Sexplorations Ch. 04

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Sexplorations – Episode 3 – Rita’s Garden


My name is John Hale. My wife Susan and I are a working couple, we don’t have any children yet so our leisure time is just that. One of the hobbies we both enjoy is gardening. Our perennial flower garden has won several local awards. We have even conducted tours of the garden for some local clubs and enthusiasts.

That is how we met Rita. It turned out that Rita lived only a short distance away from us. Susan took to Rita right away, they both seemed to have the same sense of humor and looked at many things in the same way. Rita invited us over to her house to show us her garden. It was a nice layout, she had chosen a different group of plants as her main focus and her landscape was flatter than ours but it was very nice. We complemented her on it. That is how our friendship with Rita began.

There were times when my work needed an extra effort by me – I would often grab a quick bite at quitting time and then resume work. I didn’t particularly like spending my evenings without Susan but we both knew that this was the time to push hard for our careers. She often would give Rita a call to ‘cry on her shoulder’ and they would spend a lot of time on the phone talking.

Eventually, they would plan ahead and one or the other would visit the other. Cooking for two is always better than eating alone. Rita had a real flair for cooking – she also had a working garden with lots of early fresh vegetables. I sometimes got a little envious when Susan described a delightful meal, especially when I compared it to my fast food. But I was glad that Susan had made a friend to help her with the times when I wasn’t home.

Spring was almost over. My work project was on schedule, and was due to be wrapped up by the beginning of July. Susan and I began to plan a vacation around the Fourth – we were both looking forward to it. Our last vacation was just a week-ender, but it had been quite memorable. I pushed extra hard on the work and Susan spent more time at Rita’s. Their green thumbs were eagerly working on Rita’s gardens.

Due to my schedule, Susan and I caught up with each other while we were relaxing and listening to the stereo just before going to bed. Usually, this was a quiet time with just pleasant conversation. I was surprised one evening, however, when Susan was much more animated and eager to talk. I settled down and encouraged her to share her excitement with me.


My name is Susan Turner. My husband, John Hale, was listening to me as I began to tell him what had happened today. I was sure our usually quiet time was going to be a little different tonight after I finished relating my story to him.

“Rita and I had an early dinner. It was so pleasant out that we decided to work some on her garden. She had been planning a major renovation to one section of her garden – she was going to make a rock garden where before there was only some lawn.”

“Which spot did she finally choose?” John asked. “I remember her telling me about two possible locations. I was looking forward to helping her with the heavy work – she had gotten some real nice sized rocks for this.”

“It was over to the left. We both missed your strong arms and back, but once we started working it really started to flow. Before we knew it, we had wrestled all of the major rocks and boulders over there. I felt tired but in a good, honest-work, kind of way. I looked at Rita, she was covered with dirt and sweat.”

John said, “I’ll bet you didn’t look any different. But you look nice and clean now.”

“Yes I am. Rita looked back at me and said, ‘We’re both ready for the showers. You first, while I make us some iced-tea.’ That sounded kartal escort bayan great to me so I quickly headed in to her house.”

“Halfway through my shower I heard Rita in the bathroom. ‘I’ve got your cool tea here, come on and get it.’ I finished up, shut off the shower and wrapped a towel around me as I stepped out. I was a little surprised when I found Rita, a cool glass in each hand, standing there without any clothes on. I wasn’t really shocked, just a little surprised. I was also surprised at what good shape she was in, for a woman ten years older than me.”

“I’ve always told you that I thought Rita was a fine-looking woman,” John said. “Tell me what happened next.”

“I took the glass she offered and took a long sip. I told her she ought to take her shower, I’d stay and keep her company. She said, ‘Thanks, I’m looking forward to getting as clean as you.'”

“She stepped in and soon was lathering up. The sight of her nude body had made me think a little about sex, you know I hadn’t had any female encounters since college. I was worried though about how she might react, I didn’t want to spoil our friendship.”

“We talked about the garden work, and what she needed to do to finish the rock garden. Gradually I brought you into the conversation. She said she felt envious of us (her marriage had ended in a divorce almost two years ago). I mentioned how you had expressed appreciation for her beauty. She accepted the complement easily, but did laugh a little nervously.”

Rita said, as she stepped out of the shower, “Don’t take this the wrong way. I feel you are both good friends, especially you Susan. But I have had a lustful thought about you and John from time to time.”

She started to vigorously dry herself off. I thought to myself that this might be interesting. I looked again at her body. She was in really good shape. Her breasts were smaller than mine, but her nipples were larger.

“Let me help you. I quickly reached over to take her towel. She had a slightly surprised look on her face, but I also saw something else. She was grateful I had not rebuffed her, and she had a look of interest in her eyes.”

Rita said as she handed me her towel, “I’ve thought, since I first met you, that we were going to be great, close friends.”

“I took the towel and started gently drying her body. I started with her back and arms. Then I dried off her legs. Finally I started to dry her tummy. I looked at her while I did this. Her nipples were getting hard as the towel caressed her skin. Slowly the towel and my hands got closer to her breasts. Her breathing started to get rough as I put a towel-covered hand on each breast.”

“I’m pretty dry now. Let’s get more comfortable,” Rita said.

“I took her hand and let her lead the way to her bedroom. She lay down on her side and pulled me to her. And then began an incredibly gentle but arousing time of kissing and breast sucking. We alternated licking and teasing each other’s breasts and nipples.”

John interrupted, “You mean to tell me that you really got into this? I didn’t know this about you. But go on, tell me more.”

I looked at him. He wasn’t quite so relaxed now. And despite all that Rita and I had done, I was beginning to feel sexy and lustful.

“Soon I wanted more, and so did she. I moved my head down from her exciting nipples and started kissing and licking her stomach. She knew where I was going. I could see her tense up a little – she started to squeeze her thighs together. I stopped for a minute and looked at her mound. I could see the wetness on her pussy. I was also surprised to see her clitoris – it was quite long and extended out from her lips.”

“She escort maltepe gently started pushing the back of my head toward her waiting pussy. I didn’t mind the suggestion and soon found my lips around her clitoris. I sucked it into my mouth and tongued it. She shuddered deeply and moaned. I knew she would climax soon, and I wanted more time to taste her sweetness. I moved my tongue down to her open lips and licked the inner walls forcefully. I watched her vaginal opening as it pulsed – it was beckoning me! I obliged by forcing my tongue in as far as I could. I put my hands under her buttocks and lifted them up towards me. This gave me a new view of her anus, which was also pulsing. I thought to myself, ‘I’ll get to you later.’ and started licking her hard.”

Suddenly Rita cried out, “Eat my clit! Make me climax, please!”

“I paused and looked up at her. She was a sight to behold. Her face and breasts were flushed, her chest was heaving. She was pinching her own nipples and moaning. I quickly did as she asked. A few short licks, sucks and bites later she climaxed hard. By this time I was more than ready for some work by her, but I continued to attend to her as she slowly came off her peak.”

“Now Susan, it is your turn to have a climax. Get on your back.”

“I didn’t need to be told twice. My whole body was tingling with anticipation. I didn’t have to wait long – she had her mouth on my pussy immediately. I was hot, and so was she. I’m glad she didn’t try to make it languorous and gentle. I was ready to go.”

“Her attention was quite complete, and I soon climaxed. It was good, and I told her so. But I also felt a little empty inside – I started to think of your prick, John.”

John responded, “Well, I’m glad to hear I haven’t lost you to Rita’s charms. You should have called me at work.”

“I didn’t have to. Rita looked at me with a really lustful expression. I was a little taken aback when she started talking, her voice had changed, it had an edge to it. She sounded a little tough.”

“You know Susan, although it would be nice to have a real penis or two around here, I’ve got a reasonable substitute. So get ready, because I’m going to fuck you until you cry for mercy.”

“She opened a drawer by her bed, and pulled out this amazing tool. I felt a little scared, but I also felt a new wetness in my vagina. She had a double-headed dildo. It had a ring around it, which could be moved towards either head. Obviously it was meant to help control the depth. It was at least 16 inches long, about 3 inches in diameter, and was quite lifelike.”

Rita said, “Lick it. Get it wet. I’ll do the same at my end.”

“We both started licking this tool. I reached out and rubbed her breasts. She did the same to me, but started pinching my nipples. This was a new, aggressive side to her that was really starting to thrill me. I just hoped that I could do some of the same to her when I got a chance.”

Rita said, “Are you ready to get fucked and stretched? This thing won’t quit, and neither will I.”

“She took the tool out of my mouth and quickly started to push it into her pussy.”

“I’m the one who is going to have the prick. I’m going to shove it in you, dear Susan. Once you’ve got it, then you can screw me too.”

“I watched as it disappeared into her. She kept thrusting her pelvis out to grab onto it. More and more went in. I decided to help her. I leaned over her and started to lick around the tool as it sank into her. I moved my tongue up to her erect clitoris and chewed on it. She started to moan and pushed it in harder. The ring was almost to her pussy hairs.”

“Enough of that sweet tongue. Lie down and spread wide. This pendik escort tool is ready to do you.”

“I got on my back and spread my legs. Rita stood over me, with the tool projecting out from her. She bent down, licked my clitoris a few times, and then climbed on. I felt the head start to penetrate. Although it is not the same as a live prick, it was good, real good. Soon we were both thrusting as we each tried to get the ring closer.”

“We both kissed and fondled each other’s breasts as the tool kept plunging in and out. Soon Rita got an even stronger look of passion on her face and started to thrust faster. I put one of my fingers to her mouth, she quickly sucked it in and licked it. Once it was wet, I pulled it out and reached around her. My wet finger soon found her anus. She groaned loudly as I teased the anus with my finger. She stopped thrusting and looked at me intently. I pushed my finger into her anus, all the way. She gave me a look of intense pleasure and started thrusting harder. Each time she pulled out of me she screwed herself onto my finger.”

“Almost at the same time, we both screamed out as our climaxes hit. She and I still kept thrusting the tool, it kept our climaxes rolling along. Eventually we started to cool off.”

“I guess we need another shower Susan,” she said to me. I nodded my agreement.

“This was wonderful, Rita. I hate to screw and run, but John should be home soon. Let me up – I will call you tomorrow and come over if you’ll have me.”

“It would be my pleasure to see you again. And give John all my love.”

“That’s it, John. What do you think?” I said, rather coyly. I could see his raging penis, and the look in his eyes was quite thrilling. He quickly got me out of my seat, and had me stand behind it. He stood behind me, cupping my breasts. My nipples got harder as he squeezed my breasts and tweaked my nipples. Suddenly, he yanked off my pants and panties and pushed me over the back of the chair. I felt his breath on me, soon replaced by a ravaging tongue. His tongue licked at my anus and soon started to penetrate it. As best I could I moved my buttocks around and flexed my muscles. The combination of my experience with Rita and then telling the story to John had gotten me into an excited state. I wanted his prick!

Shortly he stood up again and plunged his prick into me. My vagina felt like an old friend was visiting again. It felt warm and good. He thrust it in and out pretty quickly, I was sopping wet.

“My cock is nice and warm and wet. From all you have told me you deserve some attention in a neglected area.” Saying that he pulled out of me and repositioned his prick at my anus. He was right. My vagina had been well screwed by the tool and Rita’s tongue.

“Come on, big boy. I’ll bet you can’t get it in in one stroke.” My anus and guts were aching for a good stretch, I pushed out my buttocks and wiggled it.

“Hold still. Here it comes!” With that he plunged that hot penis all the way into my waiting ass. The position over the chair gave him maximum exposure to me, and he took advantage of it. His prick was like a sledge hammer and it quickly drove me crazy. I kept flexing on it, I worked my muscles to pull it in even farther. I felt like I was totally open to his rampaging prick. At the same time my clitoris was being pushed against the back of the chair. My climax was getting real close.

“I’m coming!” he shouted. That pushed me over the edge too. Our bodies shook as he poured in lots of cum. He kept thrusting it in as our orgasms began to fade.

Before we went to sleep that night, John said, “We’ll have to get together with Rita sometime soon. You should certainly continue to enjoy yourself with our friend, but I’m looking forward to seeing her in a new light. You won’t mind if I manage to get the three of us together for some fun, do you? And we’ll always do it together so you can be with me. I love you, Susan.”

“I know you do, and I love you.”

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