Sex With Mother-In-Law With My Wife And FIL

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Sex With Mother-In-Law With My Wife And FIL

Sex With Mother-In-Law With My Wife And FIL 2
this is real story happen before 2 months in my life and still we are all enjoying with each other. Lets go to the story, i am 29 yrs old guy married to ramya and had wonderful life with her for 2 yrs. Her stats is 36-30-36 5.5 height, white complexion 27 yrs..

She used to wear all kind of dresses mostly wear sari that too such way expose her belly button and hip.All her blouse are deep neck in front and back revealing her 80% back and huge cleavage. As i am ok with her dressing sense she used wear her sari in such way in public places also. Many men will notice her while we go out and i can see sex starve in their eyes while seeing my wife. Her boobs are gods gift such a big boob without hanging. I am proud of my wife beauty when men used to look at her and admire body and she also like it.

Our sex life also very good do sex daily once on week days and twice or thrice on weekends.we used to go to pubs and drink together and come to home and have wild sex. I have a habit of having sex with my wife as doing with someone. My wife also like it and do several role play like that doing such kind of dramas.

One fine day we saw movie, in which husband forces mother in law for sex. we both enjoyed by seeing such different scene.One the same night we are doing sex as i having sex with my own mother in law. To tell about my MIL her age is 48 yrs look like late 30, her stats was 38-34-38 huge boobs and huge ass.Her boobs never rest properly inside her blouse always pops out due to huge. I had eye n her since i got married to ramya. But never got chance to share or disclosed to ramya about the same. On that night i had sex longer time and my wife got exhausted due to longer sex.

After having sex, my wife asked straight away are you looking forward to have sex with my mom. I got shocked and kept quite for a minute. Once again she asked me please give me reply. Hesitatingly i agreed yes to which she said its fine nothing wrong in this as you are open and share your inner feeling. As long if you are not hide anything i am ok. But how you will convince my mom for sex.

Then she made a plan to go to her home along with me for weekend stay. Where we will do something on the same. Their family consist of her FIL & MIL and have a habit of drinking together but still we did not drink due to respect. My wife said to her papa, we all should drink once together for which her papa said we will drink together tonight at our home. Her mom was convinced for the same.

I got 2 full bottles of Black label with side dish. MIL prepared nice mutton and chicken. We sat together in living room and started to drink, I sat near by wife then FIL & MIL in a semi circle. FIL & me wearing shorts with t shirt and my wife wearing night pant and shirt where MIL wearing sari. Slowly one full bottle got over all are in floating stage. MIL sari slightly move and her boobs got visible with huge cleavage on seeing this i got erected.

My wife said we should play some game while drinking and her papa said well we will play cards. To which my wife said ok but we should keep some interesting fact along with game. Who ever is lose at end of each match they have to remove one piece of dress. As we are all in drunken stage my FIL agreed for that but i saw little hesitance on MIL face. But however game started first match ramya lost and she removed her night wear shirt. she is sitting with her bra exposing huge cleavage. FIL eye often going towards ramya cleavage.

Then FIL lost he removed his t-shirt, then me after my MIL removed her sari sitting only with langa and blouse. Already my penis got erected by seeing now fighting to come out of my boxer. Then continuous my wife lost and she left with only her panty. FIL didn’t removed his eye from ramya. Then i realized not only i am going to fuck my MIL but FIL will also fuck ramya. At last after losing one by one we all become naked,

Then our 2 bottles of whisky got over and we are still remain naked both of our penis standing in 90 degree. Slowly ramya went near to her papa and sat on his lap and kissed on his cheek by saying love u papa. you are the best as you support me lot.Then she kissed in his lips passionately to which her papa responded well and slowly his hand started to travel on her body. He started to kneed her boobs and continue their kiss.Soft moan started to come from ramya.

Suddenly she realized that we are in front of them and watching. They broke the kiss and asked me i love my papa very much and i want to gift me to night to papa. For which i said i don’t have any problem but i need replacement of you to night with your mom.MIL got struck for minute by hearing this.

My wife started to shake her papa cock and asked papa to agree on the same. As her papa was in full erection he agreed without asking his wife. Slowly i went near to my MIL and asked her are you interested to have sex with me to which as long my husband given permission i am ok with it.

Then the real show started, my wife playing with her papa like a hungry slutty dog taking his penis in mouth and sucking. FIL started folding her boobs with pressure. Role play started and hugging kissing and fucking started.

On seeing this i started to suck her huge milk tanker and folding the other one. She started to moan loudly the whole room with sound of moan. Then i slowly started to kiss her navel and gone to her pussy and started to lick. Juice are started to flow and she said as FIL will not do such thing it is very new and nice to her.

Then she given nice blow job for 20 mins and i about to cum i removed my penis from her mouth and inserted into her pussy. It is like well and went nicely and she started to shout aha aha ahha.I fucked her for 45 mins and splashed all my loads of thick fluid inside her pussy.

Where on other side my wife ridding on her papa and enjoying nicely. Both of them came to end and FIL given his loads into ramya mouth as he didn’t want to give birth through his daughter. All came to the hall and sat on the sofa. I given idea of foursome, to which MIL asked what it is and how we do. I said FIL and me fuck either of you at same time. One from front and another from back to which MIL got feared i cannot do this as i didn’t given my ass it will hurt. My wife was ready for this action as i used to fuck her anal.

I was lying down and my wife came on top of me, i inserted my penis to her pussy and i asked FIL to fuck her anal. Both started to ride on both the holes. She was shouting loudly by taking huge two penis at the same time in different hole.Her papa banging her back fast, on seeing this MIL came closer to me and sat on my face.

I started to lick her pussy and my FIL started smooching her lips at the same time. She said i would like to try, so we stopped with ramya and i asked father in law to lie down on which above my MIL.

I kept some lip balm on my penis and inside her anal. Slowly i started to move forward she started to shout due to pain finally gone inside with force. I fucked her like a dog and FIL fucking from down she enjoyed nicely taking two penis at same time. We ended by 4 am in morning and slept naked on the same bed.

I woke up by 11 am in morning due to tired near by MIL was sleeping i kissed her lips and pressed her boobs and i got erection. then i realized my wife and FIL was missing.

I went of searching them to hall were already they started next fucking season on the sofa. On seeing this i got erection went to bedroom and started fucking MIL. Now we are all staying in one home and enjoying every night with all together or with whomever we want.

Hope you all liked the story,

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