Sex on the Beach

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It had been one of those perfect days at the beach. Everyone had swam and surfed, laid in the sun, and enjoyed the cookout. The weather had been warm and sunny but not too hot. Now, everyone had packed up and left for home. I didn’t mind cleaning up after these get togethers I hosted throughout the summer. I figured it was part of the package when you owned a beachfront home.

Plus, I loved this time of day as the sun prepared to sink beneath the horizon. I could sit here in the sand watching the sky as the sunset bathed it in swaths of fading yellow, blossoming orange, and deepening red until the purple black of twilight erased the brilliant display. Then, to watch the moon ascend a cool, lemon pale orb glowing against the velvet night as it reflects in the glistening, shifting waves below it. I delight in the twinkling wink of each distant star as it blinks into view looking like diamonds set against the tapestry of the night sky.

I shivered as the loss of the sun and the breeze off the ocean rapidly cooled the beach, snapping me from my reverie. It was time to call it a day and head inside. As I rose, I heard a voice speak quietly from the darkness, “I was hoping you would still be out here. I know how much you enjoy the beach at night.”

Startled, I turned around and found myself face to face with my neighbor, Vann. I had always found him very attractive. He was tan with a great body from surfing. And, he wasn’t the stereotypical blond beach bum but had charcoal black hair that he kept very short. I usually avoided him because he was totally out of my league and married. Plus, whenever we talked I got so tongue tied, he had to have thought I was slow mentally. acıbadem escort The truth is seeing him and his tattooed body always sent my mind reeling as I imagined tracing his tattoos with my tongue. Why was he here?

“How can I help you, Vann,” I asked confused over this exchange. “Like this,” he answered and wrapped his arms around me. His warm, firm lips touched mine and I parted my lips in shock. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and I responded kissing him thoroughly. My shivering body began to warm as we teased and tasted one another running our hands across each other’s bodies. The sensation of his taught muscles beneath my trembling hands and the feel of his large hands firmly cupping my ass were setting me on fire.

I pulled back and looked into his forest green eyes intently. “Are you for real, Vann. You’re sure about this?” His response was to untie my halter top with one tug and watch it flutter on the breeze. Exposed, my breasts glowed like pink tipped pearls in the luminous light of the moon. I could feel them tighten, my nipples hard buds aching to be suckled. I lifted them in my hands like an offering and sighed as his tongue circled my nipples, teasing and tasting. His mouth closed over first one then the other breast and as he sucked and pulled at my nipples, I could feel the tug of desire low and deep within me.

My hands ran through his hair and down his shoulders as I urged him lower. He kissed his way down my body until he sank to his knees in the sand. He untied my bathing suit bottoms and let them fall away. Then, Vann looked up into my eyes as he grasped my hips and pulled akbatı escort me over his mouth. Standing above him, I grasped his shoulders as he pushed his tongue between the folds of my pussy and began to stroke my clit. I rocked against his mouth making little gasps each time his tongue lashed against my throbbing core. Legs quivering, I shifted and he clutched my round ass in a bruising grip as he impaled my pussy on his probing tongue. Moaning, I rode his face as waves of passion crashed through my body.

With strong, gentle hands, he lowered me to the sand beside him. He kissed me gently, deeply and I licked my nectar from his luscious lips. Then, I rolled him beneath me and began to enjoy exploring his body. I feathered little kisses over his face until I reached his neck. I nibbled and sucked his neck and shoulders savoring the salty sweat of his sweat on my tongue. I sucked at his earlobe and traced his ear with the tip of my flickering tongue. I blew my hot breath into Vann’s ear and then whispered that I wanted to suck his cock until he explodes in my mouth. As he groaned, I chuckled and moved lower planting kisses down his shoulder until I reached his tattoo. I loved that tattoo and had always wanted to see it up close. Now, I traced it with my tongue and felt his muscles contract which made that viscous tiger tattoo appear to snarl.

I moved to his chest, kissing and licking until I was taking turns sucking on each of his nipples until they were hard and puckered.

I tasted each square of skin until I got to his shorts and pulled them off. His cock pushed out heavy and hard begging to be loved. aksaray escort I took the stiff, veiny shaft in my hands and began to lap at his silken knob like an ice cream cone. Licking in broad strokes up and down on that plum sized treat and then running my pointy tongue along the rim of his cock. Tasting the heady musk of his pre-cum, I wanted more and popped his knob into my hungry mouth. I sucked forcefully on the head of his cock, as my hands slid firmly yet softly along his length. Then, I replaced my hands with my mouth and began to fuck his cock with my mouth. He grabbed my hair and began to thrust into my mouth with a growl.

Wanting him desperately to fill my aching pussy, I released his dick from my mouth. I leaned forward and breathed into his ear that I wanted to fuck him. Then, I moved over him and straddled his cock. I worked the head into my tight pussy and then began to rock up and down and back and forth on his heavenly hunk of meat. Each stroke drove deeper and he grasped my hips setting a rhythm. The waves near us crashed rhythmically and as we fucked we did it to the tempo of the ocean. The foamy spray of the surf was now close enough that droplets were flung across our skin cooling us as we pushed and panted against one another seeking sweet release. I leaned forward a bit as I moved against him, grinding my clit with each stroke. With that I spiraled out of control, I could feel my orgasm grow and build until it crashed through me like a tsunami. I could hear my own screams of ecstasy and feel tears on my cheeks as I drowned in the intense flood of my climax.

In one move, Vann flipped me over and began to pummel my tender pussy with no mercy. He cursed and growled as he battered deep inside me until with one final surge of strength he slammed deeper still and erupted, bathing my cunt in a tidal wave of his cum.

As he rolled beside me and we laid hands clasped in the sand amid sea shells and sea glass, we gazed into the heavens above. We couldn’t have tomorrow but we had tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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