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Madge asked me to lock up everything for her as she flew out the door in a big hurry. All I usually do is dust the shelves and vacuum the carpet of her ladies shoe store – as a part time job. I also placed the stock in the store room according to their numbering system. I was about to lock the doors when I heard some one clear their throat behind me. I pretty blonde was near the back of the store looking at some shoes. I went back to her and politely told her that the store was closed. She looked at me and smiled and said that she really needed to have a new pair of shoes right now and that if I helped her she would be very, very thankful to me. I tried to explain that I had no experience, nor authority to sell her any shoes. She pouted her pretty red lips and put her soft hand on my arm and begged me to help her out. I checked the cash and noticed that Madge had even left her keys in the lock. I locked the front door and pocketed them just in case. I knew how to operate the cash and I knew all the codes, so I thought to myself, what the hell.

This pretty lady needed my help so I said yes. She had her preference in her hand so I checked the code, asked her size and went to the store room to get her selection. I was back in a few minutes with several pair up and down her size. Rather than sitting in one of the chairs, she was sitting on the display counter which was slightly lower than a kitchen counter. She had dropped her shoes on the floor and I positioned my stool in front of her. She said that her feet were really sore from wearing those shoes. So as I sat down I started to massage one of her feet a little. She enjoyed that and expressed her appreciation with an ooh and a broad smile. I was about to try one of the new shoes, gaziantep rus escort but she said that the other foot was also sore and maneuvered that foot into my hands. In doing so she had opened her legs somewhat and her short skirt had moved further above her knees and as my eyes were at the right height to see up her skirt, I could see the start of her white slip and a little way up her inner thighs. I must have showed my interest as she wiggled a little more and I saw even more than before. She said that I should change jobs and be a masseur rather than a shoe salesman. I smiled and nervously moved my hands up to her ankle and started to massage gently but firmly up her calf to her knee. She asked me to do the other ankle as well and this time her legs parted so much that I could see the top of her nylons and even her white panties.

I swallowed hard and licked my dry lips as I realized that I was caressing her nylon encased leg rather than massaging it. She said with her impish smile that I sure knew what I was doing and asked if I liked what I was doing. I gulped and said it was a very great pleasure for me to help her in any way she wanted. She told me to keep it up as she was enjoying my hands immensely. I moved my hands all the way up to her knees, caressing the silk wrapped legs up to and then under her skirt to the lacy tops of her nylons. Ummm! You do that so well she whispered. You are getting me all excited. How about you? Are you getting excited too?

I sure am, I croaked. I stood up and pushed her skirt and slip further up her legs. Oh yes, I can see that you are very excited she whispered, looking at the big bulge in my pants. She reached out and very deftly undid my pants which fell around my ankles. My penis had already found its way out the fly in my shorts. Ooh! You sure are excited. Looks like you are ready for some action she said softly as she shrugged out of her jacket, and unbuttoned her blouse and let it slip off of her shoulders. She then slipped her slip straps off of her shoulders and took her bra covered breasts in her hands. How about massaging these for a while, and maybe giving them a little suck too, if you want?

I bent down and tenderly grasped a breast in each hand and caressed them gently as she leaned back to against the wall. I moved the bra cups down off of each breast and started licking and sucking her hardening nipples. The bumps around her nipples were getting more pronounced as she moaned her approval. She reached for the head of my penis and stroked it tenderly running her thumb over the orifice that was oozing some pre-cum.

Get closer to me and rub that against my panties she asked hoarsely. I moved in closer and she moved closer to me as well. I rubbed my penis on her inner thighs and then against the mound of her panties. They were getting wet form her excitement, but they were in the way of that special treasure I wanted so much to get at. I pulled back and started to pull them of. She lifted one cheek and then the other off of the counter to help me in my quest. I pulled her panties all the way off and as I was at the right height I busied myself in exploring her inner thighs and then her very wet and slipper lips with my mouth. I licked and sucked on her nether lips, making them even hotter and wetter. She moaned and grasped the back of my head to draw me closer to her. I pushed my tongue inside of those sweet tasting lips and then licked her now hard clit. She jumped and moaned at this maneuver so I kept it up until she groaned and shuddered as she climaxed.

I straightened up and held her to me for several minutes and then I gently started to push my long hard penis into her waiting juicy pussy. Slowly and rhythmically I pushed into her as she wrapped her legs around me and did her best to pull me into her. I massaged her breasts but she did not want me to touch her too sensitive nipples. So I encircled her with my arms and grabbed her ass with both hands as I speeded up my rhythm. I tentatively kissed the tip of her nose and then her lips and as I got lost in the feeling of my penis stuffing her pussy I kissed her on the lips, which became a French kiss, It was like penetrating her in two different places at the same time. Each time we came to the end of our thrusts we both moaned and gasped. My thrusting pace became faster and harder until my turn came and I climaxed deep inside of her. Over and over I could feel my penis disgorging my hot creamy juice deep inside of her hot steamy pussy. Oh fuck I groaned into her ear as I held and hugged her during my climax. Oh Yes she murmured Oh Fuck Yes!

I finally finished shooting my cum into her hot juicy pussy and pulled out of her. Our juices had soaked into her slip. She pulled it all the way off and dried my cream covered penis with it and then soaked up all of the love juices now oozing from her pussy. She folded the soiled slip and put it in her handbag. She put her panties back on, her blouse and jacket. Then she thanked me and asked to be let out of the store. I asked about her shoes, and she smiled, caressed my cheek said that she had got all that she had come for. I hurriedly pulled up my pants and walked her to the door where she kissed me quickly and walked out. I never saw her again, but never forgot her, and probably never will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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