She’s the Boss Ch. 03

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After dinner, I helped Jennifer clean up the kitchen and wash dishes. Once everything was back to Jennifer’s high standards of neatness, she came over and placed her hands on my shoulders. Smiling at me, she leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss, parting my lips with her tongue.

“Did that meal wash the taste of cum out of your mouth?” she asked after breaking the kiss.

“Uh, yeah. It definitely helped,” I responded, still feeling a little shocked and emasculated from earlier in the hallway.

“I’m sorry I had to do that. But you deserved it. And you’re going to continue making it up to me all night, but you might enjoy the rest a little bit more.”

She kissed me again, this time just a simple peck on the lips.

“Now go into the bedroom, get on the bed, and get your clothes off. And don’t you fucking dare touch yourself until I get in there.”

After several minutes of anticipation, Jennifer finally appeared in the doorway. Apparently she had gone to change out of her tight turtleneck into an even more enticing negligee that accentuated the curves of her heavy frame. Slowly walking towards the bed, she never broke eye contact with me. The look on her face was one of determination and confidence.

“Does the rest of my punishment start now?” I asked hopefully.

Jennifer didn’t say a word. She just continued her slow, tortuous walk toward where I lay on the bed naked, exposed, and extremely aroused.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Still she said nothing. By this point she was climbing onto the bed. She crawled toward me from the foot of the bed until she had her arms on either side of me, holding me down with her considerable weight. She kissed me passionately.

Still not saying a word, Jennifer broke away from me and began to turn around, bringing her ample backside into alignment with my face. I liked where this was going so far.

“Shut the fuck up and get to work. The only thing your tongue should be doing until I say otherwise is pleasuring my asshole. Go.”

Jennifer’s first words since entering the bedroom re-established her role as the dominant one in this situation. I couldn’t have been more turned on.

I didn’t mess around with any teasing, instead plunging my tongue deep into her tight asshole as far as I get could it. She grunted with pleasure, thrusting her ass back toward me, forcing me deeper.

“That’s right, you’re my little ass bitch. I know how much you love my shithole. Eat it, bitch. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, fucking eat it!”

While grinding her ass on my helpless tongue, Jennifer leaned forward so that we were in more of a 69 position, rather than her simply sitting on my face. A small part of me hoped she was about to start administering some oral pleasure of her own. But the better part of me knew that wasn’t the case.

She was perfectly willing to tease me though. I felt her hands grip my rigid shaft, stroking me slowly as she used my face for erotik film izle her sexual gratification. I could feel her breath on my cock. Her warm, inviting mouth was so tantalizingly close to my dick that I couldn’t help but thrust upward. She must not have expected it, because I made contact with her lips briefly before she pulled away.

“Bad!” she scolded me. “That’s a bad bitch.” Quickly she shifted her body so that she was straddling me the opposite way, so that we faced each other. She moved up so that her ass rested on my chest, and she reached out to place her right hand on the side of my face.

The slap she gave me was harder than I had expected. Not the first time this evening that Jennifer had given me a surprise.

“Someone’s getting a little impatient, it seems. Does that mean you’re ready to start pounding me with this big, hard dick? Ready for me to moan for you, and beg you to fuck me harder? Is my little bitch ready to take over?”

I was thrilled to hear her prompt a shift in the power dynamic of our game.

“Yes, ma’am. I’m ready to bend you over and pound your holes and make you beg and scream for it. I’m going to shoot a load in your pussy first, then you’re going to use that dirty fucking mouth to get me hard again before I take your big, sexy ass.”

“Oh, fuck yes. Do it.”

She moved off of me and bent over on all fours, presenting her massive backside. As tempted as I was to tongue her ass some more, I think we both agreed it was time to fuck.

I moved into position to mount Jennifer from behind, firmly inserting my rigid cock into her dripping pussy. She let out an involuntary moan at the sudden invasion. When I bottomed out in her I remained motionless for a few moments to savor the feeling of her soft, warm ass as up against my thighs.

I grabbed her ample hips and started to give it to her slowly, trying to control my orgasm. Once I was able to get back from the edge and control my breathing, I picked up the pace, slamming into her with greater and greater force and causing her to grunt and moan with pleasure.

“Ugh… ugh… oh… fuck, yes…oh…mmm yes. So deep. Such a good bitch, fucking me just like I told you to.”

Hearing Jennifer call me her bitch even while I had her bent over in front of me really got me going. Just as she had planned. I started to pound into her furiously, watching her ass jiggle with each violent impact.

“Fuck me, bitch! Harder! You think you’re going to break me?”

The dirty talk and the violent nature of our fucking had me past the point of no return. Feeling an orgasm building, I reached forward to grab Jennifer by the hair and turn her head back towards me.

“I’m about to bust in that slutty pussy of yours. Are you close?”

“Not yet. I’m gonna need you in my ass to cum right now I think.”

I put the conversation on pause as I shot a thick stream of cum up into Jennifer’s wet cunt, gasping with pleasure. film izle I stayed inside her for about a minute before pulling out. Fortunately, I was still mostly hard.

Jennifer turned around and instantly engulfed my cock with her mouth. I loved seeing her chubby cheeks hollow out with her efforts to get me back to full erection. I cautiously placed my hands on top of her head as she bobbed up and down, halfway expecting another slap like I had received earlier. When it didn’t come, I knew that Jennifer was ready to be used like a slut.

Taking a more forceful grip of her head, I started to move her up and down on my engorged cock. She had only the slightest gag reflex, so I was able to be pretty rough with her.

I fucked her face hard and decided I too would get in on the name-calling action.

“Nothing to say now, slut? Mouth too full to talk? Don’t worry, it’ll be in your ass soon.”

Her only response was an unintelligible mix between a gag and a moan. She stared up at me as I violated her throat. I could see her eyes just beginning to water.

Finally, I pulled her off of my cock and allowed her to gasp for air. She had an expression of slutty satisfaction on her face, with a smile and a raised eyebrow.

“Get up and bend over the bed,” I commanded. While Jennifer was complying with the order, I went to grab the lube out of her dresser drawer. I half considered grabbing her silver buttplug as well, but decided to pass on it. There was only one thing that was going in Jennifer’s ass, and it was ready for action.

I squirted a healthy amount of lube into my palm and started coating my shaft. I tossed the lube to Jennifer.

“Get yourself ready, bitch.”

Jennifer smiled at my use of her favorite term of endearment, and then proceeded to coat her inviting asshole with the slippery KY.

Having just cum a few minutes ago, I knew I could pound my BBW boss’ fat ass for quite a while before it happened again. Once she had lubed herself to her satisfaction, I moved into position and got to work.

With adequate lubrication this time, my dick entered her more easily than it had in her office earlier in the day. With minimal resistance, I was balls-deep in her asshole in just a few seconds.

“Ohhhhhh, yesssssss,” Jennifer managed to moan. Her breath came quick and shallow as she got acclimated to my sizeable presence in her back passage. “Slow, slow, slow… oh, my… so fucking big.”

“Who’s the bitch now, Jennifer? Seems like it’s you, taking my hard cock up your tight little shithole. Such a slut. You need your ass fucked just to have an orgasm.”

On that note, I could feel Jennifer playing with her clit as I steadily thrust in and out of her. I knew she was desperate to cum. She had just had the one short, but powerful orgasm in her office earlier today.

“I’m the bitch. I’m your fat slut. I’m a dirty fucking ass-slut. I need my asshole used by a big dick just to cum. Such seks filmi izle a fat slut for your big cock.”

It almost sounded like Jennifer was crying, but I knew it was part of her building to orgasm. Whenever she brought up how “fat” she was during particularly rough or kinky sex, it was a signal for me to do the same. I always tried to avoid thinking of the psychological implications behind needing to be fat-shamed and ass-fucked in order to have an orgasm.

“Take it, you fat slut. Your ass is so fucking enormous, no wonder you need to have it filled with a big cock daily.”

“That’s it, I need it every day. Up my fat ass. Right up my shithole.”

Jennifer put her face down onto the bed and went silent. She was getting close. Her hand was frantically rubbing her clit as I pounded her big, sexy butt.

A low moan indicated that her orgasm had arrived.

“Ohhhhhhh yesssssssssss… fuck… cumming… cumming… fuck…. unghhhhh yessssssss!”

Her body trembled under the magnitude of her orgasm. She didn’t let up on her clit for the duration of it, and I didn’t let up on her asshole. I was still keeping a steady pace when she came down from her plateau.

“Fuck… that was amazing. Are you close?”

“Getting there. Where do you want it?”

“Anywhere. I don’t care. Fuck, I’m still shaking.”

“Anywhere? Get on your knees.” I was thinking back to earlier when Jennifer had made me taste my own cum in order to punish me. I was going to get a little bit of revenge.

Jennifer got on her knees, still visibly flustered from her orgasm. She didn’t even seem to care that I wanted to cum in her mouth mere moments after my cock was in her ass. With the fog of her sexual euphoria slowly clearing, I placed the head of my cock in front of her lips.


She looked up at me with a look of moderate annoyance, but opened her mouth all the same. She cringed slightly as she took me further inside.

Jennifer had never done this unless she was drunk. I was pretty proud of myself that I had gotten her to cum so hard that she didn’t care.

“Not long now. Just keep doing it like that. Mmm, yes, perfect. Just like that.”

Jennifer bobbed up and down on my cock. She seemed a little less liberal with her tongue than usual, but she was doing an excellent job nonetheless. She sucked me for a few minutes, with steadily increasing enthusiasm.

My orgasm came surprisingly quickly, almost out of nowhere.

“Oh, fuck, here it comes. Here it comes. Oh, fuck… oh fuck. So fucking good. So good. Some dessert for my fat slut.”

I smiled down at her as she dealt with my considerable load. She managed to handle it all, with just the smallest little bit escaping her mouth. When she had downed the entire load, she smiled up at me with a look of exhaustion.

“Thank you. Are we even for today?”

“I think so.” We had each had our respective turns as dominant and submissive. We’d consider that a successful day. “Wine in bed?”

“That sounds amazing.”


*I may or may not continue with this series. I’m not sure where I want to take the story line next, but I’ll always take suggestions.

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