She Dad Ch. 03

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Please read parts 1 and 2 to get caught up…

Jack couldn’t believe his shemale dad had just sucked off his girlfriend’s father, the town’s Baptist preacher. “What the hell was that, Dad? HOLY SHIT!”

Darla could see Jack was upset and quickly led him to the couch to settle him down, “You are to call me Darla when I’m dressed like this. Are we clear?”

Jack rolled his eyes, “fine… ‘Darla.’ What were you doing with Pastor Davis’ cock in your mouth?” Darla straightened her hair and reapplied her lipstick, “I was doing it for you. He heard about you grabbing Tiffany’s tit and came over here to beat your ass.”

Jack suddenly cowed, “Oh.”

Darla put a hand on his thigh, “But I took care of it.”

Jack rolled his eyes again, “I saw. Oh man, this is gonna make going to Church awkward.”

Darla smiled, “Nonsense. Not only is he not going to make any trouble, if anything, Tiffany is going to be encouraged to relax her boundaries between you and her.”

Jack perked up noticeably, “Really?”

Darla put her hand on Jack’s package and began to gently stroke him through his jeans, “You bet.”

Jack put his hand on hers to stop it, “Jeez, can’t you get enough?”

Darla lowered her head to rest her chin on his pants over his hardening cock, “Not enough of this.”

Jack wiggled uncomfortably, “Yeah, but I’ve been thinking that maybe last night was a huge mistake…”

Darla’s mind reeled; this was a worst case scenario. Thinking quickly, she looked up, pouting her lips with a half sob, “After what I did for you? You think I wanted that preacher’s self righteous cock in my face?”

Jack swallowed hard and pulled his hand away, he felt selfish, and a little guilty.

Darla moved her other hand up to pull down his zipper, she was getting good at freeing erections, “Jackie, I’m working on getting you a ‘get into Tiffany’s panties’ free card. The least you can do is show some appreciation.”

As Darla worked his hardening meat out of the hole in his boxers, Jack gently stroked her hair, “Okay, I’m sorry. This just feels wrong sometimes…oooh…”

Darla’s lips had tightly sealed around the head of his cock, and she wasted no time warming it with the friction that her inferno mouth could generate.

Jack sank back and let her work his meat, providing deep mouthed suction that practically pulled his balls up into her mouth as well. The pressure and heat that Darla created on Jack’s prick made the troublesome fact that this was his shemale dad blowing him not seem so important. Darla smiled around his hot meat; never underestimate the power of the blowjob. In truth, Jack had thought about this moment all day at school, when Darla’s snake-like tongue would massage his shaft again — he just wanted to come in her mouth. He longed for the moment when she felt him spasm and she would slow her motion and concentrate on taking his cum. There’s something special about a woman who will suck a cock and relish the moment the semen bursts in her mouth and eat it up without wasting a drop. Having a hot slut hungry for gaziantep manken escort bayan cum was a dream come true. Jack wondered if Tiffany would ever get there.

As much as Darla sensed that Jack wanted to follow the Pastor’s path down her throat, she had her own desires. She had already had a big creamy snack today ad didn’t want to waste this hard on, but Jack hadn’t been drinking like two nights ago. And had made it clear he would be hesitant to fuck her. She needed to seduce him. Darla got up from her position on the floor and laid her shoulders over his torso and her body along the couch beside him. Jack’s cock glistened thick with saliva as it flopped out of her mouth.

“What are you doing?” Jack asked, worried she wouldn’t want to suck him anymore.

“Just making myself comfortable,” she said, putting a pillow under her belly. As Darla lay on the pillow, she felt it raise her ass up, accentuating her big round cheeks, which spilled out from under her short dress. As Darla worked Jack’s cock back into her mouth, he got hornier and couldn’t resist the urge to put one hand on her mid back and the other on her head to ‘guide’ her. She took a break to reward him by acknowledging this fact. “I like that you remembered to use your hands to show me what you like.”

Jack managed a grunt, he was in deep concentration. Desperately wanting to come, he pushed her head back down deeply on his cock — he felt her throat tighten on him. At this point, Jack wasn’t feeling guilty, hell, she said she liked it. Darla let him take over, pushing and pulling her head deeper onto his cock. Jack grunted animalistic ally a couple times, the base of his spine started to tingle…. he was going to shoot soon…

And that’s when Darla stopped dead. She felt his orgasm approaching and firmly squeezed the base on his cock and pulled off, ‘edging’ him. She squeezed up his shaft and was rewarded with a pearlescent drop of pre-cum. She licked it off and spread it across her tongue savoring the taste.

“Mmmm…You’re not in a rush are you, honey?”

Jack shook his head ‘no’, but his hand on her back crept down her lower back and rested on her ass. She wiggled her butt encouragingly and Jack took the bait, pushing her dress onto her hips and exposing that big juicy ass. He spread his palm and squeezed and his fingers sank into her sexy ass as he gripped it.

The red silk panties clung to Darla’s cheeks so tightly; she was practically ripping out of them. Seeing her rump’s shape so round and full, Jack realized the panties were too small. And they were familiar.

“I’ve seen these panties… They’re Tiffany’s?” Jack mumbled as he pushed his groin into her face. Darla pulled his spit covered cock out of her mouth a moment to respond.

“They were your mother’s.” Then she lapped at the head, spearing her tongue into the slit. “You’re wearing Mom’s panties?” Jack was stunned by the revelation, then he quickly remembered how hot he thought his mom was. Jessica was five feet seven with a curvy figure. gaziantep masaj yapan escort bayan As sexy as she was, Jack understood why she was frustrated that her husband didn’t use that body as much as he should. Jack thought his mom’s 38c breasts were perfect and she has a helluva nice ass, though it wasn’t as big as Darla’s. Mom also had great long legs — what Dad had always said lured him in. Jessica’s facial features were soft, framed by medium length brown hair. What he wouldn’t to nuzzle his face in her hair and then move down to suckle her juicy round tits. This momentary daydream about mom had an immediate effect on Jack.

Darla was sure she felt Jack’s grip on her head and butt tighten slightly. His cock felt a little harder in her mouth. Could it be he was fantasizing about his mother? At this point, Darla was on cocksucking autopilot — her chin and lips were covered in slobber as she let her son do much of the work, humping his cock in and out of her face with feverish intensity.

Darla would occasionally get a taste of his precum leaking from his rock hard tool, and while it was tempting to coax a full load of her son’s cum into her mouth, she wanted Jack’s seed as deep as he could get it in the other end of her body.

Darla wiggled her ass against his hand to communicate this desire. Sensing what Darla wanted, Jack slipped his fingers into her crack, wanting to please her. She spread her legs a bit to give him better access to her sweet asspussy. His middle finger found her smooth creamy hole and gently nudged it through the panties, eliciting a full mouthed muffled moan from her.

Her cock was already hard and pressing into the couch cushions, but sometimes just a tickle on a horny slut’s asshole was enough to make her cum… it wouldn’t be long if he kept it up. And Darla wasn’t ready to come yet. She was impressed that Jack was learning how to get what he wanted by pleasing his woman. The boy’s education was coming along fine.

Jack’s legs trembled as he approached the point of no return again when Darla froze her motion, squeezing the blood from his cock again, “Fuck! What’s wrong? Why are you stopping?” Darla’s eyes widened, maybe she’d been too selfish. Jack was pissed and he roughly grabbed her hair. Darla squeezed her legs and ass cheeks together around his finger, trying to will it inside her. “Jackie, I need more your than your finger.” Darla moaned longingly, “My pussy is sooo hungry for your cock. I want you to fuck me, baby.”

Then Jack did something that caught Darla completely off guard. First he pulled her panties down and pushed his middle finger right to her asshole, gently rubbing it as he worked the tip inside. “I will fuck your delicious ass as much as you want… under two conditions.”

As shocked as Darla was, she moaned as her hole opened for his finger, coaxing it inside. Darla would willingly take any part of Jack’s body into her ass, but she had to know what he could possibly want.

“What two conditions?”

“First, gaziantep masöz escort bayan you let me cum in your mouth now. And second…”

Jack hesitated, the shy boy came back. He didn’t want to say.

“Come on, what’s the other condition. Jackie, a woman appreciates honesty. If you tell her what you want, there’s a chance you’ll get it.”

Jack looked away, sheepish, “I want to call you Mom.”

Darla was stunned by the request, but knew right away this was an offer that she simply could not refuse. She smiled, “I would love you to call me Mom, baby.”

Darla maneuvered Jack’s cock back in her mouth and pushed it all the way in, deep-throating it a few moments, before pulling it out, “Now give me your cum…”

Darla went back to her sucking, working the head and the first three inches in and out of her mouth as she gripped the base, she was now focused on having him blow in her face. When Jack shot off, Darla wanted his cock resting on the center of the tongue where she could savor every jerk and spurt. Jack’s hand went to the back of her head; he loved to guide her head on his cock, made him feel like he was in charge.

At last, Darla felt it, the tip of his cock swelled and he moaned something unintelligible through clenched teeth that sounded like, “Suck it Mom!” Close enough for Darla who sealed the head in her mouth and jacked the shaft as it jerked in response.

Jack hips started to buck. He grabbed her head, looking down at her, “Gonna come! I wanna see it! My cum in your mouth!”

At that moment it occurred to Darla that Jack might not have cum in two days, and the fact that she had ‘edged’ him which always made orgasms more intense would mean one thing, a torrent of cum.

“Ahhh!” Darla opened her mouth and Jack literally sprayed it front to back with his first jet, her mouth was painted with a pearly stripe from front teeth to tonsils! The second jet was just as big, and Darla had to grip his cock tightly to keep his cock’s head on her tongue. Where Ted’s cum was thin and liquidy, Jack’s was thick and gooey — similarly salty, he had a stronger flavor… and her mouth was filling with it!

The next few jets went clear into the back of her mouth, but Darla didn’t swallow — she let her mouth collect her boy’s tasty warm seed, savoring the flavor. She closed her lips and nursed the head as the jets weakened into a dribble… and a finally oozed the last few drops.

Darla pulled her mouth off and made sure Jack saw she had taken it all, then she swallowed. One gulp wasn’t enough! It took Darla two gulps and she sighed as she felt the salty warmth flow down into her belly. After she swallowed, she held her tongue to the top of her mouth to relish the aftertaste. Darla then put the head of Jack’s cock to her lips. He remembered what he was supposed to do, gently pushing her head back onto his meat, “That’s a good boy,” she moaned to herself her lips spread by his warm salty meat.

Darla reached down to grab her cock, but found is soft — how could this be? Oh wait, her panties were soaked above her cock. She had been so turned on and focused on blowing her son; she didn’t realize she came in her panties.

Darla immediately hopped to her feet, ordering Jack, “I’m going to go get ready to be your mother. Go take a shower and…” she rubbed her fingers over his chin, “Shave. Tonight you learn how to eat pussy.”

She rushed up the stairs, leaving Jack in an afterglow daze….

“Eat pussy?”

To Be Continued in Part 4.

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