Sexting Pt. 12

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The Major and Jennifer finally tied the knot in a hall in the same town where Jennifer’s mother and stepfather lived. Chief Dave and his team cooked the meal for the reception. Members of the ROTC unit came and provided an arch of swords that the Major and his bride walked through. The couple spent a few days at a Texas beach before Jennifer left on a confidential mission in the Middle East.

Jennifer bucked every time the Major thrust into her cunt. She suddenly went stiff as she climaxed the area between her legs became wet. The odor of sex permeated her nose. She reached up to kiss him but realized that he wasn’t there. It was all a dream. Jennifer remembered that she was in a room in the BOQ located in a US military compound in a friendly Middle Eastern country. She reached for her phone, which was located on the nightstand and checked the time in the US Central Time Zone.

Jennifer got out of bed and walked to the desk, she opened her computer and looked up the Major’s listing on her videoconference app. She initiated the call and waited to see if he would pick up.

“Are you alone?” asked Jennifer when Chip’s face appeared on her screen.

“I don’t have a mistress on the side, Jen yes I am alone.”

Jennifer quickly pulled her top off allowing Chip to see her breasts. “Major I had a dream that was so real that I climaxed dreaming of making love to you.”

“I miss you so much. When are you returning? I know you can’t tell me,” said the Major.

“Major I have two fingers in my pussy and I am moving them in and out and it feels terrible because you are not here.”

“Looking at you has caused my cock to harden, and I will need to spend some quality alone time with it wishing you were next to me,” responded the Major.

“We are pathetic, ” said Jennifer.

“No just missing each other. And we better get use to it,” said the Major.

“It doesn’t mean I have to like it,” said Jennifer.

She signed off from the Major. Jennifer looked at the local time and realized that she needed to go to work. Interviews were scheduled at odd times to keep the subject off guard. She reviewed the interview notes of her subject and got ready to meet with the man again.

Jennifer was seated in a nine by twelve room that had white walls. Beside her was another woman who was serving, as an interpreter. Mounted on one wall was a camera focused on the interview subject. There was a plain table and three chairs. In the corner was another chair.

The door opened and a man in handcuffs entered followed another dressed in US BDUs. The man held his arms up indicating he wanted them removed. Jennifer indicated that they were staying on. Jennifer went through a series of questions trying to get information about possible attacks on the US Forces deployed in the area. The man was belligerent not answering any questions but he was leaving crumbs of information and Jennifer was able circle around and trick him into giving her more information. The session lasted over three and a half hours. Jennifer ended the session and her subject was led back to the holding area. She met up with another translator and reviewed the recording of the session to check if her assumptions were correct.

It was over eight hours before she finished reviewing the recording and writing up her notes and reviewing an English translation. She sent the files to her office in San Antonio and waited for their reaction.

It was quick and welcoming after two weeks she was being allowed to come home. She hurried back to her room and started to pack. She checked her computer to make sure that interview files were not on her hard drive. What files she had were moved to a USB drive that could be concealed in her luggage. Her flight was scheduled for tomorrow so she went to bed.

Major Johnson returned to his quarters after he finished his day and saw some luggage that he did not recognize. Jennifer walked out of the bedroom dressed in a t-shirt that did not cover her blonde muff.

“Would the Major like to fuck a married woman?”

“Very much darling,” said the Major.

Jennifer walked toward the major and embraced him their mouths locked and their tongues danced with each other. The Major moved them to the bedroom and placed his wife on the bed. He quickly got out of his BDUs and lay next to her. Her hands moved to his cock and it became erect. “Darling you seem to be ready, how about loosing that wonderful cock in my pussy.”

The Major positioned his cock near her mouth. “I think I need a little pump priming, darling.”

Jennifer eagerly took his cock in her mouth and bathed it with kisses. She moved and guided the tip in to her pussy. “I missed this so much, darling,” said the Major as he kissed his wife.

“Ok Mister when were you going to tell me,” said Jennifer.

“Oh no what now?” responded the Major.

“When were you going to tell me that your cock feels so good in my seks hikayeleri cunt?” said Jennifer with a laugh.

The Major released a long breath. He began to move his cock in and out of her pussy; Jennifer began to reach a climax. The Major covered her mouth with kisses.

“What were you worried about, Chip”

“I got orders the other day and I was afraid you saw them,” said the Major.

Fuck me Major, we will talk about it later,” said Jennifer.

The Major kissed his wife and then played with her breasts, he brought one of her nipples to his mouth and began to kiss and suck on the tip. At the same time he moved in and out of her pussy. “Major you don’t know how much I missed this.”

The Major’s pace picked up and his force became harder and harder until he felt his cock shoot a load of cum in her pussy.

Jennifer moved out of the bed and headed to the bathroom, after finishing her business she moved next to her husband and they embraced. The Major kissed her, moved on top of her and inserted his cock in her pussy. Jennifer locked her legs around him.

“I want to feel you fill me up,” said Jennifer.

The Major rotated and Jennifer was above him and she started to jog up and down on his pole. She leaned down and kissed her husband. Her hand found his balls and she applied a little pressure.

“What are these orders you received?” asked Jennifer.

The major pulled his wife down to his mouth and kissed her. “Major you are messing with me. Rule 7.2 don’t mess with the woman who has your family jewels in her hand,” said Jennifer.

“I am moving to the Readiness Command, Joint base San Antonio,” said the Major.

Jennifer jumped up and down and kissed him. She agitated his cock even more trying to make him cum. She started to slap him with both hands and then collapsed and found his mouth.

“I take it you approve,” said the Major.

“This will be weird we’ve never lived together longer that five days. Do you think that we will make it?” said Jennifer.

“Let’s try it first,” said the Major.

“When do you move?”

“As soon as my replacement gets named and shows up,” replied the Major.

Jennifer got off his cock and took it in her mouth. She continued to encourage him to cum in her mouth. She suddenly felt his cock jerk and her mouth filled with his cum. She got out of bed and pulled him out to follow her. She went into the kitchen and pulled two glasses and got two cubes of ice per glass and filled them with the Major’s best scotch. She sat in the living room and was glad that the curtains were closed since they both were naked.

“Aren’t we a decadent pair sitting naked sipping scotch?” said Jennifer.

“But it is a lovely view, darling,” said the Major.

“Major, you know that we will need to quit acting like sick lovebirds and become a responsible married couple. Just not now,” said Jennifer as she stroked the Major’s cock back to life.

Jennifer took the tip of his cock in her mouth and swallowed it to the hilt. She bobbed her head in a fucking motion while she massaged his balls. She climbed over him and they kissed as she took his cock inside her pussy.

“From the very first day we made love I think I wanted you, I don’t think I would have settled for second best,” said Jennifer.

“Major Connolly I love you and I am glad that you didn’t report me to the police.”

“Major shut up and fuck me,” said Jennifer.

“Let’s both shut up and make love,” replied the major.

The Major felt her vagina contract around his cock. He began to ram in and out while kissing her. His hands found her breasts and they massaged the nipples. Suddenly he felt warm liquid Bathe his cock. The major stopped and let her relax, and then shot a wad of cum in her cunt.

Jennifer roused herself and got off the couch and went in the bathroom. She found two bathrobes and brought one out to the Major.

“I’m fifteen time zones out of whack so I am going to bed, I will see you in the morning, Darling.”

“What exactly do you do, Jennifer.”

“Darling, you know that I can’t tell you that. I took a job with Army Intelligence, and you know that I have to keep my activities confidential.”

“So tell me, you spent three plus years getting a law degree and passed the bar…”

“And got married to you,”

“Now you work in intelligence?” said the Major.

“One of the things I can tell you about is I keep us legal,”

Jennifer turned and walked in to the bedroom. She picked up her uniform pulled the covers off the bed and got in. The Major stood in the door “How long do I have you, dear?” said the Major.

“I have to be in the office tomorrow morning. Sorry.”

The Major climbed in next to her and kissed her. “Well it will only be a little while.”

“I look forward to us living together,” said Jennifer.

The Major got out of the bed and turned the lights off. He returned and they spooned each other.

In the early morning hours it was the Major’s turn to wake up alone. His phone buzzed and he picked it up. “I love you babe, but I had an early morning flight to SA so I could get in the office. See you this weekend. J”

“She will see me sooner than that,” said the Major as he got out of bed. If she had not stopped in University before she returned to San Antonio he would have driven up to see her.

He texted “I will see you sooner,”

The Major dressed and pulled the packed suitcase from behind the couch and got in his car and got on the road for the three hour drive to Jennifer’s townhouse.

The plane touched down and taxied to the terminal. All of the businessmen and women hurried to get off the plane to make their meetings. Jennifer waited until the crowed thinned and she got her bag out of the overhead bin and pulled it up the isle. She reached her car when her phone buzzed and she saw the message from the Major. “Oh good he’s coming sooner,” she said to herself.

She drove to a very non-descript building surrounded by several fences. After going through security at the gate she parked and went inside. For the next several hours she was in meetings with analysts who were evaluating the information that she was able to get out of her subject. The meetings began to run together, and she was able to end her day. She drove to her townhouse and parked in the garage, which is reached by a private drive.

She opened the door and the smell of an Italian meal hit her. Standing in the kitchen was the Major, “I thought you would like a home cooked meal with some company,” said the Major.

“I would say you’re a site for sore eyes but,” The major covered her mouth with a kiss. “Would you mind letting me get into something more comfortable?” asked Jennifer when they broke.

Jennifer disappeared into the bedroom and soon came out dressed in a set of satin PJ’s that left nothing to the imagination. The Major’s eyes betrayed him and his cock became hard immediately.

“So I take it you approve,” said Jennifer.

“As long as I am the only man in the room,” replied the Major.

The Major finished dinner and put the plates on the table. Jennifer got a bottle of wine out of fridge, pulled the cork and poured two glasses.

“Tell me Chip, why did you follow me? I get the feeling that you are angry,” asked Jennifer.

“I was coming for a visit to tell you about my transfer anyway. But I was a little miffed that you just took off, I felt that you could not wait to get away,” said the Major.

“No I wanted to stay but I had to get to the office to debrief this morning. Sorry for not waking you before I left. I am so glad that you followed me here,” said Jennifer.

They finished dinner planning for the Major’s move. Jennifer dragged the Major out of the kitchen and into the living room. “I’m happy you’re here. Please let’s not argue,” said Jennifer.

“How can I argue with a woman that is as beautiful as you, plus you have a degree in argue,” said the Major.

Jennifer’s hand slipped down the front of Chip’s pants and massaged his cock. She leaned in to him and their lips met. She lightly kissed him. The Major put his hands on her head and brought her closer. His tongue explored her mouth. They broke and looked at each other.

Jennifer leaned back and encouraged the Major to remove her pants. Her pussy was pink and her muff was well trimmed. The Major went for the area above her slit and his tongue caressed her clit. His tongue darted in and out of her cunt and his hands massaged her breasts. Jennifer relaxed and placed her hands on his head and directed his movements. Jennifer flooded the area with her cum. The Major moved to kiss her and allow her to taste her spend.

“Major, there is something between your legs that really needs to occupy my pussy,” whispered Jennifer.

The Major kissed her and rose high enough to allow her to open his pants and free his cock. He slowly inserted his tool in her hole and he kissed her again. He began to move in and out with increasing force. Her vagina was well lubricated and his cock slipped in and out easily. The Major moved his arms around her and held her while he fucked her with increasing force. He felt a climax coming on and with one forceful thrust he shot a load of cum in her pussy. The Major kissed her and held her.

They awoke from reverie and the Major kissed her. “Are you over being mad at me?” asked Jennifer.

“I can never be mad at you. Making love to you is so much fun,” replied the Major.

“Chip I know some of your history but you mentioned a step sister last Christmas can you tell me anything about her?”

“I did send her a wedding invitation but I got a card. My biological father was killed in Viet Nam. I carry his last name. Mother married a man that had a daughter that was about four years older than me. I was in college when he died in a motorcycle accident. I found out later he was drunk. She never bonded with my mother, and since her mother was still alive she moved in that world. My mother died just after I got back from our deployment. Which is one reason that I did not notice you or we might have had a different history.”

“No you were dating the general’s daughter until that got serious and daddy put an end to it,” said Jennifer.

You have a point, you always have a point, darling,” said the Major.

“What did you do between the time we got back and you showed up at the University?”

I got a staff job in the planning section and was there until this came open and I decided to try it. Getting back to my stepsister, I tried to reach out to her but was rebuffed. She said that she did not have any interest in continuing a relationship. Thought my mother was the cause of his death,” said the Major.

The Major kissed Jennifer again and straddled her. “Someone want’s to play,” said Jennifer.

He lay on top of her and found her mouth and they kissed. He took her lower lip in his teeth and sucked. They kissed again. Jennifer felt the Major’s cock begin to harden. “It looks like your ready for action, darling,” said Jennifer.

The Major positioned the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy and gently pushed in. The warmth of her pussy was transmitted to his member and he slowly moved it in and out of her. His hands took her nipples and massaged the hard ends.

“Chip fuck me, darling, I want to come,” said Jennifer.

Spurred on by his wife, the major moved in and out of her with increasing force. Jennifer moaned every time he moved. He enjoyed giving his wife pleasure and concentrated on her climax. The major felt his cock let go with wads of cum but continued to move in and out even after his cock became flaccid. The Major collapsed and found her mouth and they kissed. Chip moved to Jennifer’s breasts and started to suck on her nipples.

“Oh Major that feels so good!” said Jennifer.

The Major continued to work over her breasts. Jennifer brought her hands to the side of Chip’s head. “Major, my mouth needs some attention.”

The Major moved up to Jennifer’s mouth and they kissed. Both of them fell asleep after the multiple orgasms.

The Major woke up with his phone bussing on the table next to him. He looked at the display and found a photo of Jennifer’s breasts. There was a suppressed laugh coming from his wife lying next to him.

“You’re real funny Mrs. Johnson. Don’t you have to go into the office?” asked the Major.

“That is why I hurried yesterday, Major, I have the next thee days off.”

The Major spooned his wife and she turned to kiss him. “I love you Major husband”

“I love you Major wife.”

They both laughed and kissed. The Major got out of bed and headed out of the bedroom. He remembered that the kitchen wasn’t cleaned up from last night and if they wanted breakfast he would need to clean up dinner.

A few minutes later Jennifer found him putting things in the dishwasher. “What are you views on public nudity?” asked Jennifer.

“I prefer private nudity. Less likely to get into trouble,” responded the Major.

“What are your views on sex before lunch?”

“I feel sex is good anytime, darling, go back to bed I will be in later,” said the Major.

Jennifer turned and he watched her nude body through the doorway go back in the bedroom. He finished getting the kitchen in order and followed his wife back to the bedroom.

“Come over here and spread’em.”

The major stood before Jennifer with his legs separated bringing his cock inline with her mouth. She reached up and started playing with his balls and massaging his cock, which was showing signs of life. “The last time I had this much control over a man he was in handcuffs sitting across a table from me,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer pulled him closer and played with his cock. She kissed the tip and then took the entire length in her mouth. After getting it real wet she moved up the bed and spread her legs offering him and invitation. The Major leaned down and kissed his wife. She still had a hold of his cock and balls. She directed the tip to the entrance to her pussy. The Major pressed forward and sunk in fully. The two kissed. Jennifer continued to massage his privates, which stimulated him to fuck her.

The two made love with both Jennifer and the Major reaching a climax. When they decided to move and get breakfast both were sore. Chip decided to work out the stiffness in his legs by jogging around the neighborhood. Jennifer decided to run also and the pair ran for about an hour. “Now we are going to be sore and dead, Major,” said Jennifer.

“Since you don’t have any studies what are we going to the rest of the day?” asked the Major.

Get a shower and shave mister we have a road trip to make,” commanded Jennifer.

The pair got cleaned up and shared some toast and juice. Jennifer directed Chip to his car and gave him directions to their next adventure.

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