottom edge of your ear.

You pull her hips tightly into yours feeling her warm and soft against your own body. You turn your head slightly and smile into her eyes, then move slightly in for a soft kiss. The kiss reminds you of something that is generally shared between long time lovers. It starts soft, then becomes more seeking, and then fills with a promise of passion to come. As the song begins to end you deepen the kiss and turn it into an invitation for more, running your hands along her body. Softly touching her butt, up along the soft edges of her side, along her underarms teasing the edges of her breasts. She nips your neck and kisses a small line of soft kisses along your jaw line, creating a line to your mouth, for a deep searing kiss

As the second song starts you take her hand and head for the door. Glancing once over your shoulder to see if she agrees. She simply smiles and nods her head in consent, coming up close behind you to place her hands in your jean pockets. As the elevator doors slide close you move her to the corner, placing a hand on either hip and pulling her close as you lean into her and kiss her deeply, pinning her between yourself and the wall. Your hands are running over her hips, thighs, and butt. You can feel her curves and are enjoying the tight feeling of her body. As the elevator doors open, you continue the kiss, pulling your key from your pocket and guide her to the door. You slip the key in and push the door open, never breaking the kiss.

You consider yourself fortunate because you decided to leave a bedside light on before leaving for dinner. The light creates a soft glow in the room and provides enough light to see her bright, seductive eyes as you lay her back on the bed. She reaches for your jeans and opens them, slowly lowering the zipper and sliding them down over, your hips to free your hard cock. She smiles at you, standing over her on the bed, and slowly wraps her hands around you, softly stroking from the base to the tip.

As you move forward to remove her clothes, she pulls back and shakes her head. She removes her hand from your cock and takes both your hands and places them in your back pockets, then she smiles at you before returning to her hands to your cock. She is stroking you, from the base of your balls up to the tip of your cock, with warm, sure movements that squeeze and release, in one of the best hand jobs you have ever experienced. As she slows and pulls her hands away, you feel a soft breath of a kiss on the tip türkçe bahis of your cock, light, almost imperceptible. Then her lips are surrounding the head of your hardness, slowing sliding down until her lips are brushing your balls, she slides back up and begins to suck your cock, running her tongue along the edge, teasing the sensitive underside of your manhood and stroking your ball sack. She hums ever so softly causing vibrations as she gives you a dynamite blow job.

Just as you think that you are not going to be able to hold out any longer she stops, pulling back, she moves to the side and indicates that you should lay down. She has yet to say anything since coming into the room, she only smiles and uses hand motions. You follow her directions and lay down on the bed, where she begins to unbutton your shirt with her teeth, then she slides the shirt from your body, leaving a warm trail of kisses on your chest and down your stomach. Your cock is throbbing and ready to burst, but she does not seem ready to take this any faster. You try to place your hands on her to remove her dress and she lays your hands over your head, smiling and shaking her head no.

She leans forward and kisses you deeply, tongues thrusting against one another, heat in every motion. As she pulls away from the kiss her hands move to your jeans and she removes them, your shoes, and socks in one swift motion. Then she lays her body on top of yours — running her hands from the tip of your fingers, down your arms, along your side, and as low as she can reach before she raises up to follow down the center with kisses. She kisses down your chest, stopping to suck on each of your hard nipples, gently biting and teasing them to hard little nubs that are sore with excitement.

Her kisses continue down your stomach, along the sensitive line of your pelvic bone, and around into your balls. She gently takes each of your balls into her mouth and sucks on them like large jaw breakers. You are so turned on and hot right now , that your balls are hard as rocks. Not able to stand anymore of this attention and wanting to feel her, you pull her up your body and kiss her deeply as your reach down to grab the edge of her dress and peel it from her body. To your amazement there is nothing on under the dress, she is bare flesh and beautiful.

You take first one nipple into your mouth and then the other, sucking on each until they are hard and alert. You gently need her breasts and listen to the air escape from her lungs as she leans into your touch. She is stroking your cock and moaning for more. First you decide to share some of the pleasure that she has given you by kissing her body all over, sucking some more on her breasts, güvenilir bahis siteleri and kissing her stomach. As you approach her pussy, you touch her pussy lips lightly, pulling them apart to blow softly on her opening. You watch her shiver under you gentle attention, then you softly take her clit into your mouth and begin to flick it with the tip of your tongue as you slide a finger deep into her pussy, enjoying the wet warm feeling of her womanly insides.

She moans softly and pulls you to her, kissing you and rolling so that she can straddle your body before slowly lowering herself over your hard cock. She slides all the way down your shaft, taking you fully into her warm depths, before she starts to move. She pulls up slowly almost off of your cock before lowering herself again. She does this in very slow, unhurried motions while kissing you. Then she sits up and places your hands on her breasts as she starts to move a little faster and makes her motions more intentional, not hard but not soft and slow. She has her eyes closed and asks you to play with her nipples, so you squeeze them and enjoy the sensation of her firm breasts in your hand while she rides your cock.

Slowly the tempo changes, her movement becomes faster and hard. Now she is riding you, slamming herself down on your cock so that you go deeply inside and she is panting, small soft bursts of air are coming from her lips and you can feel her body tensing, her pussy is starting to tighten and spasm around your cock as she cums long and hard. She slows her motions and leans forward to kiss you, smiling slightly through hazy eyes. You grab her to you, deepening the kiss, and push her legs straight along yours, wrapping your ankles with hers, you roll her under you, never losing the intimate contact that she has established.

You take control of the motion now, riding her, driving deep and then pulling out to the tip. You sit with the tip of your cock at the edge of her pussy and rotate your hips, teasing her slightly as she raises her hips for you to enter deeper. You run one of your hands over her breasts, gently flicking her nipples and causing her to suck in her breath as you plunge deep into her pussy and rotate, she starts to cum again. The walls of her vagina are spasming around your cock, squeezing you tightly and holding you deep within her warmth as you dump your hot cum deep inside her.

Both of you are spent as you lay in the bed beside each other, she rolls on her side to face you and trace, light touches over your chest and stomach. She kisses you softly on the lips and says thank you for a wonderful evening, then she lays her head on your shoulder and falls asleep. In the morning when you awaken, she is gone, she has not left a note or even told you her name, you wonder if the whole thing was a dream, but then you find a lipstick impression of her kiss on piece of paper on the night stand and the simple words — Thank you, handsome!!

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