She Came Over for Coffee

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He’d moved in a month before after a long search for the right home. It was a nice place near the end of a cul-de-sac and this prevented people from driving through the neighborhood. The place had three bedrooms and was reasonably new yet perfectly maintained.

He worked from home and late one afternoon he came outside to his car and the neighbors across the street came over to introduce themselves. They were in their forties he’d guessed and she was barely five feet tall. Her Husband was short too at about five seven he’d guessed and both were far shorter than his six four frame.

They spoke a few minutes and he learned their names. She was Rachel and seemed to speak for both of them. Suddenly she glanced over his front lawn and asked if he’d mind if she watered it for him. The lawn appeared to be showing a loss of its original deep green and she suggested that she could come by regularly and water it.

He tried to apologize and say that he’d take better care of it but she insisted it was no trouble at all and she enjoyed watering. Her husband spoke up then and said that his wife always worried about the look of the neighborhood and feared property values might come down if people saw anything except perfectly green lawns. She was embarrassed but agreed that property might come down and so he agreed that if she wanted to do it then watering would be okay with him.

Moments later he was driving down the street and shaking his head at the strange encounter although he thought they were good people and the wife Rachel was good looking.

He’d moved from the adjacent town forty miles away and had an old friend with privileges that began visiting him for the sex. For a while she would come over for hours of passion and even occasionally spend the night. It was okay with him because he didn’t know many people and no girls in his new job and new town so her visits kept him from getting far too horny.

After perhaps a half-dozen visits and another couple of months his old girlfriend preceded him out the door one morning about nine o’clock and Rachel was out front watering.

When Rachel looked up he introduced his friend Kathy as his cousin that visited a lot. Kathy always wore a wedding band although she was single, Rachel saw the ring and said hello.

Kathy studied Rachel a moment and asked “Is she frequent in your bed too?”

He was instantly embarrassed and tried to explain that Rachel was a neighbor and she lived across the street with her husband.

Kathy smiled as if she knew better, got in her car and drove away.

He tried to explain to Rachel that Kathy had always thought he bedded every woman he knew and that he was sorry if she’d been offended.

Rachel was embarrassed but said it was okay and so he told her that he’d like to explain anytime if she had extra time and then told her that he always left his front door unlocked if she ever wanted a cup of coffee. He added that he kept the Mr. Coffee available. Rachel shut off the water and walked home without saying much more.

Rachel continued to water the lawn several times a week but they hadn’t spoken since. Also Kathy hadn’t been over.

Then one morning he was up as usual at five and put the coffee on. He worked from home and began his day in a bedroom he’d set up as his office and workspace. Over the next hour he heard the neighborhood waking and cars driving off to work but thought nothing of it.

Around nine that morning Rachel came to the front door and knocked softly. She received no response and tried the cevizli escort door. As promised it was unlocked and she went in.

She’d been in the house many times because the previous owners had been her friends. She listened and heard a soft noise in the kitchen and headed toward it.

As she rounded a corner she saw him standing with his back toward her. He was pouring cereal into a bowl but that isn’t where she was staring. He was completely naked with his back toward her and she suddenly felt a warmth and glow she hadn’t felt in years. It was a deep gnawing and need for something she had assumed was slowly going away. She knew she should quietly go back to the front door and knock louder but couldn’t. Her eyes and her body ached and wouldn’t respond to her mental demands. She wanted more, a lot more, all of it and she wanted to see all of him.

He turned now and still hadn’t seen her but she saw him and that prize that a girl sometimes dreams of then he saw her and almost jumped.

She saw him now go from fully relaxed to fully aroused and could barely believe how quickly it had happened or how large it was. She thought that if she’d blinked she’d have missed that instant transformation. She’d never had such an effect on a man and had never seen this happen nor had she seen a prize so large.

He almost dropped the cereal box as he tried to apologize by saying he hadn’t expected anyone in his house or that early. Then he panicked and tried both to simultaneously leave for his bedroom and cover himself. There was no escape and he searched urgently for anything to hide it but he saw nothing except her.

She laughed nervously and told him that it was okay and that she’d knocked but he mustn’t have heard her.

He said perhaps he’d run in and throw on some pants.

She glanced down again at the reception she’d received and smiled with deep appreciation. “Don’t worry. I’ve seen it all many times although not as often anymore nor as substantial. Just relax. Didn’t you tell me to come over anytime for coffee?”

He was completely unsteady as he said “Yes. I’ll get you some.” He opened the cupboard and took out a cup and saucer then poured the cup full. She saw it sway as he turned. “Do you need cream or sugar?”

She was still smiling and occasionally glancing up to his face before returning to her primary focus “No. It’s okay. I usually drink it black.”

He was still ill-at-ease as he still tried to cover himself and hold the cup out to her and said apologetically “I’ll go put some pants on.”

She took the cup and refused to move aside and let him leave the room then she turned and put the cup on a kitchen table and told him to relax. “Here sit down and let me get you some coffee too.” She pulled a chair from under the table, turned it toward her, almost pushed him down onto it and still blocked his escape as she turned toward the coffee pot.

When he’d sat she followed his earlier movements and retrieved a cup and filled it before handing it to him.

“What caused that?” she asked looking down and nodding at his arousal.

“I… I don’t know.” he said with a stutter.

“Oh c’mon! Something caused it.” she said with a smile. She was suddenly feeling in charge and didn’t want to leave before sampling it at least visually.

He seemed to think for a moment before slowly answering “Maybe it’s your blouse.”

“What about my blouse?” she asked with a smile.

“It’s tight and partially unbuttoned… and those erenköy escort shorts… and it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a bra and your nipples are showing their size pressed into the fabric.” he said defensively.

“I’m not wearing panties beneath either.” she said with a smile and glanced down at his situation once more. Her stare was more obvious now and it showed approval “My telling you that seems to have caused you more of a problem just now.” she commented with a devilish grin.

He didn’t answer and then she added “I only know a few things that can cure that.”

“What’s that?” he answered shyly.

“Well this is one of them.” she said as she pulled another chair out close to him and sat down.

She reached out now and wrapped her hand around it as far as she could then while looking into his eyes she leaned forward and lowered her face to him. He jumped when she touched him.

In moments he felt her lips warm around him and she was working them around it. It seemed only an instant and she had the head fully into her mouth and she was moaning as she worked.

It seemed impossible to him and he had a thought that perhaps he was in a mental fantasy of an unknown type.

Then he felt her swallow and then swallow again and with each swallow she managed to take him a bit deeper until after minutes he was fully inserted and her throat muscles were still working as if to swallow even more.

Slowly she worked him out the same way and he was on the verge of a climax as she swept her tongue over and around it to remove excess saliva.

“Is it feeling better? Am I helping at all?” she asked with a teasing smile.

He couldn’t speak and she took his hand and placed it on top of her head as she said “Perhaps you can help and maybe it’ll go faster and now I could take some of that cream now you offered.” A broader smile spread her lips as she lowered her head and began over again.

She was working on him diligently and moaning softly as her body occasionally trembled and her thighs tightened while her throat muscles paused for a moment as she’d climax then she’d continue as if nothing had happened.

He was beginning to mentally relax although his body was more involved than it had been as he moved his other hand to her head and began guiding it as his body began responding intensely then he too began to moan mixed with grunts as his back arched upward again and again.

“I’m going to…” but the words seemed to cause her to increase her efforts and tempo while refusing to pull her head away. He did then and he felt it coming from deep in his scrotum and it was the most involved he’d been in years as he enjoyed the differences in feel and dedication in how she worked it. No girl he’d known had ever done it like this.

She swallowed and took his full load before slowly and deliberately pulling back. Long minutes seemed to pass then it was free and away. Once more she sealed her lips around his head as her hands worked from base to tip milking every remaining drop and then she cleaned away the saliva again before looking up into his eyes with a smile.

She was barely out of breath as she asked “Did that help at all?”

Now he had to smile as her fingers tightened around him even more intensely. He still couldn’t speak and his fingers were running through the softness of her hair.

“Oh. It seems you haven’t been helped at all. The condition still exists maybe I should do it all again.” she said with a laugh.

He esenyurt escort responded by standing and picking up her tiny frame and carrying her into his bedroom.

“What are you going to do?” she asked still smiling and enjoying the feel of being held up by his arms.

“I thought you said you knew several ways to cure my problem.” he said enthusiastically as he placed her on the mattress and began to remove her blouse. “Perhaps you’ll show me another.”

Her breasts were full like those of many small ladies and as he looked her nipples were hard. He pinched them and then lowered his lips to them one at a time.

“Do you still like my nipples?” she asked knowing the answer.

“They’re even greater than I’d imagined.” While he worked her nipples his hands were working on her tight shorts and in a moment they were off and she was nude. He studied her body with complete approval and she glanced down at his arousal again as she said “I think your condition has worsened.”

His answer was to turn her around, lift her to her knees with her feet hanging over the edge of the mattress then force her knees apart and pull her ass back toward him. He ran his fingers and the side of his hand back and forth deep between her lips.

“I have a couple of choices it looks like.” he said “Which do you prefer?”

“Take the bottom one because I don’t think the top one can take all of you.” she answered.

“Hmmm. Take the bottom one? The one in your bottom looks tighter yet.” he said sarcastically.

“No! Not my bottom! Take it where it would normally go.” she laughed.

A moment later he was entering and felt her muscles working him in nearly the same fashion as her throat had done and it was a trick he’d never seen before but was fully appreciating as he slowly drove full depth and then began long-stroking her.

“It doesn’t happen often anymore.” she said over her shoulder “but it takes you a lot longer to get there than it does with my hubby. It feels so good and it fills me like I’ve never experienced. Do you think this may cure your problem?”

“Only for a couple of minutes.” he answered mischievously “Can you feel it?”

“OMG! Every time I feel your body slam into my ass I cum again.” she said and her body trembled once more. “Can you feel how wet you’ve got me? I didn’t come over for this but now that I’ve got it I need more.”

He gave it to her again and again and her body began slamming into him each time he drove toward her. He took her forcibly hard now and they were good together and soon each knew the other’s body and developed mutual needs.

After three hours with only short pauses she said “I really think now that I’ve been fucked. I’ve never felt this way before even after three grown kids. I hope you know that you’ll have me at your door and mercy more often than you can imagine and I intend to take care of the first problem I noticed in your kitchen this morning even if Kathy comes by. You can’t tell me Kathy is a cousin unless you guys are from the hills… somewhere cousins enjoy sex together. I had no idea what I was going to stumble across this morning but I’m glad I found it. It surprised me but I’d dare any woman, married or not to turn away and not get involved if it had happened to them. Then when I saw you so tall and completely naked with such a tight ass I couldn’t move. When that huge hard-on grew instantly as you noticed me I couldn’t even tear my eyes away or stop looking and wanting it.

“If you’d asked I’d have stripped and dropped onto my back on the floor immediately.” and they laughed.

“You bring that sweetness over anytime you can and you can leave off bra, panties or anything else you feel comfortable in when you’re coming over as long as your body is mine to treasure, satisfy and enjoy.” he teased and held his erection out to her again. They were still naked and still hungry.

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