Showing My Unaware Wife Pt. 03

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Big Tits

This is part three. Read the first two for context.

When the first pic of my wife came over dressed in black lingerie(the same exact set I had on at the moment) my mouth was still on her strap on dildo. As my eyes widened and I tried to pull off and speak, her hand hit the back of my head and pulled me deeper on her dildo. Straining to look sideways and up at pictures of my wife on the computer screen while on my knees, getting my face fucked was a challenge. And it showed in the pics of me that would pop up on the screen randomly being taken as the dildo fucked my face, thick saliva dripping everywhere. “Stand up” She commanded me and I immediately obeyed. I stared at the screen as pictures of my wife came through, first posing, then crawling to the cameral man, as I had done minutes before.

I stood in front of this beautiful woman, sitting in my desk chair as she looked me over. From my stocking clad legs, past the bulge in my little panties to the unfilled bra. She ran her fingernails over my sensitive body, as I had my head turned watching my wife in snapshots crawling towards another man’s cock. “I want you to enjoy this part.” she said as a picture of my wife’s petite hand touching another man’s cock popped up. She leaned back and put her pretty painted toes on my cock tenting the panties just as a picture of my wife with her outstretched tongue touching a virtual strangers cock head, and I exploded. Through the panties, onto her toes, making a mess in my panties. “Look what you did to my toes. Please clean them up for me.” Reluctantly I got on my knees. Reluctant to lose sight of my wife as she sucked this man’s cock, not at the chance to get this woman’s toes in my mouth. As I licked and sucked her feet, she said to me, “How does it feel to see your wife greedily sucking my husband’s cock. Something she hasn’t done for you since you were dating.” I couldn’t believe it istanbul travesti but my cock was getting hard again. Not because the scene wasn’t hot, but because I was very much a one and done guy for a very long time. “What position do you want to see your wife’s infidelity virginity taken in.”

My mind racing, having just cum. “I’m not sure I want to see that.” I told her. 

“So you didn’t tell my husband that you jerk off thinking about him, on top of her, making out, their tongues intertwined as their hands roamed each others bodies?” Of course I had. Of course I did. She didn’t even wait for an answer as she stood up, telling me to do the same and set her phone up on my desk, and I could see the live feed start on the computer. She pulled her dress over her head, leaving her in nothing but her strap on. What a hot look, MILFy body with a big cock hanging between her legs. She moved me to the table behind my desk and kissed me, groping my body as her tongue danced with mine. She laid me down on the table and got on top of me, sitting up between my legs.

She rubber her cock against my panties and then reached back to grab some lube. “I-I don’t know,” I muttered as she lubed up the big cock. She bent down and kissed me, then went over to my ear and said, “Go with it.” She reached between us, and I felt her pull my thong to the side and I felt some pressure on my ass, a little pain, and then a nice full feeling. She started to thrust, and I moaned, but then realized that i felt her cock rubbing against mine. She saw the realization on my face and said “It’s just a small plug in you, I knew you weren’t ready for this big dick, but your wife is.” She kissed me again, thrusting like she was fucking me. Her big slippery cock grinded into my panty covered cock, and then as I moaned into this woman’s mouth, I came for a second time.

She looked over and said, “look, istanbul travestileri its starting.” And on the screen was a live video feed of my wife in black lingerie, passionately making out with a naked man. His hard cock pressed into her body, and his hands gripped her ass. One hand moved up to grope her magnificent breast finding a hard nipple to pinch, causing my wife to moan into his mouth. I saw her hand snake between them, grabbing his throbbing cock.

“Come, lets go enjoy the show” She said, getting off of me, grabbing my hand and pulling me up. She told me to strip down and sit in my desk chair, and she removed the strap on, turned our phone on and sat on me naked. Her body felt so soft on me, and I couldn’t help but reach around and start to stroke her body.

A loud gasp from my wife brought my attention back to the screen. My wife looked amazing with this man on top of her. I had a side view as he thrust into her, her big tits moving with each thrust. What excited me the most was the noises coming from her. I had never heard anything like it before. And it was coming from my wife. My head was spinning. There was a strangers cock in my wife, he was making her cum like I never had. Hours earlier that same cock had been in my mouth. This man’s smoking hot wife was sitting on me naked right now as I watch her husband thoroughly fuck my wife. 

And as I watched this, and stroked her body, I realized I was rock hard again. It seemed that she realized it at the same time, and as her husband turned my wife over and positioned her to take her doggystyle, she stood up and turned around, sitting on the desk and spreading her legs. She motioned me over and we kissed. As we did, she pulled me in with her feet and I entered her hot wet cunt. She felt like heaven, and she moaned as I entered her. I pulled back out and thrust back into her, with her controlling the pace travesti istanbul with her heels pulling me in, again and again, harder and harder. Her moans mixed with my wife’s as I looked over her shoulder at the screen to see my wifes tits swaying as she got railed from behind with the same intensity. I could tell he was getting close, but I kept pumping away as I watched this man cum in my wife as she orgasmed again. And even though I had just cum twice, the whole scene was too much and I too came. Pushed in deep to this woman, when I opened my eyes, I saw my wife and her man had collapsed on the bed and were making out. Pulling my cock out of her, I kissed his wife as intensely as he kissed mine. I felt like more of a man than I had in years

Breaking the kiss, she smiled at me and said, “That was lovely, but you weren’t supposed to cum in me and put her hands on my head applying pressure so I knew what I had to do. I kissed my way down her body, savoring every inch, applying one last kiss to her meaty lips before digging my tongue into her cunt to eat my cum out. She ran her hands through my hair as I ate her pussy, making her cum again, but not stopping because she kept her hands on my head. I dipped down to eat her ass and her moan made me savor it more, and just as I think I was getting hard again, I heard a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it” she said, pushing me over, and walking to the door. Looking around the desk, I saw her embracing and kissing a very muscular man. He looked at me on the ground naked, and he said, “Lets get this over with.” and he walked over to me, unbuckling his jeans, and pulling out the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, while she went over and reattached her strap on. He waved his cock in my face and I began to suck it. When she came back over and stood above me too, I sucked her as well, keeping a hand on his cock. CLICK! “You got it?”

“Yep” She said, looking at her phone. He pushed me away and went to her. “Go to your wife, she’s down the street at the Marriott, room 224.” I looked at the screen to see her fucking again. “I just wanted a picture to show her that there’s more you wanted her to do.”

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