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Many thanks to those who read, offered their critiques and encouraged me to submit it – this could not have been written without you.


She felt him stirring beside her as he slowly inched away from under her arm so not to disturb what he thought was her slumber. Cracking an eye open, she spied him casually sitting up, and swinging his feet to the carpeted floor, quietly walking to the bathroom. She sat up in the bed, the linen falling to expose her breasts. The sudden coolness puckered her already sensitive nipples. Thinking only for a moment, a thoughtful, wicked grin spread across her face as she quickly climbed out of the bed and tiptoed after him.

Leaning against the doorsill, his back turned to her, she watched him gracefully stretch before sauntering to the toilet, lifting the seat and settling himself in front of the bowl. Without a backwards look, he asked, “Like what you see?”

“Mmhmm,” she smiled.

“Not quite an answer, is it?”

“No, it isn’t,” she replied, an echo of a laugh in her voice. Pushing herself off of the sill, she walked up behind him, and reaching around, grasped his shaft. She pressed her lips to his shoulder. “Show me,” she murmured. “Show me how you pee.”

She felt rather than saw his startled look. “Really?”

“Really. Show me.” He covered her hands with his own, placing them where he usually does.

“Not so tight,” he muttered. She loosened her grip. He then directed himself, and an instant later a steady stream was aimed into the toilet. He quietly sighed as she felt his relief pass through her hands. A moment passed, and the flow ebbed. They shook the last drops and he released her hand, moving to the sink. He glanced over at her and smiled. She blew him a kiss and winked.

Moving behind him, she leaned her chin onto his shoulder, stretched out her arms and washed their hands. After drying them, she roamed her fingers Gültepe Escort over his chest, lightly tapping his skin as her digits wandered downwards. Cupping his balls, she slowly massaged them as she kissed across his broad back. “I’m not done yet,” she told him softly.

He cocked his eyebrow as he watched her in the mirror. “Oh? And what do you mean?”

She looked up and caught his eye in the reflection, her own glinting. “I’m not done with you yet,” she repeated. His eyes gleamed.

“And what do you want, my sweet?”

“I want you to show me. I want you to show me – teach me – how you masturbate. I want you to show me your pleasure and your satisfaction… and I want to give it to you.”

With a soft kiss on his cheek, she began to lick down the column of his spine, her mouth tracing at the scratches of her nails marking his back. Slowly making her way down, she flicked her tongue at the cleft. Sliding a hand through her apex, she slipped her coated fingers through the cheeks of his ass, lightly playing with his hole. Standing up, she traced her finger over his hardening shaft, wet with her juices, acting as a sensuous lubricant before gently circling her hand at his base.

“Please show me,” she pleaded. His hand covered hers, and they slowly moved together over his length. Her fingers slid over the tip, lightly circling the crown before letting her hand be dragged down again.

Grasping him even more firmly, she nuzzled his neck. “I love the way your cock feels in my hand. I love how you stretch me, the way my cunt grips you, the way you fuck my mouth, deep and hard, filling my throat, gagging me,” she purred. She slowly moved her mouth to his other ear, gently sucking the lobe through her teeth. His free hand grasped the rim of the sink as he softly moaned.

“And I really love it when you lick my pussy, your tongue toying with my clit, playing with my ass, teasing me Gültepe Escort Bayan until I beg you. How I kneel in front you, your cock buried deep in my throat, craving a taste. How you make me yours, how you fuck me hard, taking me every way you can, every way you want me. Biting me, spanking me, fisting me. How you slide so deep in me, my cunt aching to feel you. Teasing me, making me plead to cum. And then how you make me cum, over and over… but I still want more, want you more.”

She smiled at his groan, vibrating through his back and resonating deep within her. She felt him grow harder under her fingers, his shaft hot and slick with his fluids. She tightened her grasp of him and continued her verbal assault. “I love how you tease my ass when you lick my clit, how you toy with me just before you fuck me deep and hard, your hands and teeth everywhere, claiming me through your bruises. How you make me feel so good, always yearning for more. The way you push me, not just my body, but my mind.”

Pressing her streaming sex into his thigh, she whispered in his ear, her voice low with want. “Can you feel that? Can you feel how wet you make me? How much I want you? How much I love feeling you, being yours? Can you feel me being the slut that I am, your slut, begging for you, for your cum?” She rested her forehead on his back and sighed, her stroking relentless. Licking her lips, she sighed before she continued. “You are going to make me beg, aren’t you?”

She looked up, and saw the glimmer of his eyes in the mirror, her answer. She whimpered. “Please.”

“Please what, baby?” he gasped.

“Please cum.”

She could feel his tension, his muscles quivering, his groans erratic. He pushed into her hand as if he was trying to pound her. Her arms tightened around him, her lips at the nape of his neck. He covered her moving hand with his own, bringing him closer to the edge of his orgasm. She Escort Gültepe grinded her hips into his ass and pressed her nipples into his back, letting him wordless know of her want of him.

“Please,” she whispered, bringing her other hand out to catch his spill. “Mark me. Please cum. Please cum for me.”

His hand squeezing hers, he threw his head back, his face contorted in ecstasy, his muscles corded with agony of impending release. She felt the pulses of his orgasm move up his shaft, the warmth of his release splashing into her ready hand. Slumping slightly, he grasped the edge of the basin, breathing hard, his eyes fixing hers in the mirror.

Her gaze never wavering from his, she brought her hand to her lips, and lapped the pool of cum cupped in her palm like a starving cat, moaning quietly as she swallowed her first taste. Giving her hand a final lick, she lightly kissed his neck and softly said, “You know I lied before.”


“You asked me why your cum is addicting. I didn’t tell you the main reason; it’s because it’s yours. You make your cum addicting,” she added, her voice hoarse with desire.

With a shuddering breath, all was still. They stood, their eyes locked in the mirror, neither of them moving in that infinite of a second, suspended in time that is all too short. A ghost of a smile hovered on her lips, a twinge look of satisfaction, her eyes unveiled. He turned, the movement so sudden that she couldn’t have predicted it. Standing still in surprise, her skin shivering, she looked at him. He grabbed her face and stared deep into her eyes, demanding, captivating, claiming her. He kissed her hard, bruising her lips, and growled, “Bed. Now.”

Bemused, she turned, her legs trembling with anticipation, the wetness of her want coating her inner thighs. Feeling a sharp sting on her ass from his playful spank, she yelped and laughed, sashaying towards the bedroom. Sensing his eyes on her, she swayed her hips before pausing at the doorway. Glancing over her shoulder, flipping her mane, displaying her curves that she knew he will ravish, she looked at him from beneath her lashes, her tongue lightly licking the corner of her lips as he often does to tease her. “With pleasure,” she smouldered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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