Siblings Teach Sarah Ch. 02

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A recap in case you forgot already or you were too horny to read Chapter 1.

Sarah is an 18-year-old high school girl. She’s worried because she’s going to college next year and she doesn’t know anything about sex. Other girls at school make fun of her for never having had a boyfriend. Her older sister took pity on her and agreed to teach her a few of the basics.

Sarah spent the next week in alternating states of curiosity, nervousness and excitement. After years of being in the dark about sex someone was finally going to let her in on the secrets. Her mind wandered to what it would be like next year at college — meeting a cute boy, getting to know him, going back to her room to fool around and NOT being afraid of embarrassing herself.

The weekend finally came. It didn’t happen often but Sarah found herself mostly alone in the house. It was just her and Kelsey. Her parents were out of town for the weekend, and her brothers and other sisters were all busy out of the house – at least for the next few hours. Jen was the last to leave the house, and as soon as her car was out of the driveway Sarah pounced on Kelsey.

“Ok they’re gone,” squealed Sarah.

“Oh my God, would you relax,” said Kelsey, exasperated. “You’ve been giggly all week. Just calm down a little.”

“Okay, okay,” Sarah said, all smiles. “But seriously, can we start now?”

Kelsey sighed. “Okay, let’s go up to my bedroom.”

Sarah sprinted up the stairs. Kelsey followed, but much more slowly. Once in her room, Kelsey motioned to Sarah to sit down on her bed. Sarah complied obediently.

“Okay,” said Kelsey. “I’ve been thinking a lot about how to take you through this. I know you mainly want to know about how to please a boy, but there is something more important to go through first.

Sarah’s face fell only a fraction. But she was willing to give Kelsey the benefit of the doubt that she knew what was best. “Okay,” she said. “What’s that?”

“Well, I was thinking about the times I’ve fooled around with my boyfriends and the few times I’ve had sex. Before we get to boys, you need to figure out what you like and what’s going to get you off.”

“Gets me off?” Sarah questioned.

“Orgasm,” Kelsey said dryly.

“Oh,” said Sarah, cheeks flushing slightly. “But Kelse, all I really need to know is what to do to a boy so he doesn’t think I’m a complete nerd. Shouldn’t we start with that?”

“Boys are really easy,” said Kelsey. “Seriously, that’s going to take no time at all to explain. But I remember my first few times. Most boys our age don’t really know what they’re doing either, and they insist on taking charge. He’s going to be fumbling around with you and he’s probably not going to be doing it very well. It really makes everything better to be able to give him hints about what to do. All boys want to think they’re fantastic at sex. The trick is to be able to tell him what to do without him realizing it. Just make hot little noises whenever he starts doing something you like, and he’ll keep doing it. Then you’ll cum, he’ll cum and he’ll be all proud of himself and happy.”

“Oh,” Sarah said, stunned.

“Trust me,” said Kelsey, “the best sex is when it’s feeling amazing for both of you. When you’re both really into it your body just instinctively takes over. It’s better than any secret or technique anyone can teach you.”

“That actually makes sense,” admitted Sarah.

“You seem surprised,” grinned Kelsey. “Okay, let’s get started.” She walked across the room and retrieved a shoebox from under her other sister Rachel’s bed. She opened it and placed the contents one by one on the bed next to Sarah.

Sarah’s jaw dropped. There were a dozen objects in the box. Even though she had never seen anything like this before, some of them she could guess – there were three large rubber penises. One of them was big and straight, the other looked like it had a control panel and a curved shape toward the base. The third was connected to what looked like a climbing harness.

Some of them she didn’t have any idea about – there were a series of heavy wooden balls connected by a string, and three metallic objects that looked like large bullets.

And a few of the objects Sarah could easily identify, but she couldn’t figure out what they’d be doing inside of a “sex box.” There were feathers, and long lengths of rope and clothespins and a ping pong paddle.

Sarah stared at the objects. She could feel her pulse racing and a feeling of want building within her. She was starting to get horny. She knew her body well enough to know that much. Just thinking about what those things could do – what they could do to her, just made her whole body want.

Kelsey giggled, looking at the objects. “Damn, I forgot that Rachel was into some kinky stuff. Before we go any farther you have to swear that you won’t tell Rachel you know about this.”

“I swear,” breathed Sarah. “What’s all this stuff for?”

“We’re just going to cover the basics ankara escort right now,” said Kelsey. “Let’s get through that and then we can see about the advanced stuff.” Kelsey set aside the rubber penis with the control panel, one of the bullet shaped objects and one of the feathers. The rest she placed back in the shoebox and set on her nightstand.

“Ok,” continued Kelsey “There are a lot of areas on your body that feel good to be touched. They’re called ‘erogenous zones’. But every girl is different in what feels best, and that’s what we have to figure out for you.”

Sarah nodded.

“Ok,” said Kelsey. “Take off your shirt and jeans.”

“Wwwhat?” stammered Sarah. She was suddenly nervous. She asked Kelsey to teach her about sex. She assumed she might have to suck on a rubber penis or something but she thought she would at least be clothed.

Kelsey picked up on her hesitation. “Don’t worry,” she said “you can leave your bra and panties on.”

Sarah didn’t make a move.

“Look, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to but this is really the best and quickest way to teach you about sex. We don’t have a ton of time before Rachel gets back. So either I can tell you about this stuff or I can show you. You can either practice with me now or you can practice with the first boy you meet in college. Up to you.”

Sarah thought for a moment. Kelsey was right. Even if her sister just told her about sex she’d still need to actually try it out before she got with a boy. This was an opportunity she wasn’t going to get again before college. And she figured she could always call a stop to it if things got to intense. She took a deep breath and slipped her shirt over her head. Fearing she would lose her nerve if she stopped, her hands went straight to the button on her jeans. She slid the denim down the length of her legs and stepped out of them, lightly kicking them to the side. Sarah stood before Kelsey in just her bra and panties and took another deep breath, looking to Kelsey for her next instructions.

“Wow,” she said, looking Sarah over. “You actually have a really nice body. You’d never know it behind all those baggy clothes you wear.”

Sarah gave a nervous giggle. “Thanks.”

“I don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding a boy in college. Now, I want you to lie down on the bed. And try and relax, remember this is supposed to be fun.”

Slowly, Sarah sunk down to the bed. Her eyes traveled to the toys still at the edge of the bed, then up to Kelsey. Kelsey picked up the feather in one hand, the bullet vibrator in the other and kneeled on the bed next to Sarah. “Take a breath and close your eyes,” Kelsey said. “Try to picture some hot guy or something.”

Sarah complied.

“Ok, there are 7 basic erogenous zones. And these are in no particular order.” Kelsey moved the feather to Sarah’s neck. With its soft wisps, she delicately traced up and down Sarah’s neck. She moved from the base of her ear to her throat, letting the feather trace her jaw line.

Sarah felt the feather touch her neck and expected it to tickle. It didn’t. It was the softest thing she’d ever felt on her skin, but the feeling was heavy. The little wisps seemed to penetrate her skin, touching her deeply. As the feather moved around her, Sarah felt the place it just left tingle with delight. Her eyes were tightly shut as she breathed deeply, taking the sensation in.

Kelsey saw her sister’s back arching slightly. When the feather reached Sarah’s throat, Kelsey moved it up to tickle the base of her chin. She tickled for just a moment, before tracing back slowly down her throat. She could tell Sarah was enjoying this. The feather reached the base of her throat, but Kelsey didn’t stop its progress. The tip of the feather crossed her neckline and continued moving downward – very very slowly.

Sarah’s breathing quickened when she felt the feather cross the invisible barrier of her neckline. She liked being touched on her neck – she figured that out pretty quickly. But when the feather moved down it gave her such a start of excitement. The feather was going to her breasts. She wasn’t ready for it but she knew it at the same time. She had guessed too that her breasts would be one of the erogenous zones – she just wasn’t sure whether her sister would go there. Part of her wanted to tell Kelsey not to touch her there, that it was too much, but she was completely wrapped up in the anticipation. Unconsciously, Sarah began squeezing her thighs together and tensing her hips. She felt something building between her legs. It felt good.

Kelsey saw the attention was working. When she agreed to do this she swore to herself she would do things as clinically as was possible. But seeing her sister lying completely under her control — becoming aroused from the smallest of touches — was starting to affect her. She never had thoughts about another girl before – ESPECIALLY never for one of her sisters, but damn it, this was hot.

The feather finally reached escort ankara the top of Sarah’s covered cleavage. Kelsey didn’t want to move too fast too quickly. Lightly she traced the tops of Sarah’s breasts with the feather. First one, then the other. Then she placed the feather back on top of Sarah’s breast. She pushed a little harder and began to slide the feather down her breast. When it reached Sarah’s covered nipple, she held it there for a moment, pushing just a little harder so that Sarah might feel it through her bra.

Sarah felt the lightest graze of pressure on her nipple and let out a little gasp. She could barely feel only the slightest bit of pressure and yet the anticipation made her feel so good. She waited for more. … … But it never came. Sarah opened her eyes and saw that Kelsey had taken the feather away and was looking down on her. She let out a frustrated little noise.

“Did you like that?” asked Kelsey with a grin.

Sarah just nodded.

Kelsey laughed “I could tell. I guess you like to have your neck touched. Want me to keep going?”

Sarah nodded fervently.

“Ok,” Kelsey said with a smile. “The next one is your ears. I didn’t want to do this one first because Rachel doesn’t have any toys that will work. The feather will just tickle you and the others are too strong.”

Sarah was confused. “How are you going to do it then?

Kelsey hesitated. “At least for me, it feels best when boys use their mouths. The mixture of warm and wet always gives me happy chills. I mean, it’s just your ear, but I wanted to check with you before I started. This one is one of my favorites.”

Sarah looked at her for a moment. Kelsey wanted to put her mouth on her body? Wasn’t that weird for sisters to do? But she felt so good after the feather, and she was afraid that if she said no Kelsey would want to forget the rest of it. She thought Kelsey was right after all, it was only her ear.

“Ok,” said Sarah, closing her eyes again.

Inwardly, Kelsey was a little disappointed. She had a problem. She was starting to get turned on. She didn’t think it was Sarah per se, but something about being in charge of a sexual situation appealed to her. She liked her boyfriends, but they were always the sort to want to be in control. She always had to lie there and be a good obliging girlfriend. Now someone else was feeling good because of things she was directing. It had an appeal to it.

Kelsey knew her session was beginning to approach a line, but Sarah was still into it. And she did promise to help teach her about sex and what feels good. Kelsey placed her knee next to Sarah’s side. She bent down, and with her hand gently pushing one of Sarah’s cheeks into the bed. With her hand, she ran her fingers through Sarah’s hair, tucking it behind her ear.

Sarah let out a little moan. Kelsey bent down further and kissed her sister’s earlobe. Dry at first, but gradually she opened her lips and let the tip of her tongue dance over the tender surface of skin. Using her tongue to help, she gently took Sarah’s earlobe between her lips and gently massaged with her tongue.

A soft “MMMMMmmmmmm” escaped Sarah’s lips. Kelsey smiled inwardly to herself. She continued sucking the earlobe.

Sarah breathed and smiled. “Kelse that feels good.”

Kelsey took more of Sarah’s ear into her mouth. With her lips, she sucked the delicate flesh and with her tongue she traced the outline of whatever shapes she could find. Kelsey could feel Sarah’s hips moving again beside her. She knew what that felt like too – when it feels so good you just need to move around a little. Kelsey began to suckle Sarah’s earlobe harder. For the first time, she applied the tiniest pressure with her teeth, making microscopic indentations in her skin.

Sarah gasped, and Kelsey quickly drew away afraid she had bit too hard. But Sarah looked at her with hungry eyes, silently asking why she stopped and begging her to continue.

Kelsey quickly regained herself. “So I guess we can put a check next to your ears too?” she said with a little chuckle.

Sarah nodded quickly. “Oh God. When you bit down I felt it send a jolt through my whole body.”

“Good,” Kelsey said. “I felt you moving her hips while my mouth was on you. Are you wet?”

The question hung out there, and Sarah looked a little embarrassed. Sarah’s eyes looked away from Kelsey and she shook her head yes. “Hey, hey,” Kelsey cooed, running a hand through Sarah’s hair. “Don’t be embarrassed or anything. This is supposed to feel good remember. You’re supposed to get wet.”

“It’s just,” started Sarah. “We’re sisters. You’re probably not supposed to get excited when your sister touches you. But it feels so good, and I’m so horny. I’ve never felt anything like this before, but Mom and Dad would kill us if they found out.”

“Then we should probably not tell them,” said Kelsey jokingly. “Look, I know what you’re going through. I remember when I was getting started with sex and also really ankara escort bayan afraid of how much I didn’t know. Rachel did this same thing for me too, and it really helped me out. I was still nervous to have sex for the first time, but I felt a lot more confident after Rachel helped me figure out what I liked.”

“You didn’t tell me that,” said Sarah. “You said Rachel explained her sex toys to you and then answered some of your questions about sex. You never said she actually did things to you.”

“Well it’s not something you can really blab to anyone else. But I figure it’s ok to tell you now because of how far we’ve already gone. But if we’re going to keep going, you need to swear not to ever tell anyone. EVER.”

Sarah thought for a moment. She thought per parents might literally kill her if they found out about this. But every part of her body was screaming to keep going. And she was tired of being the only one in the family who was clueless about sex. “Okay,” said Sarah. “I promise. What else did Rachel do with you?”

Kelsey thought – trying to put the events of a few years ago back into right order. “Next she sucked on my toes. That’s another one some girls really like. It did feel good, but it wasn’t my favorite. It tickled a little. What do you think?”

Sarah thought about it for a moment. She had never really considered feet attractive before. And she thought her feet might be a little dirty from wearing flip flops everywhere. “I don’t know,” Sarah said tentatively.

“It’s ok,” Kelsey interrupted her. “Honestly I think that one is hit or miss. No worries, we have more things to try out.”Sarah smiled.

“Close your eyes again,” said Kelsey. Once Sarah’s eyes were shut, Kelsey lightly rested a hand just below her bra. Sarah’s breathing and heart rate increased immediately. Sarah obviously thought Kelsey was going to play with her breasts. But Kelsey still wasn’t sure if Sarah was ready to go that far. So instead, she touched Sarah only with her finger tips and lightly traced downward to encircle her stomach.

Kelsey rested the pad of her finger just above Sarah’s belly button. She moved her finger around in a light circle, just barely touching Sarah’s skin. Kelsey lowered her mouth to Sarah’s stomach and planted a gentle kiss, letting her lips part slightly and her tongue trace the skin it found beneath. Kelsey repeated the motion in the same spot, then repeated the motion in other parts of her sister’s skin.

Sarah’s breathing became shallow as her mouth opened slightly – like her tongue was trying to taste the sensations directly. Kelsey moved her hands to Sarah’s hips and gently held her in place as she continued to lick and suck on her stomach.

Sarah’s hips struggled slightly against Kelsey’s hands trying to keep them still. The softest moan escaped her lips. Then Kelsey stopped and pulled back. Sarah opened her eyes and smiled. “I like that one too,” Sarah said proudly. “It didn’t have the same kind of tingle as when you played with my ears and neck, but it still felt nice.”

“Good,” said Kelsey. “Are you still wet?”

Sarah nodded again, except this time she didn’t look embarrassed or ashamed.

“Okay,” said Kelsey. “I want you to put one of your hands in your panties and lightly trace a finger between the outer lips of your pussy.”

Sarah hesitated only a moment, then slowly lowered her hand to her waist. With three of her fingers, she parted the space between her stomach and the waistband. She took a breath and then slowly slid her hand in, resting it on her mound.

“Good, now just use one finger and go between the lips; feel some of the wetness.”

Sarah did. The feeling was electric. She’d touched her vagina before, but never had she been so horny. It seemed to intensify everything she felt. Like Kelsey said, Sarah used one finger to gently part her outer pussy lips. She could feel that she was wet all over. She moved her finger around, and collected some of that wetness.

“Good,” Kelsey said. “Now I want you to put that finger in your mouth and taste it.”

Sarah’s eyes shot open. “What?” she stammered. “Why?”

“Relax,” Kelsey soothed, “It actually tastes really good. And boys love when girls do this for some reason. You’ll be with a boy next year and he might ask you to do that. It’s better that you try it now so that you don’t make that same reaction with him you just made with me.”

Again, Sarah thought Kelsey had a point. She withdrew her fingers from her panties and brought them to her face. She inhaled the scent around her fingers and was surprised to find that it smelled sweet. Tentatively she touched the tip of her finger to her tongue. It tasted sweet too. She opened her mouth and stuck the rest of her finger in, sucking the juices off of it. “Mmm,” she said happily. “You’re right that does taste good.”

“Did it feel good when you touched your pussy?” asked Kelsey. She knew the answer. Obviously, what girl didn’t feel good when her pussy was touched? But Kelsey was starting to have fun teasing Sarah.

“Oh my God it was electric!” squealed Sarah “Let’s do more.”

“Ok,” said Kelsey. “The other four erogenous zones are your mouth, your breasts, your inner thighs and your pussy.”

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