Sex Slave Story Ch. 8

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Chapter 8: Teddi’s Turn

I woke up between Teddi and my Master. I laid there for a few minutes half asleep thinking about last night and how much fun I had in the Orgasmic chair and later in bed. I slipped my hand down over my tummy to my crotch and fingered my clit and noticed that I was still very wet. I rolled over and snuggled up to my Master and fell back to sleep. When I woke up again Teddi was gone and Master was fingering my pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm” I moaned as I moved my hips towards his hand. Slipping my hand down his body to his very erect cock. I smiled as I started running my hand up and down his huge erection. He rolled me over onto my tummy and started massaging my ass cheeks with his hands. Then he ran his tongue down the crack of my ass as he parted my cheeks so that he could lick my ass hole, sticking his tongue wetly into me. Then he mounted me and started fucking my pussy. It felt so good this morning and I was soon thrusting my ass back to him.

Then he pulled out and put the head of his cock, which was wet with pussy juice, to my ass hole and started to slowly push it in. I felt the whole length of him as he slid into me, every last inch of his cock, into me. I reached between my legs and started fingering my clit, I got more and more excited thrusting my ass back into him and we both started cumming at the same time and then collapsed with him still on top of me. “You are going to be my little play toy all day long” he said as he smiled and kissed me deeply his tongue playing with mine.

We got up, took a shower together soaping each other up and me sucking on his cock as he washed his hair. Then I peed on his hand as he fingered my clit almost bringing me to another orgasm. After the shower he pushed me down on the bed and started eating my pussy like it was a delicious peach. I asked him if he was enjoying his breakfast and he looked up licked his wet lips and said that it was a very good breakfast, then continued eating me. He licked my clit hard with his tongue one more time then pulled me up telling me to put on a dress and not any underwear.

I put on a long loose sun dress and looked at myself in the mirror. “That is perfect for my naughty little slave” he said as he slipped his hand up my dress fingering me. I moaned and pushed my hips into him. “Not yet little girl, we need to eat some breakfast now” and he pulled his hand away from my crotch and put his fingers up to my lips for me to lick them off. “You are such a horny little thing and I plan on keeping you like that all day”.

Teddi was already dressed and sitting down to breakfast as we entered. I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, “Mmmmmmmm you smell nice this morning” I said as I sat down. Manfred had prepared a nice big breakfast for us and we ate every bite. After breakfast Teddi and I decided to go for a walk and Master went to his study to do a little work.

“Meet me at the swimming pool in an hour” he said as he kissed us both, whispering “have fun”. Smiling he turned and left, I watched him as he walked down the hall to his study, then I turned and grabbed Teddi’s hand.

“Lets go outside to the flower garden” I said as I pulled her along. There was a really nice gazebo in the middle and it was secluded with vines. Once in there I started kissing Teddi on the lips and she returned my kisses. Soon we were running our hands over each other’s bodies. “Lie back” I told her as I pulled her dress up and started licking her pussy. We were so into each other we were startled when we heard a voice saying, “Looks like you two are having a good time”. I jumped up leaving Teddi lying there her legs wide open and dressed pulled up over her tits which I had been playing with while I ate her pussy. Wiping pussy juice off my face with my hand I started trying to find words to say, as Teddi managed to get her dress pulled down.

Standing up she smiled and asked me if I had met Daniel White Feather. I stammered that I had not yet met him and he took my hand in his and kissed it “Pleased to meet you finally Renee”. I was wondering if he may have been one of the men at the gang bang that Master and arranged for me when I first arrived at the country house. “I was just looking for you ladies, your Master asked if I would join the three of you for a swim” he said smiling . He held out an arm for each of us and we walked back to the Ataköy Escort house. Him and Teddi talked a little on the way to the pool and I was quiet but my mind was wondering what Teddi would look like being fucked by this very good looking man.

Mmmmmmm would like to share his cock with Teddi. I must have moaned out loud because he turned to me saying “sorry did you say something Renee, we did not mean to leave you out”. “Oh I was just day dreaming” I quickly said. When we got to the pool room Master was already in the water. I slipped off my dress and dove into the water swimming towards my Master. As I came up he pulled me to him kissing me playfully. I kissed him back and swam away looking up to see Danny had stripped off and was diving in.

Very nice body I thought as I called out, “Teddi, what is taking you so long?” and I swam toward her as fast as I could trying to out swim Master who was right behind me. “I’m coming” she said as she finally got her dress off and walked over to the side of the pool. She was trying to cover herself a little as she dipped her toe in. Just then Master caught me saying that I could not out swim him. Laughing we almost went under and he pushed me up throwing me over, I managed to grab my nose as I went under. Then Master grabbed Teddi’s foot and pretended to pull her in. “You had better get in before I have Daniel throw you in”, he said as he tugged on her foot. “Ok, ok I’m getting in” she said as she lowered herself into the water.

We had a lot of fun laughing and playing in the water. There was a lot of sexual fun to our play and Master kept slipping a finger into me whenever he could. I think Danny was doing the same thing to Teddi. Then Master suggested that we go into town for an early dinner. We all agreed that was a good idea since we had really worked up an appetite swimming.

Teddi and I grabbed some towels and I followed her to her room as Master and Danny went to change their clothes. Before they left Master whispered that he wanted us to get all dressed up wearing garters and hose but no panties. Then he pinched my nipple lightly as he left. Teddi and I helped each other get dressed and we looked great. I had on a short black dress with black garters, hose and no bra or panties. My nipples were sticking out nicely but not too lewdly. Teddi looked really good in a short turquoise blue dress with a little slit at the side. I picked out a white garter belt and shimery brown hose for her and we both put on high heels.

Manfred told us the men were out front waiting on us. We had a great dinner and we all flirted with each other. It was a good thing we were hungry or we would not have eaten a thing. Master kept sliding his hand up my leg and I spread my legs slightly apart letting him feel me up, luckily there was a table cloth. I think Danny may have been doing the same thing, him and Teddi were sitting very close and she looked a little flushed. After we finished eating we ordered coffee and I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Master whispered that he had a surprise for me in my purse. When I got to the restroom I was very pleasantly surprised to find a small dildo with a round knob at the end and a small slender butt plug. I was wondering when he had managed to put those in my purse when Teddi walked in. I showed her what I had, then ordered her to put the butt plug in her ass while I would put the dildo in my pussy. We went into the far stall and I carefully licked her ass until it was nice and wet then pushed the butt plug into her. She was very wet and I tickled her clit a little making her squirm. Then she licked my clit and slipped the dildo into my wet pussy.

As we pulled our dresses back down and managed to wiggle out of the tight stall I noticed that the ball kept the dildo in place. That was a good thing – would hate for it to slip out and fall to the floor. We washed up, smoothed our hose and checked each other out in the mirror and then giggling we left the bathroom. I felt quite naughty as we walked back to the table, like every eye was watching us sashay across the room and thinking that we looked Hot but not really knowing why. Master smiled as I told him that I put the butt plug up Teddi’s ass and I had my toy buried deep in my pussy where it was making me want to cum as I walked around.

The ride home was fun with both of Ataköy Escort Bayan the men kissing and playing with us. Master and Danny went to the playroom to wait for Teddi and I to get ready. Master gave me some instructions and I took Teddi to her room. I drew a nice warm bath with scented oil and helped her undress. I then made her get on all fours and lean over the tub while I licked her pussy and ass. She was nice and wet but I wanted her really wet and more open. There were some dildos and butt plugs in the cabinet and I selected several for her.

Slipping the butt plug out that I had put into her at the restaurant I reached for one a little larger, then tonguing her ass and making it wet I fucked her slowly with it. Teddi squirmed and moaned in delight. I pushed it as far in as I could and helped her into the tub. “I am going to leave you for a few minutes and change my clothes, I want you to just soak in the tub and you may fuck your ass with the plug or just rock back and forth. It will help loosen you up and also help if you need to go to the bathroom, I don’t want to give you another enema tonight. I will be back soon” and I kissed her deeply on the lips and left.

I quickly went to my bedroom and slipped off my dress but left the garters and hose on. Then I picked out a black collar and a leather bra with the nipples cut out of it. I checked myself out in the mirror, I looked quite naughty and smiled as I pinched my nipples making them hard. I knew that Master was probably watching me and I did not mind at all. I liked him watching me and he made sure I had some privacy when I really needed it. I choose a collar with a chain leash attached for Teddi and returned to the bathroom.

I helped Teddi out of the bath and dried her off, then she used the toilet and I smiled because I knew she would be nice and clean now and ready for all kinds of delightful fun with the chair. I was getting very hot and excited just thinking about the chair and the fun I had with it last night. When Teddi was done I fastened the collar around her neck and lead her out of the bathroom with the leash. She was completely nude and looked very tasty, “I think Master will be pleased with the way you look little slave” I whispered in her ear and I licked it and pulled her close to me and kissed her hard on the lips.

We were standing in the hallway and I knocked on the door to the playroom. “Come in my playthings” I heard Master say and I opened the door and pulled Teddi after me. I think both men liked the way we look Teddi nude and me with only my garters, cut out bra and pulling my slave behind me. I looked over at Teddi and she had a very naughty look on her face and she was looking at the chair and Danny. It was then I noticed that Danny was wearing what looked to be a loin cloth and he looked very good in it and Master had on a robe. Danny and I helped Teddi into the chair and we pulled her legs and arms wide apart and strapped her in. Then stepping back I looked at my Master who was sitting in front of us watching.

He motioned for me to come to him and I quickly went to his side. I kneeled in front of him and he pulled me up into his lap and kissed me playing with my tongue and fingering my pussy. I spread my legs for him and he whispered that Teddi was my toy for the evening and that I could do anything I wanted to her. I looked at her all spread open and noticed how wet her pussy was. “Yes Master I want to play with her she looks like she wants us to play with her” I said as I kissed him back and he continued to finger me. I was also getting very wet from his attention and Teddi and Danny were watching Master play with me. I think Master was purposefully teasing them.

“Go ahead my dear have fun with her” I needed no encouragement and I stood up and walked over to Danny. Well lets make her really wet before we let her enjoy this chair. I would love to watch you eat her pussy while I play with her nipples. Danny wasted to time and was soon licking and sucking her pussy. I watched him for a few minutes while pinching Teddi’s nipples and making her squirm. “You like the way he is eating your pussy don’t you, little slave.”

“Yes Mistress I do” she breathed heavily.

“Danny I think she has had enough, why don’t you help me put these suction cups on her nipples.” Danny stood up and his face was Escort Ataköy covered with pussy juice, he started to wipe it off and I grabbed his hand and pulled him to me licking Teddi’s pussy juice off of his face right in front of her.

“Mmmmm you taste very good” I said as I looked at Teddi. “Danny lick her nipples and make them nice and hard”. Then I pinched them and put the suction cups on her erect nipples as tightly as I could. She gasped and her breast was rising and falling but she had a look of lust on her face so I knew she was enjoying it. I turned on the switch that started the sucking action to her nipples. Then slipping my finger into her pussy and pushing all the way in I said, “Yes you are wet and ready no. Danny your cock is getting hard why don’t you take that loin cloth off and let Teddi suck on you while I play with her pussy.”

Danny moved a stool closer to the chair and stood on top of it and held his very large cock up to Teddi’s face. I watched her lick and then start sucking on it eagerly. She looked hot with her mouth full of cock. I kneeled down on the floor and licked her pussy sticking my tongue into her as far as I could but being careful not to tease her to much I did not want her to cum to soon. I moved my lips lower and started licking her exposed ass hole, sticking my tongue into her and making her nice and wet.

Then I put the butt plug attached to the machine into her ass and it squirted oil in her and slowly started fucking her ass, rotating around in her. Next the dildo for her pussy, it slipped right in and she moaned and tried to move her hips on it. She was greedily sucking Danny’s cock now taking him all the way down her throat. Now she was being double fucked by the chair and she looked very naughty. I looked over at Master and he stood up removed his robe and walked towards me. His hard cock making me want to get down on all fours and suck it.

“You should put this device on her clit now and slip a larger dildo into her ass”, Master whispered into my ear as he pinched my nipples. He knew I was enjoying watching Teddi get fucked. I immediately did as he suggested and also made the suction cups tighter on her nipples. They were now getting stretched long and hard into the tight cups. I stepped back into Masters arms and watched Teddi’s body as all of her sensitive areas were being teased or fucked.

Danny looked liked he was about to cum. He had his eyes closed and was thrusting his cock into her face, fucking her. Teddi was completely exposed and her pussy was being stretched by the dildo as it inflated slowly. I turned up the speed just a little bit and she was now being nicely pumped by the dildo in her pussy and the one in her ass. They were also still squirting small amounts of lubrication as they fucked her. Master put his arms around me and fingered my pussy as we watched Teddi get fucked in all of her holes.

Then Danny was cumming I could see Teddi’s throat move as she swallowed his cum and some trickled down the side of her mouth. He pumped his cum into her mouth for what seemed a full minute. Then he pulled out and Teddi looked at us with lust in her eyes and licked her lips. I went over to her and started kissing her deeply tasting Danny’s cum. Master slipped behind me and I felt his cock entering me sliding into my dripping wet pussy, I was very excited from watching Teddi. Master was fingering my clit as he pounded me from behind. I wrapped my arms around Teddi and I could feel her being fucked by the machine and starting to tense like she was close to climaxing.

I held her in my arms as her body convulsed on the machine and she started cumming, soon I was cumming to. Danny was between her legs watching her cum and writhe on the dildo. Teddi started moaning and then yelling as she climaxed and came hard. “Danny turn the machine off” and I held her until she calmed down, “now take the dildo out of her and lick her clean”. Danny went right to work between her legs lapping up her cum making her squirm and cum again. “Master oh master I am cumming” I breathed as he started pounding me hard again and we watched Teddi get her pussy licked clean. “Oh Renee I’m cummmmming too” Master said as I felt him exploded into me.

We all helped Teddi get out of the machine and I asked Danny to carry her to her room. “Yes, I plan on taking good care of her”. I leaned over and kiss him on the lips, “Thank you, I know you will do a good job”. Then Master picked me up and carried me to his bedroom. “I still have plans for you tonight my little sex slave and it is still early”. I smiled and kissed him sticking my tongue into his mouth and feeling my pussy get wetter

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