Sexy Teacher

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I turned and made my way down the hall, feeling warm all over. This morning when I came for my lecture, I had decided to dress sexy, wearing a skirt cut at a level nearly three inches above my knees. It was only when I noticed my young students glancing down at me during the lecture that I realised just how much of my legs was exposed. Somewhat I found their attention rather flattering and did nothing to adjust my skirt. To be admired by younger men was pleasing in a way I had not previously known. It was intensely flattering.

Later during the day, I stopped at the canteen. Most of the students usually met there for a snack. Ahead of me was a young guy who seemed very cute. I was aware of him looking sideways at me and again I felt flattered by the attention. He was much younger than me but as I looked at him I began to appreciate that he was handsome and good-looking.

He was Roshan. I had overheard my colleagues talk about him in the staffroom. He is believed to be quite a ladies’ man. It was exciting to be looked at in such a way and especially by a man who was not only younger but also obviously very experienced in the ways of the world.

I walked up to him and deliberately leaned against him as I reached for a pastry. My body rubbed against his arm, and he looked at me with surprise in his eyes.

After I collected my coffee, I proceeded to sit at an empty table close to where the other students had gathered. Every time I looked up, they were looking in my direction. Roshan was with them and it was him that interested me. I decided to see how much more of his attention I could get. I shifted my legs, crossing and uncrossing them always looking out of the corner of my eye for his reaction. Each time I uncrossed my legs two or three of the guys would steal a look at me, eyes focused at my lap. My nipples became erect instantly.

I parted my legs just a bit, pretending not to notice their reaction. One of the guys elbowed another then all of them turned their attention to my crotch. I purposely spread my legs further, and then quickly crossed my legs. They were all in a trance; they didn’t even notice that I was now looking directly at them. So I uncrossed my legs again this time sliding forward a bit in my chair causing my dress to ride up my thighs. My heart was pounding with excitement, as the young men continued to stare at me hoping that I would expose more flesh. Innocently I dropped my hand to my thigh and gently caressed my inner thigh. The guys were totally focused on my actions.

Then I teased some more, running my hand up my thigh, and continued to watch their reactions. I took my finger and slid it in under my dress; the excitement was driving me wild. The guys were practically drooling.

I pretended to be startled at my action and pulled the hem of my dress down covering myself quickly. I stood to gather my belongings feeling a bit flush, I turned my back to where Roshan then bent forward picking up my packages, making sure I held the position long enough. Then I grabbed my purse leaving my half ate pastry and headed out of the canteen. Walking past the students I looked over my shoulder and sure enough Roshan had his eyes fixed on me as I strolled by.

Later in the safety of my room, I tried to compose myself. My breathing was ragged and I was shaking. What had come over me? I was a teacher and married woman and had no right to flirt with my students. Yet this was more than I could cope with. Working all day with good looking young males and all the time feeling their stares on me was something that I found Ordu Escort hard to resist.

My husband was like me also a lecturer and we enjoyed a good relationship. Yet there seemed to be a physical awareness that was missing in my life, as though in some way my life was incomplete. I felt that the ongoing game I played with my students made my feel powerful, in control. In a way it convinced me that I was still young and desirable.

I decided to go to the bathroom to have a bath. Perhaps that would help calm my nerves.

Moments later as I walked into my room towards the bed, feeling refreshed. I was suddenly grabbed from behind as a hand covered my mouth. I would never forget the sensation as long as I live. I didn’t know what to do. In a hoarse whisper I was instructed not to yell or scream.

I knew I had to respond. My heart was pounding and I was finding it hard to breathe.

Slowly he took his hand off of my mouth and brought it to rest lightly upon my shoulders before I felt him slide lazily down the length of my arms. He touched my fingers briefly before placing his hands upon my hips. My body stiffened from fear. I knew instinctively who it was.

His hands continued to slide slowly from my hips to move over the outer line of my legs and eventually come to rest on my thigh.

“God! You’ve got beautiful legs,” he whispered.

All this while I had remained motionless not sure what I was supposed to do, and afraid to make any brusque movement that

might lead to dire consequences. I however started to realise that

his words and the gentle caress of his fingertips tracing faint

circular patterns against the rounded face of my thighs were

surprisingly not unpleasant.

With his lips, he touched the side of my head before drawing them slowly sideways until they reached the hollow in the middle of the back of my neck. It was a delightful sensation and one that suddenly sharpened in its intensity as I felt him kiss the nape of my neck.

Meanwhile he continued to move his hand from my hips and around my waist and then let it creep downwards until it lay flat against my tummy. Slowly his fingers started to move gently in a circular motion over the soft curves of my stomach.

The feel of his hands was enticing. An internal shiver ran through my abdomen. A faint gasp of surprised pleasure came from my mouth.

“That’s better,” he whispered into my ear. Immediately, I felt the warmth of a sexual flush cross my chest and neck, just as a tingle descended between my already weakened legs.

He continued to kiss the side of my neck, and without realizing it I leaned up against him. Little by little, he was invading my personal space in ways. The atmosphere in the room had suddenly become electric!

I felt dazed, almost drugged with what was going on. I should be stopping this. This young guy is a stranger, he is in my room, he is touching me sexually and I was responding. I was married. I needed to stop this.

Somehow I found the strength to walk away from him. He let me have my space and walked towards the door. I thought perhaps he would leave. It was not the case. He turned off the lights instead and stood there in the dark. He was confident that I would return to him.

I knew that this was the moment when I move away but was incapable of movement.

“What do you want from me?” I asked.

He walked up to my once again and kissed my passionately on the lips. It was a kiss like I had never known before. It had a sensuality that was beyond anything Ordu Escort Bayan she had experienced or even dreamt of and stirred in me intense sensations. My body felt both hollow and heavy at one and the same time. It was as though there was a fire burning within me, a fire I did not know how to quench.

His hands reached to the front of my robe and undid the tie. The robe fell open and his hands traced over my soft skin. He slowly caressed my tummy and moved up and brushed against my nipples and they hardened instantly. I let out a soft sigh, suddenly feeling weak and giddy. Little shivers of pleasure started to course through my body.

He then slipped the robe off of my shoulders and I knew what he wanted. I feared that I wanted the same thing. He took my hand and

guided it to the front of his pants. I could feel his stiff cock through the fabric.

I continued to squeeze and massage him without noticing that he had removed his hand from mine. I was touching and caressing him of my own free will now.

He lightly pushed me down on the bed and motioned me to move towards the centre of it. I lay there totally exposed.

The young guy stood beside the bed and slowly undressed. The room was so dark that I could not fully make him out. I only knew that he was undressing. He then sat down on the chair beside the bed and watched me. He began to stroke his cock slowly while staring at me. I knew that I should look away but couldn’t.. I watched him stroking himself and I was becoming more and more turned on.

He then moved onto the bed and trailed his fingers over my body. Down my left arm and side, up the right side and down again and then gently over my breasts. Down over my abdomen and lightly over my womanhood. He then moved to my inner thighs and caressed them. Ever so slowly he moved up to my lips with the tips of his fingers. He was pleased to see that my body was responding to this and that try as I might, I couldn’t resist. He touched me and allowed one finger into me. He slid them in and out of me. When I began to wiggle beneath his touch he withdrew his fingers and returned to sit on the chair beside the bed. He wanted me to beg for it.

I could not think straight. This young guy was wrecking havoc on my senses. I didn’t know if I wanted to scream or to cry. I could see him sitting there and could tell that he was once against stroking his cock. My eyes had become accustomed to the dark and it was evident how hard he was and how big.

He moved back onto the bed and straddled my hips. I could feel the cheeks of his ass against my thighs and I raised my hips slightly.

He then bent forward and licked all around my left breast, stopping to suck on the nipple. The minute his mouth and tongue touched me, I let out a soft moan.

He continued to suckle on the left nipple and then moved to the right. I had always loved having my breast and nipple sucked, as they were very sensitive. He then slid off of my hips and kneeled between my open thighs. His hands never left my body. He separated the lips of my pussy, exposing me and bent to take me into his mouth. He licked all around it, circled it with his tongue and sucked on it. He would move his tongue from my clit to the opening of my pussy and then back up again. He seemed to love the taste of me. It seemed he could just not get enough of me.

The stranger then moved back up again and this time kneeled down beside me at the head of the bed. I knew what he wanted and by this point I wanted it as well.

I had a wonderful husband who Escort Ordu was totally in love with me. Still, again against my better judgment, I turned my head to the side and opened my mouth. He moved closer and placed the head of his cock in the opening of my mouth. The head of it was covered in pre-cum and I licked all around it. I felt him move his hips forward. I opened my mouth further and took all of his cock in. I sucked his cock though I never sucked my husband’s before. I was feeling so naughty. Despite how wrong it was, it felt so exciting having this strange cock in my mouth.

The young guy seemed about to cum right there in my mouth, but just then he withdrew and sat back down on the chair. I could not believe that he was doing this to me. I wanted him; I needed him desperately as my body was aching with desire and the need to be fulfilled. It became inevitable that we would consummate this wild heat, but I was afraid of my own passion now. It was a strange feeling, pleasing and exciting but at the same time faintly frightening.

“Please, who ever you are, you have won. I am yours. I want you. I am begging you. Please let me feel your big cock. I need to feel it inside of me… please.”

My instincts were telling me that he was dangerous. But this was the one time that I could say that I was so filled with desire for a man that he had power over me. I felt horribly guilty for my feelings for him, yet I felt that it was an absolute shame to let something like this go to waste. It was wonderful. There was passion, and an unbelievable desire to be together as quickly as possible.

He stood up and once again spoke in a hoarse whisper. “If you want me as bad as you say you do, then come to me of your own free will.” He then sat back down on the chair.

I shuddered as my desire began the maddening climb towards the release I now craved. I could barely contain myself as I imagined the act I was about to perform. Incredibly, I was about to give myself to a complete stranger in my own bedroom. But that very thought lit the fuse to my exploding lust.

I did not hesitate and moved towards him on the chair and took his cock in my hand. He felt so hot, so big. It was exactly what I needed, and I couldn’t wait another second. With an audible gasp, I placed the thick head against my tender opening, impaling myself as the long cock slithered its way inside. He held me firmly by the hips, holding steady so I could enjoy the sensation of penetration. I was desperate for more, and began to grind myself against my young lover, circling my hips around his cock.

“Oh god, you feel so good,” I said as I started riding him.

He began to move, pushing forward with enough force to produce an audible slap of skin as each thrust hit bottom. With each movement, I focused on the feel of a thick cock penetrating me, a young pair of hands holding me tightly across my hips.

So this is it, I thought. This is all I am now. I’m nothing but a fuck for a stranger.

We were scarcely more than animals in heat, seeking to satisfy a hunger that threatened to jeopardize every comfort I had previously known. I knew my need to be fucked this way could destroy my marriage, and my life.

Yet I gave in completely to the man ravaging my flesh, my cock driving harder and deeper than ever before. Each stroke awakened a new desire, and my passion began the climb I now longed for. And in a flash, my body completed the betrayal, and I began to come.

“Oh Roshan, yesss!” I called, “I’m… yes … ohhh “. Sex had not felt like this before with my husband, to climax so completely, without holding back. I could speak no more.

I stayed on my bed long after my orgasm, still glowing from the whole experience and wondering if someday I would take the next step and make this lovely fantasy happen for real.

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