Short Stories – Lady Barista Pt. 05

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Big Dicks

It was one hot night in the city. After a romantic dinner with Yulia we had headed to a club to watch stand up comedians and have a few drinks. I felt it was going to be a night of adventure with my lovely Russian lady Yulia. Just a quick recap. I met her while working at a downtown cafe. She was a new employee there but moved on only after a week to a more larger establishment Vinnies working as their barista. We were attracted to each other and of course one thing led to another.

It was always going to be late. It was nearing 1am on an early Saturday morning. Mum knew I will be rather late. I didn’t and haven’t told her about Yulia and it’s been a few weeks now. I just told her I am off to town with my mates and don’t wait up, cause it’s going to be late. I not sure she will approve of Yulia as she is a lot older than me and a divorced woman. In fact she is of a similar age to mum.

As 1am approached we make a move to the train station about 500m away. We had a good time tonight and were frankly a little under the weather. But sexual romance was in abundance with us. There lots of intimacy and touching between us. I found Yulia highly sexual and she likes the younger men. I am infatuated with her, I honestly admit. And I often ask myself is this for real and how long is this going to last. I want it forever as I have never experienced such a hot lady like her before.

But I remember what my boss at work said a few weeks back that I will be disappointed. But I am having a lot of fun with her right now. I am not going to think about the end until it happens. I want to enjoy Yulia while things are real hot. But nothing was to prepare me for this insatiable hot lady however, especially tonight.

We get to the station but the train now comes every hour. It’s going to be long wait as we missed the last one by just a few minutes. We find a quiet seat and there was where the action began.

I was really horny for her and frankly couldn’t keep my hands off her. The night is really quiet and no one around except maybe a security man. He’s probably just asleep in his office we convinced ourselves. For 15mins it is dead. This is when we become more physical with each other. We kissed, then passionately. Before we knew it I am groping her through her sexy dress. The unmistaken sexual scent she is omitting sends me crazy. It mixes well with her perfume. I want her, I want her I kept telling myself. But we can’t do much here. So here we are at the train station bored out of our minds and it’s really quiet, not a soul around since arriving 20mins earlier. Then she breaks the silence, whispering to me.

“You want me? Do you want to f**k me?” She smiles mischievously at me. “Right here. There’s no one around.”

At first I thought you’re kidding. It is something my young mind would not even contemplate. I become nervous at her suggestion. Before I could say something her hand is already slowly massaging the large bulge in my pants. Oh god she hot and crazy.

“Oh yah, it will be real hot and exciting, that possibility of getting caught. It really turns me on.” She whispers with that sexy smile.

I didn’t know what to say but I just looked at her and instantly her right hand moves quickly below my belt, slipping beneath my underwear and touching and flicking lightly with her finger tips the top of my penis. I let out a sigh as she teased me. I find her exposed breast as we continued kissing and play with the soft warm mound. It is electricity. The thought of making out with her here is rather arousing. I am now rock hard. She is all over me, taking control, wanting it. My heart pounds relentlessly Van Escort loud. I am both very excited and nervous. The emotions clash with each other as I try to understand Yulia’s desire to have sexual relations in the open.

For few minutes we made out on the train bench. By now I wanted her so badly. Not only to f**k her but I wanted to go down on her and lick her little hairy pussy. But still I didn’t feel comfortable enough to expose myself here in public, yet alone perform a sexual act on her. I am even reluctant to touch her down there. I didn’t want to work her up too much, but it seems she is working herself up anyway. I looked around still complete silence. The next train still at least 30mins away. It’s seems safe and exciting, the prospect of getting away with it. But my heart continues that nervous pounding.

And Yulia’s excited moaning is however getting to me. She really wants something to happen as she becomes all hands, whilst licking and kissing me. She is insatiably hot. She’s done this before, in public I start to imagine. It turns me on more those thoughts of her. Then she whispers to me. It’s causes me to blush.

“I am so hot, let’s just do it Jason.” She smirks. “There’s no one here.”

She then stands up and takes her lacy panties off and brings it to her face and sniffs them. Then she exposes the damp stained crotch and pushes it into my face. Oh f**k!! as I suddenly smell her musky scent on the still warm material. I get an instant high. My face goes bright red. I throb with incredible arousal. How often would a beautiful sexy lady deliberately push her panties in your face. I am nearly 20 but never expected this erotic behaviour. It drives me crazy for her.

She holds her panties against my face while at the same time as she licks and kisses me all over. Her other hand massages my chest and nipples. Then she throws her panties to the ground and her hand returns to the near exploding lump, massaging frantically and grabbing at it. Again she stands up and assertively undos the belt of my pants, pulling them off. I try to grab them back, feeling not ready for this intended public exposure. But she is too quick. In an instant my stiff erection is exposed to the early morning coolish air, as my underwear is quickly pulled off as well. An euphoric new emotion hits me. That fear and excitement of being caught in the act. She instantly grabs the stiff shaft, pulling my foreskin down firmly and spits on the exposed swollen hard. I feel the sudden warm spit hit me, then the fast flicking of her tongue around the head and up and down the shaft. My god I am in heaven, as Yulia licked me like a popsicle. She starts moaning.

“Oh so stiff, yah, oh yah.” She moans.

I looked around making sure no one is anywhere. It’s completely dead. The mixed emotions of hot lust, arousal and fear of being caught is incredibly exciting. Then suddenly Yulia stands up again and lifts her dress up, gets up on the bench and proceeds to insert me into her tiny pussy while I sat on the bench. Oh god, the warm wet sensation of her pussy surrounding my penis is incredible. She begins riding me moving her butt up and down rhythmically. She is in complete control, moaning as she moved. Her hands hold onto the top of the bench to steady herself and grip her waist. I close my eyes to enjoy the pleasure of f**king her. I can’t believe it, here I am, 19 years old having sex with this beautiful older Russian lady in public in full view on a cool bench at a train station. It is extremely hot and exciting. I start thrusting into her. Oh god I feels so hot. So pleasurable. She moans louder as my thrusts met her Van Escort Bayan hot butt.

I open my eyes and suddenly see a young couple standing just a few meters away, watching. He had his mobile in his hand filming our naughty tryst. I try to notify Yulia by looking at her then at the couple. But she oblivious and doesn’t care. I am immediately nervous. My heart races and I feel embarrassed at our predictament. Again I blush. I tried to resist Yulia a little but she is now already aware of their presence and holds firm picking up her pace, moaning louder. I felt an instant embarrassment at her indiscretion and my own nervousness at performing in front of them. Then in a minute another person arrives. He sits at a distance bench watching. Oh god, I am so hard and Yulia is riding me hard, not letting go. Then she whispers again to me.

“Oh yah, I so hot now. Don’t worry about them, just let them watch.” She moans.

Then she gets off me and sits back down on the bench on my right side. She looks at them then me with a hot smirk. I am shaking like a leaf. This is unbelievable but I am actually really turned on.

“I am going to masturbate you with my hand, give them a real good show.” She smirks with a lustiful smile with blushing cheeks.

Then like in full view of everyone, she brings her right hand to her mouth and slowly licks her palm before applying it on my throbbing erection, slowly twisting my swollen head then up and down the hard shaft. She moans in excitement as she continued doing this for a few minutes allowing everyone to watch her technique. She showed no shame. But I can see her face steadily turning red. I swallow hard, letting out a deep groan as she deliberately showed off her masturabatory technique. I look at the beautiful blonde girl with the guy filming. She had this incredible look of lust on her pretty face. Her eyes intensely staring. Her mouth slightly open. I can see her sexual excitement, her tongue slowly licking her lips. Her fingers runs up and down the guys arm in a show of arousal. I am so hot now as I stared into her lust filled eyes. It turns me on, their presence and that of the other man sitting quietly further away. I am slowly liking this. The pleasure Yulia is giving me, I don’t want it to stop. I start to enjoy the eerie feeling of strangers eyes silently staring at us. But I am still in shock at being caught out. But Yulia is clearly enjoying this. She is getting off on it, despite probably feeling nervously embarrassed, she was probably expecting an audience at some stage, even if it is a small number of people. Then another young couple arrive. They sit at another bench a few meters away.

“Oh yah, I feel so horny and hot. Oh yah, I want to masturbate you real fast now. I want to finish you off real fast, give them a real show.” She whispers lustfully as she bit her lower lip.

Oh god, oh my god, I am sure they can hear her hot whispers. But I am so turned on, completely hers. I just open my legs further allowing her to straddle me. I groaned as she positioned herself.

Then she bends down and spits hard on the stiff shaft, letting her thick saliva run down the shaft like in some old porn movie, before firmly twisting rapidly. “Oh yah, oh yah.” She moans.

She then starts jerking fast before slowing to firm twisting before pumping vigorously again. She is deliberately alternating between mind boggling fast stroking then slowing down, with the intention of working me towards an incredible orgasm. And she moans in excitement as she continues this technique of hers. The look on her face said it all. Yulia wanted to extend and enhance my pleasure. Escort Van It’s driving me crazy. She didn’t care if they were watching. It’s seems to turn her on more. It’s now doing the same with me. The fact that people are watching and listening to us is insatiably hot. I thrust my pelvis up and down slowly to meet Yulia pumping right hand. The pleasure is indescribable. Every time I stare at the pretty blonde as Yulia masturbated me, it simply made the act, even more incredibly erotic and hot. My minds explodes in so many mixed emotions. Absolute pleasure is paramount.

“Oh yah, feels so good, Ohh feel so hot.” She moans excitedly.

She starts to kiss and lick my neck passionately as she continues pumping. Then I feel her hand massaging my testicles. Oh god it feels so nice, so warm as she grabs at them. She is going crazy, moaning in hot desire. There nothing more hot and pleasurably to see, then a beautiful woman going crazy on you. Her breathing if fast and heavy. It’s like she is cumming from the pleasure of being watched. Then she begins jerking fast again. I begin to roll my head. I am now more in an incredible heavenly place. I close my eyes to enjoy all the emotions and sounds of her moans. I feel the burning hotness of everyone’s eyes. I blush as I feel that wave of pleasure when you can’t stop it no longer.

Yulia senses my approaching orgasm. She pulls open my shirt, making clearance. Her right hand goes crazy, turning into an instant blur as she masturbated me extremely fast. The hot erotic sound of a penis being masturbated at speed suddenly fills the silence void mixing with her hot moans. She is wild and frenzied. She appears to deliberately masturbate me as fast as she possibly can as her breathing becomes fast and deep. Her sexy hot moans finally drives me over the edge. I throw my head back. My limbs flex erotically slowly. My pelvis thrust up hard in a final defiant move. I explode in seconds, letting out a loud moan. Oh s*t, oh god, the feeling and emotions indescribable, as I immediately felt the presence of those watching. Yulia squeals in enthusiastic excitement as the first large spurt hits the left side of her face and on my upper chest. She continues masturbating furiously sending 3 more spurts over my chest and abdomen.

Then she finally slows. I open my eyes again looking into the pretty blondes eyes. The hot lust between us is hot. Her tongue licking her lips slowly as she watched. The Yulia deliberately strokes me extremely fast for a several seconds before slowing again, sending my body shuddering and jerking. The look on Yulias pretty smiling face unforgettable as she continues the tease. She does this for a few occasions, before I again had to grab her hand to stop her. I close my eyes and we kiss. Its then I can taste my own cum on her mouth. It is hot. Everything was raw and fresh, from the erotic smell of sex around us, the presence of others to the open cool air of the train station. The various emotions exposed.

I open my eyes again. I suddenly sit up… Oh my god how did I get back here so quick. I wake up in my own bed. It’s daylight. I grab my clock. Sh*t it’s already 9am. Was that a dream? I queried myself in disbelief. What happened to Yulia? I better call her. I try but her phone is switched off. I am a bit anxious. I hope she is OK. I will look for mum. She is in the kitchen.

“Good morning, how did I get back last night?” I asked nervously.

“Who was that nice looking lady? She dropped you back. She said she found you sleeping on the bench at the train station. She kindly brought you back safely. She drove you back in your car. Thank goodness there are honest good people left in this world.” She sighs with relief.

I take a deep breath. Thank you Yulia, thank you Yulia, I repeated to myself.

“So what’s for breakfast?” I then asked mum.

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