Shopping Trip

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Author’s note: This story is dedicated to my sweet friend Michael.


I sit at my makeup table making myself ready, and I have to continually be mindful of my hand wanting to drift down to my crotch and begin rubbing myself. We have been emailing quite steadily and finally we are going to meet in person, so you can take me high heel shopping.

The fact that I am finally going to meet my mystery man, is exciting, but after seeing some pictures of your member, I have done nothing but dream about wrapping my lips around it and sucking your load out of it. Being a cum slut, just thinking about sucking you off makes me wet. I finally finish and head out to the mall where I am going to meet you.

As I walk up to the food court the sound of my heels clicking on the floor catches your attention and you start to search for me. As you turn around you see this very tall, sexy looking woman wearing a tight fitting black dress. She has flowing auburn hair and her make up is done sexily with a deep red lipstick that matches her fingernail polish.

She draws closer and you notice that her dress just barely covers the tops of her tan nylons. You also notice that she is wearing a pair of 4″ open toed CFM heels. As you take all of this in, your member begins to spring to life, causing an obvious bulge in your pants.

You see this goddess looking around and you realize that this is Sonya and so you quickly jump up to get her attention and in the process spill your drink all down the front of your pants.

While you curse your luck, Sonya walks over and as you try to pat your groin dry, she smiles and asks if you need any help. This comment causes you to stop what you are doing and look dumbfounded at her.

After several minutes you come to your senses and introduce yourself and ask her if she would like anything. With a twinkle in her eye, she looks right at your crotch, licks her lips and says that she would love to have a protein shake, but can wait until after she gets her new heels.

Her comment sinks in, and your cock twitches, which does not go unnoticed by her. You two head out to the shoe store and upon entering immediately head toward the section of heels that are 5″ high or taller. As Sonya walks toward the heels you are actively checking out her ass as it wiggles and you don’t think you will ever get rid of your hard on.

You find a seat and settle in for the show as Sonya begins looking at the different styles. A salesgirl appears and asks if Sonya needs any help and Sonya tells her several different styles that she would like to try on.

The salesgirl disappears to retrieve the heels, and Sonya sits down opposite of you and very seductively begins to unbuckle her current heels making sure to run her hands up and down her legs.

At one point as she is leaning forward, you notice her bra is just barely holding in her tits and as she looks up at you, she licks her lips and blows you a kiss. Your cock twitches several güvenilir bahis times, and you grip the arms of the chair and slowly let out your breathe.

The salesgirl returns with several boxes and drags over a stool so she can sit down and help Sonya try them on. The first pair is bright red and once the salesgirl has them buckled you notice the color matches Sonya’s toe nails.

Sonya stands up she and walks away from you, wiggling her ass as she struts and then turns around and walks back, this time it is her tits that seem to not be able to sit still. She then sits down and nonchalantly raises her skirt just a little bit so that a bit more of the top of her nylons are visible. And as she raises her foot for the salesgirl to remove the heel and put on another one she spreads her legs an extra little bit and you catch the briefest glimpse of her crotch, which causes your cock to stir.

Sonya tries on several more pairs, some platforms, some sling backs, some clear and some black. Each time she goes to sit down she pulls up more and more of her skirt until you can actually see skin above her nylons.

This last time when she raised her foot for the salesgirl, she opened her legs so much that you realize she isn’t wearing any panties. This is just too much and your cock becomes rock hard, but what almost has you blowing your load in your pants is the fact that the salesgirl also noticed and actually licked her lips at the sight.

Sonya sees her do that and stretches out her foot so that her toes are very close to the salesgirl’s crotch and slightly wiggles them, which causes the salesgirl to quiver. You simply can’t believe what is going on right in front of you and find it extremely difficult to not pull out your cock and start stroking it.

Sonya continues to try on shoes and now you notice the salesgirl actually sitting closer so that when Sonya moves her foot she is actually rubbing her mound.

After input from you and the salesgirl Sonya decides upon a pair of black strappy CFM platforms that sport a 6″ spiked heel. If Sonya exuded confidence and control before, seeing her in these heels only amplifies it. With her new heels on, she is slightly taller than you and seems to loom over the salesgirl.

As you two follow the salesgirl up to check out, you notice that with Sonya wearing her new heels they seem to accentuate her sensual walk and you want desperately to get some relief. After you pay for Sonya’s new heels she leans over and gives you a peck on the cheek, allowing her hand to drift down to your crotch and as she gives it a playful squeeze tells you thanks and that she would love to show you her appreciation.

She pulls back from you, and you just stare at her wide eyed and mouth agape. She then suggests that the two of you go to the Hyatt Regency. You nod your head and with a big smile start to leave, but Sonya tells you to hold on and slips the salesgirl a piece of paper. You have a quizzical look on your face türkçe bahis and as Sonya walks up to you she merely gives you a sexy smile and says phone number. It then dawns on you that Sonya just gave the salesgirl her number and that they are probably going to hook up.

You can’t believe the sexuality that just seems to ooze from this beautiful woman. Upon reaching the parking lot she tells you to meet her at the Hyatt Regency, room 1024. As you drive off it dawns on you that she already had a room reserved and that she was anticipating this rendezvous, and that you can’t believe your luck.

When you approach the room you notice the door is ajar and so you enter the room, making sure the door closes and locks. You round the corner and can hear music playing and the clinking of ice in a glass. Standing at the in room bar with her back to you is Sonya. She turns around, hands you a whiskey on the rocks and grabs your free hand and leads you over to an overstuffed leather chair.

She looks you in the eyes and reaches down and again grabs your rock hard cock through your pants and says that you must be hurting and that you must need relief. Before you can say anything she begins to unbuckle your belt and undo your pants. After she unzips them she begins to tug them down and as she squats down so as to reach better, your member is straining against your underwear.

She then reaches down unties your shoes and slips them and your socks off before having you step out of your pants. As she looks up at your straining member she licks her lips and then proceeds to hook her thumbs into your waistband and pull your underwear out and down your legs releasing your monster cock.

As it springs forward Sonya gives a short gasp and merely gives it a quick kiss on the tip. After removing your underwear she has you sit down in the chair and tells you that she would like to give you a sexy heel show.

You take a sip of your drink you grab your member and begin stroking it as you watch her wiggle her ass. Once she is a bit away from you she begins to really strut and accentuate her movements so that you can see her beautiful legs in the nylons and the heels. He gives you several poses and makes sure to walk towards you so you can see her tits jiggle too.

She notices you picking up your pace and tells you that if you can’t control yourself, she is going to have to tie you up. That comment brings you up short and so you stop, even if it is temporarily. She then steps back and begins to give you a very sexual and sensual striptease until she is only standing before you in nothing but her black lacy demi cup bra, black lace garter, tan nylons and her brand new CFM heels.

She stands there allowing you to drink in her sexuality, as she hungrily stares at your cock and licks her lips. Not being able to stand it anymore she walks toward you and drops to her knees in front of you and takes hold of your monster cock. She then begins to lick just the tip so she güvenilir bahis siteleri can taste your precum and proceeds to lick the shaft working her way down to your balls, which she also sucks on.

The sensations are so intense that you quickly put your drink down so you can grip the arms of the chair. You don’t think you can last very long, but then are greeted with her taking your cock inside of her mouth.

She begins to swallow more and more of it until her nose is resting on your stomach. She then proceeds to slide back and forth licking and sucking as she goes giving you one of the best blow jobs you have ever had. She keeps this up knowing you are close to cumming and as she feels your cock start to swell in anticipation she swallows you whole so your load goes straight down her throat.

Once you are almost done, she pulls some of your cock out until only the tip is in her mouth and proceeds to lick and suck the last bits of your cum from your cock. You expect her to take your cock out of her mouth, but instead she merely continues to suck on it. It is then that you notice that only one hand is holding your cock and that the other one is between her legs fingering her pussy.

This thought and the fact that she is just incredible at sucking dick, causes you to start to get hard again. Once she is satisfied that you are hard enough, she stands up, takes your hand and leads you over to the bed.

She gets on all fours and asks if you would like to fuck her. You don’t need to be asked twice and so you get on the bed behind her and can see that she is extremely wet and ready for you. As you place the tip of your cock at the opening of her pussy you feel her settle in and let out a bit of a moan.

You feed more and more of your cock into her pussy until your groin is against hers. You then reach back, grab the heels of her shoes and begin to fuck her in long, slow strokes. By pulling her feet up like that, you create a different sensation then she was expecting and she lets out a deep guttural moan and pushes back against you.

Since you just came, you are able to pound into her for quite some time. Finally, you start to feel your cum build up in your balls and so you pick up the pace. By now she is moaning and pushing against you and begging you to cum inside her.

It isn’t much longer before you start to feel yourself cum and you slam your cock all the way inside of her and fill her with your load. She also cums at the same time and begins to shake and quiver as her orgasm rips through her.

You feel yourself start to finish and pull out of her pussy and shoot the rest of your load all over her ass and then insert a finger inside her backside. This causes her to quiver and shake some more and she begs you to not stop but to keep finger fucking her.

While you slide a finger in and out of her you notice she is rubbing her clit and then you feel her ass muscles clench down on your finger as she cums yet again. With that you withdraw your finger and the both of you lay down on the bed. As you drift off to sleep with this beautiful woman filled and covered with your cum laying next to you, you can’t wait to see what she has in store next.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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