Sex With Mom And Her BFF Zoya Part 1

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Sex With Mom And Her BFF Zoya Part 1Sex With Mom And Her BFF Zoya Part 1 2

This erotic story is between my mom’s Muslim BFF Zoya and me that took place during my 12th standard. I was a virgin then and an average student with a big 6″ cock.

Coming to Zoya aunty, she is married but her hubby and daughter were settled in the US for her daughter’s education. So their family used to reunite only twice in a year. Zoya aunty is a maths professor in Hyderabad.

Zoya aunty had a voluptuous figure measuring 36-28-38. She was 40 and still had maintained a great sexually attractive figure. Zoya aunty and I shared a great bond because she had breastfed me when I was just born for a month since my mom had difficulty in producing milk in her breasts.

My mom considers this as the greatest favor from her BFF Zoya. Due to this reason, Zoya aunty and I had kind of mother-son relationship. It was almost 15 years since we last met Zoya since her family got shifted to Hyderabad from Chennai. But I managed to stay in contact with her through social media.

Things had changed from then to the current situation. I was an adult now and I was literally attracted to hot milf Zoya. I used to masturbate a lot seeing Zoya’s pictures from Facebook. I used to masturbate by smelling and licking my mom’s used blouses, bras, and panties. But my mind always took me to my erotic Zoya.

Coming to the main story. My parents were celebrating their 25th marriage anniversary that year. I heard from my mom that Zoya aunty will also be coming but 5 days earlier. Just hearing this news gave me a big hard-on.

I masturbated a lot that day imagining how Zoya aunty will be sleeping with me on the same bed (since we didn’t have any guest rooms.) It so happened that the day before Zoya aunty’s arrival, my dad had to leave for Mumbai for urgent office work. And it was also the time where I slept with mom since she was scared to sleep alone.

I was really horny that whole day imagining about Zoya. I was getting my mom in the night. My mom sleeps in sleeveless nighties during the night without her innerwear. She had a hot collection of nighties. That day my dad left after dinner in a cab and it was time to sleep with my horny mother.

After dinner, my mom changed to her sexy red nighty from saree, which covered only her nipples and a very little part of her boobs. And the length of the nighty just covered her big round ass. My mom looked really gorgeous.

I had a big hard-on in my boxers. My mom was combing her hair in front of the mirror. I just went behind and hugged her, which scared her a bit. My mom said, “What are you doing Ajay, go to bed, it’s already late.”

To which I replied, “Mom you’re looking gorgeous.” My mom replied by turning around, “Thanks a lot Ajay, now go to bed, I’ll join you in a bit.” With a biggest hard on, I slid under the velvet blanket waiting for mom to join me.

In five more minutes, my mom came to bed, she first kissed me on the forehead and hugged me tightly under the blanket. She hugged me so tightly that my face was crushing her left melon and with her one leg on my ass, my prick literally poked at my birth hole.

My mom warned me to behave well with her BFF Zoya. With my mom’s erotic body smell hitting my nostrils continuously, my cock didn’t seem to shrink any sooner. My mom might have noticed my hard cock poking her pussy since it was throbbing on her loins.

But she didn’t say anything about it. Maybe she was proud of my size or maybe she thought it’s my age and felt that’s natural. My mom was deep in sleep after 15 minutes. She kept telling me stories of how Zoya and she were BFF’s since her c***dhood.

When my mom was in deep sleep, she had released the tight hug we had. But I was sleeping on her bare arms. Mom’s armpits were driving me crazy. So I buried my face in one of her pits and caressed the other pit with my fingers. Just by smelling her armpit I climaxed in just 10 seconds.

That was the best ever masturbating experience I had in my life. Even after such an erotic incident, I wanted it to last longer. In her deep sleep, my mom turned towards the other side. This gave me the view of her ample ass cheeks. Next thing I did was pulled her ass cheeks apart and placed my swelling penis between her warm, big ass cheeks.

My cock grew to it’s hardest girth in no time. By nibbling her sweaty back, I stroked my penis between her cheeks and I came again. What a night I was having that day. Soon I dozed off with my dick still between my mom’s ass cheeks.

In the morning I got up early at 5 am, went to the washroom and came back. After seeing my mom’s bare ass I once again started to get naughty thoughts. But this time I wanted to have a go at her pussy. So again I placed my boner between her ass cheeks.

I slowly inserted two of my fingers into her pussy. I was kissing all over her sexy back, arms, and neck. In no time I came again between her ass cheeks. Now I removed my fingers from her pussy and let my boner be between her ass cheeks. Then I sensed she was about to get up.

When my mom finally woke up she sensed something between her ass cheeks and a thick fresh cum between them. My mom realized that it’s her son’s dick. She pulled it out of her ass cheeks. I was wondering what would happen next.

I was watching everything by slightly opening my eyes. She at first was in awe of my dick size. She watched my dick by opening her mouth. What happened next surprised me. She took my fully hardened dick and slept beside me and started rubbing it on her pussy.

And in the next moment, she pulled my mushroom head of my penis inside her. She was all fired up to take up the full length of my cock in her wet pussy. I was about to open my eyes and grab my horny mom and fuck her. But sadly the doorbell rang.

My mom got up quickly to answer the bell. She placed my dick back into my boxers. My mom almost took my virginity but I was unlucky it couldn’t happen. My mom opened the door and it was Zoya aunty. I got to know it was her just by listening to their cheerful loud voices.

After a minute I went to greet Zoya aunty to the hall. My mom and Zoya aunty were still hugging. As soon as Zoya aunty saw me, she came to me and hugged me while I was still in my boxers with a hard on that was created by my mom’s horniness.

Zoya aunty kissed me while hugging. She was wearing a black tank top and tight joggers. I could easily smell her armpit sweat and her body’s natural erotic scent from above her shoulders. I was so horny I could have fucked her there and then itself if my mom hadn’t been there in the scene.

Both my mom and Zoya aunty didn’t wear any perfumes on them (probably it was their weapon to seduce men.) We were still hugging and my mom interrupted. Then she asked me to take Zoya aunty to my room for a shower.

My mom was preparing breakfast in the kitchen and she was still in her nighty. I went to the kitchen, from behind I hugged her tightly. This time I was kissing her all over her neck and shoulder. This surprised her and she started to resist and get away from me.

And then I started to squeeze her both melons fiercely. This didn’t go down well with my mom. She said, “This isn’t right son,” angrily. Then I asked her, “So then was it right, what you were trying to do with my dick in the morning?”

My mom got stunned by my question. She stopped resisting and without a question, she turned over. For the first time, I kissed my mom on her juicy lips. After the kiss, my mom insisted on going to the bedroom else Zoya aunty could see us.

I took my mom in my arms and threw her on the bed and I jumped on her. I started kissing her wildly all over her body and she kept moaning softly. Then I tore away her nighty and quickly plunged on to her hairy cunt.

My mom’s cunt smell drove me crazy. I started licking it like an a****l. My mom stopped me in between and said: “I’m not your slut, do it properly.” And then she taught me how to do it. After licking her cunt for 5 minutes, to my mom’s surprise, I lifted her arms and started licking her wide sweaty armpits.

While I was still licking her armpits, my mom guided my dick towards her pussy. She took it entirely in her cunt. She then asked me to tear away at her pussy. This erotic talk of my mom gave me wild energy.

I started stroking her at full speed. After 2 minutes, we both climaxed together. I rested on my mom’s body like a baby, still licking her nipples. We were sweaty and still resting and my mom’s phone rang.

It was my dad and he informed us he’ll be coming to home by evening. And I took this as an opportunity now to fuck magnificent Zoya aunty. My mom and I showered together. Later we spent the afternoon watching TV together with Zoya aunty.

But it was in the night that I had the time of my life with Zoya aunty.

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