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Big Tits

The male teacher stood in front of the class, tall, lean, muscled, handsome, and naked. His body was deeply tanned and his long, erect penis was huge. It was a wonder any of the girls around me could fit him inside.

“Of course, girls and boys, today is another practical lesson…” he leered at the tight-pussied Anna in the back row, “but first we are going to have a demonstration.” He said all of this as he stood, stroking his penis with his big hands, while a guy in the front row reached over to stick his fingers into a wet Asian girl with no panties on and her legs spread wide, inviting.

Instead of calling up Anna like we all expected, he looked into my deep, honey brown eyes and smiled. Holding his penis out to me, he called me up to the front of the class. I was nervous in my short, chequered skirt and see through blouse but he just pulled me close and stuck his tongue down my throat. He ripped open my shirt and started fondling my large breasts and, when I didn’t act immediately, he used his hand to guide mine down to his red, throbbing penis.

I dropped to my knees and took his cock deep into my throat until my nose touched his belly and heard him, and everyone else, gasp in response. I stayed there for a bit, swirling my tongue around him and then pulling back only to have him shove me back down with rough hands.

Sex school had been started by a guy called Master Karato and it was for over 20’s who went for the experience or to actually be taught how to give good sex. This was how it worked, we girls did what the boys and teachers wanted and we were treated like rag-dolls, but it felt good, especially when Sir grabbed me around the waist and threw me onto the desk before spreading my legs wide and shoving two fingers deep inside me.

I moaned and turned my head to the side. Anna was in the back glaring at me as a boy stood behind her and unbuttoned her shirt to expose small tits in a frilly bra. Stephanie, the Asian that had be getting a fingering when I was called up, was sitting in a boy’s lap bouncing up and down on his cock as she watched.

The teacher also noticed this and immediately told Stephanie to get down and erotik film izle watch, and Riley, the boy fondling with Anna’s breast, to go back to his desk. They both did, sitting down glumly and I moved my hands to my bouncing breasts while my body got pounded by Sir’s fingers. He had big fingers and soon he moved them to my tight, virgin, asshole. I trembled as he squeezed a finger in and started to pump it slowly, speaking to the class as I moaned in the mixture of pleasure and pain, “the asshole is an extreme pleasure point for both women and men, as you can see, Clare is very stimulated by just one finger. When I put my cock into her little hole it will be almost unbearable for her and she will definitely have a good cum.” I panted through this and whimpered when he said he was going to take my virgin hole.

“Oh Sir,” I moaned, “please don’t take my virgin hole.” He just laughed when I said this and I whimpered again. When he could fit two fingers into my asshole I almost screamed from the hard pounding I was getting and then I felt some people hold down my hands and pull back my legs.

“It’s for your own good Clare,” Sir said as I looked up to see the boys grinning as they held me down. A tear slipped from my eye, not because I was afraid but because I was ashamed of being excited. He took out his fingers and shoved them into my mouth before rubbing them on my sensitive clit.He held his penis in his hand and pressed it to my tight pussy, rubbing it on my flowing juices while I moaned in deep satisfaction. He pushed his cock inside me and pumped a couple of times. When he removed his throbbing penis and pressed it against my tight asshole I sucked in my breath and waited with the whole class watching.

My sphincter resisted at first when he pushed against my stubborn hole and then we all heard the pop as the head of his long, large penis slipped inside. I could feel it pulsing inside me and shivers coursed through my bones. When he started pushing himself deep inside me, my breath caught in my throat and he took the opportunity of shock to shove himself deep inside me quickly.

I cried out and heard Anna laugh, even though I was certain film izle she had never taken Sir up the ass, but I was past noticing as Sir pounded in and out of me like a jackhammer while still rubbing my soaking clit. Once I got used to the pressure I started trying to tighten my sphincter around Sir’s penis so that he got squeezed as he ran me through. One of the boys reached over to grasp my breast and tickle my nipple with his finger tips while I squirmed in orgasm under Sir’s forceful cock.

When Sir saw this through his sweaty, pleasure-filled haze, he told the boys to let go and he easily picked me up, still pumping his penis deep inside me. I gripped around his neck and my legs wrapped around his waist as he continued to pump his cock inside me and instructed one of the boys that had been holding me —-Justin—- to lie down on the desk and take off his clothes.

When Justin lay down naked, Sir looked over at Stephanie, “Stephanie, get him hard.” He instructed easily and she jumped forward to obey. Justin groaned when he felt Stephanie’s sucking mouth and Sir lay me across Justin’s belly while still pumping his hard cock into my tight little asshole. Justin reached up to grasp one of my breasts in his hand and his fingers squeezed my nipple. The boys that had been holding me now stood with their penises sticking out of their pants as they stroked them slowly.

Stephanie hopped up and Justin’s penis stood erect near my face, Sir told Stephanie to go back to her desk and for everyone to watch closely. He picked me back up but dislodged me from his cock, instead pushing me up onto the desk so that I was straddling Justin’s legs. Sir held my ass in his hands and carefully helped me ease Justin’s cock into my pussy before moving closer and once again pressing his cock into my tightened asshole.

He pressed me down against Justin and his mouth silenced my outrageous moans as Sir explained to the class. “Double penetration. Extremely erotic for women. Good for men that don’t mind being a bit close to other men, but don’t let yourself do all the work. Girls, remember, men like to be satisfied without working too hard.” At this he pulled me seks filmi izle away from Justin’s sensual mouth and they both stayed still as Sir forced me up and down on their cocks.

“That’s it, Clare,” he soothed when I groaned against the immeasurable pleasure waves, “keep going.”

I shifted in constant orgasm as my juices squirted from my pussy and asshole, soaking both their cocks. I had completely forgotten about the rest of the class but when I heard Anna’s silky voice behind me I was jolted back into reality; I was having sex with two cocks in front of my whole class. The thought was unwelcome and Anna’s voice only added to the commotion in my head, “come on Sir, can I have some of that?” Anna’s question confused me most because I didn’t want her to take my place; I wanted to stay on these cocks for forever.

Sir looked up at the clock and noticed there were only a couple of minutes before the bell, he had been so consumed in his lesson he hadn’t noticed.

He ignored Anna and quickly told all the boys to start trying to get their loads out before the bell, but Justin and Sir still hadn’t cum when the bell rang and some of the other students came into the classroom because their lesson was in here next. I was excited to know that many of the boys and girls I considered friends were watching me work two cocks and I couldn’t help but squeeze my pussy and ass tighter, causing both Justin and Sir to go over the edge.

Anna and the other boys had started to pack away their note books but they stopped to see Sir and Justin cumming inside me. Their hot loads burned inside me when they released it and their soft cocks flopped from my exercised holes as I slumped against Justin’s chest. He pushed me off roughly, as was the usual, but Sir caught me and I smiled gratefully up at him before wobbling off to my desk with my clothes in hand.

A couple of guys cheered and smacked my ass, commenting on how they got to have it next time, but most of all I could only seem to remember the look Jeremy —-my crush—- gave me when I walked, naked, past his desk. He was 24 and I had been in love with him from the first day he came to the school. I had never been partnered with him in any of the practical lessons with Sir, but I had seen his dick, and, wow! It was bigger that Sir’s! I didn’t really mind that he had a big dick, I’d love to just be with him. Maybe next time…

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