Sharing Mum’s Bed

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My dad had finally passed away after a lengthy illness.

He was diagnosed shortly before I graduated from high school, and I’d stayed home through four years of college to get my bachelor’s degree. I was offered a chance to pursue my master’s at the same college, both of them insisted I take it.

I was happy to do this as I could help mum who was now caring for dad full-time.

At the end of my first term of my masters, dad went down so rapidly, it was so scary for mum and I. I just had my twenty-second birthday. Dad wasn’t much past sixty-six, but had retired a few years earlier. He had realised a sizeable fortune with the sellout of the thriving company he had founded. Mum was forty-six. The last four years had taken a lot out of her.

After the funeral, mum was focusing on caring about me. Telling me we were financially secure. She would convert the room dad had been using as a bedroom into a study for me, which would save me from being stuck in my bedroom all the time.

I suggested we should go for a holiday as mum hadn’t had a holiday for four years. There’s a wonderful Spa Hotel an hour’s drive from us. Without thinking, mum was on the phone to them. Our last family holiday had been there. Mum looked so happy when she came off the phone. She said, “I’ve got the same suite as we had the last time we were there and I’ve got it for nine nights. We arrive on Friday afternoon and leave for a week on Sunday after breakfast. Jack, thanks for suggesting this. I should have thought of it.”

“Mum, for the last four years, dad was the only thing on your mind. I tried to help you all I could. We both have had a tough four years. We’ll both benefit from this holiday.”

“You’re right Jack, the doctor suggested putting dad into hospital so we both could have a break. He’s been suggesting this for the last three years. I have nothing to wear Jack, I’ve put on a bit of weight. I’ll have to start my yoga and keep fit classes again. My old swimsuit is too small for me and I will need a new one. We can swim every day. I’m looking forward to this already.”

Mum was a tall, voluptuous woman. Her curves were more pronounced now that she had put on weight. Mum and dad were church going Christians. I’d never heard either of them swear in my life. When I started college, I stopped going to church. When dad became bedridden, mum stopped too. I believe that she only went because of dad.

Five years ago, dad had bought a Mercedes Convertible, not the two-seat sports model but the five seats. It was a gorgeous car. It only had t thousand miles on the clock. Though dad had insisted that they serviced it every year. Mum had suggested that we use that car for our holidays. I thought that this was a great idea as I would be driving.

Mum and I had been shopping. She had bought me a blazer and flannels that I could wear for dinner. The Spa had collar and tie rule for dinner, which added to the experience of staying there. Mum was about to pack. Mum had nine different outfits for dinner. God knows how much she had spent on clothes. I was sure that it was a serious amount of money.

In the car, I was thinking about sharing the room with mum. In the evening, I liked nothing better than to watch porn and give myself a good wank. I said, “Mum, the suite is costing a fortune and we’re sharing the one room. Would you not prefer that we each have our own separate rooms?”

“Jack, the number of the room is 225. There’s a lot of memories there for me and you were part of those memories. Remember the time when you got sunburned on the balcony and I had to apply gallons of after sun lotion on your burned body? I don’t have a problem sharing the room with you. All I ask for is for some privacy when I’m changing. I’ll ask if they have a room available for you, but I’d prefer if we shared 225 together?”

I realised I would have to plan my wanks over the next ten days and said, “I’ll do whatever you want. This is your holiday and you deserve it.”

Mum looked so happy when I said this. I was loving driving the car. The sun was shining; I suggested, taking the hood down. Mum said, “Your father’s big regret was that he’d never driven this car with the hood down. Let’s do it. I’ve brought a hat that I can wear so the wind doesn’t ruin my hair.”

It was so pleasant driving with the down for the last half hour of our drive. As we turned into the Spa carpark mum said, “Shit Jack, “I’ve an old swimsuit and bikini with me. I didn’t check to see if they still fitted. Once we’re in our room, I’ll try them on and you can make a judgement. I’m sure that the bikini will be good for sunbathing on the balcony.”

We checked in, there was a bottle of Champagne in a wine cooler with two glasses with a card welcoming us back. Mum was happy about this and said, “Open it for us now, Jack, while I unpack. Neither of us will drive today, so let’s get relaxed for our holiday.”

Mum soon had all our clothes unpacked, I had a wardrobe, and she had one. yalova escort There were two king-sized beds in the room. Mum asked, “What bed do you want, Jack?”

“You pick the one that you want, mum and I’ll take the other.”

Mum went into the bathroom with the swimsuit and bikini she had left on the bed. A couple of minutes later, she came out wearing the bikini. She looked stunning. Her massive tits were jiggling as she walked. Mum’s body was incredible. She had a flat stomach and a beautiful butt. It looked so firm. Her bikini bottom was tight, her Camel’s Toe was so inviting.

“Mum, for your age, you look incredible. Your bikini is good for sunbathing on the balcony. I think a more conservative one would be better for the pool. Try on the swimsuit and I’ll tell you what I think of that?”

As mum walked to the bathroom, I could feel my cock stiffen. The way her butt moved was so sexy. I couldn’t believe that I was thinking of mum like this, but I was getting worried if she saw the massive bulge in my trousers. Mum then came out in the swimsuit. She knew herself that the swimsuit was showing too much of her body; it was overtly suggestively for a family pool.

“Mum, you have an amazing body but you can’t wear that at the Spa pool. There are families there. There’s a boutique beside the pool. Call them and see if they have something that suits?”

Mum phoned. They had six in her size. They would bring them to 225 so mum could try them on. I now knew that mum was a 36 E cup and her boobs looked gorgeous. Mum picked three of them. She looked gorgeous and respectable in all three. We swam twice a day for the nine days. We danced on the first Saturday night. Mum was fantastic company. She had a sense of humour and was knowledgeable in so many things. But I soon sensed that she was lacking in confidence. Her life for the last four years had been just being the carer for dad.

For those nine days we did so much together, we would go for walks along the beach. I would compliment her on her clothes at every opportunity. I could feel that I was making her more confident. Mum and I both had long fingers. One day as we walked along the beach, I took mum’s hand. She caressed my fingers with her thumb so gently. This was unusual as mum and I rarely showed any affection.

The weather had been wonderful, we both were showing the benefit of our holiday. I always showered and dressed first in the evening, then went to the bar. This gave mum the privacy and time to dress at her own rate. Wednesday morning was the only time that I was alone in 225. Mum had an appointment at the Beauty Salon in the Spa. Mum’s wardrobe was open. There was a large, clear plastic bag with both of our soiled clothes in it. I had never ever looked at mum’s panties before. There was a selection of thongs and G-strings in the bag.

As I pulled a black thong with red trim out of the bag, my cock stiffened as I opened it and saw circular stain where mum’s wetness had soiled it. I brought it to my nose, there was fragrant sweet odour coming from stain. I then wanked myself as I sniffed mum’s and thought of mum’s gorgeous body. As I felt myself cumming, I rushed to the bathroom and seven spurts of my creamy spunk hit the wash-hand basin. I needed that orgasm, as it was the first time that I had cum all week.

Just before I left the bedroom that night, mum came out of the bathroom and said, “Jack, it’s our last night tonight. Let’s stick to Champagne. I’ll meet you in the Cocktail bar in ten minutes. The skirt I’m wearing tonight is quite short. Are you comfortable with your mum wearing a mini-skirt?”

“Mum, you have beautiful long legs and a beautiful butt. Wear the longest heels that you can dance on. I’ll see you in the bar.”

Mum looked stunning when she came into the Cocktail bar. She was wearing a silk blouse, her bra was doing amazing things with her massive tits. When mum approached the table. I stood up, gave her a hug, kissed her on the cheek and whispered, “Mum, you look gorgeous. You are easily the best-looking woman in this hotel tonight.”

Mum kissed me on the cheek. She had a unique perfume on; she smelt lovely. The meal was delicious; we went into the Ballroom for the dance. We chatted and danced all evening. I loved the slow dances and was sure mum did too. Feeling the weight of her massive tits on my chest. I whispered to her, “I love your new perfume. You smell so fresh and alive with it. It is easily my favourite perfume.”

“I’m glad you like it. The lady in the beauty Salon on Wednesday suggested it to me. If you like it, I’ll wear it all the time for you.”

“I don’t wear any Cologne or After Shave, but if you know of one you like, tell me and I’ll get it.”

“I like your natural smell, Jack; you smell very manly.”

The night flew in; we had just ordered our fourth bottle of Champagne when they announced the last dance. As we danced, mum was pulling me closer to her. I could feel my cock stiffen. When the dance yalova escort bayan finished, we went back to our table. Mum said, “Let’s go back to the room with the Champagne. I need to get out of these shoes. We have danced a lot tonight. I can’t remember the last time I had such a nice evening.”

We got back to 225. Mum excused herself and went to the bathroom. I sat on the sofa. I felt so relaxed. I had enjoyed mum’s company so much tonight. In fact, the last nine days had been amazing. Mum came and sat beside me. She was shoeless. Mum surprised me, she asked. “Are you dating anyone at the moment, Jack? It surprised me at the number of women that have been looking at you this week?”

“I’m not mum, I have so much work on, it’s difficult to find someone with the same interests that I’ve got. What about you, you are still wearing your wedding ring? Will you look for another man?”

I didn’t tell mum about the married lecturer I was banging three times a week until last month when her husband was promoted and they left to live in another part of the country.

“Jack, to be honest, I haven’t thought of it. I wear my wedding ring only because I’ve been wearing it for twenty-five years. For the last four years, I have been a recluse. Who knows what the future will hold for me? I’m forty-seven in three months’ time. I am getting old. We should come here for the weekend of my birthday; it is on a Saturday this year?”

I smiled and said, “We should do that mum, I have enjoyed this week with you so much.”

Mum leaned over in a natural and spontaneous way; our lips met, mum’s lips were warm. As her mouth opened slightly, I kissed her gently. My tongue slid into her mouth. I felt mum’s arms tighten around me as she welcomed my tongue inside her mouth. I felt mum’s tongue entering my mouth. We continued to kiss for several long minutes then mum said, “We should now go to bed Jack, this has been a pleasant end to a wonderful holiday.”

We kissed again, then mum excused herself and went to the bathroom. I was in my bed when she went to her bed. The next morning, we left the Spa after breakfast. Mum booked 225 for her birthday weekend. We had a leisurely drive home. Mum didn’t mention our kissing, neither did I. I loved how mum kissed. The next month flew in. I occasionally was checking our laundry basket for mum’s panties. I loved the sweet smell from them and wanked as I smelt them. Mum and I were spending a lot of time together. Going to the cinema, going for walks and eating out at least twice a week.

One Wednesday night, they invited me to a classmate’s birthday party. I got home around twelve, mum was asleep. On the way out, I went into the bathroom. I checked the laundry basket. There was a beautiful lace frilly thong. I checked it; it was soiled with a large stain. I thought mum must have been very wet to create so large a stain. It smelt divine. I took it to my bedroom. Two minutes later, I had a massive orgasm all over my stomach. I kept a hand towel under my bed for such emergencies. Five minutes later, I was fast asleep.

I overslept the next morning, mum shouted for me that breakfast was ready. After brushing my teeth, I ran down the stairs to start my lecture. I got home in the late afternoon; mum was in the kitchen. She didn’t acknowledge me at all, which was unusual, as we normally chatted about my day. We had our dinner; we ate in silence. Mum wasn’t wearing the perfume that I liked. Then mum said with a serious voice, “Jack, I was cleaning your room today. I found a pair of my panties on top of your bedside cabinet…” I couldn’t believe my ears; I could feel my heart beating. “I am savvy enough to know why they were there and not in the laundry basket.”

Mum then left the kitchen and went directly to her bedroom. I was thinking, what can I do? I felt so ashamed. Would mum ask me to leave the house? Would she still finance me? I loved her as my mum, but I was also sexually attracted to her. I didn’t see her until the next evening. She had already eaten, but had left my dinner on the stove. Mum was sitting in the lounge, watching television. I stood in front of her and said, “Mum, thank you for cooking my dinner. I’m so sorry about yesterday. I’m not dating anyone. These are urges I get. I will never do that again. Please forgive me.”

The next day, my dinner was again left on the stove. I had made my breakfast. Later that evening, I was lying in bed reading my notes from today’s lecture. There was a knock on my bedroom door and mum’s voice said, “May I come in?”

I replied, “Of course you can, mum.”

Mum came in wearing one of the towelling dressing-gowns we had bought at the spa. Mum sat on the edge of my bed and said, “Since your father died, you have been my mainstay. Your support has been incredible. I haven’t felt happiness like this in all my life. I’ve been alone for too long, Jack.” Mum paused and looked straight into my eyes and said, “I believe I overreacted with the panties. You escort yalova are a young man with normal urges and desires. I should have taken that into account. I know believe I was the one at fault.”

Mum then stood up, she put her hand into her dressing-gown pocked and put something on top of my bedside cabinet. As mum left the bedroom, she said, “I wish you a goodnight, Jack. I’ll make your breakfast in the morning.”

I looked at the bedside cabinet, there was a red silky thong there, there was a very heavy soiling in the gusset. I was hard in seconds. I sniffed and sniffed. Mum’s cunt juice smelt sweet. I have never felt so horny in my life. I came three times before I fell asleep. All I was thinking about was mum’s gorgeous body.

Mum made breakfast; she was wearing her perfume again. We had dinner together. As I helped mum clear the dishes away, I said, “Mum, I want to be honest with you and what I’m going to say is very difficult for me to say. I’m obsessed with you; the panties gave me such powerful orgasms. I think of you all the time in a sexual but loving way. I have sexual fantasies about you. It’s affecting my work!”

“Jack, thank you for your honesty. I want nothing to affect your work. I am twenty-five years older than you. You have never seen me naked, ok, you have seen me in that small bikini when I was sunbathing, but you have never seen me naked. I have the feeling that you will be disappointed.”

After dinner, I went to my room and studied. I left my bedroom door open all the time now, to let mum know I was available any time for her. I was in bed reading when mum came to the doorway. She was still wearing the skirt she was wearing at dinner. She said, “I thought you may have been sleeping. I was busy downstairs. I am glad that you are still awake. Jack, I know you love my panties.

Mum waited for a second, then raised her skirt over her hips, then put her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. She stepped out of them and put them on top of my bedside cabinet. As mum was walking to the door, she said, “I’ve been thinking since our chat this evening, I don’t won’t anything to affect your studies, I am prepared to do nice things for you so your work won’t ever be affected. Tonight, I’ve put some of the perfume you like on the waistband of my panties. I am giving you two delightful smells tonight. I am sure that you’ll sleep well tonight. See you in the morning.”

What did she mean by “do nice things”? It instantly aroused me. I reached for the panties and brought them to my nose. I could still feel the heat from her pussy and the aroma of her secretions. Less than a minute later, I was jetting great ribbons of spunk onto my towel, my brain spinning with kinky incestuous fantasies.

The following day, I got back from college in the late afternoon. Mum’s car was in the drive. “Hi, Jack,” she said, as I came in. “How was your day?

“Great mum, I loved the two smells last night, thank you, that was a lovely thought.”

“I suppose we need to talk, don’t we? Shall we have dinner first?”

I went upstairs and showered until mum called that dinner was ready. The meal was excellent, eaten in silence as it was so tasty. When we had finished, I rinsed the plates and loaded them into the dishwasher.

“Would you like a glass of wine?” asked mum. She got a bottle of Chardonnay from the fridge and a couple of glasses. We sat at the table and sipped the wine. Neither of us said anything until we’d finished the first glass and she’d poured the second. Mum was nervous.

“You want to know what I’m prepared to do to keep you happy?” asked mum, and I nodded. She took a long sip of her drink and looked at me for a few seconds. “I want you to know how I look like naked,” she said, calmly. “So that your fantasies have some sense of reality?” She paused. “And you can touch me, too, so that you know what I feel like. I won’t pretend that this is anything but very difficult for me. I think that once you’ve seen me, you’ll know that I’m a mature lady and you won’t see me as a sexual object.”

‘When?” I asked.

“Come to my bedroom in half an hour.”

Mum picked up her wineglass and went upstairs. I remained at the table, sipping my wine and thinking about what mum had said. I went upstairs and knocked on mum’s bedroom door.

“Come in, Jack.”

I opened the door and went in. The room was warm, and the bed was big and comfortable. It had a brass bedstead which I believe dad had bought in France. It was two meters square and had a Fleur de lie emblem above the brass bars. Mum was sitting in the towelling dressing-gown she had worn a couple of nights ago. Mum said, “I’ve left the lights on so we both can see everything. Take all your clothes off and lie on top of the bed.”

I did as I was told. My cock was rock hard and looked so impressive. I lay on my side. Mum stood up and undid the belt of her dressing gown. It slipped off her shoulders, leaving her completely naked in front of me. Her massive tits sagged just a little. She had a flat stomach. Her vulva was smooth and swollen, her long sex slit looked amazing. I said, “Mum, you’re gorgeous. Your body is beautiful. Come lie beside me?”

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