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The day was clear, the weather wonderful and I was going to finally dive the Great Barrier Reef for the first time. I’d been in Australia for a few days and finally gotten a little acclimatized to the time change. Being 12 hours out of sync with the world is hard, but this was the right way for me as I’m a night gal. I love to stay up late.

I laid my bag down on the dock and looked around at the boat. Nice, seaworthy, well kept, shipshape. You can tell a lot about a dive operation by the boat and how it’s maintained. This one was really nice, a little older, but in perfect shape. The tanks looked like they were used but were in good condition. There were several couples and a number of men. No single women, so I guessed I’d have to buddy with a man. I would have much preferred a woman.

Several of the men were looking me over. I stand 5′ 10″ and am slender, blonde and have nice breasts I’ve been told. I slipped out of my coverup and several more heads turned my way. My modest bikini showed off my body without being daring. Oh, well, I guessed I’d have to bear up and have a male buddy.

For those not in the know, every scuba diver ALWAYS has a buddy. It’s a good rule in case you get in trouble. You never dive without someone with you. Too many things can go wrong when you are 40 – 60 feet underwater. It can mean the difference between life and death. I’ve never needed one, but have been on trips where having a buddy meant the difference between someone came up scared, rather than dead.

I looked down the dock again and my heart did a little skip. She came down the dock, carrying her dive bag over her shoulder, a lovely small blonde woman, in a very stylish coverup. Mnnn, I hoped there was no man following after her.

I guessed she was around 5′ 5″ and just a little over 120 pounds well put together. As she walked her breasts bounced delightfully. She appeared to be having no trouble with her large dive bag and I could see the muscles move beneath her tanned skin. Damn, a really nice package. Short blonde hair was cut in a very fashionable style. This lady had class with a capitol C.

She came to the boat and set her bag down and looked around. She said “Hi” to several around and they called her by name. Karen. Nice name.

She looked at me, and smiled, a lovely captivating smile. She had an oval face with good bone structure. I really liked the total, sexy package.

“Hi, I’m Karin, with an I,” she said smiling at me. I smiled back. “Want to be my partner?” She asked. She leaned closer, and dropped her voice a little, “I’d rather buddy with another woman, but don’t tell these macho guys that! It would hurt their feelings!”

I loved her accent and immediately knew she was a native Aussie. I had found them to be friendly to a fault, and absolutely loved the accent. I smiled back at her, she said later, my face lit up when I talked to her. “Well Karin with an I, I’d love to. I’m Tina with an I too. As you might have guessed, I’m from the States. I would love to buddy with you.”

She slipped off her coverup, folded it and put it in a separate bag. Bending over to stow it away, gave me a good view of her superb breasts, now barely covered by her stylish bikini. It wasn’t cut low, but her full breasts filled the cups delightfully. Not quite a D cup, probably a full C cup. I seem to always notice that in another women. She caught me looking and smiled. I probably flushed a little. The deep cleavage looked inviting.

We got our gear stowed; the boat soon slipped her lines and headed out to the reef. Karin with an I, and I talked going out. I couldn’t help liking her. She was a lovely person and I noticed her blue-green eyes kept going to my breasts as I moved, and lower to inspect my thighs and the line of my pussy. I keep my pussy bare, and as we sat, my bikini bottom managed to pull up just a little and delineate my pussy very explicitly. I couldn’t help but notice hers was doing the same thing and my clit got a little hard when I noticed the line of her pussy well shown by her bikini bottom. Damn what a sexy lady!

As we got out further, we donned our wet suits, helping each other into them. We both managed to touch the other several times while we slipping into them. Accidental? Not on my part, maybe on hers. When the boat dropped anchor we had only to slip on our tanks and we were both ready. We gave each other one final inspection and dropped into the clear wonderful water. The visibility was over 100 feet and the reef was incredible. Exotic tropical fish were everywhere.

Karin led as she had been on the reef many times and showed me the wonders of “her” reef. She swam with the grace of a mermaid and I kept looking at her rubber-covered crotch and wondering if she liked women the way I did. We held hands some of the time and I liked that. We wore gloves, but the fact that we were holding hands was nice.

The time went too fast and our air pressures dropped. We went topside and rested a little, drank some liquids to keep from dehydrating. The air from the Sincan Escort tanks has no moisture in it, and sucks the moisture from your lungs. Karin was a delight to talk to. We sat on the stern and were the only ones back there. She has a wonderful sense of humor and with her Aussie accent, had me in stitches. She loved my Southern drawn too. I was the first American she had ever met from the Deep South.

She looked at me. “I keep getting some very intimate looks from you. I hope you won’t be offended by the question but, – do you like woman?” Her lovely greenish eyes sparkled, had they been blue-green earlier?

“No, you didn’t offend me.” I laughed. “Yes, I’ve been looking at you and wondering the same thing. I do like women. I’m married and consider myself bi. My husband knows and thinks it’s great. I don’t fool around with men. I tell him all the intimate details of my lovemaking with the women and it gets us both hot.”

“Mnn, I like that. Thank you for being so frank with me. I’m married and bi also. My husband’s doesn’t know, or approve. We had a woman friend who left her husband and ran off with her girlfriend. He’s afraid I’ll do the same thing. I enjoy being with a woman and he can’t understand that.” She said laying her hand on mine.

I turned my hand over and held hers. It was cool from the water and holding a cold soft drink. I didn’t care. I wanted this small sexy lady. We talked for a while then donned our gear, and went down for our second dive. She led again and we looked around and there were no other divers in sight. She pointed to her mask and slipped it off. I thought I knew what she wanted and slipped my mine off to. This is something you learn early in your scuba diving lessons, how to take your mask off and your mouthpiece out underwater.

She pulled me close and pulled her mouthpiece out and I did the same. We kissed 6o feet down in the clear, cool water. Her lips were cold and mine were too, but that didn’t bother us. We slid out our tongues and our mouths opened and met and twined. For you uninitiated, yes it can be done. It’s a trick you learn.

I had never kissed like this before and found it was wonderful. I felt a slight pressure at my crotch and put my hand down and found her hand cupping it. I laid my hand over hers and pressed encouraging her. Her tongue was hot and skilled and she really knew how to use it. The kiss went on till we ran out of breath and had to put out mouth pieces back in. We donned our facemasks, purged them and gave each other the OK sign. I could see her lovely eyes squint and knew she was smiling around the mouthpiece the same as I was.

I pulled her to me and hugged her. There is almost no actual physical contact when you are wearing all the gear, and wet suits, but we both enjoyed the thought behind it. Releasing me, she turned a little flip in the water and rolled like a seal having a good time in the water. I laughed so hard I almost lost my mouthpiece and did a little roll myself. We swam playing tag and doing acrobatics under the blue sparkling Australian waters. We explored the reef together till our air pressure dropped to the safe limits. We went up in stages looking at our dive computers to make sure we didn’t get the “bends.”

On the way back in we stowed our gear. I wondered how we were going to get together. She solved it. “Would you like to come to my house and have dinner? My husband is out of town on business. I just happen to have two tender steaks marinating and we can grill them. I really would love for you to come – an Aussie welcome. A home cooked dinner instead of the hotel fare?” She said laying her hand on my thigh and squeezing it slightly.

I covered her hand with mine and pressed it against my thigh. “God, yes. I was wondering how I could, would get to see you more. Of course, the food is wonderful in the hotel, but I’m ready for a good home cooked meal and perhaps a delightful desert “Aussie” style after.” I said leaning close to her.

She laughed out loud, a delightful full throaty laugh. Some of the men looked over at us and smiled, wondering what the joke was. If they only knew!

Soon, I was following her car in my rental, as she led me to her home. She took me to a beautiful neighborhood full of obviously expensive large houses. I was impressed when we pulled into the driveway of her large stately home. She asked me to get my scuba gear and we’d wash it off.

She led me around the back and we laid our gear out on the concrete beside a large swimming pool. We both slipped out of our cover-ups and laid them aside while we hosed off our equipment and wet suits. We washed the salt water off of our gear, and laid it out to dry, a necessary step to keep down corrosion.

She led me inside after first disarming the alarm system. The house was as impressive inside as it was outside. We were barely inside the door when she turned and pulled me into her arms. I was startled by her urgency at first, but my passion soared as her sweet Etlik Escort small body pressed against mine. Her mouth strained upward to mine, and her tongue slid out to slip inside mine. God, she was hot, and I quickly became hot too. She is one of the most passionate and skilled kissers I have ever had the pleasure to be with.

Her hips thrust against mine and I put a hand on her small ass and pulled her hard against me. Our hips thrust and pressed. I could feel her pubic mound grind against my thigh. Before I knew that had happened my bikini top was off and her mouth was on my nipple sucking it. God, I cried out it felt so good. My nipples were still taut and cold from diving, and stood out hard and firm. She sucked and sucked on them, going from one to the other. Her lips were hot and her tongue flicked across them.

I couldn’t stand it another moment, and unfastened her top and pulled it off of her breasts. Her breasts were superb, full and lovely. Her nipples were also erect and hard. I bent and kissed one then the other then sucked them hard. I could still taste the salt from the ocean water on them. She took one of my nipples and pulled it sharply. I nipped her nipple knowing instinctively she loved a little pain. She gasped and then moaned.

“Oh, god, I want you here, now!” She cried out. She almost dragged me over to the fireplace where there was a deep, deep soft rug. She lay back and pulled me down beside her. I lay down and was instantly enveloped by her. Her mouth came down on mine, her hands went to my breasts, fondling and stroking. I began to stroke her cool skin.

It takes a while before the body recovers from a dive and our skins were still cool, but our passions were red-hot. We squirmed and thrust together. I caught the ties of her bikini bottom and pulled it loose. I unfastened the other side and pulled it off. I looked down and gasped. Her lovely crotch was bare, shaved clean. Beautiful, so lovely! I laid my hand on her squirming body and cupped her mound and slipped a finger inside her slippery pussy. She cried out and bit my tongue.

“Ohh, yes, fuck my pussy.” She cried out. I slid my finger deep as I could inside her, and then drew it upward to stroke her clit with the wet finger. She screamed this time. Her clit was hard and erect, I stroked it over and over and she screamed out again and her body thrust upward and she exploded. I couldn’t believe she had cum so quickly, but there was no denying her explosive climax.

Her hips shot up toward my hand and her fingers dug into my back. Her pussy almost gushed fluids out onto my hand. I ran it up and down her pussy, fucking it into her, then up to stroke her clit again and again. I think she came twice, but I was not sure. Her movements were so frantic and intense it may have been one long climax. She was a small bundle, not of dynamite, but TNT. She was frantic and so hot. Finally she pushed my hand away and lay gasping for breath.

When she could talk, she kissed me and began to laugh, “God, Tina, I’m some hostess. I didn’t let my guest cum before I did. You made me so very hot, I couldn’t help it. Sorry!”

I leaned over and kissed her. “That’s fine, I loved it. You are such a beautiful little package of TNT; it’s a wonder you didn’t explode sooner. I understand, I really do.”

We lay kissing for a few minutes as she caught her breath and calmed down. Her tongue explored my mouth and set me on fire. God, she was a wonderful French kisser. Her hands cupped my breasts and kneaded them expertly. She slid over me and lay atop me. I spread my thighs apart and she moved between them wiggling her body against mine. She moved down to kiss my breasts and nip my nipples.

Her hips pressed against mine and her pussy pushed against mine. Her bare mound wiggled against mine and pushed my lips wide to burrow between them delightfully. She rocked her hips making her pussy lips slide up and down my slick flesh. I was so very wet. It felt so wonderful. I remembered the term from nursing school as frottage, why I thought about it at this time I never knew. The movement was so very delightful. Her pussy lips moved on either side of my clit stimulating it. I could feel her firm clit pressing against mine once in a while. She kissed and licked my nipples, making them stand out impossibly long. She nipped them and pulled holding my nipple between her teeth till is slipped out from between them. I loved the sharp wonderful hurt she gave me over and over. My fingers ran through her soft blonde hair.

When she had teased my nipples for a long time she kissed her way downward. She licked my skin and kissed it, leaving a wet trail downward. Her tongue slid into my navel and she sucked on it then looked upward at me with a devilish smile on her face as if to say ‘just you wait till I get to your pussy.’

Her small body wiggled against my spread pussy and I knew it was leaving trails of wetness on her body as she was leaving on mine. My thighs were spread wide. I pulled Çankaya Escort them upward toward my breasts opening myself fully to her. I wanted her to have access to every part of me.

“Mnnn, I love a bare pussy.” She said looking up a me as she moved further down to kiss my thighs and lick them. I squirmed as it tickled delightfully. She looked at my spread pussy. “You have he most beautiful pussy. So neat and wonderful looking. So pink and dripping wet.” She bent down a little and licked my pussy from bottom to the top. I shuddered as her knowing tongue laved my hot wetness. Her fingers played over my pussy and I felt a finger bush my anus.

Her tongue became pointed and slipped inside me and I cried out my pleasure. Her lips covered my spread pussy and sucked gently at first. Her educated tongue explored me inside as her lips sucked harder and harder. I cried out again as a well-lubricated finger slid into my ass. I love the feeling and she was an expert. She tongued me and sucked, her finger slipping deep in my ass. She moved her lips up a little and began to suck my swollen and aching clit. She replaced her tongue inside me with first one, then two fingers slipping deep inside me. Her fingers were in my ass and pussy while she sucked my clit expertly, tongue flicking my throbbing bud.

I began to cry out her name over and over as she drove me over the edge and I exploded. Her fingers in my pussy twisted and turned, drove in and out as did her finger in my ass. I can’t remember such an explosive climax as Karin drove me to. My hips shot upward lifting her small body with it, but she was tenacious and hung on, her mouth sucking and licking my exploding clit. It felt as if my body would burst into a million pieces as the small beauty expertly made love to my starved body.

My climax went on and on as she changed techniques rapidly, making me cum over and over. Her expert fingers would change directions and movements inside me and her lips and tongue played my clit as if it were a Stradivarius violin. Finally I could take no more and pushed at her head. She stopped her assault and slowly withdrew her fingers from my body, and kissed my pussy gently, licking my wet opening slowly, licking my wetness away.

She slid up beside me and stroked my face while I caught my breath. Her fingers played over my lips lightly and I smelled my juices on them. She pushed lightly and I sucked them into my mouth and licked my wetness from them. I love my own juices and sucked her fingers dry. She kissed me and slipped her tongue gently inside my mouth, not trying to arouse me. We kissed gently, her hand went to my breast cupping it and stroking it. Her touch was so wonderful.

“God, that was wonderful, you sweet little sex wonder! Damn, you are quite a lover. I haven’t been made love like that in a very long time, if ever that well. Thank you, Sweet Karin with an I.”

She laughed delightfully and kissed me over and over. She sat up. “Come on and lets take a shower together and save water. We’ll have more fun like that too. We need to wash this salt water off and I’ll guarantee you’ll love my shower.”

We picked up our discarded suits and she led the way to the bathroom. The bathroom was spacious and she opened the door and turned the water on. “Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly.”

“I really need to pee first,” I laughed, turning toward the toilet.

“Oh, no, not quite yet, Love. Come into the shower.” I hesitated. “Please?” She said pulling on my arm. I gave in.

She laughed and pulled me into the spacious shower. The shower had multiple heads and one of them had a head on a long flexible hose. I recognized the pulse head on it, one of my favorite masturbation toys at home.

She adjusted the temperature to as hot as we could stand it, and we luxuriated in the hot streams hitting us from several directions. . It quickly took the chill of the long dive from our bodies. Our hugs and lingering strokes on wet bodies raised other temperatures quickly. There is almost nothing I love more than the feel of a wet slick woman’s body against mine in the shower with the water streaming down on us. The multiple heads felt so sensual. We stood kissing, bodies pressing and tongues flicking and probing.

We were both a little breathless when we pulled apart and she took a bar of absolutely delicious smelling coconut oil soap and began to bathe me with it. It brought back memories of Tahiti. That was where I had first been introduced to the wonderful soap.

Her hands stroked me and washed me thoroughly. Her fingers slid into my pussy, and even into my ass again. I bent forward giving her full access to my intimate body parts. She kneeled down and washed my legs and feet then came up, nuzzled my pussy briefly, stood up, and handed me the soap. She turned around and snuggled back against me.

I took the soap and lathered her compact sweet body. I lathered her full breasts and loved the feel of them, lifting and stroking them for a very long time. Her nipples came alive again and jutted out once more, hard and erect. I slid a soapy finger down her sexy ass till I felt her puckered hole. She pushed back and bent forward. I lathered my hand again and slid a slick finger into her anus. She sighed and pushed back. I slid my finger as far into her small brown anus as I could, pumping it in and out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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