She Wanted to Fuck Me

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She wanted to fuck me.

I’ve always been a very horny person and have spent a lot of time masturbating.

We have a great marriage and a great sex life. We have shared many fantasies and I hope it continues. But even though we have this type of relationship I still masturbate when she is not in the mood.

A couple of years ago Gabby, my wife, got a little crazy one night and made out with me after she sucked my cock. Which she has done before but this time she still had my cum in her mouth. To both our surprise it was very enjoyable.

I asked her what gave her the idea to do that and she mentioned porn we had watched a few weeks earlier. Needless to say I asked her if there were any other things from porn she wanted to try. And there where!

This is when we started looking for videos with things we hoped each other would like to try. I really enjoyed the cum swap so I got more videos with that scenario. All of the ones that had a man and woman swapping or sharing cum were of the bi-sex nature. Up until this point I considered myself completely straight, but now I’m not sure.

I found some videos where a couple would have sex and when the guy came he either came in the girl or on her somewhere and then he licked her clean. Gabby seemed to really like this because she started making me do just that after every time we had sex.

A lot of the videos went much further into the bi-sex realm. Things like woman fingering her mans ass and using dildos and strap-ons to fuck their man. Some even involved other men.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to go there but I did get aroused when watching them. Yet I have never been attracted to another guy nor am I now. It’s Just that the site of a big cock and the sex acts are very stimulating!

I discussed with Gabby and she said she understood and would be willing to try some things I was willing to try some things and that she would especially love to watch me suck another man’s cock. But like I said I wasn’t sure.

Then one night we were watching porn that Gabby picked. She said she watched it earlier and wanted to try some of it if I thought I might enjoy it as well.

The girl in the scene was giving her man a blowjob and Gabby pulled my shorts off and started sucking me in sync with the video. It was fun! She slide her hands along my body just as the girl was doing while sucking up and down along with the video.

I was enjoying this and just then the girl in the video while sucking reaches over on the bed and grabs a bottle of lube. Gabby fumbles for the remote and pauses the video. She goes to the nightstand and grabs our lube and returns to the bed and turns the video back on. Where the girl in the video squirts some lube in one of her hands and tosses it, Gabby does the same. I’m thinking I’m about to get a really good hand job! Sweet! But to my surprise the girl in the video reaches below the guys balls and shoves her finger in his ass while she keeps sucking! Gabby pauses and looks up at my face. Then she just smiles as I feel her finger slide under my balls to my ass were she lightly rubs her finger across my opening a few times and then plunges in. OMFG! It feels so wrong and so fucking good at the same time! She proceeds to sync herself with the video and is working my cock with her mouth and fucking my ass with her finger. After a minute of this she looks up and asks if I want her to stop.

“NO please don’t stop!” it felt great!

She went right back to it. Sucking and plunging her finger into my ass. Then the girl in the video Starts to work two fingers in while she is still stroking and sucking his cock and balls. Gabby slowly starts working two fingers in my ass just as it happens in the video. Both woman start off slowly inserting the fingers and wiggling around a bit then sliding them almost out and push right back in. Working bostancı escort their way up until they are steadily fucking their mans ass with their fingers while sucking them off.

After a few minutes of this the girl in the video reaches for the lube again and Gabby follows right along. They squirt more lube on the fingers still half way in our asses and then proceed to shove three fingers in our asses. It takes a few seconds then they get right back to sucking and fucking. I could cum at anytime now!

Then the girl in the video starts talking dirty to her man and Gabby follows along and starts saying the dirties things I have ever heard her say.

“You like that don’t you!”

“You like when I fuck your ass like you fuck me!”

“Well it’s my turn to fuck you!”

“Oh Yeah, I’m going to cum!”

“Cum for me baby!”

As Gabby now just strokes my cock furiously and fucks my ass with her fingers! I shoot my load right across my chest and it lands on my face some of it actually went right in my mouth! The rest of the 7-8 shots land on my stomach. Gabby is smiling up at me as she licks the head of my cock clean and slides her fingers out of me.

“Wow honey that was the biggest load I ever saw you shot!”

“You even got some in your own mouth!”

“You must have loved me fucking your tight ass, didn’t you?”

“Yes it was incredible”

Gabby rubs her tit in my cum and then brings her tit to my mouth and forces me to lick and suck it clean.

Then Gabby got up and headed for the bathroom to shower the video was still running. The guy in this video has more stamina than me because they are still going at it.

Gabby is now in the shower I just lay there watching the rest of the video. Now in the video the girl reaches for the lube again as she slides her other hand out of his ass. She finds the lube and squirts a bunch in one of her hands. Then she starts feeling around in the sheets as though she is looking for something. She finds it and reveals an 8″ realistic looking dildo.

The girl slaps the dildo into her hand with all the lube and starts stroking it and getting it all lubed. I am intrigued. I prop up my pillows so that I can sit up and watch.

She then tells her man “You ready to take my big cock now!”

“Yes please, I want your big cock in me.”

“Ok baby put that pillow under your ass and lay back.”

He shoves a pillow under his ass and lies back giving her a better angle on his ass.

She lines the head of the big dildo up and starts rubbing it on his well lubed ass for a few seconds then she starts to push it in. She gets the entire tip in and stops there. She slowly slides the tip in and out of him. He is moaning with pleasure.

She pulls the cock out and puts more lube on the tip and shoves it back in and starts to slowly push it in deeper. The head and one inch of the shaft in, she stops for about 20 seconds. Then she pushes it in more. As it gets to the point of about the head and two inches it is as if his ass starts to suck in the cock on its own.

He sighs “Oh yeah, that’s in baby now fuck me with your cock!”

She starts to pump the cock in and out as if she is fucking him making sure not to completely pull it out. She is going deeper and deeper with every thrust. Until after about a minute of this he fells the dildos balls slap his ass as he is now taking the entire length.

He starts to stroke his own cock as she fucks him faster now. She moves up so that she can lick his cock as he strokes it and she fucks his ass with her big cock!

Without even realizing it I am completely hard now and pre-cum is dripping from my cock. I catch it with my fingers and then lick it off, yum. I start to stroke my cock.

The girl in the video is now pumping that büyükçekmece escort cock in and out of him steadily as she is almost chanting to him.

“You like my cock don’t you baby?”


“Take that big cock for me baby!”

“Let me fuck you like you like to fuck me!”

“Oh yeah I’m going to cum!”

“Do it baby cum for my big cock!”

Just then he shoots a load that goes about 2 feet in the air and lands on his chest followed by several shots that go straight in the air and land back down on his cock and his hand.

“Fuck yeah!”

“Oh you liked that baby didn’t you?”

“Oh my god yes!”

She slides the dildo out of his ass and tells him not to move as she runs into the bathroom with dildo in hand. You can hear the water running. Then she runs back out with a clean dildo she washed it off.

She then lies next to him and rubs the dildo in all his cum getting it covered. She then tells him to lick it clean as she puts it up to his face and he starts to lick it along the shaft and then he takes it in his mouth and takes its entire length into his mouth and throat.

I couldn’t hold back I shoot my load again onto my belly and chest while watching this! Just as I finish the girl in the video leans in and licks the shaft of the dildo as she pulls it out of his mouth until their tongues meet at the tip of it licking it together for a few seconds and then she starts kissing him.

Just then I hear Gabby say “So you enjoyed the end of the video!”

“Um yeah I guess I did?”

Gabby walked over to my side of the bed and as she walked up and leaned in to kiss me I could feel her fingers running across my belly scooping up my cum and then she put her cum covered fingers to my lips and she told me to lick this mess up! I happily licked and sucked her fingers clean as she asks me.

“So would you be willing to the end scene with me?”


We kissed and then went about our day. All day I couldn’t help to think about what happened in the video and became more and more interested in wanting to try it. But I didn’t know how Gabby would react if I told her I was interested. I’m not even sure why I am so drawn to it, but I am.

Several hours later I am working out in the yard and Gabby comes out and tells me she is going to go somewhere with a friend for a couple hours. That’s about all I caught in the conversation because I am now thinking to myself that this is my chance to try the video experience out myself while she is gone. To see if I do like it and if I do I can then bring it up to Gabby. She does have a dildo in her nightstand that I can use.

Then I snap back to reality as Gabby is heading back in the house while saying that she’ll see me in a few hours. What I didn’t hear her say was that she just needed a few minutes to finish her hair and make-up.

I waited about 10 minutes to make sure she had plenty of time to leave and make sure she didn’t pop back in because she forgot something. Then I went in the house and called out “Gabby?”

No response so I was good, so I thought. Gabby was actually still in our bathroom taking care of her hair and make-up.

I went in our bedroom and turned on the TV and put the video on we were watching earlier. I started the video at the beginning and stripped down naked. I grabbed the lube and the dildo from her nightstand and threw them on the bed. I grabbed a pillow and set it at the end of the bed and threw a towel over it and then I climbed up on the pillow so my ass was at the edge of the bed and my feet rested on the beds footboard.

I laid back and put a pillow under my head so I could still see the video. At this point the girl in the video was already shoving a finger in her guy’s ass so I quickly grabbed the lube and çekmeköy escort squirted some on my finger and rubbed it across my ass and start to push it in. I also start to stroke my cock.

I guess Gabby heard the video or me because she peaked out of the bathroom door to see what was going on but I did not see her because the bathroom door is off to the side and towards the back of the room. She didn’t say anything she just watched.

So I was now squirting more lube on my fingers and starting to work two fingers in my ass as I stroke my cock. Slowly taking in more of my fingers and working them faster. Then I went for three fingers and work them in. I am not real flexible so I can’t quite get the fingers in completely but I think I got them in far enough. I worked them in my ass for about 5 minutes and the video is now at the part with the big 8″dildo.

So I grab the lube and squirt some in my hand. I then grab my wife’s dildo it is about 7″ so it’s not a big as the one in the video but that’s a good thing for my first time. It still looks big.

I guess Gabby is getting into this because she did not leave and she is still watching and she stripped down naked, of course I don’t know this yet.

Now I know this wasn’t in the video but I had to do it, I started to lick the shaft of the dildo like it was a real cock! Right up to the head and then I ran my tongue around it. I say “Gabby I want to suck your big cock!” Then I shove it in my mouth and suck on it for a couple minutes. Sliding it in and out of my mouth.

I pull it from my mouth and smother it in the lube and lower it to my ass and start to rub the head across my opening and say “Oh Yeah Gabby fuck me with your big cock!”Then I slowly start to push it in until the head pops into my ass and I just lay there for a moment with my eyes closed.Then I slowly start fucking my ass with just the head of the cock and I can’t believe how good it feels! I just lay there with my eyes closed working my ass with just the head of the cock and that’s when I hear Gabby say “Now I’m going to fuck you deeper Baby.”

I open my eyes and see Gabby standing between my legs as she grabs the dildo from my hand I barely had time to get freaked out before she Started pushing the dildo in deeper making me forget about being freaked out because it felt slightly painful at first but then turned to pure pleasure. As it pushes past a point about 2 inches in where it starts to feel great as she slide more and more of that cock in me.

I grab my dripping wet cock and start stroking as Gabby is now fucking my ass with her cock! She is now all the way in and is fucking me just as I would fuck her. Even better actually! She is now holding the base of the dildo with one hand up against her bush and is pretending to fuck me like it’s really her cock and her other hand she is playing with her tits! So fucking hot! Not to mention how great it feels!

She just keeps fucking me while I stroke. Then Gabby leans down and sucks on the head of my cock as I stroke it and as she fucks me! “Oh my God yes!”

“Cum for me baby” she tells me as she continues to suck.

That’s all it took I start pumping load after load of cum into her mouth. So much it starts dripping out of the corners of her mouth! She sucks me until I stop pumping out cum and then she climbs up on me gives me a big cum filled kiss! All the cum from her mouth drips right into my mouth as our tongues wrestle in our mouths! We keep kissing until I have taken all the cum from her that she had to offer.

She slides back down between my legs and holds the dildo base against her pubic area again and slowly slides it completely out of me and then slams it back in completely and then repeats this about 10 times while asking me if I like being fucked by her.


“It was incredible!”

“Do you want me to do it again sometime?”

“Yes, please.”

Then she slid it out completely and just smiles at me for a second.

“You are a nasty boy, but I like it!”

Then Gabby said something that I couldn’t believe.

“I’m going to have to go and get us a two ended Dildo or strap-on too pleasures us both!”

She did just that, but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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