Short Stories – Lady Barista Pt. 01

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I worked at this small cafe many years ago. It was one of my first jobs. I was probably 19 or 20 at the time. I have been there for a few months. It’s tough work, as I regularly started early at 6.30am as the cafe location was in the city. This was a morning and lunch trade business that closed at 3pm each day. I worked here part time and studied law in my “spare time” I enjoyed the work and chats with regulars who often arrive at the bustop directly outside.

A new staff member is to start today and I am responsible for “breaking them in.” We require 4 staff to run this small business. I am responsible for making the espressos. There are 2 front shop staff including myself and 2 staff at back running the food side of the cafe. The owners works part time and only Jess who is one half of the partnership is in today for baking and food preparation.

The new person will help myself at the front shop. I will train this person on barista work and counter duties. It is 6.15am when I arrive for my Monday shift. Jess is already here and she briefs me on the new staff in today to help. I was sad to see Justine leave last week. But we all wished her the best even if she had only worked here for a few months. She was easy going and great with the customers.

So the new person will be put in the “deep end” on the first day, traditionally the busier day of the working week. I assume it maybe just another person, male or female. It didn’t bother me, as long as they were fast and had retail experience or better still some cafe experiences. Jess already assured me she had some experience. So it’s another female staff member.

By 6.25am a mature looking woman enters the cafe. I didn’t blink an eye thinking it’s another customer. I tried to serve her like any other, but she promptly asked for Jess. In my mind I began asking myself, “are you serious, is this the new employee?” Then Jess introduces me to Yulia. Apparently she’s Russian. Suddenly I am nervous, my once cockiness drops away like a lead brick. So I have to train this sexy looking lady. Already I am thinking how is this going to work. She looked too “hot” to be working here. But there is little time for idle thoughts as the cafe suddenly fulls with the first lot of customers for the day. Jess quickly shows Yulia the tills and helps to serve. I make the first lot of espressos.

She looked like she definitely had experience on the tills and she is very polite with the customers. Straight away I noticed the regular male customers were rather chatty with her as you do with a new face. Yulia wasn’t very talkative and her English not perfect but she oozed a nice strong foreign accent.

I made a few takeaways coffees and a few sit downs. Yulia cleared the tablets and served the odd customers. I wanted to know what experience she had on the espresso machine. In between serving, I managed a quiet moment with her getting her to make a coffee for me to try. She knew how to clean the nozzle first and obtain a shot of coffee to tampering with the right pressure in the holders. It is a good start. I stood behind her as she made me a flat white. I think I made her nervous as I probably stood too close. The milk she is heating is probably overheated as the hot milk in the steel container screamed out loud, warning her that she hasn’t got the nozzle in correctly and she wasn’t manoeuvring the steel bowl properly. I placed my hand on hers. gebze escort She appears a little surprised, having me touch her as I tried gently to manoeuvre her right hand holding the steel bowl. Her hand was warm. Her fingers long and slender. I began getting a semi as I tried uncomfortably to move her hand to create the right motion for the nozzle and bowl. I suddenly get a whiff of her perfume. She is a lot shorter then myself and I get a sense of excitement. Then suddenly behind us we hear, a male customer clearing his throat as he tries to get our attention.

I apologise, hoping he hadn’t been waiting too long. He orders a coffee for takeaways and Yulia finishes the one she is making and gives it to the male customer. She smiles at me and just a small moment, I melt, clearly liking her. She is petite and very attractive and I hate guessing a woman’s age but I think she is around 35.

So I get her to continue making the next coffees with little input from myself while I served a few more customers. She seem to be a quick learner and definitely showed some experience there with the espresso machine. She didn’t say much, so I am intrigued by her. So I boldly ask her a personal question.

“How long have you lived here?”

She replied quickly. “Maybe 3 weeks.”

“Oh, really? This place is great isn’t?” I nervously replied.

“I get you to keep serving now. I will make the coffees. And maybe tomorrow you can practice more here.” I pointed to the espresso machine.

Yulia nods her head and carries on cleaning and serving. It progressively gets more busier as the morning moved on. She coped really well. I think we were doing OK together. By late morning I offered to make her a coffee. But she declined and makes her own. But she does ask me a question when there is a quiet moment.

“How long have you been working here?”

“A few months now. I really like it here. It’s the customers. They are all friendly, nice people.” I replied.

Then that loud mouth sexist male customer enters. So I completely take back just what I said. And my first thought is “here we go.” Lloyd is a cowboy as far as I am concerned. He always wears this cowboy hat and is both rude and intentionally intimidating. I don’t think many people like him. I hope he goes easy on little Yulia. And of course he zeros right towards her.

“What do we have here!” He speaks out loud, looking at Yulia.

I try to interrupt him, by standing close to Yulia.

“This is Yulia.” I announced to him.

“You are too beautiful to work here!.” He says in his usual booming voice.

“Lloyd what are you after, your usual?” I again interjected.

“Why doesn’t Yulia make it for me.” He requested loudly.

Yulia smiles and goes to the machine and does just that.

“What’s your usual?” She politely asked him.

“This fellow knows.” He points to me.

“He likes a double long black.” I whisper to Yulia.

“Don’t worry, I can handle him.” She whispers back with serious look.

She makes and serves Lloyd’s coffee and quickly moves away. But he kept standing there asking Yulia questions. She tries to keep busy until other customers come. Eventually he gets the message and moves on. I am relieved. He can be a real pest. I didn’t want Yulia to be put off by charming customers like him. Every quiet period, I would ask her göztepe escort a question bordering on person.

“Do you have family here?” I asked intrusively.

She paused for a moment, then answered.

“I have my child here. She’s going to start school here.” She responded.

I wanted to find out if she is in a relationship.

“Are you married?” I boldly asked.

Again she pauses and another customer comes in whom she serves.

Then she continues. “I am divorced now. My ex husband is still in Russia. Actually we came here a year ago but living in another city, another state then he went back home.”

“Sorry for asking too many questions. But you can tell to shut up next time.” I smiled happily.

I feel a surge of relief when she said she is effectively single. I feel myself getting beyond a semi. Suddenly my mind wonders. An image of her going wildly crazy on me in the back seat of my car appears. I feel myself hardening.

“Are you OK?” She asked, appearing concerned.

“Oh god sorry. I am just tied. Need another coffee.” I smirked.

I haven’t had a girlfriend for a while, since Katy and myself broke up a few months ago. She was my first and only girlfriend. The relationship was pretty lame. I didn’t get far with her. I know more watching porn about girls and various sexual stuff then the time we were together. We made out many times in my car but she never let me go down on her. But I did at one occasion get to fuck her. It felt fantastic but she didn’t seem to enjoy it. And she gave me lots of handjobs, all of which I really enjoyed but she generally wasn’t really hot. I guessed I have been watching too much porn. So I have seem how other girls are. Some of my mates bragged about the girls they have been with. Some pretty hot stuff out there. By now I was almost stiff. I tried to conceal my excitement.

“So how are you finding work so far?” I asked.

“I like it actually. Customers all friendly like you said.” She responds with a smile.

I blush. I think she’s onto me. I think she can see my reactions to her have changed. She seems mature and experienced. I feel like an idiot. She’s an experienced woman whose been married before and has a child. I must be kidding myself. But I am really attracted to her. She my “type?” Well she’s a petite slim brunette and had a great smile.

By the end if the shift at 3, we cleaned up the dishes, machine and tables and left for the day. I was tempted to ask her what’s she going to do now, but of course she has her daughter to see now. Too soon, I kept telling myself. I will get to know her more first. And I will see her a couple more times this week, I reminded myself.

Tuesday couldn’t have come sooner. After a good wank last night, I felt refreshed. I got to work the usual time and looked forward for Yulia to come in.

When she did, she looked radiant. Actually she looked more special. Her hair is loose and is wavy down to her shoulders unlike yesterday where she had it tied up. Damn I hope Lloyd or some other predators don’t come in today, I secretly crossed my fingers. I immediately notice the perfume on her. But I didn’t want to comment on it, at least just not right away in the early morning. I can only describe her as sexy looking today. Already my minds wonders. I see myself f**king her real good. And watching halkalı escort her slowly start to loose control and cum hard. Then I would pound her fast to another. Oh god I think I have been watching too much porn. Already I am getting a real rising. I tried to focus on the job at hand and hope we get plenty of customers today. And I remember she will be making most of the coffees today, so I need to spend a little time on that with her.

Before the first bus arrives, I got her to make us a coffee each. She likes to drink lattes. God knows why, it’s just too milky. I prefer flat whites as there is a little more coffee. Again I stand behind her close. I was feeling rather comfortable but I am semi hard at the moment. But then she steps back and I felt her graze my front. She turns around and says.

“Am I doing it right?” She smiles, then in the same sentence. “How old are you Jason?”

“Ahh, I am a mature 20, actually nearly 20 in a few months.” I mumbled nervously.

Oh my god, I feel my heart pumping rapidly. I felt like taking her right now. The whiff of her seductive perfume is a killer. Then suddenly Lloyd turns up.

“What have we got here.” His voice boomed. “Two people making one coffee.”

“Hello Lloyd.” I said as pleasantly as possible.

Talk about killer moment I thought with a forced smile.

“It’s a double long black, wasn’t it?” Yulia whispers.

“Yep.” I replied quickly.

I am hoping he is going to be in a hurry and fortunately that’s what happens. He leaves straight away after paying but only after asking Yulia out for a drink. But cleverly she declined him very promptly. He leaves with a grumbling wave and walks off quickly.

But he wasn’t the only forward male to try to charm her today. A couple of city dwellers try to ask her out. And of course she declined. That’s good for me. But there was one gentleman who was more than charming and Yulia did spend a few extra minutes with him. I think he was of European descent. Admittedly I wasn’t completely happy with the attention she is receiving. I asked her to make all the coffees now so that she had less contact with the interested customers. She knew what was going on. She is really a man magnet and knows it.

It’s only the second day and I am already fond of her. Again during a quiet moment I watched her make a coffee. She asked me personal question.

“Do you have a young lady in your life?”

“Ahh, no, now at the moment. I was with Katy my ex for a few months but it didn’t go any further.” I said sounding deflated.

“Was she your first?” She asked.

“Yes, I was also her first.” I replied quickly.

“So she didn’t have much experience with boys, eh?” She said with a knowing smile.

“Do find women attractive to you?” she ask teasingly.

I swallowed hard. I am not sure how to answer her, but managed a mumbled reply.

“Yeah, I like being around girls.”

“I am not talking about girls, I talking about a woman with experience.” She teases.

My god, I feel myself swelling. I try to walk away.

“I will just clean up around here.” I blushingly replied.

Some customers walk in just in time. I compose myself and pass the coffee orders to Yulia. I sweat nervously. Wow she’s hot. I think I will keep focused on my work, I convinced myself.

By the end of another day, I am hot and excited. But apprehensive. My mind wandering what Yulia is like, in bed? I tried to say goodbye to her after we cleaned up. I tried to be colleague like as much as possible but my mind wonders again after she leaves. That image and thought of us making out in the back seat of my car, then her furiously masturbating me to orgasm. I wanted to experience that with her. For now it’s only a fantasy.

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