Sex Wrestling Challenge

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Bouncing Boobs

“Fuuu… uhhh… …Fuuucckkkk!” Alex moaned as I pumped his ass wheelbarrow style at top speed.

“You like that?” I asked hoarsely, my member pushed deep into his tight hole.

“Fuck yes!…” he responded. I laughed and climbed onto the mattress so that I could fuck him like a pony. The mattress was creaking almost as loud as Alex was moaning. If there was anyone in the surrounding hotel rooms, they’d be hearing quite the show. Oh well! My dick felt too good to care about what other people might hear and think!

He’d seen my profile online and messaged me in order to ask if I wanted to meet up with him and wrestle while he was in the city. It helped that he was handsome as fuck! 23 years old, 6′ feet tall, just an inch shorter than me, with a trimmer, more modelesque build, but still a nice round butt. I was definitely loving pounding it right now. Watching his ass cheeks gobble up my dick and bounce to my thrusts was just… awesome. I agreed to wrestle with him on the condition that this was a fuck or be fucked match. He happily agreed when I sent him some cellphone pictures from my previous matches.

“That reminds me…” I said gruffly, but still with an air of delight.

“Arch your back so that your face and arms are flat against the mattress!” I ordered. Alex complied more enthusiastically than I expected, almost causing me to blow my load right then and there. Instead, with my dick continuing its assault in his wonderfully tight asshole, I picked up my phone from the nearby bed-stand and began taking a video. “Ooohhhh yyyeaahhhh…”

“Oh my god! Keep going!” Alex cried out while gyrating his hungry cheeks back and forth against my dick.

I admit, fucking this young stud was definitely in my top three moments of the year, but I liked watching him squirm, especially while harpooned on my cock. “What’s that? You want me to stop?” I teased while slowing my pace.

“Ahggfffhhh! Fuck me harder!” He continued to maneuver his ass over my member with great enthusiasm.

“Fuck you harder?” I laughed coyly, slowly arching myself so as to push my dick as far as it could go into him. He moaned a deep, rich sigh and I knew I didn’t have much longer before I came. I’d taken enough video anyway.

“Since you asked nicely.” I put my arms around him and brought his back towards my chest. With both of us on our knees, I held the conquered stud close, grinding against him as if my life depended on it, fucking him like never before.

I felt his sphincter momentarily tighten its grip on my cock and knew he was cumming. “Ooohhh! I’m cummminnnnggg!” Alex began moaning deliriously.

I nibbled on his ear, “Good boy,” still continuing my own feverish pace of fucking his velvety hole.

With a shudder, he released the last of his load. I chuckled into his ear and said, “too bad you won’t let me cum in your ass.” It was only a joke, but it got the reaction I wanted. He started to panic a bit.

“You promised,” he groaned with defeat. He was trying to escape my dick, but it was evident that he was too dazed break my grip across his belly.

“I promise a lot of things.” I countered after sucking on his neck. I wasn’t going to jizz in him, but I was for sure going to leave a mark for him to remember me by (at least over the next few days.)

He continued to struggle, so I laughed. “You’ve been a good sport! You even let me raw dog it in your asshole, so i’m going to keep my word. But it’s just this once!” I moved my grip to his shoulders and began messaging the younger stud.

I felt him relax. That wouldn’t do. I needed him to squirm a bit more. I bucked him so that my dick was again balls deep, but now probing against his prostate. Alex immediately gasped and convulsed in ecstasy. I continued to gently buck against his g-spot until I was ready for release.

I pulled out of the defeated stud. “Lay on your back.” I barked. He immediately flopped down and let me sit across his chest, so that my dick rested on his lips.

He gave me a mischievous smile and licked the tip of my member. “Fuck!” I cried out as I spurted hot jizz across his face. Alex had been a good find. It was always a pleasure to wrestle and fuck men like him. “Good boy!” I panted before licking some of my cum off of his cheek. He blushed a bit.

“I’ve never been fucked like that” he admitted.

“Happy to help.” I said with a throaty laugh. I didn’t often think about how attracted I was to the men I wrestled with, mostly because they all had to be hot in order for me to want to wrestle with them, but this kid was something else. His family was Norwegian and he had very smooth, tan skin and pale eyes, but his hair was almost dark navy it was so black. He was too young though. At 23, Alex was eleven years my junior. Yet, I still liked him.

Normally, I didn’t bother telling the men that I wrestle and fuck that I videotape or photograph certain bits of the match, but I decided to show him. I didn’t want to take advantage of him. Something about him made Betturkey me feel like I owed him in this small way.

I handed him my phone and said, “delete it if you don’t like it.” The video started in with me ordering Alex to arch his back, causing the camera to capture his hole taking my dick in beautiful slow motion. Next I smacked his ass a few times and then he began to twerk his chute back and forth on my dick like a god. The video ended with me pushing my cock all the way in and Alex letting out a loud, happy grunt.

“Well?” I asked.

He smiled, “well, since you only see the back of my head, I think I can let you keep it.” I brought myself towards him so that we were standing chest and chest. I took my phone and wrapped my arms around him, giving his butt cheeks a good squeeze and kissed him.

“My dick will appreciate it when I get lonely.” I said, causing him to laugh again.

After a bit more pleasant banter, we showered and got clean. I asked him if he would like to get something to eat with me and he happily accepted. The food and company were great, but Alex’s time in the city was at an end. He thanked me for a good time and said he’d be in touch.

“Damn…” was all I could think on the subway. I was bummed out that I wasn’t going to be able to see (and fuck) Alex in person for the foreseeable future, if ever again. My cock tingled with excitement at the thought of the younger man. I hadn’t had a crush like this in ages, I must be going soft. Oh well, I had the video on my phone to remember him by.

A few weeks past and I was ready for sex. I could’ve just gone to a bar and picked up a hot dude, but I needed something more to take my mind off of my previous encounter.

I decided to log online and see if I had any new wrestling requests. I did: a myriad of them in fact, but only three guys I’d actually go for. I clicked on the request from ‘Spurge.’

He was probably a little shorter than me, but definitely had more muscle. He also had a bunch of tattoos that only enhanced his caramel colored skin and bleached blonde buzzcut. Yep, he was definitely a good-looking man. He appealed to me.

I clicked on his actual request instead of just his profile picture. “Interested in fucking you into submission.” I laughed, at least I knew he was straightforward.

He was online, so I decided to PM him. “So you interested in wrestling me?”

“And brutally fucking you when you submit,” he responded a few minutes later.

“Oh, really?” I asked.

He sent me a short video of him powerfucking a good-looking German guy. The camera was placed across the room, as to record the whole match, so I didn’t get any close up shots, but I could see Spurge’s cum explode out of the poor guy’s asshole during a parting thrust. Spurge laughed in the video and kept fucking the daylights out of the defeated wrestler.

“That’s pretty hot.”

“Will be more hot when I am inside you.” I was slightly aroused, he was definitely cocky and I wanted to take that away from him.

“What if I make you submit?” I typed back.

“U won’t,” he responded. He sent a picture of a beefy black guy, unconscious and naked, with his butt hunched up in the air and cum dribbling down from his asshole onto the mat. “Want more proof?”

I found myself wanting to beat this cocky bastard at his own game. “Don’t need any. I’m going to beat you.”

“lol,” he answered.

“You seem interested in filming your matches, and I like doing it too, so why don’t we do something a bit more interesting?”


“Stream our match to other members?”

He didn’t respond immediately. “Okay. Rules?.”

“Live stream cock match: First to submit or blow their load outside of their opponents asshole loses. Either way, winner fucks loser.”

“Buckle up pretty-boy, i’m gunna bareback you on camera.” Spurge offered over PM a few seconds later.

We set up a time at a private gym we both frequented. Spurge and I then agreed to have a multiple camera set up, so that viewers could choose between different shots on the live stream. One overhead, and four on any side of the mat, though two of them would be zoomed further in towards the center to provide for better close up shots.

I met with him in person the day before the match, so that we could get things set up in the gym. He seemed decent enough. He was a bit taller than I had thought, and perhaps even more muscly. He had a gruff, deep latin voice and severe, hazel eyes. He said he was an escort and that he worked in the city during the summer and in Miami during the winter. I told him that I was a dentist, so it would be good if he didn’t break my hands or smash my teeth in. He gave a calloused laugh and groped at my butt through my pants “that isn’t what i’ll be smashing.”

I shrugged him off and kept setting up my camera, “we’ll see.”

The next day arrived and I was ready for him. I wanted to fuck this prick on live stream.

I spent time stretching Betturkey Giriş and working certain muscles before heading back to our private room. It was a former boxing ring, but was now gutted and used as a yoga studio. Spurge had not arrived yet, and I was alone.

I took this time to change into my wrestling gear. I decided on a dark lycra short with a gray jockstrap underneath. I had to bring my A-game since we were live streaming this to other dedicated wrestlenfuck members.

The door opened and Spurge entered the room. He looked at me and gave a genuine smile, “I like it when you have your clothes off pretty-boy, gringo doctor. Can’t wait to see what’s hiding under those shorts.”

“Dentist.” He gave me a shrug, as if to say whatever, and flicked his fingers against my abs.

He began stripping off his street clothes until he arrived at a white speedo trunk. It was a good choice because it contrasted with his copper skin and brought attention to his junk. “You like?” he asked while gesturing towards his crotch.

I chuckled and went to start the live stream. The members who were invited, mostly contacts both of us had or wanted to wrestle with in the future, started tuning into the stream. “Everything is good, all the cameras are working,” I said while walking back towards Spurge.

He flexed at the camera directly in front of us, and then sent a few mocking gestures my way before saying, “Gunna fuck this pretty boy into submission.”

Feeling a bit nervous, I ran my fingers through my hair and responded with a questioning humph.

A few moments later we started the match. Both of us lined up at the center of the ring and engaged in a test of strength. We were trying to force the other wrestler into a grappling position, but neither of us were budging.

Getting nowhere, I attempted to disengage from him, but before I could, Spurge reversed his hold. He twirled me backwards so that he was now gripping my chest and shoulders from behind. “Fuck, never seen anyone do that before…” I panted.

“Don’t make this too easy,” Spurge growled into my ear while bucking his speedo-clad member against my lycra-covered butt.

“As if!” I snarled back at him. It took some struggling, but eventually I was able to throw my weight backwards and cause him to fall to the ground. I tried to roll away, but it was no use. His grip did not break. Even worse, he transitioned his hold into a sleeper around my neck. I had to escape fast, or this would be over sooner than either of us had anticipated. Shit.

“Choke for me pretty boy slut,” Spurge bellowed while tightening his hold. I was fighting for breath, but I couldn’t escape. He started thrusting his pelvis to dry hump me, “you didn’t put on much of a show, but I’ll at least get to fuck you.”

“Fuck you….” I croaked. It was no use, I was on the verge of being lights out.

He transitioned both of us on to our knees, I was beginning to drift into unconsciousness. “You were easy…” he released his hold around my neck and pushed me forward so that my ass was slumped in the air.

I coughed and tried to roll away in order to recover.

“Oh… you’re not done?” he laughed. “Good.” He caught me before I could roll away and smacked my ass. “I won’t be gentle.” Spurge proceeded to rip my lycra shorts down to my knees, exposing my jockstrap. “Mhmm, I like this” he said before licking my hole. I shuddered at the sensation. He stopped abruptly and got up to remove my lycra shorts past my knees and off my body. “You got a bubble booty pretty boy, and I like it,” he said gesturing to his barely concealed hard-on. “You ready to take my cock?”

I rolled over and sat up, “you’re going to have to work harder than that to fuck me.”

He let out a deep, accented laugh and said, “careful what you wish for.” He then charged towards me. I didn’t have time to formulate a plan, so instead I reacted on pure instinct. I slid in-between his legs and used my weight to knock him over and then turn the hold into a camel clutch. Spurge roared in agony, “you fucker!”

It was my turn to taunt him now. “Do you give?”

“Fuck no!” He was already beginning to wriggle out of my hold. There would be no rest for me in this match. Moving quickly, I slammed myself onto his back. Again he roared, but this time with more shock.

While he was stunned, I tried to rip off his speedo, but Spurge continued to struggle. His speedo was impossible to remove without losing my advantage, so I stretched it as far as I could and then let it snap back onto his butt. Spurge hissed. I pulled at it again hoping the material would snap, but it didn’t..

Spurge managed to get me off of his back and rolled towards the other side of the mat. “Not too bad gringo,” he said while standing up to readjust himself. “And this?” He motioned towards his awkwardly stretched speedo, “it’ll have to go.” He removed the speedo, exposing his dick to me and the cameras. Spurge then started swaying his Betturkey Güncel Giriş cock back and forth in order to tease me, and it was working. I could feel my member starting to harden within my jockstrap. “You like?”

“I’ll like it more when you’re face down in your own spunk and I am screwing you.”

“No can do pretty boy,” he retorted dangerously.

At this point, we were both circling each other like hungry predators. I made the first move and lunged towards my opponent. It was a poor decision. He managed to grab and twist my arm, snaking me towards the mat. I screamed in pain as he pivoted me to the ground. To add insult to injury, I felt his cock begin to nudge my anus.

“I like,” he said while rubbing the tip of his erect cock against my hole. “But, first…” Spurge released my arm, choosing instead to rip the jockstrap from my body.

I tried to distance myself from him, but Spurge grabbed at my leg and pulled me back for more.

“What do we have here?” he teased while flipping me over. “Damn! Do I make you horny?” he asked with rueful sarcasm, fondling my erection and sitting on my face.

“Fuck you!” I offered in muffled objection. I could feel him begin to pump my dick in his hand.

“When you blow your load out here,” he said gesturing to the mat. “Then, i’ll blow my load in here” he crooned and smacked the side of my ass.

I struggled against his weight. I needed to teach this douche a lesson. Thankfully, I was able to lay him flat onto his back. He yelped in surprise, and faster than I had ever moved in my life (so fast that his legs were still up in the air,) I was able to whirl myself onto him and force him into a sort of missionary position, with my dick resting against his asshole.

Spurge growled in fury, but I didn’t care. I thrust my dick against his anus expecting to make him squirm. To my delight however, and much to Spurge’s very unhappy surprise, I felt the head of my cock penetrate into him. He roared in rage, and hopefully a little pain. I laughed and enjoyed how good my dick was already feeling.

“You like that?” I jeered down at him while pushing my member deeper into his asshole. It made me smile wider and wider the deeper I went; watching him struggle and groan was making me horny like never before. I was going to enjoy punishing the cocky bastard.

In my haste to get my dick all the way into Spurge’s tight meatchute, I let him clench his legs around my neck in a faux scissors hold. “Gotcha…” he hissed. I attempted to break his hold around my neck, but couldn’t. I pulled out of him, hoping to get him to release me, but that wasn’t the case. Unfortunately, I just made it easier for him to shove me to the mat, still trapped in-between his thighs.

“Ughkkffk!” I choked, but Spurge just laughed while clawing at my pecs.

“Gotta admit, that was a first gringo. Usually, I just demolish my opponents, but you have some fight! Now I have to discipline you for it!” His thighs clenched tighter around my neck and I could already feel myself losing consciousness. Was the match going to end like this?

When I was on the verge of falling into unconsciousness, Spurge released me from his hold. I heard him get up and the next thing I knew he was dragging me by my feet towards the center of the mat. What came next was… him pressing his foot against my junk. I screamed in pain!

“Do you give?” He asked straightforwardly.

“Fuck you!” I shouted. He increased the pressure against my groin.

“Do you give?”

“…uuhggg fuck no!” He dropped my legs to the ground and then sat on my chest.

“You’re getting me all hot and bothered pretty boy. I like watching you try and beat me.” He leaned forward and licked the inside of my ear, “it’s never gunna happen.”

I pushed him off of me, but it only made him let out a deep, husky laugh.

Exhausted, and still in pain, I managed to once again get to my knees and meet Spurge head on. We were grappling, both of our cocks fully erect and clashing together like swords. I could feel my strength waning. He began to bring me inward, presumably to initiate a bearhug and get me to submit. I was wrong however.

Now chest to chest, face to face, and dick to dick at the center of the ring, Spurge chuckled and began grinding his member against my own with an obviously practiced efficiency. “Making you submit wouldn’t be nearly as fun as making you jizz for the cameras.”

I was nervous and he could sense it. I tried to move away, but he clenched his arms around my waist and, much to my surprise, began to kiss my neck with more selfless and passionate enthusiasm than I had assumed him capable of. Fuck!

It wouldn’t be long now. The sensation of our cocks rubbing together was becoming too great a strain for me to hold back my load. “Ffuuuugghhh,” I breathed through clenched teeth.

“Come on pretty boy! I want you to see your load!” Spurge panted into my ear after sucking on it. Was he close as well? Could I out last him?

Just as I was attempting to regain control and resist Spurge, I felt it. The head of his cock masterfully began to prod against the tip of my own member. That tiny, repeated pressure was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I knew I had lost, I couldn’t resist my orgasm any longer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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