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Greg, sprawled out on the basement couch, lazily watched an old Seinfeld rerun and yawned. He wanted to go and get something to eat in the kitchen, but that would require him to put on pants because his mother had company, and he was too lazy to.

Greg’s mother, Lori, had three ladies over every week for tea and book discussions. He hated these little visits, because the women always wanted to talk to him, and he usually wasn’t in the mood.

He had known all of his mother’s friends since he was a baby, and he was friends with some of their sons.

Natalie, the funniest one, was 36, with medium-length brown hair and a pair of beautiful, green eyes. She was curvy and voluptuous and Greg craved her fat, natural breasts.

Angelica, the sweetest one, was 35, and very proud of her Latin heritage. She was very tiny, but with a gorgeous face, very long, black hair, and a round, plump ass.

Lewanda was new to the group and was only 28. She was African-American, with braided, black hair and brown eyes. Lewanda was the youngest and sexiest of them all, but she was shy.

Finally, there was Greg’s mother, Lori. She had shoulder-length blonde hair and sparkling, blue eyes. She was always cheerful and always had a smile on her face.

Greg loved all of the ladies, but tonight, he just wanted to watch TV. It didn’t take long for Lori’s voice to yell down the stairs,

“Greg, honey, can you come here for a second?”

He groaned and pulled on his pants and shirt before trudging up the stairs and stopping as he neared the top to listen in on their conversation. He heard Natalie’s voice. She was trying to whisper.

“I’m telling you, I got my husband to hold out for an hour once. All you have to do is suck him softly and slowly and take breaks. I’ll show you.”

Greg’s taboo heat porno stomach began to twist in knots. What did she mean, I’ll show you? Did she really plan on demonstrating on him? He tried not to act like he heard them as he walked into the living room and stood beside his mom. He glanced at the rest of the women, and they were eyeing his crotch. Natalie was even licking her lips.

Greg smiled nervously and kissed each of the women on the cheek before attempting to return to the basement. Angelica stopped him.

“Wait a minute, hon. Can you stay here for a second?”

He swallowed and nodded, taking the only empty seat, beside Lewanda. Natalie grinned and giggled with the rest of the girls.

“Well, Greg, we were debating something and we wanted to know if you would help us with something.” He nodded, and Natalie continued.

“I don’t feel completely comfortable saying this, but I’m sure you know what fellatio is?”

Greg cocked an eyebrow, and Lewanda turned to him and tried to explain.

“You know, oral sex?”

Lori piped up.

“A blowjob, dear.”

She smiled and patted him on the knee, as Natalie rolled her eyes.

“I’m sure one of your girlfriends has given you one, right?”

Greg shook his head. All of the girls he had dated were too uptight about that sort of thing.

There was a strange silence before Lewanda scooted closer to him, and started to massage his inner thigh, moving her hand closer and closer to the obvious bulge in his jeans. No one spoke a word as she started to rub and squeeze his cock through his pants. This was completely unexpected from the usually timid Lewanda.

She pulled down his jeans to his knees, followed by his boxers. His stiff dick sprung out and stuck up in the air. teach that bitch porno All of the women were on the edge of their seats. Lewanda was too afraid to continue and Natalie took over the job. She got on her knees and moved forward until she was eye level with his member. She took it in her hand and examined it, moving her eye toward its head and giving it a quick taste with her tongue. She swished the precum around in her mouth for a moment before nodding her approval.

“Nice dick.”

Angelica got up from her seat and Natalie moved over. Angelica didn’t waste any time and immediately began sucking him with hungrily, her warm saliva running down his shaft. Natalie finally placed a hand on her shoulder to slow her down.

“Take it easy, Angie. We all want a suck.”

Angelica muttered her apologies with Greg’s cock in her mouth. She slurped it a bit more slowly as the other women watched intently.

Finally, Lewanda worked up the courage to give it a try and she squeezed in between Natalie and Angelica. She took a more sensual approach, gently nibbling on his balls and planting loving kisses all over the shaft. She then gave him the strongest suck of all as Greg pushed her head in and out of his lap, moaning in pleasure.

Natalie turned to Lori, who was covering her eyes, but peeking through her fingers.

“Come on, Lor, give your son a taste.”

Lewanda turned around to face her, and wiped a bit of precum from her lip.

“Yeah, come on. His dick is really good.”

She passed it to Natalie who slid all seven inches down her throat and looked back up at Greg, smiling. He fumbled his hands around near his knees until his fingers made contact with her soft breasts. She held his hand there as he worked the flesh around in teem skeet porno his palm, pinching her nipples through her sweater.

Natalie, Angelica, and Lewanda all took turns sucking while Greg felt up their chests. Occasionally, while one was sucking, the other would straddle his lap and they would make out as he squeezed their asses and spanked them.

He was nearing his orgasm when Lori finally decided she wanted to give her son a quick suck before he was finished. Lewanda gave him a hard, final suck and popped his cock out of her mouth, passing it to Lori, who hesitantly took it. Angelica, on his lap, told her to stop being a baby when she could pull away from Greg, who was nibbling on her lip and kissing her neck.

Lori took a deep breath and quickly licked the head of his cock. His entire member was dripping in saliva, and there was a wet spot on the couch where he was sitting. Angelica finally pulled away from she and Greg’s kiss and took a seat near Lori.

“This is obviously a mother and son bonding experience.”

The other women smiled and watched as Lori finally slipped the first inch between her lips, but then quickly popped it out again. Natalie groaned and when she had put it back in her mouth, snuck up behind her and shoved her face into his lap. All seven inches slid in and surprisingly, Lori didn’t choke. Instead, she sucked him harder than any of the other women had and he exploded his load down her throat. She happily swallowed as much as she could before the other ladies fought their way in and she allowed them to catch a few drops in their mouths. They all swallowed and spent the next five minutes passing his cock around and sucking and licking it until it was soft and limp again. He glanced at the clock. He had gone an hour and a half.

The next hour was fun. Everyone remembered certain points in the blowjob and laughed about it. All of the ladies agreed that they had a good time, and they should do it again the next week.

After everyone had left, Lori promised her son oral like that whenever he’d like.

Boy, was Greg glad he said hello.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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