Sibling Love Ch. 4

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Will and Jenny loved each other very much. They had a great sex life and neither of them were unsatisfied. Each of them loved different things. Will loved getting his cock sucked by Jenny while some one else licked his balls and ass hole. Jenny loved having Will stick his big cock up her ass and fucking her good with it. She was addicted to getting a good ass screw, and Will didn’t mind giving it to her. But both Will and Jenny always thought about including another family member in their fun. They knew who would be perfect for it too, their cousin Jeff. He was coming up for the week with his parents and they knew that all three of them would be left alone when their parents went out.

Jenny and Will began working on their plan. When the day came for Jeff and his parents to arrive, they could hardly stand the excitement. That morning Jenny went into Will’s room and woke he up by straddling his cock and shoving it up in her pussy. He already had a huge boner and gladly let her ride him. She bounced up and down on his big prick, grinding and bumping against his hips. She moaned lightly as he pushed his cock up into her pussy, and she let him fuck her. But her ass was begging for some attention, so she took Will’s hand and guided to her ass hole, which he stroked and teased with his fingers, finally shoving a finger into her tight rear. She moaned and fucked his big boner wildly, Will knew they both were about to come. Finally she moaned, “Oh big brother I’m coming!” As he shot his load deep into her pussy. After their sex session they got dressed, Jenny put on a little mini skirt and a tight fitting top that showed off her huge tits.

When Jeff and his parents arrived, they greeted them warmly. The older adult resided in the kitchen, while Will, Jenny, and Jeff went into the den to watch TV. All three of them sat on the couch silently. Jenny began to fidget, trying to adjust herself so Jeff could get a peek of her nicely shaved pussy. Jeff was 17 years old. He had short blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a nice body from playing sports. Jenny whispered to Will load enough so Jeff could hear, that she wanted to suck his big prick. Jeff turned to the both of them, with a very surprised look on his face.. Will’s penis began growing in his pants, and Jenny rubbed it, making sure Jeff saw. She got on her hands and knees, her ass and pussy inches from Jeff’s face, she asked Will if he liked what he saw and if he would like to play with it later. He was so surprised he could not answer, so she said, “Don’t you worry, our parents are going out later and all three of us are going to be home alone, and then me and Will can show you just what sibling love is like”.

Jenny, Will, and Jeff waved goodbye to their parents and headed inside the house. As soon as they got in Jenny grabbed Will and began kissing him, pushing her tongue into his mouth teasing him. Jeff watched helplessly and Will began undressing her, sliding her mini skirt down and then pulling off her top, telling her how she was going to get the best fucking she’s ever had. Jenny turned and pulled Jeff to her. He stopped and struggled but soon gave up and went to her. She told him that her and Will had been having sex for some time and wanted him to join. Jenny grabbed each of the boy’s arms and walked with them to the den. She began undressing Jeff as Will took off his shirt and pants. When Jenny pulled down Jeff’s pants, a huge cock popped out, it had to be around 11 or 12 glory hole secrets porno inches long! She had never seen a cock so big in her life, and had to suck it right then and there. She pushed Jeff onto the couch and began licking his then hardening penis while Will got between her legs and began licking her pussy. She moaned as Will’s expert tongue dipped in and out of her cunt, stopping to suckle her clit. Jenny slurped loudly and she bobbed her head up and down on Jeff’s cock. He moaned as she sucked him in and out of her mouth, holding the back of her head and helping her with his massive prick. Jeff began fucking his older cousin’s mouth, getting ready to shoot his load. Jenny moaned around Jeff’s cock as Will ate her dripping snatch. Jenny began coming as Jeff shot his load down her throat, both of them moaning loudly. Now it was Will’s turn.

Jenny got on her hands and knees, so she could suck Will’s cock. Jeff went around back and rubbed his hardening cock against her warm cunt, gently pushing the huge head inside. Jenny as her pussy stretched to fit Jeff’s huge cock inside. She felt completely full and feverishly sucked Will’s cock, which was still her

. She moaned loudly against the big meat inside her mouth as Jeff began fucking her pussy. Will was ready to blow his load, and he began fucking her mouth with quick feverish movements. “This is unbelievable”, Will thought as he pumped his cousin’s pussy full of his cock. She felt so tight and warm. His cock began shooting cock come into her pussy, and she too screamed as an orgasm ripped through her. Will came in last as he shot his come down his little sister’s throat.

They lay on the floor for a while. Jenny in between Will and Jeff. Both boys gently played with her big, beautiful breasts, pinching and squeezing the nipples. Jenny thought she must be the luckiest girl in the world to have two wonderfully big cocks all to herself, she knew she needed more. She reached over and began rubbing their cocks, hardening them. She climbed on top of Will and ran his hard dick against her wet pussy lips, and pushed her hips down onto his cock. She patted on her ass for Jeff to come around behind her, motioning for him to fuck her up the ass. She needed it so bad. A nice big cock pumping in and out of her tiny little rump. Jeff came around and rubbed the massive head against the puckered hole, it looked so huge he thought he’d never get it inside. He began pushing inside her, inch by inch. She moaned as she felt her ass stretching to fit the huge thickness of his cock. The feeling was unbelievable. Soon Jeff began pumping, and Will began pumping. Jenny screamed. It was too much and she buried her head into Will’s shoulder, a sweet orgasm spreading through her. Will held her close to him and whispered that it was all right and that he loved her. Jeff laid on her back and kissed her shoulders and neck lightly, slowly fucking her tight butt hole. Jenny looked into Will’s eyes, and then slowly began kissing him, gently licking at his tongue. His little sister’s pussy felt so good to him, she made him want to shoot his load deep inside of her. But he wouldn’t let it end for her. He rubbed her nipples and kissed the pointed peaks gently, sucking and biting gently. Jeff began to slam her ass hole harder now. Jenny cried out as his huge cock jammed deep up inside her tight bum. Oh it felt so good. She bobbed up and down on Will cock as Jeff grup sex pumped her butt. Jeff slammed her warm butt hole harder, and soon he shot his warm jism up into her twitching back side. Will came with Jenny as she rode his wonderfully big cock, shooting his come into her tight little pussy.

All three of them walked up the stairs, exhausted by they’re play. They went into Jenny’s room and laid down in her bed. Soon afterward they’re parents called saying they wouldn’t be home that night because they were incapable of driving and would stay in a hotel till the morning. It was 6:30pm and they had the whole night to themselves, it was going to be great. Soon all three of them were fast asleep on Jenny’s bed.

Around 7:30 Jenny woke up and put on a lavender, silk night gown. It had tiny straps and was very short, it barely covered her lovely ass. She brushed her hair out and put it in a loose bun, which showed off her neck and shoulders wonderfully. All of a sudden she felt hands on her shoulders. She turned around the find Jeff, she must have woken him. He caressed her shoulders lightly, sending shivers up her spine. He began kissing her lightly, with soft, sexy kisses. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, and he wrapped his around her waist, pulling her tightly to him. He massaged her ass warmly, gently spreading her cheeks apart and rubbing her puckered hole. He ran his hands back up to her back, massaging and teasing. She said, “let’s go to Will’s bedroom so we won’t wake him.

They entered Will’s bedroom. Jeff picked Jenny up and carried her over to the bed, setting her down and kissing her gently. She laid back and pulled him on top of her, between her legs. She felt his huge hard on pressing through the thin fabric of his boxers, begging to escape. Jeff laid down next to her, gently caressing her tits. He squeezed her nipples gently, rubbing and caressing. He bent his head and bit one of her nipples through the silky fabric.

She moaned softly and cradled his head against her big breasts. He pulled the straps of her nighty down to her waist, cupping her large tits and taking one of the nipples into his mouth. He suckled them gently, driving her insane with the sexual tension he was creating. He ran his hand down her flat stomach, slowly reaching her shaven pussy. He dipped his fingers into the warm, wet folds of it. He spread her legs wide and got between them on his knees. He watched as two of his fingers dipped into her dripping cunt hole, slipping a third in to join them. She cried out quietly, making sure not to wake Will down the hall.

He slid his fingers out of her pussy. He pulled her night gown over her head, and pulled his boxers off. He positions himself between her legs, rubbing the head of his cock against her dripping slit. She pulled him close to her, he knew the couldn’t handle waiting one more second for his cock, he had driven her over the edge. Inserting the giant head of his cock into her pussy, he slammed his monster dick into her sweet depths. She cried out, but he muffled most of it by kissing her hard on the mouth. He looked into her eyes as he worked himself in and out of her. Her eyes were beautiful, they begged for relief from the torture, they begged for orgasm. He knew then and there, he was in love with her. He was in love with his cousin, it scared him but he knew it was true. He began slamming harder and harder into her dripping pussy. Her nails hd porno dug deep into his back. To keep from screaming she clutched her lips together tightly. He noticed that tears began to stream down her cheeks. She was crying.

He stopped their love making, begging her to tell him why she was crying. She said, “no one has ever made it feel so good. I’ve never had suck a huge cock in me, and it becomes too much sometimes”. He asked her if she wanted him to stop, and she replied no. He began fucking her again, but slower this time. She whispered in his ear, “harder Jeff, fuck me as hard as you can, make me come. Harder and harder he jammed his cock up inside her cunt, soon an orgasm bigger than any she had ever had ripped through her, and he knew it. His spurts of come began filling her pussy, draining him completely. He rolled over, cradling her body against his. soon he fell asleep.

Jenny was tired, but she wanted to check on her big brother. She got up so as not to disturb Jeff and went down the hall to her room. She found Will sleeping as curled up against his side. He began to stir and woke up and glanced at the clock, it read 10pm. He found Jenny snuggled against his side. She was so beautiful when she slept, she was perfect. She turned over with her back facing him, this gave him the perfect chance to spoon with her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close to him, breathing in the smell of her. His cock began hardening, he noticed it was positioned against her pussy teasingly. He began kissing her shoulders and neck, rubbing them gently. She woke up and pulled his arms around her waist and up between her breasts, it looked like she was in for another great fuck.

Will began to rub his hard boner against her wet slit. Jenny loved her brother more than anything else in the world, and he was her main man. Jenny moaned as Will slipped his hand down her back and between her ass cheeks, finding her butt hole. He rubbed it lightly, teasing her. He stuck it into her pussy to wet it and rubbed the little hole.

He pushed his finger into her ass gently, and began fucking it in and out. He stuck another finger in, making her moan as her ass began to stretch. He stuck two more fingers in and fingered her tight back door, he was going to try fisting with her for the first time. He then inserted his thumb, pushing gently. She moaned a little from the pain, but soon she felt wonderfully filled, and began pushing back. He pushed a little more and pushed his nuckles through. He continued pushing until he got half of his hand in, and then pushed his entire hand up his sister’s ass hole. She whimpered from the pain, it felt wonderful too though. He pushed a little more. Up to his wrist. When he had about 3 inches of his arm in, he stopped. She cried out loudly, so he pulled his hand out.

He positioned her on her hands and knees and got behind her. He rubbed the head of his cock against her bum hole, and pushed it in roughly. He held onto her shoulders and he fucked her ass as hard as he could. She shuddered and came violently, and he shot his load up into her ass hole. He moved onto his back with his cock still in her ass and her on top. She bounced up and down on his cock playfully, ramming his big boner up into her bum. It felt great having a nice cock up her ass. Especially huge thick cocks. He held onto her hips and when she made an upward motion he’d bring her down hard onto his cock. Soon afterward she got up off him and settled down next to him. 10 minutes later he fell asleep.

She walked down the hall to Will’s and found Jeff stretched out on the bed. She shook him gently until he woke up. She told him to come back to her bedroom and go to bed. And soon all three were asleep.

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