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It was the Christmas holidays in 1998. A number of my friends had gone on to post-graduate studies at Universities across the United States, and we made it a habit to get together on the last Sunday before Christmas to catch up on old times and hear about the semester’s progress. In the end, about eight guys ended up attending, some of which were friends from high school and others were merely friends of friends.

We met at a well-known restaurant/bar and had dinner and drink. For reasons that were unclear to me (and unimportant to this story) the place was uncharacteristically quiet. About three hours after our arrival, two women came to our table to say hello. Suzy, a friend from high school recognized a number of us, and she was with a friend who was unknown to us all.

I remembered Suzy as a nice tight unit, and a handful of years hadn’t changed anything. She was not particularly tall, but was blessed with ample tits, long curly auburn hair and a spectacular smile. We invited them to sit with us and we shared old memories and caught up on recent history.

As the night was waning, Suzy pulled one of the guys up for a dance. I thought nothing of it, but when the song was over, she came up to me and asked me to join her for the next one. The dance floor was around the corner from the table where everyone sat and the song turned out to be a slow number. As we danced it became obvious that this was more than a friendly whirl around the dance floor. She held her body very close to mine, looked me deep in the eyes, and began to rub her crotch onto my cock. I got the message (I’m terribly perceptive you know) and was rock hard in seconds. She said that she had “always wanted to have me” when were both in high school but she knew my girlfriend and therefore took no steps in that regard. We decided that when the party broke up I’d meet her at her apartment. When the guys decided they wanted to find an all night diner, I bade them all a goodnight and made my way to Suzy’s place.

It gaziantep rus escort turns out she shares it with a roommate, Ruth, who was a nurse in a nearby town and who was still at work. Suzy made tea and we talked for a while. She said that she wanted to change and she went into her bedroom, leaving the door ajar. She didn’t attempt to prevent me from seeing her remove her jeans and sweater, revealing a pink-laced bra and panty set. She knew I was watching and threw on a long nightshirt before coming back out. There was no doubt as to where all of this was going.

This time when she sat down, there was no more polite talk of days gone by. Her lust was palpable, and in a short while, she and I were tonguing each other with abandon. She told me earlier that evening that she had broken up with her boyfriend about six months before and wasn’t dating. I had been so busy with studies I had, sadly, neglected women for too long. We were both virtually out of control, and it wasn’t long before I had her gown up over her lap, and was squeezing her tits. She loved to be pinched and she was in a fury. She had her hand on my crotch and told me that she wanted to suck my cock dry before the night was over.

I had just got my hand into her panties and was rubbing her engorged clit when we heard keys rattling in the lock. Essentially, we had lost track of time, and Suzy forgot that her roommate would be home soon. Suzy covered herself up prior to her roommate entering the living room, but it would have been obvious to a blind person as to what she had interrupted. Suzy introduced us and we exchanged pleasantries. Ruth took the first polite opportunity to tell us that she was tired and that she would be heading straight to bed. Her room was adjacent to the living room and next to Suzy’s bedroom and she disappeared in there, closing the door behind her. Suzy and I smiled to each other and she told me that Ruth had been working long hours lately, trying to forget about the terribly failed relationship that had left her devastated not a couple of months before. As interesting as that story was, within minutes, we were back to the same level of frenetic foreplay that we were enjoying before the interruption.

It being perfectly obvious as to where it was going, we retired to Suzy’s room and before I could get comfortable on the bed, she took the nightgown off and slowly lowered the straps on her bra, in a kind of strip tease. Within moments of exposing her breasts, her right hand was buried in her panties, obviously flicking away at her clit. I watched for about a minute from her bed, when she ordered that I take off my clothes. I started taking my shirt off and the next thing I knew, she was loosening my belt and working my cock free.

Within moments she was all over my cock, stroking it, sucking it and rubbing it over her lips with reckless abandon. She was kneeling on the floor as she gave me the treatment, but it was obvious that she was friggin herself wildly at the same time. Between the sensation of my cock rubbing on the back of her throat, and the vibrations of her moaning, it was only a matter of minutes before I let my load loose. She took the first few spurts down her throat and she applied the last ones to her face, as she reached her own climax. I then pulled her on top and we kissed each other while we came down.

It seemed like we held each other only for a matter of minutes, when she began rubbing her slit against me and began to writhe in a fashion that clearly indicated she wanted more. Her arousal got to me and I pulled her up so that she was fucking my face.

Her lace panties provided enough room for me to tongue her sodden slit. When she was about to climax again, I put her on her back and removed her panties for total access. I sucked and licked her clit, and I played with her other hole, which brought her to an uncontrollable climax. She writhed and moaned and kept telling me to lick her slit, and tongue the shit out of her. Eventually, she was too sensitive to carry on so we stopped and she took a well-deserved rest.

At this point, we were both flying, but I hadn’t fucked her yet. Rather than resting, she told me that she wasn’t done with me yet, and that she was going to fuck me till morning. I decided that I needed to use the facilities, and when I left her room to go to the bathroom, there was Ruth, standing in the hall, wearing a purple teddy and short bottoms, hurriedly turning toward the bathroom door. Suzy and I had forgotten about her, and on reflection, if she was awake, there was no doubt she could hear our every utterance. Ruth mumbled something about having to use the bathroom, but it was obvious that she had been listening to everything and I was immediately aroused at knowing that she may have been getting off as she listened in.

Being the gentlemen that I am, I motioned for her to use the bathroom and when she came out the light was still on. I was certain that the front of her panties were wet. I asked her if she was ok, and she said nothing at first. Then, she sheepishly told me that she couldn’t sleep when she got home, heard us, and apologized for listening in. She told me that she was horny as hell from the absence of sex, and that she couldn’t help herself. I told her that I not only understood, but that Suzy and I were experiencing the same thing. The next thing I knew she was hugging me and I was sure that she was grinding me a bit. I couldn’t control the hardness, and things were getting a little out of control. She sensed that, and excused herself and returned to her room. My head was reeling and I finished in the bathroom and told Suzy what had transpired.

Suzy was exceedingly compassionate, and told me that she was going to go to the bathroom and then check on her friend. After about ten minutes, I was called out to the living room where Suzy and Ruth were talking, dressed as they were before. They both had a smile on their faces, and they invited me to have a seat between them. What happened next and the following day is the subject of the next story.

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