Shopping with Daddy

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I’m Amata and I just turned 18, I’ve got big chocolate colored eyes and full luscious lips my body developed at a young age and now I have big heavy D cup tits, and a tiny waist and a round firm full behind. Was a good obedient girl until I was instructed in the ways of sex by my father Kamal.

My parents married at a young age out of love but my mom couldn’t conceive, they didn’t stop trying and much later on in life she got pregnant with me which was a good surprise, but they were pretty old by then, in their mid 40. This fact made her pregnancy all the more grueling and tiresome, by the time she had to give birth she was in a high risk pregnancy ward and because of a high blood pressure problems she didn’t make it . So dad had to bring me up all on his own.

He was a good parent, but as the main provider of the family and an Indian male he wasn’t there much when I was growing up. I had a lot of nannies and servants that looked after me. Any interaction between us was when I was being naughty or if I didn’t get good grades at school. He wasn’t violent but he was strict and as long as I was an obedient little girl. I didn’t get into too much trouble with him.

Few months before the end of my studies he called me for a talk. Asked me what I wanted to do with my life etc. I didn’t have a clue and after stalling a bit admitted this fact. It’s not that I was stupid but I was more interested in beauty care; as in hair styling or being a nail professional and telling any Indian parent that would be shameful, especially being from an upper class family so I said nothing.

He didn’t make anything of this and said as he didn’t have a son, he would rather .I get to know the family business and take over when time came. So when ever I used to get off school early I would have to stop by his office and help out his secretary or do odd jobs getting to know the ‘ins and outs’ of our business.

A few weeks later there was a holiday and my dad booked a trip to Jog falls. It was a great place and we had a good time sightseeing and at the end of the day we would stay in a rented 2 bedroom cottage in the rural Village of Nandigodu. It was so cozy and nice. I think since I was born I didn’t spend so much time with my father. There was a cook that was also rented for our stay. But other than that we were alone and as my father knew this region he was my guide.

Later that night I found out that there was only one bed and I would be sleeping with him in it, which was a bit weird but I didn’t make much of it, after all he was my father.

After dinner I took a towel and went for a bath, my father told me at dinner that he had some arrangements to make with the cook and other stuff to do, so he would go out for a bit and be back later so not to wait up for him and go to bed.

When I got back into the room and opened my suitcase I found that there were no underwear, bras of pants packed. Only dresses, t-shirts and skirts. I was embarrassed and wondered what Rita the servant girl was thinking or maybe she had put them in with my dad’s things. But couldn’t find his suitcase anywhere and when opened the cupboard saw that his clothes were already hung inside.

Took out a long nightshirt and put it on, what else could I do. Couldn’t wear one of dad’s pants, as I didn’t find any underwear or boxers among his things either.

Got into bed and after the long ride and short sightseeing track was exhausted and soon fell into a deep sleep.


When I got back and walked into the bedroom Amata was already cuddled under the covers. I striped down to my boxers and quickly joined her in bed. I was really turned on thinking of all the planning and how things would work out. Tomorrow was going to be a new beginning I hoped starting to feel sleepy with a wicked smile on my face.

But Sometime during the night Amata and czech streets porno I rolled around in sleep and found ourselves facing each other and we started to hold each other. I again got a hard-on that pushed through my boxers and was poking out right at Amata’s Virgin Pussy lips. We moved around in our sleep some more, rubbing against one another but I came instantly awake when I felt a tightness around the head of my Hard Cock like it was in a vice.

I realized that it was in a vice of sorts since the head on my penis had pushed inside of Amata tight little virgin hole. Amata moved just a bit and I could feel that I hadn’t penetrated her Hymen yet so that I was safe to pull out. I tried to pull out and away from Amata by rolling to my back but Amata had a grip on me, most likely from the pain of my entry into her that she came with me and now she was on top of me. Amata woke up at that moment and realizing where she was she sat up completely impaling her Virgin Pussy onto my rock Hard Cock.

When my Cock fully penetrated her it tore through her unprepared Pussy causing Amata to scream out in pain and anguish.

I pulled Amata down to me and held her tight trying not to move, as I knew that it would hurt her if I moved inside of her at that moment. Amata finally stopped crying and asked if we were going to finish since we were already this far along.

I was shocked but asked her if she really wanted to go further since we were only together by accident. Hoping in my heart that this unplanned occasion wouldn’t slip through my hands, but being the slut I knew she was Amata nodded yes.

Not waiting for her to change her mind I rolled us over so that I was on top and I slowly started to pull out of Amata’s now no longer Virgin Pussy. Amata grabbed hold of me and asked why I was pulling out, I told her to just wait and see what I was doing.

When I could feel that just the head was still inside of her I pushed back into her causing her to moan out loud. “Ahhhhhh Yesssss that feels so good DADDDDDYYYYY. Keep going, yesssss Oohhhhh myyyy goddddddddddd that feels wonderful” the little slut moaned. I slowly increased my pace, in and out of her tight hot cunt until I was going at a steady rhythm. I pushed my hand down between us until I could feel her now erect clit and I started to finger it. I continued to rub her wet hot clit and pump into Amata’s tight hot pussy causing her to have her very first orgasm with my rock hard cock still deep inside of her.

When Amata started to squirt all over my cock I couldn’t hold it any longer and buried my cock all the way inside of her with my 8 inch rock solid dick reaching all the way into her unprotected womb as I let fly with the biggest load that I had ever produced.

When I finished cumming in her, Amata was still running from one orgasm to another in quick succession. I stayed rock hard and started to pump in and out again slowly this time until Amata finally came down from her orgasms. I started to pump faster again and Amata just hung on like she couldn’t get enough. I again felt that feeling telling me that I was about to cum again and I tried to hold off until I could get Amata to have another giant orgasm.

When I couldn’t hold out any longer I buried my Cock in her womb and let my seed fly into her again causing her to go into a huge orgasm that caused her to pass out.

I stayed inside of Amata until she came too a few minutes later and then I pulled out and rolled over. We were both spent and satisfied, she cuddled into me and soon we were both out.

That’s how I initiated my daughter in the ways of sex. From then on she used to beg for it at any given time and I being the benevolent father that I am, would fuck her until she couldn’t take any more.


After the first time, he fucked me everywhere; czech taxi porno at home, in his office, in the back of his private car while the Chauffeur was none the wiser and I loved every sec of it. Wanting it more and more, sometimes we fucked so much and so hard that my pussy used to swell up and be so sensitive, that even the gentlest of touches was painful, he enjoyed, loved this. It turned him on, I could see it in his eyes.

After all the fucking, wherever and whenever he wanted. I was rewarded because I was a good girl letting him do to me whatever he dreamed up. So he took a day off and took me shopping. Went to all the top-shops and he bought me clothes, shoes, bras and panties. All I wanted.

Then we drove to another part of the city, it was late afternoon and not a lot of people were around. He stopped me near a shop when he saw a nice dress and wanted me to try it on. We entered the shop. The shopkeeper was an old man, older than my father, around 70. He was fat and balding. My dad tells him “my daughter would like to try on that dress”. He gives me the dress and shows me where the dressing rooms are.

After that first day we started fucking, my dad has ordered me not to wear anything underneath my clothes ever again. Especially when I’m in his company. So even when we go shopping or out together to eat I wear only dresses or shirts and skirts but no panties or bra and he loves how all the men look at my big boobs bouncing lose and gets turned on by the fact that they also know I am naked underneath my clothes.

And as I’m also turned on by this my nipples are always hard, and pointing out. This he likes very much cause he all the time touches them if he see that they are getting soft.

So I take the dress and get into the dressing room closing the curtain behind me, after a few mins my dad moves curtain a little and seeing I’m naked, just picking up the new dress to try on. He fully opens the curtain all the way allowing the old shopkeeper to see my naked body. I’m shocked and so is the shopkeeper.

But dad smiles and walk into the stand beside me, turning me around so the old shopkeeper can see my big heavy tits and shaved pussy. Daddy holds on to me and moves his hand around hugging me to him, allowing his fingers to touch my breast, from underneath my arm. I moan as I like the feeling. Dad looks at the shopkeeper’s horny face and asks him if he likes what he sees and laughs.

Then daddy pinches my nipples in between his fingers and thumbs I moan loudly and say “daddyyyy” trying to cover his fingers and my breasts with my hands. But he won’t allow me to do so or to turn. Instead he stands behind me. Making me lean on him as he massages both my breast in him hands, I close my eyes and moan and breathily say “daddyyyyyyy this feels soooooooooooooooooooo naughty” my dad keeps smiling.

My dad looks at the shopkeeper again, he is so horny, he is rubbing his cock through his pants and dad says to him. “See what a slutty little daughter I’ve got. She is a good little slut. And she makes me very happy. Cause she is always hungry for some cock”.

Dad then whispers in my ear & tells me to open my legs and he slides his hand down my body and with his fingers on both sides of my pussy lips he spreads it open, to show my hot wet pussy to the old shopkeeper. So he can see how wet and ready my pussy is. “Look at her cunt” daddy says breathing hard. “If I give you this cunt, will you give her whatever she wants for free?”

Yes! he shouts, still rubbing his cock and licking his lips and I shudder in pleasure that my daddy is using my body and pussy like this.

Close the door dad orders him, and then come fuck my dirty little daughter’s wet hot pussy.

The shopkeeper runs and locks the door. While dad starts finger fucking my wet hungry pussy, my hips moving, digitalplayground porno fucking his fingers into me deeper and me moaning. “Oohhhhh myyyy goooooodddddddddddddd ddaaaadyyyy…”

“You dirty little slut, you like old men fucking your hot little cunt. Don’t u.” dad whispers with a smile in my ear, “Oohhhhh myyyy.” I moan loudly while dad adds another finger inside me making me moan more loudly “yessssssss ddddddddddddddddddaddy fffffffffuckkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee plzzz’ i moan.

The old shopkeeper returns and his cock is out of his pants its hard and big, but not like dads, I think to myself. He’s standing there watching us, stroking it and dad removes his hands and rubs his wet fingers all over my hard nipples and big areolas making them wet. ” Mmmmmmm” I whimper in pleasure.

There are some unopened boxes of clothes near the last dressing room and the old horny shopkeeper tells me to sit on them and open my legs wide. I do so looking at my dad for approval, who has his cock out too. He is standing not far from us looking and enjoying with a big smile on his face. So I do as I’m told, because I know it is turning my dad on and he loves it.

The shopkeeper takes a hold on my legs and pushes them wide bending my knees and resting my feet on the box near my butt, opening me as wide as he can open me, then he get down on his knees and starts licking my wet pussy franticly, but because he is so horny he cant stay there any longer and stands between my thighs.

Plunging his old thick hot cock straight into my wet cunt hitting my womb with one push. I shout out in pain and pleasure “Oohhhhh myyyy goooooodddddddddddddd”. all the time looking at my dad looking at another dirty old man fucking his daughter’s cunt. He sucks the wet pussy juices off my nipple sucking hard and deep, massaging my tits in his rough hands while pumping my wet cunt hard and fast. Before long he is cumming inside me and dad says aloud “yes.

My good little daughter. take all of his cum inside you. milk his dirty cock dry u little slut” and I do, I take all he has got to give, keep milking his cock with my pussy until he hasn’t anything left to give. And when he is finished he pulls his soft cock out of me.

I lean back, sitting there with my legs open wide as dad strokes his hard cock looking at my dirty pussy as the old shopkeepers cum starts leaking out from my wet red pussy hole. “Was that good” daddy asks me. “mmmmmmmmm yessss daddy. It was.”

I hadn’t cum yet but the pleasure on my dad’s face was enjoyment enough. But he knows I haven’t cum so he comes to me then, shoving his even bigger, harder cock deep into. Enjoying the wetness of the dirty old guys cum and my pussy juices all mixed up. “Oohhhhh myyyy goooooodddddddddddddd u feel so goooddd.” I moan.

As he starts fucking me harder and faster calling me his slut and whore. And before long my dad starts to cum in me, going so deep that i feel his cum all the way inside of my womb and I milk him dry and then he pulls out still hard. I ask if we were done and dad tell me that if I wanted to continue I would have to be on top for the next round. So hungry as I am I climb on top of him and I guided his throbbing cock into my pussy for a third time causing a moan to escape from my throat. “Oohhhhh myyyy… dadddddyyyyyy!! how can this feel so goooddd.”

I can’t believe how turned on I’m but this situation, and I start to ride him like a cowgirl on a horse. I rode my dad for what seemed like hours but was really just 30 mins and then I started to shake with the biggest orgasm yet and when I came down on to his cock again he pulled me into him and erupted another enormous size load into my womb. After we both came down from our mutual orgasms his cock having had enough and started to shrink and go flaccid. Daddy slipped out of me and eased me to the small space on the box beside him, holding me.

All the while the shopkeeper was looking at us both stroking his soft cock. I lay there spent while both their cum mingled with my own ooze out of my now swollen red pussy hole.

Dad enjoys fucking me and using me as his toy. And I love being his dutiful daughter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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