Showering After a Run

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i can tell it’s morning but i know it’s early by the light coming in through the bedroom window. it was a late night and it’s gonna be a long day. you turn to me and say, “i’m going running, i’ll be back in a half hour.” in response you get a muffled, sleepy, “ok,” as i roll over. you walk out and know that i’m back fully asleep by the time you hit the door.

the run is good and you feel great. it’s brisk outside, but sunny with almost no wind. your blonde hair is up in a pony tail. as you run the cool air causes your nipples to harden under your sports bra. as your feet move under you, your mind drifts to last night – the feeling of me inside you, the sweat, my hands exploring your body – you smile to yourself.

you return, and to no surprise, i’m still asleep. you can see my brown hair poking out güvenilir bahis from under the covers, one muscular arm hugging a pillow. you start the water in the shower then come out of the bathroom. i’ve slightly woken up but am still woozy. in the corner of my eye i see you stripping out of your running clothes. your legs look amazing and i definitely take notice. naked, you walk into the bathroom, but the door is still open.

in the shower the hot water is perfect after your run. you close your eyes and enjoy every second. while you’re washing yourself i get up, and quietly head to the bathroom. your back is to me when i peek my head around the corner. i shed my boxer briefs and climb in the shower behind you. as you hear the shower curtain being pushed aside you turn and smile, giving me the once türkçe bahis over.

i come up behind you and take the sponge from your hand. i begin at your neck, washing my way down your body. you feel as my warm hands slide down your back, then up your stomach. i massage your breasts then continue down your sides. my hands wrap around your thighs, and you move your hips forward, bringing my hand between your legs. i drop the sponge and slide my hand up, over your slit and to your clit. my other hand is massaging your breasts. you feel my fingers as they move in circles around your clit, softer, then a bit harder. i turn you around, brushing your wet hair out of your face and kiss you. i raise one of your legs up on the edge, then slide my cock into your pussy. you brace yourself on the wall, the shower güvenilir bahis siteleri hitting both of us. i pull your hips down to meet me and i bury myself in you. we start thrusting towards each other.

you say, “wait. let’s do this. i want to feel you behind me.” you turn around and spread your legs, looking over your shoulder with a lusty grin. i position myself behind you then slowly slide my hard cock into your wet pussy. you reach behind me and pull me deeper with one hard, bracing yourself with the other. i begin thrusting in and out. you begin to brace yourself with both hands. i reach around and play with your clit, while my cock rubs against your g-spot. “don’t stop you” you say and i keep playing with your clit while my cock is buried inside you. i thrust harder and harder, faster and faster. i feel your pussy tighten and i come, gripping your hips and hearing an audible “yesss” as you climax. you turn around and kiss me hard. “so,” i start, “do you have an extra towel for me?”

“funny” you say with a sly grin, “i don’t.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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