Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 10

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My Sex Life Just Gets Better

Hi, my name is Mike. I’m now living in retirement at the age of 72. Throughout my life I have had the most outstanding sex with some of the finest young girls, women and older ladies that any man could want. This is the continuing chaptered story on how I play the sex game with these many wonderful women throughout my life.

These sex escapades are all very true as I actually experienced them. Of course going back as far as almost 60 years, I have taken some liberty in telling exactly what people said to each other. However, overall, the facts of my deeds back then are as true as I can remember them.

This is chapter 10 the tale where I tell all on how I had great sex. If you have not done so already, please read chapter 1 through 9 before you start reading this chapter. Please enjoy!


After dinner and dancing at the steak house/nightclub, I had to take June back to get her car. We both started back to our own homes and beds. While driving back to my place alone, I thought of what a wonderful day it had been and how content I felt.

I was sure that I had impressed June with my love-making techniques. I just could not get over how good that girl made my cock feel with her talented mouth, her super hot cunt, and that new-to-me trick where she poked a finger up my asshole and massaged my prostate.

I hoped that this ravishing beauty of a secretary was being sincere when she said that I was never going to get rid of her. I wondered to myself if it was too early to give her a big pay increase.

We both took the next day off, as I said we should. Besides, this was Wednesday, the day I was to fly out of town to the jobsite in Los Angeles. My company was doing the engineering on a new milk and ice cream processing and manufacturing facility there on the west coast.

So I left about four o’clock in the afternoon that day and was gone for the following two days. Finally, I was to take the red eye flight from LA on Friday evening to get home. I did not get back until two o’clock Saturday morning.

I was super horny the whole time I was on the west cost. I talked to June both days that I was in LA and we flirted big time on the telephone.

Thursday night, when I called her at home, she told me that she was so horny that she was lying in her bed waiting for me to call. She said, “Oh Michael, I am stark naked and fingering my pussy right now. I am masturbating and thinking of you and that big meat of yours.”

“My cunt feels so good when I am sticking my biggest dildo in it. I am using my eight-incher with the vibrator on high. Oh baby, it feels so good. But it’s not as good as your real one shoved up me, but still sweetie, as you are not here it will have to do.”

Then she said, “Oh darling, I am so hot for you. Now I’m rubbing my big nipples; they are so hard. Gosh I wish you were here doing this to me.

“Michael I am getting you hot and aroused, too? Do you like me to talk dirty to you over the telephone long distance?”

I was lying on my hotel bed almost naked too. I had on only my underwear shorts. I could hear the soft hum of her vibrator doing its job up her super cunt. My vision of her lying out all naked on her back ramming that big artificial cock up her wet and flowing cunt was all too much for me to just let it pass.

So I pulled off my boxers and started to jack off my cock. I told her this. I told June, “Oh baby I am getting so hard. My erection has swelled up to my fullness so fast hearing your vibrator. I am just gushing pre-cum out my dick head.”

I needed more lubrication so I spit out a big gob of saliva on my hand and kept pumping. It felt so good when I smeared this gooey mess up and down on my big, purple-headed cock. I told her, “Oh darling my hard cock feels so good with all my spittle on it. Oh babe it is so very slippery now.”

She said, “Now that your wonderful fuck-monster is all hard, this will make you even hotter. Mike, listen how juicy my pussy is getting.” June said, “Here, I will put the phone down between my legs so you can listen to what you are missing.”

I could hear the hum of vibrating dildo and the swish, swish of it’s in out movement in my ear and it made my imagination run wild. I had visions in my mind of her pussy running over with her delightful pussy juices.

Then I heard her say, “Ohhhh baby, I cumming, I cumming, ohhhhh my god it feels so good, ohhhhhhhhh!” Then her voice died off and the only thing I could hear was her panting in the phone receiver. Finally, I heard her say, “Darling, has that big beautiful prick of yours cum yet?”

“No,” I told her, “but I am so very close.”

Then June said, “Oh honey, cum. Shoot out that beautiful cum that you have so much of. Shoot it out on your chest and stomach. Oh baby, squeeze yourself really hard like my pussy would do to you if I were there and you had your cock in me now.”

I squeezed hard. That and her voice begging me to cum put me into my first seks hikayeleri twitches of a powerful climax. I told her, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I yelled into the phone, “Oh baby doll, it feels so good, so very good.”

After I calmed down from my climax, I then told her, “I really have made a mess here on myself and all over my bed sheet. I am going to have to call house keeping for clean ones.”

Over the phone, she replied, “Michael, it’s too bad that I’m not there to lick you clean. But Michael, you like to eat your cum too, so just scoop up your good-tasting, white, goopy stuff, dear, and swallow it so you will not have to call anybody.

“Besides, I do not want you displaying all your naked charms to some cute hotel maid.” Then June said, “I know that any night maid would fall captive to your super cock and she’d want to blow you off again.

“Oh Michael, how I wish I was there now to suck you hard again. Oh honey, please come home. It is hard waiting for you. Please get home sweetheart, so I can get my mouth over your glorious cock again.”

She knew that I was taking the red eye flight back home the next night. She wanted me to come right over to her apartment when I got in at two a.m. on Saturday and fuck her. But I said I would need my sleep when I got back, and besides, I had something to do in the office Saturday morning.

So I told her, “June why don’t you come in about ten on Saturday morning? We can romp around and do our fucking there in my office.”

She said, “I will be there, for sure, but I do not want you to do much work, because I have a very large and enjoyable task to perform on you.” June said then, “Next time when I see you, I am going to attack you, and rip all your clothes off, and free up that beautiful, hard thing between your legs.”

I went to sleep in my hotel room wondering why that new French Concord supersonic jet didn’t fly between L A and Minneapolis. I would get home at supersonic speeds, so June could give me a cock sucking that much sooner.

Well, I got home in the wee hours of the morning on the slower 747 jet. When I got up about nine a.m., I ate quickly and did my four-mile run to the office. When I got to the office, I saw June’s car was in the parking lot with a couple of others.

I went into the outer office and I found a couple of my employees already working on the LA project changes I had called back in to the office on Friday afternoon. I said good morning to them and we discussed the work they were doing.

I then went on to my office area, where I notice that June was not at her desk. I tried to go in to my office and found the door was locked.

I rapped softly on the closed door, knowing that calling out for June would not work because of the soundproofing. She unlocked the door, opened it just a crack, and said, “Mike, is that you?”

I said, “Yeah, what is all the secrecy for?”

She opened the door just enough to let me in and stood behind the door panel shielding her from the outer office. I entered and glanced behind the door. She was standing there in all her gorgeous nakedness — not a stitch on her spectacular body.

She had her hands on her hips and was grinning with those big, beautiful dimples like a seductive cat, ready to pounce on its prey. She said, “Welcome home, Mr. Big. It’s about time you got to the office. Now get your clothes off. Let me get at that big, beautiful muscle that you have between your legs.”

I stood there big-eyed, looking her up and down. I still had not gotten used to the idea that this ravishing, beautiful woman had not been taken by another man. She was so perfect and pleasing to look at.

I noticed that her pussy was dripping as some of her womanly fluids were running down the insides of her legs. I took her in my arms and kissed her very hard with an open mouth and my tongue. I mumbled in her ear, “Oh how I have missed you, you delightful sex machine, you.” Then I kissed her again very deeply with my tongue probing her mouth.

She returned my kiss with her own mouth winding her playful tongue around mine. We stood there in a passionate lip lock with our tongues doing a seductive dance in one another’s mouth.

June broke our kissing and embrace and said, “I woke up early this morning and I just couldn’t wait, so I came down to the office early. I got so hot and horny anticipating your arrival, that I came into your office, locked the door, and stripped out of my clothes. I sat here in your big chair, put my feet up on your desk, spread my legs apart, and played with my pussy. Oh lover, I have got a head start on you already, because I have already jilled myself off two times.

“Oh, I have been waiting for you, my love” she said. “Hurry up, baby. Take off your sweat suit and get naked.”

I said, “I should go take shower, as I am all sweaty from my morning run to the office.”

She sniffed me and said, “Oh no, don’t shower. Your strong, musky smell is so sweet.”

June raised my arm, took a whiff in my arm pit and then stuck out her tongue and had a lick up under my arm in the hair of my arm pit. And then she said, “Oh honey, that manly, sweaty smell under your arms makes me even hotter for you. Beside, you are one of the cleanest men I have ever known; you take so many showers. I’m not so sure that you don’t just want to go in there so you can just play with yourself and jack off and waste all that very tasty, sweet cum of yours.”

I started to undress, and wasted no time in stripping off my running pants and sweatshirt. As per usual, I had not worn any underwear under my running suit. I only had a jock strap on. I stood before her now with only my jock strap on.

She looked at my six foot two inch high, almost naked frame, eyeing me from my toes to my head. June said, “My god, Michael, you look so stunning and are so handsome standing there all in your naked glory. That bulging, full jock strap pouch is so hot on you. You look like a Greek god with your curly head of hair and also on your chest.”

June reached out, cupped my balls and cock in their elastic pouch, and hefted them up and down. She ran her other hand over my tight abs and then went to my chest and stared to pinch my nipples. She got closer to me and smelled my sweaty body. She said, “My, you smell strong, but that musky aroma is so sexy. I love the way you smell.”

She licked my chest and my nipples. Then she raised my arms licked up under both armpits and back to my nipples, all the time shaking my nut sack up and down. She took my left nipple into her mouth and bit down hard on it with her teeth. I yelped out loud and she snickered in a sadistic way.

My cock was growing and would not stay in the confines of my jock strap any longer. She dropped to her knees, hooked her thumps into the jock strap’s elastic belt, and pulled it down and off my body. Her face was so close to me that my cock sprang up and hit her on the chin.

She immediately put her mouth over the end of my now hardening prick and licked my oozing pre-cum. She started to pump my shaft as it became harder in her hand. She took her mouth off my cock end and pressed it up hard against my belly. Then she bent low and took each one of my nuts into her mouth. She rolled them around in her mouth, sucked, and pulled on them. She moved back to suck on the end of my now very hard cock.

In all the years we have been together, June never tried to deep throat me. She has always concentrated her mouth on my cock end and its big, circumcised head. And that is just fine with me as the feeling and pleasure giving nerve endings are 98 percent in the end of a man’s pecker.

Then I have had women who took me deep into their throat, way down to their larynx and that’s alright too, as their throat mussels tightening down on my cock head feels good.

Back to June with her mouth on my cock in my office that Saturday morning. She started to lightly bite and put pressure on the under side of my shaft, behind the head, on my frenulum spot. I was getting close and I told her that I was about to cum.

She took her mouth off me and said, “Good, I have waited four days for a mouth full of your good tasting cum. Go ahead and give it to me, baby.” June went back to my cock head with renewed enthusiasm. I felt my cum leave my balls and start up my shaft.

I screamed, “Here it comes baby! Oh fuck yes, yes, I am cumming, ohhhhh my god, ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I erupted in her mouth with so much cum this time that she could not or would not swallow it all. My cum was spilling out of the corners of her mouth and running down on her chin. She pulled her mouth off my cock.

She stood up, and came right up to my face and held her mouth open. She still had not swallowed and I could see her mouth was full of my ejected, white creamy, bubbly and foaming cum. She then gave me an opened mouth kiss and pushed my spent cum into my mouth with her tongue.

I thought that her giving me this snowball kiss was the sexiest thing for her to do to me. I swallowed my own cum down my throat, and I smacked my lips greedily. Then with my own tongue I cleaned her mouth of my residual cum.

Eating my own semen had always been a favorite thing of mine. Of course, I had never tasted another man’s cum but mine was so delicious. This time when June gave my man juice back to me, it had the familiar taste of sweet citrus, kind of like tangerines with a slightly salty flavor added in. I had always credited this to the fact that I just loved orange juice and drank at least a quart a day since boyhood. But who knows.

After I had cleaned out her mouth and had my breath back, I took June in both hands, cradling the sides of her face, and licked and cleaned her mouth and chin with one, then two, French kisses.

All the time June stood there with her eyes closed and just keep saying, “Oh Michael, I love you, I love you, I do so truly love you!”

I had been so horny for the last three days that I did not loose my erection, even after the gloriously hard climax June had just given me. It was as if I was eighteen years old again and not my thirty-three years. So I pushed her down onto the couch, grabbed her long legs, and pulled her butt up in the air throwing her legs over my shoulder. This brought her bright red hair-capped cunt right in line with my still hard cock.

Her pussy was running and oozing her juices. It was primed, lubricated, and ready for my hard cock. June said, “Remember your size, Michael. Don’t hurt me. Go slow, baby, so I can adjust to the largeness.”

I said, “Be still, girl. I have been dealing with little, tight pussies like yours for years now with few complaints.”

June pulled her blood filled, aroused labia lips apart with her fingers and said, “Oh honey, please stick your big cock in me now. Please go slow dear so I will stretch to fit you.”

I said, as I leaned over her cute butt and cunt, “Yes dear, I always do what a ravishing woman tells me to do,” and I pushed with my butt to slowly enter her vagina.

I stopped with only two inches in her and let her adjust to me. With her legs behind me, her heels locked together behind my head, and one of my hands under her buttocks, she was held in place as my cock slowly went in her love channel.

Meanwhile with my free hand, I reached up and started to fondle her puffy nippled tits, rolling her nipples between my thumb and fingers. They immediately exploded out to their full size and hardness and she started to moan and toss her head from side to side.

I pushed in a couple more inches and stopped once again. She growled out little animalistic sounds and I shoved my cock in some more until it was about halfway in her.

Then June said, “I can’t stand it, you are making me so hot, to hell with my adjusting, shove that big prick all the way in me, now!” She reached up and pulled down hard on my hips. She pulled so hard that my cock disappeared deep into her willing vagina. I went all the way to my nut sack with great force. So much for me taking it easy on her, I thought. When I hit bottom, she groaned and uttered a large grunt.

June exclaimed, “Ohhhhh you are in me so far, it feels so good, I can feel you all the way up into my uterus, you have me so full, now fuck me hard and fast, Michael my love!”

“You really want it hard?” I asked. “You really want me to ram it into you hard?”

“Yes, oh yes, Michael! Jam it into me! Be mean! Give it to me really fast and hard!”

“Ok, Babe, hard is what you are going to get then,” I replied.

I put my arms over her legs and brought them to my shoulders to hold her steady so she could not fall away. Then I pulled almost out of her and rapidly plunged my cock down into her again with a hard forward thrust. I did this repeatedly, again and again. Each time when I hit bottom, her aroused clitoris, full of her blood, slammed up against my pubic bone. At the end of each down stroke, she would grunt and scream out her pleasure and say, “Oh yes do that again, do it, it feels so good, don’t stop!”

I bent down, took a hold of one of her flopping tits in both of my hands, and started to pull and pinch her nipples. She was making incoherent animal sounds now and rolling her head harder from side to side. I was ramming my cock like a jackhammer in and out of her wet, runny pussy with all the force I could muster. I pinched her nipples really hard and saw her eyes roll back as she started the beginning of a climax.

June was really cumming hard and she screamed out, “I am cumming, oh fuck me, fuckkkkkk meeeee, oh goddddd, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh, I am cumming so hardddddd, oh fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkkkk my pussyyyyyyyyy!”

Then this oh-so-beautiful sex goddess of mine started squirting her womanly ejaculation fluid out her cunt and around my cock which was deep in her female tunnel hole. It did not do a very good job of plugging it as sprayed out and wet us both down.

When her climax started, she involuntarily tightened her PC muscles. June gripped my cock with her vaginal walls. When her cunt walls grabbed a hold of my cock, it was too much for me and I started into my climax, too. I went one last thrust into the bottom of her tight, hot love hole and stopped my in and out motion. I was buried as deep in her cock-hungry cunt as far as I could go.

I just stood there with her crotch pulled up to my groin in total and extreme blissfulness, feeling my climax wash over me. Again and again, I flexed down hard on my groin muscles to keep shooting out my cum. I could feel my jism pumping out of my cock and deep into her vagina. God, a climax is the most wonderful thing.

I could feel her pussy gripping and releasing my cock as she continued in her extra long climax. She was almost passed out in her pleasure, making groaning noises. And then she started into a second climax followed several seconds later by yet a third strong orgasm.

She went on and on deep in her long drawn out climaxes and having the great joy of a multiple orgasm. I watched her thrash her head back and forth and thought to myself that we men had been so cheated by nature not to be able to cum more than once back to back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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