Sex Under the Moonlight

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Broken Boat & Canned Food

Ashton woke up to the tune of sailing and ocean. His nose was dirty from the soil, and his eyes poked from the dust. The smell of salt near him made him guzzle and gulp his parched throat. By clearing his eyes to the stabbing glimmers of the sunlight on the blue sky, he exhaled and jerked his arms to his sides. His right arm touched the soil, and his left struck a body, it hit a navel. He spun to glance at it. A meaty navel settled with mud around it. The navel smelled of spice and water. The sight of the coast made him realize what happened. He looked up the navel, and it showed the nipple of a woman he loved to his soul, his mom. Her bikini top came to the sides, giving her orbing nipples a withering look to Ashton. He got aroused to look at his mom; she was forty but looked thirty; she had a tender figure. No one realized this was his mom. He saw no one on the shore when he looked around. Was it a coast, or was it an island? Cause the last he remembers, they sailed the boat farther and they don’t know where the fuck are they.

Ashton got up and strode towards the seashore. The seashore was drowning his filthy feet, and he peered far ahead of him and he saw water and more water. The morning rays touched his eyes and made them squeak. He’s never been this empty in his entire existence. Except he was desolate. These years, he was lonesome. He broke up with Tanya, thirty-two years old. Yes, she was twenty years older than him. Ashton liked old women. He preferred older women because of their understanding in the craft of love and lovemaking, preferred spending nights with Tanya; loved the passionate experiences with her. But with time, shit became ugly. He had to break up with her and face many obstacles in work and living alone, so he moved to his mom’s home. Being more desperate, aching for more intimacy, for craving, he realized loneliness in his blood. By living with the woman, he adored Ashley, his mom. He sought it more and more. Every day passing her, he adored her. He cherished the way she looked, so young. He appreciated how she looked in her undergarments, in her bathrobe, in whatever she wore. Now, she looked her finest in her bikini, sprawling on the soil near him, stuck with him.

Ashton stared at the broken boat lying near the shore. The same white boat that brought them here, to an unknown place, to an unknown island.

Ashley, Ashton’s mom, opened her eyes to a blue sky. She wiped the dirt off her eyes, cleared her dry throat. She was still drunk, and now she needed help to get up. With the sound of seagulls, sea, and Ashton beating up the boat, she woke up. She smelled salt and dirt. t. But more, she smelled a stench of alcohol. She yanked her hand to her sides and touched the sand, grappled it tightly in her hands and got up. She looked at the bright sky, the sea in front of her. She looked at Ashton, heavily built. He was a stud in her eyes. No man can drool an older woman this easily as he did. She liked him. When she got divorced with Steve three years ago, she needed someone in life. She craved attention from men; she was lonely, depressed; she needed a man to hold her, kiss her, make love to her, but respect her and never let her go. She found that man in Ashton.

Waking up, sleeping in the same home, she felt close to him. But she never talked about her loneliness with him. He was too disturbed with his own life. But she adored him, his body, his eyes, he resembled Steve a lot. He resembled him from his younger days. She wondered if his dick would be the same? Her thoughts ran to her boy’s dick, aroused, she imagined him wanking off in his bedroom. She knew he loved older women. She had read his erotica collection of milfs, mother and cougars. She loved how he enjoyed the joy of making love with an experienced woman. She also knew he secretly wanted her. He sneakily stole looks at her, her body, her boobs, her legs. She wore revealing clothes at home just for him, to tease him, to make him crazy. She felt guilty of teasing her son, but what could she do? She enjoyed a boy crazy about her. She walked to him.

Ashton was crazily searching the boat to look at the canned food. Ashley stood beside him and looked far away and only saw what Ashton already saw nothing. No sign of civilization, nothing. They don’t remember what happened last night. They were drunk and passed out, were too negligent, and this happened. The boat might have hit a nearby big rock and came sailing across the river with no direction and arrived here. Now they both are stuck.

He had the body of an athlete, worked out every day. Seeing him naked again reminded her of Steve, and her breathing increased. But Ashton was tense. He wanted to go home. So was Ashley.

Ashton gave up staring at the boat and so did Ashley, and they wondered, where they are, how far they’ve come? How’ll they go home? What the fuck just happened?

“Hey, did you find food?” Ashley asked.

Ashton didn’t reply. He waited for her to ask again, so he replied czech sharking porno sarcastically. He did that often.

“I asked you something,” she said.

“No, I am searching,” he said.

“Okay,” she said.

Ashton got on the boat once again, throwing away things to search the canned food.

“Where are we exactly?” Ashley asked.

“Don’t know mom,” he said.

“Man, we are crazy, we shouldn’t have been that drunk. Look what happened” she said.

“It’s your fault” he shouted.

“What?” she asked.

“Yeah, you shouldn’t have been that drunk, and you encouraged me to drink, you know I am still recovering” he shouted.

“You aren’t supposed to talk to your mom like that,” she shouted.

“Oh mom, come on, stop it, you and your drunk habits, they never change, you say that you’re working on yourself, but all you do is drink and drink” he shouted.

It has started again, Ashton’s angry rant. Whenever he was frustrated he ranted about stuff. Ashley held his face and tried to calm him down.

“Calm down, we’ll work it out” she shouted.

“No, we won’t,” he said.

“Oh, stop now,” she told him and pulled his body near hers. She hugged him tightly. She held him and ran her palms to explore his body. She explored his muscles, this firm body, which looked weak outside was much stronger when held tight. She smelled the same perfume she smelled in Steve, and she recalled what his dick smelled like, his man musk. Will it be the same for Ashton? Will his dick smell the same? She wonders, holding him tight in her arms. While Ashton strolled, he hugged her too. He ran his hands through her petite body. She did yoga every day. Her firm, slender legs stood near him. Her navel tight, and her tight arms wrapped around his back. He breathed on her shoulders. He wanted to do more. But he felt something stuffing his chest. When he pulled out from the hug, all he saw was his mom’s perky nipples out of her bikini blouse. Maybe it was moved from the wind. Or maybe she tied the strings loose, last night being drunk. Ashley felt him getting a boner. He was still pressing his hips into her while moving his face away from her shoulders to look at her chest. She loved how it throbbed on her thighs, it poked her, and she loved how soft and hard it felt at the same time.

Seeing her perky orbs, he realizes he craves to touch them, to lick them, to suck them. To see it, they have the same milk which was fed to him years ago.

Feeling his throbbing cock on her thighs, she wondered maybe he’s got a longer one than Steve’s. He’s younger and active.

“What happened?” Ashley asked.

“Mom…” Ashton paused.

“Yeah…” she asked.

Ashton couldn’t fathom to say, but he had to say it. How could he say to his mom that her nipples are giving him a boner? He moved away from his mom totally to avoid her. He got busy searching for canned food again.

She felt suspicious, thinking about what happened to him. Did he feel her sexual excitement? That should not happen. She walked to him and he avoided her more. He did not even look at her. He was such a purist, and that made her fall in love with him even more.

“Ashton, what’s the matter?” she asked.

“Searching for food” he shouted.

She yanked his arm and pulled him towards her. He faced her again, and in his eyes, she saw shame, but an excitement. Also, she saw thirst. She wasn’t able to comprehend what it all meant for her.

“What is the matter?” she asked again.

“Your ti…” he paused.

“Ti… what?” she shouted and waved her arms in the air.

That caused her boobs to bounce in the air. It wiggled with those perky nipples. Ashton swallowed at the look of those perky nipples bouncing. He wanted to hold them down. He got even aroused and breathed harder., on Ashley’s hand.

Which confused Ashley more.

“Ti… what would you tell me?” she asked leaning to his face, which brought Ashton a closer look at her nipples.

Ashley looked down, and she saw a bulge in his pants. She smiled but made sure it didn’t look on her face. Ashton tried harder to not look, but how could he resist?

“Your… tits… are… showing” his mouth gave up, and he turned around to not face her.

Ashley was surprised to look at her cleavage. And she recalled, last night, she was feeling the heat. She undid the string and tied it loosely around her back to feel free. The bikini hugged her chest, and it gave her a feeling like she was suffocating. But with wind and water washing away, the bra moved aside, looking to Ashton her lovely boobs. She felt joy when she learned that he got aroused at the view of this. This he’s devoured all his childhood. He loved it; he wanted it, and it gave Ashley more excitement. She touched him and felt the energy in her arm. The energy was erotic but disturbing.

She pulled him to her again, Ashton turned around to face her. He still sees those nipples.

Ashley grabs the bra and slightly moves it czech streets porno aside to cover them, shaking them, wobbling them. She smiles at Ashton. Ashton looks down in shame.

“It’s okay, my fault, the wind, and it tied it loose last night,” she told me.

“Yeah I know,” he said.

“You know?” she asked.

“Yeah, I mean, it might be tight to you, ” Ashton said.

“How d’you know it is tight to me?” she asked.

“I meant…” he stuttered again.

“It looks tight on you,” he said.

“I don’t get it,” she told me.

“I meant you walk around the house, braless, and you enjoy being free, and having this bikini tightly cinched to your skins makes you feel itchy,” Ashton said and moved around again searching for the canned food.

She smiled again. She loved the way he told her. She knew he looked at her; he stole glances at her whenever he got a chance. She loved how he knew she loved being braless; it gave her independence. She searched canned food with Ashton. Ashton was searching all over the broken boat, and Ashley helped him.

Sometimes they touched each other. Their butts crashed with their crotches, Ashton hurriedly apologized, but Ashley loved it. Sometimes Ashley hugged his crotch, feeling his bulge in her ass. She felt shy, and Ashton loved it.

But hours after searching for canned food. They finally found it.

“Okay…did it” Ashley shouted and lifted the canned food high in the air.

“Wow mom,” Ashton shouted.

“Get it to get it to get it” she shouted and lifted it up and up.

Ashton stood tall and tried to take it, but he couldn’t. He then stood on his mom’s toes, which gave Ashley a jolt. She was about to fall and trip, but the moment her body felt loose, Ashton held her. He held her by her waist, pulling her waist chain towards him. Pressing his rough, dirty, calloused arms on her lower back, he made her stand. It was butterflies in her stomach; she looked in his eyes. He kept the hand on the waist, and he held her waist chain from his other hand. She kept looking in his eyes.

Their faces came close. She smelled his breath for the first time. He smelled her breath for the first time. She held his shoulder from her one hand and touched his face.

Ashton slowly pouted his lips and brought it forward to his mom’s lips to kiss.

Ashley playfully slapped him, laughing.

“What the hell?” she asked.

“What mom?” Ashton asked, rubbing his hair.

“You thought we would kiss?” Ashley asked.

“Yeah,” he said.

She ran her fingers through his hair and gave him a peck across his cheek and turned around.

“Mom,” Ashton told her.

Ashley turned around. Ashton got close to her, held her face, and gave her a slow kiss on her cheek. She blushed and Ashton saw it. Ashton blushed, and Ashley saw it. They got back towards the shore, opening the food can.

The whole day passed, and they spent the whole day thinking about how to get back, to get home, to get back to reality.

This relationship may seem great, but it is still weird.

Face Towel

“Mom, the boat is broken there’s no way we could push it back in a working condition,” Ashton told me.

Ashley stood studying the hole in the boat. She realized that there was no way. But being on an island with a hung son scared her. Not only did it scare her but it made her horny. Every time she looked at him shirtless a thirst ran up her body to squeeze him out. How could she not resist this young body?

“We cannot try other methods?” Ashley asked.

Ashton sighed. Ashton wanted to run out. He wanted to stay alone. He did not want to be close to his mom. She looked beautiful, and he cannot resist her. The moment he saw her nipple, he wanted to take it and savor it like he did while he was a child. He wanted to take her in her arms and hug her. But he was scared, years of this pure bond cannot be tied with lust, passion.

They ignored each other’s sexual tensions and thought of ways to go home. But found no ways.

“Let’s eat then,” Ashley said when they sat in the sand as she opened the canned food.

Ashton was hungry. The moment Ashley opened the can. He hogged the food like he’s been hungry for years. Watching her son hog food like crazy, she looked him in adoration. Ashley opened her can and she gobbled her food. The water bottle they brought together was cold. Yet they had to drink it. The whole day of working on a broken boat, with no food and no water, stranded on this island made them hungry and thirsty for food and their bodies.

Ashley opened the bottle lid and drank it whole, the water spring downwards to her top and it drenched her top completely.

“Mom, you’re wet,” Ashton told her.

“I mean, the water,” he added.

“I know right, I was so thirsty,” she said and grasped the fingers on her throat and circled them on her collar.

Ashton couldn’t help but drool over it. Her mom playfully circling her finger on her collar bone czech super models porno was a sign, but she might also be scratching. He couldn’t help but look at those wet breasts of her. Again, a raging boner arrived to throb in his pants.

Ashley noticed the throbbing boner, bulging out. She loved it. But she wanted to tease him more.

“You have a towel?” she asked.

“Yeah, face towel,” he said.

“Would you help me wipe it down, dry it up. My hands are dirty with food” she told me.

Ashton couldn’t help but say yes in excitement.

Ashley waited for him to search the face towel. All the while he searched for it, she loosened her top, tied the strings loosely. Ashton arrived with the towel.

Ashley sat close to him and arched her back. “Wipe it down,” she said.

Ashton took the towel and he ran it through her soft breast. He looked at them closely now. He wanted to hug her so tight. But he resisted the urge.

“Dow there,” she said, pointing to the nipple side of the top.

Ashton ran the towel on the nipple and rubbed it. That made the top move from one side to another. And again. Ashton got the look of those nipples.

“Oops sorry,” she told me.

The bulge got bigger and bigger as he sat there staring at her. His breath got long. She loved teasing him, every moment she could. But she can’t tease him all along.

“Oh, shit, let me tie it tightly,” she said and undid the string in front of him.

She removed the top, and waved it in the air and dried it with the towel. Ashton saw his mom, topless. For the first time, he got so aroused that he forgot that it was his mom. He moved from where he sat. He swallowed. With her moving the boobs and nipples shook. He exhaled.

“Too much heat right?” she asked.

“Yeah, mom,” he said, looking up in her eyes.

She realized all this time he was looking at her boobs. She rubbed her nipples, and then tied the top. But her fingers couldn’t work to tie it around her back.

“Would you help me?” she asked her son. Then she turned around and moved her hair aside. Giving Ashton a look at her nape, and back. Ashton’s fingers softly held the string, and tied it, touching his mom’s soft skin. Ashley got back and sat in front of his crotch. Ashton’s boner throbbed in his mother’s ass.

Ashley got aware and she got up and looked at his shorts. His dick still throbbed. Ashton sat there covering it in shame.

“What the fuck is that?” she asked.

“Sorry mom,” Ashton told her.

“I don’t want to talk about it, let’s sleep,” she told me.

They sprawled on the blanket laying on the sand. And then they took another blanket to cover them. They brought only two blankets, who knew, they were gonna get stuck. Sprawling on the blanket with their butts sticking together, and covering their bodies with another blanket, they closed their eyes.

But, hours after one slept, Ashley woke up, she wasn’t even sleeping. She turned and glanced at her son’s naked body. The way he breathed. His skin, his chest hair which she wanted to grab, ran it around her fingers. She looked at his shorts and recalled the way his boner throbbed. She went in close to him. Ashton was still sleeping, she watched him sleep. He looked so innocent, like a child. He was still her child. She smelled his chest, the sweat around his belly. Then she advanced her head to his shorts. Breathing on his shorts gave her a high, it smelled of salt and sweat. Then she got back, to her place. She faced Ashton, putting her arm around his shoulder. They hugged and cuddled him and closed her eyes.

Ashton felt something on his shoulder and he opened his eyes. He wasn’t sleeping. He was thinking about his mom. Thinking his mom really smelled his body, stayed there looking at him sleeping, he wasn’t sure. Because he hasn’t seen it with his own eyes. How can he be sure? He moved to face his mom, who slept sound or was awake. Ashton kept staring at her, the way her chest rose and fell with her breath. He advanced close to her and pressed his body into her. With his boner still throbbing, he surrendered it in her thigh. Placing his head in front of her boobs, he held her and closed his eyes.

Ashley felt the dick pressing on her thigh. She felt Ashton’s breath on her chest. With every wasp, and every throb she wanted to rip those shorts off and make love. Ashton kept submerging his head into that bosom. And she pressed his back into her body more. Ashton realized she was sleeping, but he also realized she was pretending to sleep. Ashley realized he wasn’t sleeping, but pretending to sleep. They held each other all night, with their breaths, wasps, and throbbing passions, they slept.

Ashton woke up the next morning for the first time in his entire life. He saw the sky clear. He looked at his mom, still buried under her body, he took a large breath. He kissed her cheek as if she was his girlfriend. He often did that with Tanya, waking up, he kissed her. With this was his mom. He got up and walked to the shore. He sat on the boat, looking at the water. Ashley opened her eyes, and she saw no action. She got worried. She looked around and saw him sitting on the boat looking at the sea. He was a silent guy, always introspective. She looked at him, stared at him. She recalled last night, when they both were awake but pretended to sleep.

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