Sharon and Steve Ch. 01

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It was 9 o’clock in the evening. I was just back from a hectic day at work. It was Friday evening and the thought of a relaxing weekend ahead was pleasing. Nothing much was planned for the weekend — except for a sightseeing trip with my colleague Sharon. We had planned to see around the city — this being our first weekend in Berlin. And I was looking forward to the outing.

Just as I was planning to change into my night clothes, the door bell rang. Wondering who could have come calling at this hour, I went to the door. Well, no surprises — it was Sharon, the only person I knew in the entire city.

“Hey, what’s up Sharon? Why are you looking a bit dull? You were cheerful some 15 minutes back when we were planning to for our trip. Come on in,” I said to her.

Sharon walked in — she was looking pretty in her formal ensemble — a nice black shirt and some great formal trousers.

“I’ll get you some juice. You sit down in the drawing room,” I told her.

I entered the drawing room with 2 glasses full of apple juice and gave one to her.

I said, “So, what the problem Sharon?” S

he replied, “Well, Steve, just after going back to my room I was checking up what dress could I wear on the trip tomorrow.”

“And what did you narrow down on?” I asked.

“I am thinking about wearing my pretty sleeveless t-shirt. I thought I would look great in this pink tee, wouldn’t I?”

Well, it was indeed smart and Sharon would definitely look pretty in that one. Wanting to cheer her up, I said “Sharon, you would look great in that.”

“Well, just great??” Sharon asked.

“Well, not just great, you would look a bit hot as well!!” I replied. “But then, why are you so dull?”

She replied “I have a small problem. This t-shirt would go well with me if my armpits were shaved. Sleeveless shirts deserve clean armpits. But the problem is they aren’t clean and shaven and I don’t want to miss a chance to wear the shirt.”

Not getting the whole point, I replied “Haven’t you got a shaving razor? You could shave off that hair tomorrow morning before we start. Or do you usually do it at the parlour?”

She replied, “No Steve, I do it at home itself. But the thing is that I haven’t bought my razor, I forgot it back at home. And now it’s too late to get one from the shop, they must have closed.”

I replied, “Well well. That should not be a problem at all.”

Sharon asked, “And why is it so?”

I replied “Because I could lend you one” with a smile of my face.

“Could you manage with a guy’s razor for a day? That would solve your problem and you can wear that hot tee tomorrow? What do you say?”

Sharon’s face lit up a little, but not yet completely. “Steve, the razor can take off the hair. But then I don’t know how to use a guy’s razor.”

“That complicates things a bit” I replied.

Being as alert as she always was, Sharon replied “There’s one way out.”

“And what is that??” I asked.

A bit sheepishly she replied, “Can you help me shave off my armpits today?? Please Steve, if you could do it, I would be thankful to you. It won’t take more than 5 minutes.”

Not wanting to let her down, I replied “Ok. I’ll do it. Hope you don’t mind it.”

“I won’t,” she replied and she was back to her cheerful own self.

I went back to my bedroom and came back with my razor. “Come Sharon, let’s do it quickly.” I told her.

“And where do we do it?” she asked.

“Well, I have never done this before — helping a girl with shaving her armpits. But we will try to do it like I shave my armpits.”

She replied, “And how do you do it?”

“Well, I just stand in front of the mirror in the bathroom; put my one hand up like I’m being punished and then shave off the hair. I think we can do it the same way.”

“Yah, you are right. Let’s do it that way only.”

“But before we go to the bathroom, I think it’s better that you remove your shirt here itself” I told her. Winking at her, I said “And I hope you are wearing a bra!! And hope you don’t mind me seeing you in one!!”

“Oh come on Steve. You are the one who is helping me out. And how can you clean that off with me in the shirt” she replied.

With this Sharon started taking off her shirt. Unhooking one button at a time, she looked seductive. The third one gave her some problem. Not wanting her to struggle for some more time, I asked “Shall I help you with that?”

“Oh Steve, that would be so great of you.”

She replied. seks hikayeleri “Well sweetie, just sit down here.” I told her. Keeping aside the razor, I started unhooking the button. It was just below her breasts. With the top two buttons off, her tender breasts touched my hand. A shiver ran down my spine!!

Not letting it interrupt me, I finally managed to remove that one. The last 2 were not of any trouble and finally the shirt was open. I was staring at her navel which looked so small. It was oval in shape and I wanted to touch it. My desire got the better of me and I blurted out, “Hey Sharon. You got a nice navel.”

“Thank you!!” she replied.

“Can I touch it??” I asked.

I don’t know where these words came from. I was losing control looking at her tan brown skin and attractive navel. But Sharon replied, “Maybe after you complete the task. Let’s focus on the task at hand and then you get to touch her.”

Well, the instinct after taking off the buttons of any shirt is to take it off the body. And I just did that. But it was not my shirt — it was Sharon’s. I pushed the shirt on her back and pulled it down her arms, touching her gently. She was warm. Her hands were soft. But I couldn’t touch them for long.

With the shirt off, she sat there — looking pretty in a maroon bra. I asked her, “Hey Sharon. Don’t girls wear a bra of the same colour as that of their top?”

“Well, they do. But I didn’t have a black demi cup bra. So I thought I’ll wear this one” she replied.

With no knowledge about bra’s, I asked her “And what is a demi cup bra?”

“Well, Demi mean half. So a demi cup bra is one which covers half my breasts. Come, let me show you.”

She took my hand in hers and touched them on the edge of the bra. Sometimes it touched her soft and fluffy breasts and I wriggled on my seat. “There you see. It’s just about covering half of my breasts, like a half moon. It just about covers the nipples” she said.

Not knowing what to say, I replied “Nice bra Sharon.”

She replied, “Thanks. And by the way, would you mind coming with me tomorrow after our trip. I’m planning to check out some undies.”

“I’m game.” I replied.

“Great!!” she said.

Getting back on track, I told her “So Sharon, let’s have a look at your bush.”

Only after saying this did I realise that I had picked up the wrong word. Sharon replied quickly, “Steve, I hope you know where a bush is!!”

Feigning ignorance, I replied “I thought it’s here” pointing at her armpits.

She replied, “Well dear, you are wrong. I’ll show you where the bush is.”

She took my hand and put it right into her trousers. I was shivering and she comforted me by saying, “Take it easy Steve. We are just exploring the bush.” She pushed it inside her panties and I felt her soft mound. She pushed it a bit more inside and we touched what I thought was a shrub. A bit rough and standing hard, it was all below my fingers. That’s when she remarked, “That’s my bush. But you are not doing anything with it. You’re just going to shave off the hair in my armpits.” And with that she pulled out my hand from her panties and trousers. Man, I was sweating!!! Within a span of 20 minutes, I had taken off her shirt, felt her breasts and explored her bush.

Sensing an opportunity, Sharon said, “Steve. Looks like you are feeling the heat. Let me get that shirt off you. And with me in a bra without a shirt and you being in a shirt is not fair. Let’s be equals.” Before I could say anything, Sharon started taking off the buttons on my shirt. And she finished it in a minute. Before I knew, I was sitting there without a shirt — with my bare hairy body right in front of her. She remarked, “Ahha. Looking nice Steve, with all that hair and all.”

“Thanks Sharon” is what I could say.

“I like hairy men. I fancy marrying one!!” she quipped.

And I replied “And I hope that my girl likes hairy men!!”

It was around 45 minutes since she had come and we had not yet started with the work — the work of shaving her armpits. But we were almost ready and said, “Come. Let’s go to the bathroom.” She kept her t-shirt which she was planning to wear on the table along with her shirt which she was wearing today. And off we went towards the bathroom.

I turned on the light and asked her to stand in front of the sink. Her navel was just above the sink. “And now Sharon, Hands Up!!” I remarked like I was a policeman and she was a convict.

“Both of them or just one?” Sharon asked.

I said both. She put both her hands up. I glanced at her in the mirror observing the trousers wherein I had put my hands a few minutes back, the oval navel which I so badly wanted to touch and her demi cup bra covering her gorgeous breasts. Looking at my wandering eyes, Sharon said “Hey Steve. Are you checking me out?? You can do that in detail — but once after we are done with this task!!”

I replied “Oh Sharon. You are looking so attractive I wish I could look at you the whole night.”

“Come one Steve. Let’s finish this off. Then we will talk about it” she replied.

I positioned myself right behind her pushing her against the sink “That’s just to get a grip Sharon” I explained to her.

“Yah, it’s ok!!” she replied.

Then I took my left arm and wrapped it around her waist — slowly touching her navel just as I was trying to cover her waist. It was so tender. But the quick touch left me wanting for more. “That’s for grip too Sharon” I told her.

“Come on Steve. You need not explain me every time you hold me some way or the other” she replied.

I turned on the tap a little and took some water in my other hand. Slowly I rubbed it on her wet armpits. One more handful and then on the other armpits. The water was cold and she shivered as it ran down her body. My natural reaction was to tighten my hold on her. I pushed myself from behind, with my dick kissing her ass. And both of us were wearing pants.

Sharon said “Steve, I’ll close my eyes when you shave them. Will that be fine?”

I replied “Of course, take it easy Sharon. Let me know if I’m going fast anytime.” With that she closed her eyes. She was in my firm grip. Needless to say there was some reaction down there. But I tried to control myself.

The left armpit was wet enough to start shaving. I held her left hand for grip and slowly moved the razor from top to bottom of her armpits. And Sharon let out a small moan.

“Hey, Sharon. What happened??” I asked.

“Nothing” she said “Its feeling nice to be clean again.”

I moved the razor a couple of times and most of the hair was in the sink.

“Sharon, you would like it nice and clean right?” I asked.

And she replied in affirmative with her eyes still closed. I pushed her a bit harder against the sink, since the last bit of hair would take a bit of effort to remove. I took a little more water and sprinkled it on her armpits. She let out a small moan. Maybe it was because of the cold water hitting her hot bod. A couple of moves with the razor and her left armpit was nice and clean. Keeping the razor down, I touched her armpits — feeling them with my fingers and hand. It was soft.

“Sharon, would you like to see the results?” I asked.

“After you are done completely” she remarked.

With the job half complete, I started off with her right arm pit. This time I was a bit comfortable, with an experience already behind me. And she too was a bit comfortable. She wasn’t concerned about my firm grip around her. Instead Sharon was just falling back — throwing her weight on me as I shaved her right armpit. Was she in a trance? I wondered. Within a couple of minutes her right armpit was also nice and clean.

“Now you can open her eyes” I told her.

She opened her eyes and was quite delighted with the results.

She exulted, “Oh Steve. Thanks a lot. Now it looks so nice!! And now I can wear my sleeveless t-shirt tomorrow morning. Thanks a lot for the help.”

And with that she kissed me on my lips. I pushed her against the sink and I too kissed her back. Our tongues met and started exploring each other. Both of us had just brushed after coming back home. Her mouth was so fresh that my tongue was not willing to leave it. And so was her tongue. Looks like both of them were in love. We kissed like there was no tomorrow, with me kissing her upper lips, her lower lips, her tongue et al. On each pleasure point she let out a small moan.

Finally both of us came to our senses.

That’s when she remarked “When you were shaving me off, I felt something pushing against my back side!!”

I knew what it was but claimed ignorance. Sharon however said “Let me see what was poking me!! Since it was my back side, it has to be somewhere near your front side. I think it should be somewhere there — near your zip. With this, she bent down and started unzipping my trouser.”

I asked “Hey Sharon, what are you up to??”

“Nothing much, Steve. I’m just trying to find the thing which was hurting me when you were shaving me off.” Sharon replied.

“And what will you do after you find it?” I asked.

“I’ll give it a small punishment.”

Not knowing what the punishment is, I let her continue. She removed the zip completely and then pulled off my trousers. There I was, standing in my underwear. “Now it’s my turn to compliment you Steve” said Sharon. “Nice colour for your underwear.” A thank you was all that I could mumble. “And I can see something nice bulging out!! What’s that??” Sharon remarked.

She immediately put a hand into my underwear and took out my cock. She held him in her hand and rubbed it. I was moaning with pleasure. Then she touched the tip and something white came out of it. Sharon touched it with her finger tips and then put the same finger on her tongue. “Ahha. It’s salty” she remarked. I hadn’t noticed it — but I was standing naked in front of Sharon.

“So Steve How longs your friend?” asked Sharon. Once again I didn’t have an answer.

“I haven’t measured it yet” I replied.

“Well that shouldn’t be a problem Steve. I’ll do the necessary measurements” Sharon remarked.

“And why would you do that?” I asked.

“To share it with the girls back in office” she replied naughtily. “We gals always wondered how big you were down here. Sandra said you might be like three inches. Rita thought that you were just two inches long.”

“And what did Sharon think?” I asked.

“Well, Sharon didn’t share an opinion. But I thought you might be more than three. And you are!! Nice cockie Steve.”

“Thanks Sharon” I replied. All along, my penis was in her hands. She was rubbing it, pinching it, stroking it. All this made me more excited and my penis was growing vertically. Sharon was enjoying all of this and within a few minutes she couldn’t hold it in her hands. It was coming out of her hands.

“Steve, do you know what does a girl do when she can’t control a penis with her hand?” Sharon asked. I didn’t have an answer. But I was so horny that I couldn’t reply. Sharon said, “Well. When a girl can’t control a penis with her hands, she controls him with her mouth.” And before I could make a sense of what she was saying, she swallowed my penis in her small mouth. Slowly my penis started disappearing into her mouth. I was getting hornier. She licked my shaft as she moved along. She bit him on occasions and I was moaning loudly. She pushed me against the wall for support. Within minutes, she had swallowed me completely. I had read a few sex stories and I finally experienced what was Deep Throating. She was biting me madly. My penis was still rising up and with each movement Sharon let out a moan. She sucked me as she was sucking a candy. Just this time, the candy was round and soft – melting in her mouth. And the candy was also enjoying.

At the same time, she pinched my balls and I was moaning wildly. I had never dreamt that my first sex session with a girl would be so raunchy. After five minutes, my penis had become so long that even Sharon couldn’t hold it in her mouth. She let out a bit. At the same time, my penis also felt a tremendous drop of pleasure — from being sucked out heavily to being let down. The transition was big and I released my cum. The juices started flowing out but not even I drop fell on the bathroom floor. Sharon swallowed it all like it was some nectar. She licked off the edges and the tip. She was so thirsty that she rubbed the penis to get more cum out of it. And it didn’t let her down. After five minutes, when finally the tap ran out of cum did Sharon leave my penis. She looked at me with a sense of satisfaction on her face. Cum was splattered on her face. She licked it off and ate it again. This time she said “Its bit sweet and salty. Next time I want to eat something like this, I know where to come!!”

“You’re welcome” I replied. I too had enjoyed being swallowed.

Sharon slowly got up. Being naughty, she kissed the penis again. My penis was also erect. One kiss and it started growing again. Sharon said “Well Steve, you’re so sensitive. Once we are back in our hometown, would you mind joining me, Rita, Sandra, Jessica and Jennifer?”

“Join you for dinner?” I asked.

“Nope!! Just an exploration session Steve. I’m planning to check how sensitive your penis is to each of these gals!! But that’s later. Let me see how good a job you have done.”

She raised her hands and saw her clean arm pits. She was impressed. “Nice Job Steve” she said.

I replied “Thank You, It was my pleasure!!”

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