Sibling Saturday Night

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Thanks, as always to Todger65 for editing.

Sibling Saturday Night

A curios sister and lying brother

Saturday evening at seven the front door opened and in walked Don’s best friend Steve. Steve hadn’t bothered to knock on the door because he hadn’t knocked for years. Don and Amber didn’t expect him to. He was family after all. Amber’s brother to be exact. Most Saturdays the three got together to sip good whiskey and to play games or watch a movie. If Steve was dating someone, they were always welcome as well. This Saturday, like the last six or seven, Steve was alone. The breakup with his last girl friend had been painful and Steve wasn’t in a hurry to start dating again.

Don and Amber are a loving couple. They started dating in middle school and continued through high school. They married a week after graduation and have been perfectly content in their love now seven years later. Both are in their mid-twenties, and both have only been with each other. Over the years their sexual fumbling has blossomed into a very satisfying sex life. They are open minded and there is not much that one won’t do for the other in bed.

Don and Steve had been friends since elementary school. Amber was a year and a half younger than her brother and went unnoticed by Don until she blossomed. Once Don finally noticed her, they became a couple and have been ever since. Their marriage has done little to limit their friendship with Amber’s brother. Steve is always welcome to visit or accompany them out on the town when he isn’t busy with his own girlfriends. The three of them are very close.

On this Saturday Steve brought with him a nice single barrel reserve whiskey. Amber had put together a cheese tray and various other snacks and the three sat down at the kitchen table to play cards and catch up on the week’s events.

Steve was as reticent as he had been for weeks. Amber looked at her brother with a frown, “Bro you haven’t said shit for weeks. What is going on with you anyway? Are you still hung up about Ruth?”

Steve gave his sister a stern look, “What if I am? I thought she was the one, you know? I just don’t understand it.”

Amber thought that finally her brother might be ready to talk about it, “So, what happened between you two? I thought you guys were good.”

“It’s too embarrassing and I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Come on Bro! Spill it. You will feel better if you get it off your chest.”

Steve looked down at the table, “It was our sex life and that’s all you need to know.”

Amber was a bit shocked. Her brother had many girlfriends over the years and never once had he mentioned problems in that area. Why was Ruth different? “Steve, you have dated a lot of girls and I can’t believe you had this problem with them. What gives? Come on, spill it.”

Steve groaned, “This is embarrassing…OK, she says I’m too big alright!?”

Don was confused, “Too big? You’re five nine and a hundred seventy pounds, if that much. How can you be too big?”

Steve shook his head and pointed at his pants, “I mean down there. She says I’m too big down there.”

Amber’s eyebrows went up, “You mean your penis is too big for her?”

Still looking down at the table Steve nodded, “Uhm well, yeh.”

Having only been with each other, Don and Amber were a bit curious about seeing another naked man. Not that either was contemplating sex with someone else. No, the reasons were quite simple. Amber had never seen another penis in the flesh. Sure, they watched some porn but that wasn’t real life. Don wanted to see how he measured up compared to someone else. Don hadn’t seen another live naked male since high school gym class. Those glimpses were of the out of the corner of your eye variety. It was high school after all, and high schoolers are by and large shy about their bodies.

It was just curiosity and not something either felt the need to do anything about. Don was more curious than Amber by far. He wanted to know how his penis compared to that of other men. Not that Amber ever complained about his size. She was perfectly happy with his penis, although in her heart of hearts she would have to admit some curiosity of her own. Still, neither felt all that strongly about it and both would have been content without knowing.

Sometimes circumstances, timing, and curiosity provide an opportunity. Then it becomes a matter of how willing a person is to take advantage of that opportunity.

Amber was confused, “It can’t be that big. You’ve had other girlfriends.”

Steve just nodded sadly, “Yes, but Ruth is just a little bitty thing.”

Which was true. Ruth stood under five foot and weighed in at maybe a hundred and ten pounds. At twenty-three she still looked like a middle schooler that had developed early. Steve wasn’t a huge man by any stretch and while Ruth was a small woman it wasn’t obvious to Don and Amber what the issue was.

Maybe it was the free-flowing whiskey or maybe Amber was more curious tipobet365 yeni giriş than she was willing to admit. Whatever the reason Amber found herself blurting out, “Show it to us.”

Steve looked shocked and his face turned beet red, “I’m not going to show my sister my dick. Are you crazy?”

Amber gave her brother a stern look, “It isn’t a big deal and it’s just us here. Who cares? It’s not like we would tell anybody.”

Don joined the conversation, “Yeh, what’s the big deal.”

Steve thought of a way to get out of the situation, “Why should I get naked when you guys are dressed? If I’m going to show you mine, you have to show me yours.”

Now it was Amber’s turn to have a deeply red face, “Nobody said you had to get naked!”

“I might as well be. You would see the only thing I have that a bathing suit doesn’t cover. It only seems fair that you do the same.”

Amber was at a loss for words. Don wasn’t, “OK, deal.”

Amber’s mouth fell open, “DON! Are you kidding me?”

“It will be fine honey. It’s just us here. You must be a little curious or you wouldn’t have wanted to see his cock. Come on, it’ll be fun!”

If Amber was honest with herself, and she always tried to be honest with herself, something about this excited her. Maybe it was the idea of seeing another cock. Or maybe it was the idea that another man, not her husband, would be seeing her naked. Regardless, she found herself responding, “OK, I guess, but this is really weird.”

Weird or not Amber and Don both were becoming aroused, and both wanted to see what was going to happen next. Don gathered up the cards and stood. He looked at his wife and his best friend, “let’s relocate to the living room.”

Everyone was quiet as they walked into the living room. Things were becoming awkward fast. Don took control of the situation, “OK, Steve please sit on the end of the couch. Amber, please sit on the other end. I will sit in the recliner.”

Don laid the deck of cards on the table, “OK, here is what we will do to make this more fun and less nerve wracking. Each of us will draw a card. When everyone has a card, we show our cards. Lowest card loses and must take something off. Shoes and jewelry don’t count as clothes. Sound good?”

Nervous nods from Amber and Steve were followed by the first draw. Amber got a queen, but Steve got an ace and Don a king. Amber shrugged and pulled off her socks. As she pulled off each sock her fingers brushed against her skin and sent a tingle through her. She suddenly realized that she was getting more aroused by taking off her clothes!

Steve lost the next draw and his socks. He lost the next as well and his shirt came off. Amber noticed how fit her brother was. She hadn’t realized until now that he wasn’t just her brother, he was also a good-looking man. Don finally lost two in a row and his chest was now bare as well. Amber couldn’t help but compare her husband to her brother. Don had a wider chest but didn’t have the defined stomach that her brother had.

A run of bad luck resulted in Amber removing her blouse, then standing to remove her pants. She looked down as she unbuttoned her pants and pulled down the zipper. She didn’t realize that her brother and her husband were watching closely. She finally removed her pants and sat on the couch in her bra and bikini briefs.

Amber was nervous and excited as she drew her next card. She didn’t look at it as she waited for the others to draw. When she turned over her card, she saw a seven of diamonds. Don showed a jack of hearts and Steve showed a ten of spades.

Amber stood and reached behind her back to release her bra. She was shaking from nerves but also very excited. This time she watched Don and Steve’s faces as she released her bra and slowly revealed her pert c-cup breasts. Her nipples were rock hard, sending a signal to both men that she was aroused.

Steve couldn’t take his eyes off his sister, “Wow sis, you have really nice tits!”

Amber’s face flushed red at his comment, and she shivered. She didn’t understand what was happening with her body. She was becoming more and more aroused by what they were doing. She wasn’t sure whether she should just go with the situation or stop right now. Amber decided that she was in fact enjoying herself. They were grown adults and weren’t doing anything wrong, so why not continue?

Don lost the next draw and he stood naked in front of his wife and friend. The erection he sported was proof that he was obviously aroused by the situation. Amber drew an ace on the next draw, and she sighed in relief. Steve’s draw of a deuce decided the round. He stood and dropped his boxer briefs to the floor. His flaccid penis finally revealed.

Amber looked at her brother and was a bit disappointed. His soft penis wasn’t all that impressive, “I don’t see the issue Bro. You don’t look that big to me.”

Steve gave her an impatient look, “You don’t understand. I’m nervous and I’m a grower tipobet365 giriş not a shower.”

Amber looked confused, “What the hell does that mean?”

“It means that when I’m nervous I shrink, and I get bigger as I get harder. I need a woman’s touch to get me going.”

Don sat up excitedly, “I know! Amber, why don’t you help him?”

“WHAT!? You want me to play with my brother’s penis?”

“Sure, why not? It’s all in fun and I don’t mind. Go ahead and touch it.”

Amber considered her husband’s words. She wanted to touch it. The idea of touching another man’s penis excited her. When she thought about it who would be safer than her own brother? She decided to go ahead, “OK, I’ll do it but let’s take some measurements first.”

Amber left the room, her pert tits bouncing, and returned shortly with a sewing measuring tape. She walked over to Don and measured his now soft penis, both length and width. She walked over to her brother and knelt to measure his soft penis. She had some difficulty holding the tape and holding his penis at the same time, but she managed to get the measurements. She noted that both men were about the same when flaccid.

She did notice that as she measured the length of her brother’s penis it began to grow. The longer she held it the bigger it got. She didn’t realize she was going to do it until she saw her hand gently stroking her brother’s penis. This was absolutely making her horny and she was at a loss as to what to do next.

Don had no problem with his wife stroking her brother’s cock. As a matter of fact, he wanted to see more, “Amber, do to him what you do to me. You know, like when you get me hard. Go ahead, I don’t mind, and I am sure Steve won’t either.”

Amber was very aroused by this point and the thought of what Don asked her to do just increased that arousal. She bent down and tentatively licked the head of her brother’s cock. Steve let out a groan as his cock swelled in her hand. He was now almost erect. Amber put the head in her mouth and licked the slit lightly with her tongue.

Amber completely lost her inhibitions at this point and her mouth engulfed her brother’s hard cock. She began to stroke him as she sucked, occasionally pulling his cock out to lick the length of it. Don was stroking his as he watched his lovely wife suck her brother’s cock.

Amber was shocked at how full her mouth was and how much cock was still left in her hand. She paused for a moment and pulled her brother’s cock from her mouth, “Let’s see how big it is now.” She grabbed the tape and measured his erection. It was nine inches long and two inches across, a few inches longer than Don.

Amber couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like in her pussy, “Wow bro, you’re really big.”

“Thanks sis but you forgot something.”

“What’s that?”

“You still have your panties on. You are supposed to be naked too so take them off.”

Amber didn’t hesitate. She peeled off her bikini briefs and revealed her neatly trimmed bush, “Happy now?”

“Yes, you look really hot sis.”

Amber blushed at her brother’s compliment. She couldn’t take her eyes off her brother’s erection. Her curiosity was nearly overwhelming. She wanted to know what his cock felt like, but she wasn’t sure she was ready to go that far. She settled for gently stroking him while Don looked on.

Again, Don moved things along, “She sucked your cock, Steve. Why don’t you eat her pussy?”

Amber was shocked at her husband’s request, yet a thrill ran through her body. Could her husband want her to fuck her brother? It sure seemed like it and she wasn’t convinced that she minded that much. Things had escalated farther than she ever imagined they would. All she knew in the moment was that she was very horny, and her brother’s cock fascinated her.

She slid back onto the couch and spread her legs, “Here you go bro. Let’s see what kind of skills you have.”

Steve didn’t hesitate. He kissed his way up her legs and until his tongue was licking her slit. He began to tease her clit by licking around it. Amber began to squirm attempting to get his tongue onto her clit. He slid a finger inside her wet pussy and sucked her clit into his mouth. His tongue flicked her clit, and a moan escaped her mouth.

Dan watched in fascination. He had never been so hard in his life. He wasn’t sure why watching his wife with her brother turned him on so much, but he wasn’t going to analyze it now. He admitted to himself that he wanted to see his wife get fucked by her brother. That epiphany almost made him cum all over his hand.

Meanwhile Amber was rapidly approaching orgasm. Her brother was doing things to her pussy that Dan hadn’t learned yet, and it was making her crazy with lust. Her hands flew to her brother’s head, and she pulled him tight against her pussy. Her orgasm rushed through her, “Oh god bro! Yes, just like that. Fuck! I’m cumming! Yes, yes, yes!

Steve had gripped his sister’s hips as tipobet365 güvenilirmi she bucked against his face. After her orgasm began to fade, she became ticklish and had to shove his face away. Steve grinned up at her, “I take it you liked that?”

Amber was breathing hard, and her hands caressed her brother’s head, “Oh my god! That was amazing!”

Don couldn’t stand it anymore, “Fuck her Steve. Give her that big cock.”

Steve looked up at Amber from between her legs. Amber bit her lip and nodded her approval. Steve slid up her body and held himself up with one arm. He held his cock with his other hand and rubbed it against his sister’s slit. She was soaked and soon his cock was wet with her juices. He rubbed his cock across her clit, then slid it down her slit until the head rested at her opening. Slowly his slid the head into her.

Amber groaned at the sensation of her brother’s big cock penetrating her. He was halfway in when she threw her arms around him, and her legs wrapped around his hips. He continued to slide deep into her until his balls rested against her ass. Their lips met and their tongues began to swirl together.

Amber had never felt anything like this. She had never been so full, and she loved it. Steve began to long stroke into her and she lost her mind for a while. Later all she would remember was the sensation of his cock sliding in and out and the amazing orgasm that swept through her. She had forgotten completely about her husband.

Don hadn’t forgotten about her. He knew he was going to cum any second, so he stood and walked to the couch. He touched Steve on the shoulder, “Give me a little room. I want my cock in her mouth.”

Steve leaned back on his haunches while gripping Amber’s hips with both hands. He began pulling her on and off his big cock. Don rubbed his painfully erect cock against his wife’s lips until she opened her mouth and took him in. She sucked his cock like she needed it to live and within seconds he exploded down her throat. She swallowed everything he had and gasped as he finally pulled his cock from her mouth.

When Don backed away Steve leaned forward again. He began to fuck his sister fast and deep as his own orgasm approached. Amber was nearly crazy with desire. Her hands grabbed his ass and pulled him deep. His cock swelled and began to pulse as his cum shot deep into her. Her squeals of joy reverberated in the living room as her third orgasm swept through her.

The couple laid on the couch trying to catch their breath. Don was quietly getting dressed as they recovered. Amber kissed her brother and smiled up at him, “Well bro. I think we have proven that while your cock is big and wonderful, it isn’t too big. If Don and you don’t’ mind I may have to do some further testing to be sure.”

“Further testing sounds like a great idea to me.”

Amber was thoughtful, “Do you suppose that we might be able to get Ruth to come over? I would like to talk to her about her issue. Maybe we can work on getting you two back together.”

Steve looked hopeful, “That would be great sis. It has been weeks since I saw her. Maybe she misses me and wants to give it another shot. I’ll call her and ask.”

Amber smiled up at her brother, “Awesome! Now get off me before I leak cum all over my couch.”

A week went by, and Steve came over on Saturday as usual. The three friends didn’t attempt to repeat the sexual shenanigans of that one remarkable Saturday although all of them thought about it a lot. The funny thing was that Steve didn’t mention Ruth. Amber was curious about the situation and decided to call Ruth herself.

On Monday she did just that and a breathless Ruth answered on the fourth ring, “Hello?”

“Hey Ruth! It’s Amber. How are you?”

“I’m fine if a little out of breath. I just got home.”

“Really? Where have you been?”

“I spent the last two months on a research trip to South America. It was amazing but I really missed Steve. How is he doing?”

“Well, according to Steve you two broke up over a month ago.”

“WHAT!? That’s news to me!”

“Yeh, according to Steve you can’t handle sex with him because of his size.”

“Bullshit. I love that cock.”

“Yeh, well some things happened while you were gone that we should probably talk about. Can you come over?”

“Give me an hour and I will be there. I’m ready to kill him!”

An hour later Ruth arrived, and Don escorted her into the living room. Amber hugged her and sat with her on the couch, “Well Ruth I guess the only way to do this is to just come out with it…Steve was here on Saturday two weeks ago. He mentioned that you guys weren’t getting along because you couldn’t handle sex with him. We had been drinking and I was curious. One thing led to another, and I saw his cock. Well…things kind of escalated and I ended up fucking my brother while Don watched.”

Ruth’s mouth fell open, “You fucked Steve?”

“Yeh, I did.”

Ruth was pensive for a moment, “That devious prick. I knew he had the hots for you for like forever but I never expected him to do anything about it. Hell, you’re his sister. He obviously used my trip as an excuse to get your sympathy. Once you saw his cock, he figured you would want it. I guess he was right.”

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