Sexual adventures with Emily and her family pt.4

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I laid back on the couch, still smiling from the earlier activities, as I thumbed through the pictures on my phone. Still completely undressed, I lightly rubbed myself with my left hand as I sent a handful of the pictures to Scott on my phone. Emily made sure to allow me to snap some pictures of her pretending to be passed out before she had went to bed, and I was looking forward to hearing what Scott had to say… and it didn’t take long to find out.

“Holy shit, she looks so sexy and innocent”, Scott texted. I replied “and you just took advantage of that innocent pretty pussy… you better not tell anyone I sent those pictures to you!”. Scott responded “I’m still feeling nervous about earlier… I shouldn’t have done that. If Emily found out, she’d kill me”. I messaged back “no one else will ever know… it’s our little secret ?. It was so hot watching you fuck her, and then you came in my mouth”. It was a few minutes before he replied back “I’m glad we can keep it between us. Thank you for sending me those pics, I promise I won’t tell anyone”. I spread my legs and took a picture of my open pussy and sent it to him, with the message “here’s the other pussy you violated tonight… I’m glad we can trust each other to keep a secret. I’m still horny… if you feel like coming back for more, just let me know ;)”. Scott replied “I will definitely keep that in mind. You’re so fucking sexy”.

I put the phone down and started rubbing myself, thinking about what it must have felt like for Scott when he had the blindfold and the sound silencing ear buds on while getting fucked… how exciting it was for Emily to sneak one last fuck out of him without him knowing, and then for him to do the same (despite her secretly knowing) while she was “passed out”… the taboo of doing something you’re not supposed to do always turned me on, I don’t know why. I’ve had my fair share of guys that I knew were married… some of them I even knew their wife… and giving them the chance to see me naked, or even fuck me, always turned me on. Hanging out with their girlfriend or wife, all while knowing I let their man use my pussy, and they had no idea… Mmmm, I’m such a slut.

I knew I had time to play alone for awhile… the boys would call me when they needed a ride, so I’d have plenty of time for a heads up to get decent. I decided I wanted to try out the blindfold and ear buds… just to get a sense of what it’s like. I even considered contacting a random guy online to come over and fuck me while I had no sight or hearing… and honestly if I knew for sure that the boys wouldn’t call me before I got fucked, I’d have done it. I went to get my vibrating bullet and I put my phone on vibrate so that I’d feel it when I got a call or message, and put it right next to me so that there’s no way I’d miss their call. I inserted the ear buds, noticing the sound completely block out the TV as I put it in each ear, leaving nothing but a small humming sound.

I laid there completely naked, my feet on the coffee table, legs spread wide as I started rubbing the bullet on my pussy. I looked over at the blindfold and picked it up and slid it down over my eyes, and quickly resumed rubbing the bullet against my clit. I thought about how hot it would be to have a stranger come in and use me, and I’d never even see them. I really considered maybe setting something up soon… hell, maybe Emily would even like to join me (although we’d need another set of ear buds and blindfold). I noticed I couldn’t even hear myself moan, as I thrusted repeatedly against my hand… it was a surreal sensation, and it opened the door to limitless possibilities.

I knew the next morning I’d be walking around topless teasing the boys… of course allowing them to sneak looks at my pussy and ass while I bathe… and then later that night I’ll be fucking their dad in front of Emily. I thought about when Bruce slid inside of me the first time, and fucked me like it was a secret… making sure Emily didn’t walk in and see. I knew Emily wouldn’t have cared, even if I told her… but honestly, having that secret with him really turned me on. Knowing he came in my room later that morning, and fucked me again… cumming inside me… I looked forward to having Emily watch, and hopefully open the door to a more open relationship between the two of them.

I felt my pussy growing juicer as I continued to masturbate, and mumbled to myself “Mmmm, fuck me!… use my slutty little pussy”. Of course I couldn’t hear myself, and I wondered how loud I was as I rubbed the bullet up and down my slit. Surely I wasn’t loud enough to wake Emily, which is all that mattered… I loved watching Emily getting fucked by Scott… I wanted to watch her fuck other guys as well… even if Bruce didn’t know… actually, especially if Bruce didn’t know… seeing her fuck guys she’s not supposed to, I guess it’s part of that “taboo sex” I mentioned earlier. I wondered who else in particular she’d like to fuck… I’d love to help her, and of course I’d want to fuck them as well..

I pulled my knees up toward my head as I pictured a guy getting ready to penetrate me, and I felt my orgasm building up. “I’m so fucking wet” I grunted, as I thought about how many guys I could fuck back to back. “Put your cock in my mouth” I said as I pictured getting spit roasted… maybe if things work out, both Emily and I can get spit roasted by Bruce and Scott… maybe I’ll find a couple random guys online who would love to use us like a couple of sluts we are… just the idea made my pussy pulse, as I picked up the pace on my clit.

I was startled as I felt something press against my thigh, and felt hands spread my pussy open and a tongue run up inside of me. I gasped as I realized I must have woke Emily, but she was at least helping me out… maybe she was still worked up from getting fucked by Scott earlier. I reached behind me and grabbed the top of the couch with my hands, as my legs spread wide for her tongue to fully explore my pussy. I couldn’t hear myself, but I said “you’re tongue feels so fucking good inside of me” as she played with my right breast and pushed a finger in me. She stopped lickng me as she worked my pussy over with one hand, and I felt her finger up against my lips. I opened my mouth to suck on her finger, but quickly realized it wasn’t a finger… it was a hard cock.

A mixture of feelings hit me all at once… shock, fear, lust, excitement… did Scott come back? Did Emily call him back? I felt Emily eating me out again, as I found myself sucking up and down the cock in my mouth. I felt one hand on the back of my head and hands running over my tits and pussy. I was tempted to take off the blindfold, but not knowing for sure what was going on was such a turn on. I felt a nervous burn in my chest as the sexual excitement took over me, and I grabbed his cock, and started stroking it as I worked it in and out of my mouth… but after a few minutes of sucking his cock, I realized something… this wasn’t Scott… Scott is clean shaven and bigger…

Did Emily have another guy come over? I kept sucking the cock as I realized that didn’t make sense… she would have told me. I got nervous, but my pussy started flooding at the idea of not knowing what was going on. I grabbed the back of Emily’s head with my left hand, and ground my pussy against her face as I grunted and moaned… but I felt my heart jump once I realized it wasn’t Emily, the hair was too short… and it dawned on me who it might be, and I didn’t know how to handle it if it was. I slowly lifted my blindfold, and I saw Craig was between my legs licking my pussy while grabbing my breast… and as I continued to lift up the blindfold I saw Conner looking down at me while his cock was still in my mouth. Connor smiled as I was still trying to process everything… how did this happen?! I had enjoyed teasing them in the past, but I never would have let it go this far… I took out the ear buds and instantly heard them both moaning.

I pulled his cock from my mouth and said “we can’t be doing this! How did this happen… we have to stop!”. I looked down at Craig who was opening my pussy with his hands, glanced up at me and started licking my clit again. I looked over at Connor and realized I was still stroking his cock, and I wasn’t making a very convincing argument. I had to admit, seeing them both so excited over me, knowing they took advantage of me, turned me on a lot. I noticed I was breathing heavy and I looked at Connor who was clearly hoping I’d suck his cock again. I looked at his dick in my hand while I gave it a slow stroke… I reached down with my free hand and started rubbing my clit while Craig buried his tongue inside of me, and I leaned forward and started sucking Connor again while looking into his eyes. He got off his knees and sat down next to me, moving over to be under my head as I engulfed his young cock with my mouth.

Connor smiled at me and said “you’re such a good little slut” as he thrusted slightly into my face and played with my nipple. I think he had heard me refer to myself as a slut while peeping on me, and relished in knowing it. I noticed I was grinding into Craig’s face, and I realized that if things didn’t stop soon… I was going to end up getting fucked by both of them. Craig pulled his face away a bit as he fingered me while I rubbed my clit… his eyes locked on my cunt as his brother gripped my hair. They had obviously learned a lot from all the porn they had watched.

I started moaning, but quickly remembered Emily was sleeping… and if she were to wake up and catch me naked on the couch with her two teen boys, I don’t know how she would react! Here I was with a couple of high school boys, and one of them has his cock in my mouth Erzincan Escort while his older brother is eating me out… I quickly stopped sucking his cock and whispered “we seriously have to stop, what if your mom wakes up?!”. I looked at Craig who was now holding his cock in front of my pussy… the sight startled me, but also made my pussy ache. He was just moments away from penetrating me, and I knew if he did, I wouldn’t have the will power to stop… it was now or never, and my body and mind were fighting with each other over what I would do next.

In a rare moment of my mind winning, I quickly jumped up just as I felt Craig’s cock rub against my slit, and quickly went to my room. The boys were not far behind me, as I watched them walk into the room as I sat on the bed, just trying to calm my body and get back to my senses. I realized by the smiles on their faces that they thought things were going to continue to move forward in the room, so I knew I needed to nix that quickly. I pulled a blanket up to cover my body and said “Guys, this can’t happen!… how did you guys even get home?”. I noticed the disappointment run through them as Craig said “I ran into a friend at the mall that gave us a ride home… we got home and saw you blindfolded and… well, you know… we thought you wanted it”.

I had to admit… I probably would have been a bit disappointed if they hadn’t tried doing something under the circumstances… I mean, I know they had been lusting over me since I arrived, and I’ve been teasing them the whole time as well… and they come home to find me blindfolded and naked, masturbating… although it wasn’t my intent for them to see me, I did like knowing they saw… I wish it hadn’t escalated past that though. Connor spoke up “we asked you if you wanted us to watch, and then if you wanted us to join you… but you never answered, you just moaned and then you said “put your cock in my mouth”… so we took that as a yes”. I did remember muttering that, amongst many other things… of course they would take that as me talking to them…

“I had ear buds in that make it to where I can’t hear anything… I didn’t know you guys were there, I was just talking to myself while fantasizing” I said, a little embarrassed I put myself in this situation. Craig asked “did we do something wrong… are we in trouble?” I answered “I guess under the circumstances, it makes sense you would think I was talking to you… how would you know I couldn’t hear you… let’s just put this behind us, I’m embarrassed things got this far”. Connor thought for a second and said “then why did you not stop when you felt us, who did you think it was?”. I wasn’t sure how to answer that… I didn’t want to say ‘your mom and Scott, or some random guy with your mom’… but it was a legitimate question that I knew I couldn’t ignore… and I was trying to think quick of an explanation.

“I thought I had the house to myself… so I had a couple of guys I had met online come over to fuck me while I was blindfolded and couldn’t hear… they told me they couldn’t make it, but when I felt you guys… I thought they ended up coming”. Connor said “wow, that’s hot… you were going to fuck them both?”. I shrugged a little, but before I could say anything Craig asked “why did you take off the mask then?”. I felt like I was going to say the wrong thing and reveal to much, but I responded “I noticed that… the dick in my mouth… wasn’t one of the guys, since they said they were clean shaven down there… and when I realized he wasn’t, I took off the blindfold to see who it was”.

I felt like I had come up with a good excuse, but oddly I worried they were going to get me to confess that I thought it was their mom, and the guy who had just fucked us earlier. I casually let the blanket lower so that my breasts were exposed again, without drawing attention to it, and said “this was all just a big understanding… I’m sorry you guys”. I noticed my exposed breasts didn’t go unnoticed, and I was hoping that they would be distracted from further questions. Connor smiled as he sat down next to me and asked “so why did you not stop when you saw it was us?… you kept humping Craig’s face as you and looked right at me as you sucked my dick”. Craig smirked and said “he’s got a point, Diana”.

I was genuinely embarrassed… he did have a point. There was no doubt I did it knowing full well it was them, and they knew it too. “I know”, I responded “I was already so worked up, and so horny… I couldn’t make myself stop… I knew I should.. and I tried to… but my urges won over”. They both smirked at each other, so I added “what happened shouldn’t have happened… it’s one thing that you guys might see my tits, or a picture of me… but this is went way too far… you guys better not ever tell anyone about this, your mom would never talk to me again”. Craig smiled at me and said “we wouldn’t want to ruin your friendship with mom… so we’ll keep quite… but, what do we get for keeping the secret?”. Connor smiled at me, and I knew I was being put in an awkward position… but I could also feel my pussy heating up again… what is it about being taken advantage of turns me on?

I smiled at both of them and said “fair enough, I guess… but don’t think I’m going to fuck you guys… I can’t go that far”. Connor reached out and grabbed my breast, and I didn’t resist as I felt I was started to lose control again. Craig said “I think it’s only fair that I get to experience a blow job like Connor did… and I’m sure Connor would love to fuck your pussy with his tongue like I did”. Connor slid his hand down my stomach, under the blanket, until it reached the top of my crotch, and once again I didn’t resist and even opened my legs a little… I figured I had already went this far with them, what’s the harm at this point of doing more of the same. Of course I was growing incredibly horny which helped me decide to play along. I looked at both of them and gasped “you guys promise you’ll never tell?” As I felt Connors fingers slide down my slit, and I dropped the blanket off of me and spread my legs further.

I was now fully exposed to them again as Connor dropped to the side of the bed and buried his face in my pussy. I gasped out loud as his tongue made contact with my hole, and watched Craig pull out his cock and walk over toward me. I pulled his pants completely off, and then I laid him on the bed next to me. His upper body was resting against the wall as I grabbed his cock and started to stroke it. He was unshaven just like Connor, but had a nice girth to him… and I looked up at him just like I did Connor earlier, directly in the eyes, and I started sucking his dick. Connor pulled my legs up and apart as he ran his tongue all over my pussy, making me moan on Craig’s dick. I looked down at Connor and asked “does my pussy taste good? Do you like it?”… before he could even answer I started sucking on Craig again. Craig grunted as I stroked and sucked his cock, and Connor responded “you have such a pretty pussy” as he used his hands to spread me open and fully explore my cunt.

I looked back up at Craig, and he was staring intensely at me as I started to feel him throb a little. I didn’t want to end things just yet, so I pulled his cock out and gently squeezed the base as I licked the head of his dick. I felt Connor bury his tongue inside of me, as I closed my legs around his head and grinded his face. I looked up at Craig and said “did you like getting a good look and taste of my pussy earlier? Do I look good completely naked?”. Craig nodded and said “I wanted to fuck you so bad”. I bit my lip with a grin and then slowly slid his cock all the way in my mouth while looking into his eyes. Connor lifted my legs and licked from my asshole all the way up to my clit, which made me moan all over Craig’s cock again. Connor then inserted his two middle fingers and started rapidly fucking my pussy, and the splashing sounds of my cunt rang out loudly across the room.

Craig grunted and said “I’m going to cum, I can’t stop it!”. I rolled over so that I was on all fours as I frantically started bobbing on his cock, waiting for the inevitable spray of cum to fill my mouth. Connor smacked my ass and started fingering me again as I felt the first spurt hit the back of my throat, followed by a hard grunt from Craig and a massive load of continuous shots of cum. I tried to swallow a much as I could, but eventually had to stop and get some air, and he shot a few more spurts on my hand. He was smiling and looked so satisfied as I slowly squeezed out the last of the cum from his cock… I realized Connor wasn’t touching me, and when I looked back at him he had his dick in his hand… stroking it within inches of my pussy.

I was bent over in front of him, ass in the air with my legs spread, and I knew he could potentially fuck me at any second… and if he did, I knew I wouldn’t stop him… I was in over my head, and I knew resisting now would be nearly impossible for me. I reached back between my legs and started rubbing my clit, and with his free hand he grabbed my ass and squeezed it while continuing to stroke his cock with his right hand. As he got a little closer, I caught myself spreading my pussy lips open… as if I was inviting him in… and I couldn’t help but wonder, was I trying to get him to fuck me? I had told him no fucking beforehand… but now I wondered, did I secretly hope he would? Did I want him to penetrate me, knowing he’s not supposed to? I knew if I told him to fuck me, he would within seconds… but I think I wanted him to do it despite me telling him no earlier… I wanted him to take advantage of me, just like Emily had Scott, and Scott had Emily earlier in the night. I wanted Erzincan Escort Bayan him to have what he wasn’t supposed to have… and I wanted to have what I wasn’t supposed to have as well.

Craig sat up and got off the bed saying “I’m so fucking thirsty… don’t worry, I won’t wake mom” as he walked out of the room with his clothes in hand. I thought about how cute it was, seeing him bare ass with a satisfied grin… I’m sure he’s always watched porn wishing he was the one getting his cock sucked, and tonight he finally got to experience it… and it was erotic knowing I was his first, just as I was Connors… and now Connor was stroking his hard cock up against my pussy, letting it slide up and down my slit as I rubbed my clit between my legs. I rolled over on the bed so that I was on my back, and spread my legs so that he was still standing in between them as I said “I want to watch you stroke your cock while I rub my pussy”. He watched me frantically start to rub my clit, with my knees up in the air as I asked him “where do you want to cum?… in my mouth?… on my ass?… on my tits?… on my pussy?”.

Connor started slapping his cock against my open pussy, rubbing it up and down my slit, and I wondered if he was just going to penetrate me at any moment. I started breathing heavier as my hips started to hump slightly forward with each glide of his cock. Connor looked me in the eyes and asked “can I cum inside you?”, and I felt my cunt start warming up, and a nervous ache in my chest as I deliberated on how to respond. I seductively bit my lip and said “you know the deal…” I paused as I rub my pussy up against his cock “… no fucking”. Connor started stroking faster while rubbing the head of his cock slightly between my pussy lips and asked “can I just put the head of my dick in?… just for a minute?… no fucking, I just want to feel”.

I’ve heard that line many times in the past when I was younger… whether they meant it or not when they said it, it always ended up going further… and I had no doubt Connor would as well. I slowly spread my pussy with both my hands and said “I guess as long as there’s no fucking… if you want to cum inside me, you can put the tip of your cock inside of me… but just the tip, ok?”. I knew he was going to go further, but I was anxious to tease him a little more… see how long he waited to push it. I added “but this stays between us, I don’t want anyone thinking you fucked me… so you should hurry and cum before your brother comes back… if he comes back in, you have to pull out”.

Connor looked behind him, I guess to make sure Craig wasn’t coming back in, and then pushed the head of his cock inside of my pussy. There was little resistance due to my cunt being so wet, and I caught myself moan as it barely entered me. He gave a loud deep breath as he tried his best to stay still while he looked down at my tits. I reached down and started rubbing my pussy, feeling his cock sitting at the entrance, and slowly started to gyrate. I asked him “does my pussy feel good around the head of your dick?”, as I felt it moving slightly in and out due to my gyrating and rubbing… and I knew Connor could feel it as well.

Connor held up my legs like he was about to start fucking hard, but he just looked down and watched his cock barely penetrate my pussy. He gripped his shaft with his right hand, and started to wiggle and stroke it, causing his cock to occasionally slip a little further in. I acted like I didn’t notice, as I continued to gyrate and rub myself. I knew he could cum anytime he wanted… he was just trying to hold off… so when he pulled out and sat next to me, I thought he was just trying to cool down… but then I saw Craig walk in with a big smile, and he asked Connor “still haven’t cum yet?” as he walked up and fingered my pussy a little. Connor said “I was just about to until you walked in”. We all chuckled, and I decided to go down on Connor to finish him off. Craig smiled and said “I’ll jump in the shower and give you some time to nut”, as he walked out of the room.

Connor fucked my face until he heard the bathroom door close, and then he laid on the bed and pulled my legs toward him. I was now laying next to him with my back turned to him, and he quickly reached around and grabbed my breasts as he kissed my neck… and I could feel his cock rubbing against my ass and pussy. I whispered “you want back inside of me, don’t you?”. He reached down and started to rub his cock up and down my saturated cunt as I lifted my leg to allow easier access. I felt him start to position at my hole, and I reminded him “just the tip though” as I felt him start to enter me.

I wasted no time to start thrusting a little, teasing his cock as I felt it occasionally slip a little further inside my sopping pussy. I felt like a horny teenager again, playing ‘just the tip’ with a horny high school boy… relishing knowing I was his first, and noticing his change of breathing every time I’d thrust a little to much, allowing him to enjoy a quick taboo feel. He was staying still, enjoying my little thrusts for a while, and I slowly started to feel him meet my thrusts… ever so slightly, I’m sure hoping I wouldn’t notice. I whispered to him “I love being such a dirty little slut… do you want to cum in my slutty pussy?” as I gave an ‘accidental’ thrust which allowed a brief inch deeper penetration. I quickly recovered myself as I heard him moan and say “I want to cum inside your slutty pussy… you’re such a good fucking slut”. I noticed when I said those last words he slid a little further inside of me.

Hearing those words directed toward me made my pussy light up, and I unconsciously caught myself grind down, allowing his cock to slide fully in as I continued to push against him. He remained still for a few seconds, but then slowly gave a few little pumps that built up to a few thrusts, before I pulled back up so that the head was just barely in again. “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have done that… hearing you talk to me like that just made me lose control… I can’t believe I pushed against you like that” I panted, as I steadily continued thrusting my cunt as I rubbed my clit. Connor grabbed my waist and said “It’s OK… you’re just a good slut that needs some dick” as he slowly and steadily slid all the way in me. I knew what he was doing, he was trying to take advantage of me… and I was going to let him.

“Mmmm my slutty pussy needs cock… I can’t control myself” I muttered as I felt him slowly pull back and then push back inside me. Connor slowly slid in faster and said “you can’t say no to a good hard dick, can you?” as he pulled out and thrusted inside me. I panted “I can’t say no… I can’t control myself” as he continued to pick up the pace, no longer trying to hide he was fucking me. He started pulling my hips into his thrusts as he said “tell me to fuck you… I want to hear your slutty mouth say it”. He was now frantically fucking me, and I knew he wouldn’t last long. “Fuck me… cum inside my pussy” I moaned.

Any illusion of innocent sexual play was gone… no more just the tip… no more accidental slips…. no more teasing… it was clear to us both that we were fucking, and he was going to cum inside of me. Connor pulled out and turned me onto my back, got between my legs, and positioned himself to penetrate me. He looked me up and down, taking me all in before he looked into my eyes and said “I’m going to fuck you’re pretty little slutty pussy” as he penetrated me and started fucking me furiously. I knew he wouldn’t hold out much longer, and I was OK with that… I was his to use. I felt my pussy tightening and getting juicier as the familiar splashing sounds my cunt makes when it’s close to orgasm started to grow louder.

I watched as his face straining as he watched his cock slam into me, and then grunt with a hard thrust as he started to cum inside of me. He looked at my face as he continued to cum with hard, slower tempo thrusts… and I saw him smile with a look of satisfaction and victory. Connor rolled off of me, panting and said “I can’t believe you let me fuck you… thank you”. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and said “you’re welcome… but no one can know about this, ok?… I shouldn’t have let things go this far, everything just got out of hand… this was a one time thing, ok?”. Connor looked away, still relishing in fucking me, but also clearly a little disappointed it wouldn’t happen again… he asked “did I fuck you good? Did you like it?”. I leaned in and gave him a little peck on the lips, and replied “you fucked me really good… I loved it”.

Connor seemed satisfied with that answer as he smiled and started playing with my tits again. I told him “we should probably call it a night… I’m exhausted from you fucking me so good”. Connor smirked and asked “Can I sleep in here with you?”… I giggled and said “no silly” as I playfully nudged his arm. I jokingly said “you got what you wanted, now get out”. Connor chuckled and did said “ok, I guess” in a playful reluctant tone. I watched as he got dressed as I laid there still on full display, allowing him to soak in the view before he left, and reminded him “don’t go bragging to your friends, got it?!”. He smirked and said “got it” as he looked me up and down one last time and left the room.

I laid there replaying the nights events… getting fucked by Scott… watching Emily secretly fuck Scott… watching Scott take advantage of Emily… setting myself up to where I was taken advantage of by the boys, and Connor even fucking me… my head was dizzy from trying to make sense out of it all, and rather than satisfying my sexual cravings, it just created more. I have no doubt that I’m a sex addict… Escort Erzincan but honestly, I don’t really care. Still, I couldn’t believe things got this far. I enjoyed teasing the boys, but now I had let them use me physically… Craig didn’t penetrate me, but that’s about the only thing that they didn’t do.

Part of me thought about just continuing to tease them… although another part of me was thinking about how many times they could fuck me before I left. I thought to myself, maybe I’ll tease them for awhile and then let them both fuck me one more time right before I leave… and what would Emily say if she found out that I fucked her husband and both her sons?! She’ll be watching me fuck her husband tomorrow night, so I knew that was fine… but how would she handle knowing I fucked the cocks of her porn addicted sons? Hopefully I’d never find out, but knowing I was being such a dirty whore made me smile as I drifted off to sleep.

I don’t know how long I was asleep, but I must have been sleeping heavy… because when I woke up I realized I was being fucked again from behind. I was under the blankets, and who ever was fucking me was under them a well… I tried to look back to see who it was, but he held my head just as I started to turn it. It didn’t feel like Connor, so I suspected it was Craig. I was honestly a little upset, despite being turned on… he didn’t ask, he wasn’t even nice about it… he just snuck into my bed and started fucking me.

I decided to just play along and let him finish, but I knew in the morning I’d have to address it with the boys… it had got out of hand to quickly, and I knew I needed to put a stop to things… but at the same time I started to really enjoy being used… knowing how much I turned them on, and how they would peep on me in the bathtub… and hearing them talk to each other about how they wanted to fuck me (when they thought I couldn’t hear them)… and now they had both fucked me, and I had no doubt they would continue to keep fucking me unless I put an end to things… but maybe I didn’t want to end things… maybe I wanted to see just how far things would go…

As I was pondering the possibilities, I was startled to see a light come on from outside my room. Craig hadn’t even bothered to close the door, and a quick look at the clock by the bed confirmed it was most likely Emily. I put my hand on his hip to stop his motion as I whispered “shhh… your mom’s awake”, as I legitimately worried she could catch me with her son’s cock inside of me. Craig stopped for about 20 seconds with his cock fully inside of me, and then slowly pulled back, and slowly pushed forward inside of me again. I kept my eyes locked on the open door, wondering if she might look in. I scooted back on the bed, pining Craig up against the wall, so that if Emily did look in I’d look alone in the middle of the bed. Craig didn’t have much room to pull back, but he still gave little thrusts while I bit my lip to stay quiet.

I knew he was under the blanket behind me on his side, so he wouldn’t be to obvious if she looked in… it would just look like a bunch of blanket bundled up behind me. I saw her walk past in her robe drinking coffee, and I started to panic… maybe she’d understand, but I didn’t want to find out in case she didn’t. As quietly as I could, I told him “put a pillow over your head so she can’t see you”. He merely replied “ok” as he lifted a pillow up and I felt it placed behind my head… I couldn’t see him, but I figured that he should be covered enough just in case Emily walked in…. that was the last thought I had before seeing her at the door looking in toward me.

I was worried she could see something was amiss, so I softly said in a sleepy voice “good morning”. She smiled and said “I couldn’t see you, but I noticed the door was open”. Craig was motionless with his cock still buried deep inside me as his mom walked closer toward us. She handed me my phone while saying “you left this in the living room… can you send me the video you took last night of Scott fucking me?… I can’t stop thinking about it”. My heart jumped as she said that, as I knew Craig now knew about Scott and his mom… and I could feel Craig’s cock slowly press harder against me as he remained fully buried in my pussy. “Of course” I replied, while trying to ignore Craig’s cock slowly grinding inside of me. Emily opened her robe and said “I don’t know if you can see me very well, I can barely see you in the dark and without my contacts in… but, Scott fucked me so hard that it left a couple little bruises right here… and here” as she pointed toward a couple of little marks around her pussy.

I could see her clearly… I guess the light from outside the room illuminated her well while keeping me in the dark. It made me feel better knowing she couldn’t see me very well though, and lessened the odds of her discovering Craig currently fucking me. I felt him start to give little fast thrusts, barely pulling back at all… not that he could pull back much due to him being pressed against the wall. I realized though that Emily was now completely exposed, and I had a good idea that Craig had the same view I did. Emily had no idea that she was literally showing her pussy to Craig, with her tits exposed, all while he was fucking me… more than likely losing his virginity.

I was unsure how to react… what could I do anyway? Emily spoke up and said “can you see them?” as she used her phone to illuminate her pussy. I felt Craig push my lower body to the other side of the bed to get more room to fuck me with… I let him have a little more, but not to much… I didn’t want to worry about him being noticeable by moving to much or making noise. I told Emily “yeah, they don’t stand out too much unless you’re looking for them”. Emily giggled and said “if Bruce asks, I’m telling him you did it to me” as she put her phone away. I was having a hard time focusing with everything, as Craig was now slowly stroking inside of me while his naked mother stood in front of me talking. Emily added “of course he’s probably going to be to focused on fucking you to even notice me” as she giggled. I giggled as I replied “I’m looking forward to it” as I pressed against Craig to prevent him from causing obvious motions.

Emily said “I’m running behind, I need to get dressed and take off…” as she tied her robe. She added “I’ll let you get back to sleep… see you tonight!” as she walked out the door, closing it this time… and Craig wasted no time to start building up his pace, actively fucking me again. After about a minute, Craig got on top of me and started fucking me again as he said “I knew mom was a slut… just like you”. I didn’t say anything, I just opened my legs wider to give him more access to my cunt. Craig pulled my left leg up toward my chest while fucking me and said “I saw the videos of Scott fucking mom… dad doesn’t know, does he?”. I looked into his eyes as he penetrated me, and asked “where did you see videos?”. Craig just smiled back at me and said “on your phone… I looked at it after you went to sleep… I saw you fucked dad and Scott already too… and mom”.

I was shocked… I hadn’t expected that, and it was obvious he knew everything. It’s probably why he got so brave to just come in my room and start fucking me… he knew if I told him no, he would just blackmail me. I looked into his eyes and said “you’re fucking me so good… I’m a slut, I can’t help it… but you can’t tell anyone else about any of that…. it would ruin your parents marriage… you promise?”. He smiled back at me, knowing he had the upper hand, as he continued to penetrate me, and said “I’m sure we can work something out”. It dawned on me all the things he probably saw on my phone… the pictures and videos of myself and his mother, the messages sent with his father, Scott, and many guys I had fucked in the past, the dating apps, ect… I knew that there was no telling him “no” anymore. Something about that actually really turned me on…

I wrapped my legs around him and kissed him… our tongues danced as he continued to fuck me. I looked into his eyes and said “as long as you keep things between us… no telling anyone what you saw on my phone… I’ll let you look at me naked… and fuck me whenever you want… would you like that?”. Craig just nodded as he picked up his pace, and then said “I’m going to cum”. I bit my lip and said “do you want to cum inside of my pussy?… Do you like my body?… Do you like using it?”. Craig once again nodded as he looked down at my tits bouncing under him, and then started ramming me hard. The fucking sounds started getting loud, but I knew that Emily was gone for sure by that point as his hips smacked against my thighs.

I grabbed his head and pulled it back toward my face, and whispered “did you like seeing my pictures and videos on my phone?… did it turn you on seeing how much of a slut I am… seeing how much of a slut your mom is too?”. Craig just moaned as he started to slow down a bit… I think trying not to cum just yet. I continued to whisper in his ear “tonight I’m going to let your dad fuck me while I eat your mom’s pussy… you see Scott fuck her pussy on video, right?… did you see it earlier when she was showing me her bruises?”. With that, Craig started fucking me quickly and grunted as he shot his load in me, as I moaned in his ear.

I knew that it was going to be a day full of the boys using me, followed by fun with their parents that evening, and I was exhausted. Craig rolled off of me, and we laid next to each other as he caught his breath. I said “I’m yours to use when you want, but I really need some sleep right now”. Craig smiled and said “that’s cool… I’m going to sleep here next to you in case I wake up ready to fuck again”. I didn’t really want that, but at that point it was really out of my hands. I just said “ok” as I turned around and he spooned me while groping my breast as I drifted off to sleep.

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