Sibling Hikers

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There is no sex in this story. Only titillating nudity frisson.

I’m John. Early-30’s. My elder sister, Jane, is in her late-30’s. We are married and have families of our own. Jane and I are avid hikers. We love communing with nature, and the therapeutic calming bliss of the embracing forest. Unfortunately, our families do not share our passion for the outdoors. So, we do our hiking together whenever we can tease out time from our competing demands of career and family. Jane and I are in pretty good shape. We enjoy remote challenging trails, far from the madding crowd, with interesting water features such as streams, ponds, lakes and waterfalls, to chill off.

Jane and I were on a 15 km hike through hilly terrain. It was a trail which we have never hiked before. There were only 2 reviews in the hiking blogs on this trail. They were dated some 3 years ago. Great! Exactly the kind of physical and metaphorical trail-less-traveled that intrigue us. According to Google Map, there was a waterfall, Pristine Falls, and a small rockpool at the end of the trail. The name conjured a heavenly vision in the video of our minds.

We made good progress. As we emerged from the thick of the forest, a picture postcard scene greeted us. Pristine Falls cascaded from an upper serene pond, roaring down into a rockpool. Poetic tranquility and graceful turbulence in the same vision sweep. It was exactly as we had envisioned. Jane’s eyes lit. We have chilled at many waterfalls and rockpools in our hiking sojourns. This was the closest to heaven without the inconvenience of dying.

We jettisoned our backpacks on the bank of the rockpool, and crashed dramatically on the rocks in exhausted exhilaration.

The serenity of the rockpool was pierced by a shriek, then a series of cackles. What the…? We were startled. We thought we had the place to ourselves. We scanned our surroundings. Not a soul. Another burst of shrieks, this time, of a more playful tone, with wailing howls.

A man and a woman emerged from behind the waterfall curtain. They were naked. My sis looked at me with amused incredulity. I should tell you that Jane was on the conservative range of the rainbow spectrum. My parents’ religious values had more traction on her than on me. But, she was no prude.

The couple saw us. As they processed the inconvenient reality that they were not alone at this lonely planet shangri-la, they appeared momentarily conflicted and tentative. Nevertheless, they managed a cheery wave to us across the water. We waved back.

I shot a glance at Jane. Was she spooked by all this? She appeared more piqued and bemused, than spooked. She returned my look. The studied serious look creased into a coy smile.

She joked, “Hmmm… not so pristine after all, huh?”

I said, “Depends on how you look at it. Some would see exuberant nature communing with mother nature. Nature plus!”

The couple waded over to their side of the rockpool. They wrapped themselves in skimpy towels. It was obvious that the towels were for drying their bodies, rather than as wraparound implements.

They waded across the rockpool to say hello to us. fuck in traffic porno We exchanged pleasantries and introduced ourselves.

Dorothy, or Dottie in Brit popular vernacular, and Dave, were in their early-50’s, from the south of England. They were avid hikers in their home country, and were blessed to live in a glorious countryside speckled lavishly with trails, waterfalls, ponds, streams, rivers and coves. They apologized for their nudity, and the surprise that they inadvertently sprang on us. They were unsure of the local attitude towards nudity in remote public places. They said that they were not nudists in the organized movement sense. They just enjoyed the liberating sensation of spontaneous skinny dipping whenever and wherever the place and circumstances were naturally agreeable. And Pristine Falls was the holy grail of their quest as they have discovered on this hike.

They told us that there was a small hidey-hole cave behind the waterfall curtain. It was a blissful experience chilling inside this watery cocoon of nature. They said that we must experience it.

Dave and Dottie looked healthy, tanned and vital. Dave had a youthful lean and mean demeanor, that was softened and mellowed by his contoured vintage torso. A mature hunk. Dottie was buxom. Rubenesque. Lush top. Matronly classic English rose luscious charm. Comely. She had a dusting of freckles on her top which accentuated her cleavage.

Their skimpy towels could barely keep pace with their animated movements, especially perky bubbly Dottie, as we chatted. In their semi-seated positions on the rocks, Dottie’s economical towel rode high up her thighs, exposing glimpses of her apparently clean shaven mons pubis. And then peek hints of her cleft, hushed up by her pristine plump mound. When she became aware of this, she would tug her towel down some, resulting in the opposite effect of exposing the top smear of her ample areolas just shy of her nipples. A zero-sum game. Finally, she crossed her legs. This presented the coquettish appearance of her being naked from her waist down, but her lower feminine secrets were safe. It afforded more cover for her top. this

Dave was struggling too. We could see sneak peeks of his privates. The tip of his penis peered curiously out of its towelly abode flittingly, much like a turtle head out of its shell to ascertain the larger world.

I gave an oblique glance towards my sis. She appeared amused by this peek-a-boo scintillating towel dance. Jane appeared to have a courteous interest in Dave, but was politely rationing her gaze.

Dottie and Dave must have felt awkward about their vulnerable body state, their teasing modesty. The irony was that their tactical attempts at modesty made them more tantalizingly nude. Dave showed an onset of bodily flourish that was defying his towel. They made an excuse about needing to get back to their backpacks for drinking water, on the other side of the rockpool.

As they set off to go back, Dave said instinctively, “Sis, come this way. It makes for an easier crossing.”

Jane shot me an arching eyebrow glance. I shrugged, full porno then grinned. This was the second surprise of our morning in this placid paradise.

Then, Jane surprised me. She called out to Dottie and Dave. “If you are cool with it, and John and I are cool, just carry on with your skinny dipping. You’ve come all this way from England, enjoy your experience here as it should be enjoyed.”

Dottie replied, “Thank you, love. We’ll do just that. Lovely!”

Dottie and Dave duly yanked off their cumbersome towels as they crossed the pool to the other side.

I marveled at the rhythmic harmonic motion of Dottie’s ass as it marched animatedly across the water.

Me: Hmmm… nice rump!

Jane landed a mock punch on my arm.

Me (teasingly): I saw you checking out Dave.

Jane: (deflecting with mirth): That was quite a puppet show.

Me (quipping): Until the puppeteer lost control of his puppet, he he!

Jane: That was cute. But, not for poor squirming Dave though. He surged exponentially. He was valiant under the arduous circumstances. It was then that I decided to put them out of their misery, and told them that they should just carry on as they were before we showed up.

Me (applauding): Very magnanimous!

Jane (giving me a mock knockout punch on my chin): You’ve your share of sightings too! I saw you eyeballing Dottie’s feminine charms. Particularly before it dawned on her to cross her legs.

Jane (pondering): So, what do you make of this?

Me: You mean the sibling thingy?

Jane: Duh! What else?

Me (speculatively): Here are two extreme speculative perspective possibilities. First off, two siblings who share a deep bond in appreciating earthly wholesome fulsome nature in all its glorious native dimensions. Nudists, naturists are whatever they are fashionably called. Then, stir in a dash of harmless simmering frisson. That is another manifestation of mother nature too.

I paused.

Jane (anticipatingly): And?

Me (matter of factly): Well, I don’t know what happened behind the waterfall curtain hidey-hole earlier. A cacophony of happy noises… To be honest, I have a video reeling in my, dark, mind.

I paused again.

Me (finishing up): That said, I’m inclined not to dive too deep into the subtext of, simply, two siblings savoring their moment, losing themselves fleetingly, in the cradle of wondrous nature. Pristine Falls has that moving force of power.

Jane: You’re quite a poet!

Me (pointedly): Let’s enjoy our moment here too. And let Pristine Falls work on us. Last one in the is a rotten egg!

Shortly, we were in the water. We splashed and kidded around like born again teens, venturing into the deeper water.

And then, Jane tossed yet another curveball surprise. In one arcing movement, my sis undid her top, and flung it flippantly to the rock bank. She submerged momentarily, then emerged in a watery burst, with her bottom twirling wickedly at her finger, which she summarily flicked to the bank in a dramatic flurry arc of spray.

She faced me accusingly, without irony, gizli çekim porno “Shame on you! Lose your trunks!”

I have not seen my sis naked since she was a budding 8 year old when we were changing at the beach.

Dave and Dottie chilling at the rockpool bank saw Jane’s change in bodily state. They gave a resounding Yeeesssss! yelp in happy unison, in affirmation to our bonding moment.

I did what I had to do, but with less spectacular fanfare, as the thunder had already been stolen by Jane.

I kidded around with Jane for awhile, basking in the euphoria of skin engaging water, sun and wind.

I waved to Dave and Dottie to come join us, lest they felt awkward to come close. They splashed over in glee. A pair of sibling pairs horsing around. What little veneer of awkwardness was washed away by the watery floric. This was also partly due to our most intimate parts being veiled by the filmy translucence of the rockpool.

All too soon, Dave said they had to move on. Their return trail was different from ours. Longer and more challenging because their starting point, where their rented SUV was parked, was farther from ours. They swam to the bank where their backpacks were. We could sense that they wanted to keep their bodies submerged until the water level was too low to cover their intimate parts. We took a last gaze at the siblings. They had nothing to hide. Both looked hale and appealing. They dressed up, gave us a final wave, and melted into the forest green.

Jane and I finally had some alone time. The forest stilled and quietened for us. I instinctively focused my attention on Jane. I couldn’t be sure because of the water cover optics. Her breasts were average sized, with a subtle hint of sag. Down south, mown.

Jane (sensing my attention): Checking your big sis out, huh?

Me: Can’t help it. I’m not made of rock, you know.

Jane (staring me down): Hmmm… I’m not so sure about that… Let’s check out the waterfall hidey-hole.

We swam over to the waterfall. I heaved myself up, and then, helped Jane clamber up. That was the first time I saw my sis nude in her full native glory.

The hidey-hole was not anything like what Dave and Dottie had advertised. It was infinitely better. Its cool ambience was in sharp contrast to the glorious sunlit warmth outside. The incessant heady roar of falling water. The soft showering caressing stray sprays. A moving cinematic view of the world through the surging water curtain. A dreamy water cocoon that was a world unto itself.

I sat and leaned against the back of the hidey-hole. Our hidey-hole. Jane did the same next to me. We were at a loss for words. We immersed in an aura that was a hazy unity of fantasy and reality.

I looked at Jane. In the dark of the hidey-hole, and the backlit radiance of the water curtain, she presented a surreal vision of loveliness.

Jane: What do you think of your big sis?

Me: A sight to behold.

Jane: One word?

Me: Gazelle

The back of the hidey-hole was cold as damp rock would be. Jane shunted over seeking warmth. She sat in front of me. Jane paused momentarily as if serving me notice of her next move. She reclined gently. After a minute of snuggling down to fuzzy comfort, she cocked her head to look at me fleetingly, and then twinkled a kittenish knowing smile.

We watched Pristine Falls fall.

That was the only time I saw my sister naked.

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