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Marco is a sweet, shy, handsome, kind young man. He has a youthful appearance, with boyish good looks and charms, a smooth and adorable face, and long black hair that covers his honest blue eyes.

Juxtaposing his young handsomeness is a masculine and muscular body, built from years of MMA training, weight lifting, and manual labor as his job.

He has strong pectorals, buff arms, broad shoulders, a wide back, sexy six pack abs, thick powerful legs, a tight toned ass, and most importantly a massive juicy 10 inch cock.

Despite Marco’s muscle bound and handsome appearance he is quite shy around women, nervous over the topic of chastity. However one day he met a drop dead gorgeous woman at Church. Her name is Charlotte.

She has long brown hair, alluring green eyes, and a beautiful feminine body that would be capable of wrapping anyone around her fingers. Charlotte is lithe but curvy in all the right places, with perky and jiggly D cup breasts, a sublime round tushy, and wide hips.

Marco and Charlotte have gone on many dates, enjoying each others time and company, but due to Marco’s sweet shyness they have never kissed or been intimate with each other, driving Charlotte wild.

She craves him, desires him. She ruined many pairs of panties imagining being tangled up with him late at night, vividly dreaming about his beautiful and rugged muscular body holding her.

She can’t resist any more. One cool summer evening she calls Marco to her townhouse. Marco excitedly enters, happy to spend time with his girlfriend.

His jaw drops when he enters and sees Charlotte in a black crop top and matching black short shorts, accentuating her curves and leaving little to the imagination. He blushes as he stares at her milky cleavage and exposed tummy.

Charlotte beckons him in and Macro gulps and approaches. “Hello my love” Charlotte says in a soft and sensual şişli escort tone. “Tonight I have a plan for you” she whispers.

“Since I’m your girlfriend and your my boyfriend I think it’s important that I experiment on you.” She giggles before continuing “I think I want to teach you how to kiss so you know what I like and we explore and learn what you like. So im going to teach you my ways.”

They are both blushing as Charlotte gently takes his hand and pulls Marco onto the bed next to her. “So first things first is we look each other in the eyes, then as the boy you need to take the lead a bit and gently brush my hair out of the way.”

Marco complies gently brushing her hair, surprising for one as muscular as him. “Then you gently cup my face and then…” Their lips lock and Charlotte takes control, kissing the inexperienced Marco deeper and deeper.

They are both intoxicated with lust and passion as Charlotte forces her tongue into her boyfriends throat, tasting him and causing him to lose his breath. She pulls away and chuckles excitedly as they both catch their breath and pant from the passion of their kiss.

Charlotte looks at Marco with devilish eyes and whispers “you know the lips aren’t the only place a girl likes to be kissed.” She points to behind her ear and says “they also like to be kissed here” then she points to her neck “and here along the neck” then she points to her chest and exposed cleavage “and here.” She then blushes and reluctantly points down and purrs “and also down here…” She looks at her blushing and shy boyfriend and says “here, let me show you.”

She tears off his shirt, exposing his buff torso to her delight. She hungrily looks at his strong and massive muscles before licking his neck and chest, causing Marco to let out moans that are music to her ears. “You’re so muscular” she says in awe and admiration inbetween gently sucking his nipples.

She starts tugging at his pants and boxer briefs, leaving him completely naked and exposed before her. She takes a moment to take in the view of her blushing and sweet Marco.

She carefully analyzes his strong muscles, especially his sexy six pack abs and cute belly button before her eyes wander lower, glued to his massive erect cock. She craves his cock, the cock she spent countless sleepless nights dreaming of.

She bends down again and gently licks his tummy, loving the feeling of his sexy abs and cute belly button on her tongue.

Marco moans and pants at the muscle worship he is receiving, unable to believe such a beautiful woman is doing such naughty things to his hard working physique.

Once she’s had her fill she leans back and takes off her own shorts and panties, revealing her naked wet pussy. This is the first time Marco has seen one in person, and he is awestruck by the beauty he is beholding.

Charlotte grabs the back of he thick black locks and says one word as an order. “Lick” she demands pulling his head down to meet her wet and waiting pussy.

He obliges, and his inexperience is evident but he more than makes up for it in vigor, selflessness, passion, virility, and eagerness, sending his woman into pure bliss as he licks away.

Her hot wet pussy juices run down his throat and coat his chin. ‘He looks so cute down there’ Charlotte thinks, finding him going down on her a quite fitting look. After several moments she is unable to contain herself and has a squirting orgasm, filling the virgin boys throat with her sweet nectar.

She pants and catches her breath before looking at his massive erection. “Come” she says devilishly “it’s time to put that thing between your legs to good use.” Marco looks nervous but prepares to mount his girl. She spreads her legs looking so inviting and sexy as Marco crawls between her legs.

“Don’t be shy” she whispers “I will teach you to put your massive manhood to good use.” She grabs his dick and aims it towards her wet opening, gently using it to tease her clit. She arches her back wanting more, desperately wanting Marco to thrust right into her.

He slowly begins to enter her. She moans with pleasure at the sudden intrusion. “Slowly baby” she begs. Marco stops once inside and gasps at the overwhelming pleasure he is experiencing.

Slowly he begins to move his hips causing Charlotte to moan at the feeling of his massive size. She grabs his sweet sexy ass and begins controlling the pace of his thrusts, having him thrust in and out as she gets a feel for his massive size.

She gives him a cheeky spanking and has him increase the speed and intensity of his thrusts once she is comfortable with his 10 inch hard meat.

He obliged her request like a good boy and thrusts faster and faster, causing moans to escape her lips. “Oh Marco!” she eventually screams as she is overwhelmed with bliss.

She has multiple squirting orgasms over his thick juicy cock, slickening his meat as he continues to thrusts. She can’t believe how much stamina Marco has, especially for a virgin.

He leans down and gently licks her nipple as he slows down his pace slightly. Eventually Charlotte’s boy toy can’t take it anymore and needs release. “I’m going to cum” he whispers. Charlotte grins and kisses him passionately while still riding his huge erection.

As Marco reaches climax her body trembles and she squeezes her legs together as Marco continues to pump his huge cock deep inside her.

After Marco cums, Charlotte feels so relaxed she falls asleep. When she wakes up Marco is sitting beside her stroking her hair. “I love you, my woman” he gently whispers.

He lays his head against her jiggly breasts and falls asleep as well. Charlotte relaxes and falls back to sleep again, as the lovers rest from their sensual experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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