Sexy Shree

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Shree was introduced to me during a friend’s housewarming party. At first look she reminded me of Madhu Sapre, a beauty queen in her era with a toned body, curly hair and a similar dark skin tone.

As the party ended my friend asked me to stay back for a few more drinks. Helping him and his wife, me and Shree finished the housework.

As the night grew upon us the December chill increased. Shree had snuggled up to me and my friend decided to call it a day and the couple went to their bedroom. My friend’s wife gave a suggestive wink as she retired. We were discussing about how this 2 storied house was brought and how she helped the decorate it. It turned out that she was the interior decorator whom my friend had hired and over due course she had become a good friend of the couple.

Her only spot of bother was why did people held her skin color as a barrier. She pretty much opened up about her life; her work. How she was not getting Mr. Right and how does work not allow her to be a part of the party circuit to find someone. How her parents were unwilling to allow her work alone in Mumbai. But she had overcome all the problems and was now completely independent. Mutual admiration grew as Shree got to know how I became a self-made man despite coming from a rich family. We then retired to sleep in the spare bedrooms.

Though it was Sunday the following day I was up early by habit. I had finished with my daily workout routine and was preparing breakfast when the trio joined me. Post breakfast when I announced I was leaving, Shree asked me if I can drop her home. It turned out that she stayed a few buildings away from my home. On the way she asked if we can spend the day together and invited me for lunch. I readily obliged. I asked her to go home and I would join her post a bath and bring a few bottles of beer. She nodded in agreement.

I picked up a case of beer and headed to her home. Shree had just finished her bath and had a short robe on. She bahçeşehir escort was looking ravishing when she opened the door. Our eyes met and the reactions were instantaneous. I kept the beer on the table and gathered her in my arms. Our lips locked as Shree held me in a tight embrace. The tongues darting around our mouths, Shree was now tugging at my clothes and in a few seconds I was left standing with my underwear on. I turned Shree around and opened the knot of her robe. I let it fall to the ground and my body melted against the warm velvety skin. As I had imagined she was naked underneath. I began to kiss her on the nape of the neck and on the bare back. My fingers had already begun their dance and were cupping her firm breast. Shree’s nipples were now stiff and erect as she started to breathe hard. A moan escaped her lips as my fingers touched her clean shaven pussy lips.

She motioned me to move towards the bedroom. Not willing to let go of me though I carried her in with her arms encircled around my neck. I laid her on her back and dived into her honey pot. As I began to lick her clit; Shree screamed with pleasure and her juices began to flow like a river. I kept on lapping them up and my fingers snaked around her body gently massaging her. As I reached her breasts and began to pinch her nipples; Shree climaxed again and thrashed around wildly.

“Ashu, fuck me, please’.

“Stop licking me and plunge your hard rod into me”

Her body was wracked with pleasure and Shree was now trying to pull me on top of her.

As I went up, Shree turned me over and began guiding my erect tool into her pussy. I could sense her being in some pain as my dick pushed farther inside. Her vaginal walls gripped my tool and she took a couple of minutes to adjust to the intruder. I understood that she may not have had sex for a few months judging from her facial expressions.

With her palms bakırköy escort resting on my chest, Shree now began to ride me. She bent down and pushed her tongue inside my mouth and the duel being played below was reversed. Her pointed boobs were crushed between us and the arousal was further amplified by the long slow strokes she was using. Our bodies were wet with sweat even though it was a cold winter day. In a few minutes Shree was close to her orgasm when I turned her over. Withdrawing ever so slowly I could feel her cunt milk me.

“Ashu, please don’t tease me.”

“Fuck me harder and make me cum now”

“I want to feel your hot seed in my cunt, dot you dare stop now”

Her tight pussy was being rammed by me and I was a bit surprised myself on how did I last so long. Her fingers gripped my arms tight and she clamped my waist when she came with a loud moan. I could not hold on longer and emptied my entire load in her pussy.

I did not withdraw from her but rested on her in the same position. Our mixed juices began dribbling down her vagina as my cock softened. We lay there in a loving embrace when Shree said that it was almost 2 years since she last had sex. And today was something she wanted to do yesterday night at my friend’s house.

“Ashu today and every time we meet I want you to fuck my brains out.”

“I have been missing this for a long time now”

I kissed her back in agreement and both of us headed to the washroom.

We finished lunch with a couple of beers and Shree was horny once again.

With the clothes done away with Shree snuggled up to me and began to lick my semi flaccid dick. Occasionally running her wet tongue over the sac she made me erect again. I watched in fascination as my tool glistened with her saliva was disappearing in her warm mouth. I erupted in her mouth and though Shree tried to take the entire load some dribbled out. She başakşehir escort licked it off with a flourish. I pulled her to me and laid her across my thighs. I began to fondle her perky tits and pinching her nipples. Making slow circles with my palm I massaged her boobs. My tool was regaining its hardness and it was comfortably nestled in the small of her back.

Moans began escaping her mouth as my hands and fingers began to crush her boobs and nipples. Her own hand moved down and she began to play with her clit. Unable to control herself she climaxed in a couple of minutes and began to push me on my back. Assuming the reverse cow girl position, Shree began to grind her hot snatch on to my dick. I helped her lift herself up and guided myself into her wet cunt. Shree began to sway in in a gentle rocking motion as I continued to play with her nipples. Her cunt was still tight and the pussy walls created suction like a vacuum pump being used.

Shree’s juices were flowing like a torrential downpour; it surprised me to see how copiously she was coming. Despite the same I could feel the friction as she kept bobbing up and down on my prick. Even in the late December chill both of us were slick with sweat. The sweet smell combined with the musky odor of our juices had an intoxicating effect on us. I was amazed at the strength she possessed.

“Ashu you better stay hard, I am having a wonderful time, don’t let me down.”

She was panting and gasping for breath due to her own exertions but was not ready to slow the pace down. As my fingers played with her nipples, she began to moan loudly. Keeping my dick in her pussy she rotated positions to face me. Now each stroke was calculated effort. Rubbing her twin boobies on my face and slightly allowing the nipples to be grazed by my teeth, Shree was grinding her body against me. This was sending waves of pleasure in both of us. Sensing her getting tired I slowly reversed positions.

I pushed her on her back with her legs on my shoulders and back arched high. I began to pump her hard and felt my cock being milked by the hot and tight pussy. We both came together and I crushed Shree under my body weight. We lay there for a long time cuddled in each other’s embrace.

Freshning up we headed for dinner that night and finally parted with a promise to meet again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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