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Carl moved over in the bathroom as Layla opened up the fogged glass doors to the shower stall and slipped in, closing them behind her. He tried not to watch as she began to run the water. And when the showerhead began to pour down onto her slender, naked form, he kept his eyes forward, facing the bathroom mirror and brushing his teeth. He minded his own business, and not the hygienics of his frisky new roommate.

For oh, about, five minutes?

Then, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

Layla had moved in about a week ago. She and Carl had both been living out of dorms on the college campus for their beginning years, having gone to the same high school. When an apartment had opened up near enough to the college for it to show up on the bulletin board at the students’s office, both had been eager to call and get interviews.

They had been surprised to see each other there, but not unpleasantly so. They knew each other well. And when the landlord suggested they consider rooming together, sharing rent, bills, chores and food, as well as lives, well it had seemed natural to accept.

Carl had never expected that Layla was such an open person when it came to her privacy. She never once invaded his. But it seemed like nothing was sacred to the girl. In one week, Carl had snatched more shots of pussy than he’d seen as a teen in all his high school years.

And Layla was a hot broad!

She was about five-foot-four, with blonde hair that was the color of golden honey. Her eyes were a soft sky blue and her nose was a cute flesh button in the center of a small round face that was always smiling.

Carl had early on seen her rounded breasts pushing through her school and gym clothes. But now that they were living together, in their small two bedroom apartment, he had seen her bobbing breasts several times, completely in the nude. Layla had no desire to cover herself when she walked to the bathroom from her bedroom in the nude, morning, noon or night.

It was almost more than Carl could stand.

“You don’t mind the occasional exhibitionism or nudity?” she had asked him when they had gone for coffee after viewing the apartment.

And Carl had laughed. What guy would say yes?

“Of course not! Do I have to go nude, too?”

And Layla had just smiled and they had talked about other idiosyncrasies they thought they should share. He had never thought she was serious.

Now he could see her from the corner of his eye, soaping up her hair. Her fingers on her head, running back and forth, forced her chest out and up, her bottom rounding out behind her.

Carl gulped and almost swallowed the mouthful of toothpaste he had been gargling. Quickly, he spit it out and rinsed his mouth out with a glass of water. Then he rinsed off his toothbrush.

“Yikes! Are you running water out there?” Layla squealed as the shower water got hotter.

“Oh, sorry! Sorry, wasn’t thinking!”

“No, no, it’s okay.”

Then, to Carl’s surprise, she jumped out of the shower and stood in front of him, naked, wet, and soapy. The rug beneath her feet was quickly drenched, but Layla only smiled.

“I’ll just give it a minute to cool off,” she giggled, quickly turning around to pick up her own toothbrush. Her hair flew out, slapping slickly against Carl’s cheek.

“Gods, haramidere escort I’m sorry!” Layla proclaimed, turning around again.

“No, that’s okay.”

Carl wiped at his face then smelled his fingers.

“What is that?”

“Um…hair dye!” ” Gah!”

“Quick, if you wash it off right now, it won’t stain!”

Carl reached for the sink faucets.

“But if you turn that on, I won’t be able to shower the dye out of my own hair! And if it stays in too long, it will be too orange!” Layla looked up at Carl, pleading with her blue eyes.

He blinked down at her.

“I know! You can come in the shower with me!”

Carl gulped. It wasn’t the solution he was thinking of.

“Are you…sure?” he asked.

“About the shower or the staining?” Layla said, climbing back into the shower.

She was sure, he realized as she left the door open for him. Slowly, it dawned on Carl that maybe Layla really was dense enough to mean what she said. Or maybe she wanted him, and that’s why she flaunted her divine flesh all over the apartment.

There was only one way to find out. Carl began to slip off his jogging pants and t-shirt. He peeled off his socks, then peeled off his boxers. And then he was naked, and suddenly feeling shy. He raised his eyes.

“Come on! The water’s fine! And hurry up or that stain won’t come off and you’ll have a lot of explaining to do!”

Layla was beckoning him into the shower. What could he do? Carl climbed in behind her and slid the door closed. Layla quickly moved around behind Carl, but he kept himself facing her, his large hands cupping his genitals. She seemed to wait for him to wash himself free of the hair dye on his cheek, but when he made no move to do so, she started herself. She put a hand on his cheek and wiped, hard. Then she got the hand wet from the shower above his head and wiped again.

“Almost got it!” she said happily.

Carl groaned inwardly. Would she kick him out once his face was done?

“Well, since you’re here, you may as well get clean. And to think, all those times my friends said this was the best way to save water, they were only kidding!”

Carl smiled and nodded, blushing at the silly words coming out of the girl’s mouth. His eyes were filled with the sight of her breasts gleaming in the water.

“Could you trade spots with me now? I need to rinse this stuff out.”

Carl nodded and slipped around Layla’s curvy body. She wasn’t making any moves on him. Maybe she really was just naturally frisky and an exhibitionist. Maybe she really wasn’t ashamed to be naked around someone who was almost a stranger.

As she tilted her head back, her breasts were forced up against Carl’s chest. The hard nipples poked into him, but Layla just closed her eyes and let the shower pour between her hands over her hair, until all of the soapy mix was out. It took her several minutes. Carl just stared down, licking his lips as the hard areolas glanced across his chest hair. If anything, they were getting harder, tighter. He stared at the wrinkled flesh, licking his lips. Then, slowly, he began to remove his hands from his groin.

If he touched them, how would she react?

“Could you do me a favor?”

“Hm?” he içerenköy escort asked, looking up at her.

She was smiling at him innocently. “Could you check my hair and make sure I got all that goop out?”

Carl nodded. And Layla turned around, flinging her hair out from her back with her hands. Carl took the wet curling locks in between his fingers, separating them to honestly look for any more of the hair dye. But as he did so, his eyes were drawn down Layla’s back to her perfectly rounded buttocks.

She has a wonderful ass, he said to himself, staring down. He could see the water pouring from her shoulder blades down her spine and trickle river-like down between the crack of her ass cheeks. How he wanted to trail his finger down that rivulet of heavenly liquid, perhaps even follow it with his tongue.

If only she intended to tease him, instead of just trust in his friendship.

“Is it all out?”

“Yes,” Carl said quietly.

“Good. While you’re back there, could you scrub my back a bit? If it’s not too gross for you, that is.”

Carl looked up.

“No. No, not at all,” he quickly answered.

Layla handed him a loofah over her shoulder. Then she braced herself by putting her hands in front of her under the showerhead.

“When you’re ready,” she chirped.

Carl gulped again.

“Okay,” he said quietly.

Then he began to rub over her shoulders, pushing her hair to one side. Layla’s neck was slender and he wasted little time washing it. He began to go lower, moving over her shoulders.

“Mmm, that’s nice. You can go a bit harder, though.”

Carl nodded, forgetting the girl couldn’t see him. Then he dragged the rough sponge harder over the girl’s shoulder blades, moving in circles over the flat smooth bones.

“Yeah…like that,” Layla cooed.

His hands moved lower now, over the backs of her ribs, pressing the sponge over the center of her spine. Layla shivered visibly, leaning on one leg and pushing the other back. Now Carl was between her legs slightly with his own.

And her rounded ass was pressing into his body. He couldn’t resist. Down went the sponge, going over the tops of the curves of Layla’s buttocks.

“Ah!” she gasped, seeming surprised. But she didn’t stop him.

Encouraged, Carl continued. His hands followed the rivulet of waters that ran down her shoulders, over her spine, splashing between her ass cheeks. The sponge soon was forgotten as he replaced it with the fingertips of one hand.

Still, Layla did not object. Carl had to take that as a good sign. He got down onto his knees behind the blonde woman, his hands on her hips as his lips went to her flesh.

How could a woman turn water into wine simply by letting it cascade down her perfect form? He drank the rivers that poured down her spine and over the curve of her buttocks, then lowered his mouth to where the water gathered and leapt from her body — her privacy. Into this went his tongue, lapping at her swelling labia from behind. All propriety was forgotten, all shyness and embarrassment and insecurity. It was go-time and Carl was gone.

He lifted a finger to part her lips and she groaned, leaning hard forward, rounding out her ass and opening her legs. Then innovia escort before he could probe her further, she turned around, facing him. Layla put a hand on Carl’s dark head and drew his mouth forward to her perfectly trimmed sex. And eagerly he began to feast again.

Her cunt was warm from the shower’s waterfall, but hot inside, slick with her own juices and fluids. He moved his finger to the top of her mons, sliding it down until it teased over the peeking bud of her hard clitoris.

“Ah! Yes, yes!” Layla cried.

Carl teased the bud gently, then as his finger moved lower, parting her cunt lips further, he moved his mouth over the clitoris and gave it the attention its firm shape was calling for. He sucked it in between his lips, teased at it with his tongue, and nipped at it with his teeth.

His finger slid precociously all the way down to her perineum, then dallied there for a few moments. He was tempted to let it find its way to the pucker of her anus, but suddenly his tongue was firmly ensconced between Layla’s lips and his finger had to join it there.

Up into her slit he pushed the slender digit, closing his eyes as his mouth tasted heaven, the sweet scent-making perfumy liquid of her sex dripping down his finger, out of her hole, and mixing with stray droplets of water to create the elixir of life that was her lust. Carl lapped at her, dazed and careless as his mouth pushed further up against Layla. Layla held him now with both hands, the full brunt of the shower head pouring down on her navel as she leaned back to rest her shoulders on the shower stall wall. She was trembling, shaking now openly. Carl put his hands on her hips to steady her but could not.

“Yes, yes,” the small woman was crying out, her cunt bucking against his mouth. She was going to cum soon. He wanted to be there when she did.

Back into her he slid a finger, determined to bring her to the heights of ecstasy that she had brought him by her frisky openness. In and out thrust the finger, matched by his flapping tongue, guarded by his lips that refused to give way and slide from Layla’s quaking sex.

And then she was cumming, her fingers gripping at his short dark hair, tugging him tightly to her. Her head was tossing back and forth, back and forth against the shower wall. She was squealing, a high pitched repeating sound of release that sounded like a bird in spring.

But Carl ignored all of her actions and commotion. He was focused on the object of his desire, the very thing Layla had been flaunting in front of him for a week. He thrust his tongue further, forced it to partner with his finger, until he was sure he had licked and stroked all of her. Then he lapped at her, sucked at her, kissed and caressed her until he was sure there was nothing left of her lust but the water washing away the memory of her orgasm.

Slowly, carefully, Carl stood up and let the shower water hit him full in the face. He leaned over Layla, putting his hands behind her on the small of her back to hold her steady while he was his face. back and forth in the steady stream.

“No,” Layla whispered softly. Then she was reaching up and pushing Carl back against the far wall of the shower, away from the water.

“Let me,” she said softly, awe and amazement evident in her soft tone.

Carl looked down at his roommate, meeting her eyes for the first time in several moments. The girl reached up, climbing up on her tip toes, to kiss him deeply. Her tongue quickly found his and began to stroke it. Then she looked at him.

“I want to be the one to clean you now,” she said, blinking at him.

And Carl just grinned, watching her go down.

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