Side Chick Appreciation Day: James

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Friends and family often tell me I live a lonely life. My mother wants grand kids and my father simply wants to be sure I am provided for. Why they think I cant do these things as a single woman is beyond me, but such is life. Outside of my “relationship” with Queen the closest I ever got to maintaining a real relationship was with James.

At the time I am writing this we have been consistently sleeping together for ten years, looking back that’s a long time. He has always been there for me through job changes, first home buying, emotional distress and anything else you could need a friend for. However, that was the problem he wanted more for a long time and I was not emotionally available for it. This story is how I made the mistake of handing him to the woman that is now his wife.

For five years I spent valentines day the same way, I spent the day with James. We took the day off and didn’t go deal with the crowds at restaurants we spent the entire day cooking, laughing and fucking. I would show up early in the morning letting myself into his place with my key. As per usual he would be asleep and I would strip and sneak into bed with him. He woke up every time but if I simply held him, he would drift back off. I loved the way he felt when he slept, I would lay on his chest and simply listen to his heart. After a few moments of feeling him at his most peaceful it was inevitable that I woke him with the subtle touches of my hand caressing his dick.

“Mmm good morning.” He half moaned into my brown curls kissing me on the head.

“Good morning Daddy.” I whispered into his chest feeling his dick begin to rise in my hand.

I loved the way he smelled, always like a lingering cologne with a mix of his own musk. I felt his hand glide along my back before it rested on my hip giving me a squeeze.

“I’m thinking Eggs Benedict, turkey bacon, and fresh squeezed juice for breakfast love.” He whispered into my hair inhaling my scent.

“I’m thinking, you fertilize my eggs and then you can feed me whatever you want.” I squeezed his cock but kept my strokes slow and even forcing out his precum.

“You keep saying shit like that you are going to actually end up pregnant.” He laughed pulling me on top. I slapped his chest playfully.

“Would that be so bad? You don’t want to be my baby daddy?” I teased knowing how he felt about it coming from a broken home. I reached between us grabbing his dick and slid it across my opening smiling at him biting his lip.

“I bet you would look beautiful pregnant.” He moaned while I teased the tip of his thick dick.

“Then get me pregnant.” I moaned pushing myself down taking about half of him before coming back up and rolling my hips on the tip of his dick.

“Be my girl and you got a deal.”

“Today I am whatever you want me to be baby.” I slid the rest of the way down stopping the “I want a relationship” conversation.

I loved these moments, our bodies were so in tune. In a simple few strokes we were in rhythm. His hands on my chests playing with my nipples, my hands gripping his wrists keeping balance so I could ride, both of our moans rolling through the room. I loved to be in control, he let go knowing at least for the first session it would not be over until I got what I wanted. Our conversation was rolling through my mind so I played to a kink I barely discussed.

“That’s it Daddy, cum in me.” I moaned knowing he wasn’t close yet but feeding into my thoughts of being swollen with his child.

He simply moaned in response as I let go of his wrists and pushed his hands away. I placed my hands on his chest and leaned forward enough to be able to get him almost all the way out and back down. He loved full strokes, he had to know I was serious.

“Cum in me Daddy, give me a baby.” I moaned louder digging my nails into his chest.

“Oh you wanna be my slutty baby momma?”

“Yes Daddy please, make me yours forever!”

I bounced harder hearing the slaps of my ass against his lap echo in his room. The thought of carrying his child propelled me further aching for his seed to force its way inside of me forever.

“Earn it Belle, earn my son.” He challenged grabbing my hips forcing me down harder getting into our new game.

Thinking of birthing his son pushed me over the edge and I screamed into the ceiling while he grabbed my hips and trusted up into me harder. He was relentless thrusting deep hard strokes wrestling away my control of the situation. I was in his hands and he knew it, he leaned up wrapping his arms around me and flipping me over to my back. I instinctively wrapped my legs around him as he began to thrust.

“Fuck Daddy give me your baby!” I moaned gripping his shoulders as he forcefully opened me up with his dick.

“Whose pussy is it Belle.” He growled at me.

“Its yours baby, its all yours.”

He kept thrusting picking up the pace close to his own climax. I bit my lip trying to stop myself from the words prepared to flow out of me but güvenilir bahis couldn’t stifle the words.

“Show me you love me, cum in me.” I whispered.

“Fuck I’m cumming!”

“Deep Daddy!.” I moaned pulling him close while his dick spasmed over and over inside me filling me to the brim.

“Yes Daddy all of it.” I whispered in his ear enjoying his shudders and grunts.

He rose enough to kiss me and our bodies became one feeling the heat of the moment basking in our release. He stayed inside me kissing and letting his hands seek purchase behind my head locking me in place. I put the thoughts of love out of my mind just enjoying the moment until he finally broke the kiss smiling at me in the dull light seeping through the window.

“You wrong for that you know.” He teased kissing me on the tip of my nose.

“Wrong for what?” I feigned ignorance.

“You know how I feel.”

I bit my lip again a nervous habit before responding.

“I know how you feel.” His brown eyes penetrated deeply searching for a clue that I felt the same. Looking back on that moment and knowing how I feel now I did feel exactly how he did but I couldn’t tell him.

He simply smiled offering me an olive branch, I always did appreciate how smooth he was in uncomfortable situations.

“Good because Eggs Benedict might take too long we need to eat now.” He laughed kissing me one more time before getting up letting his flaccid dick slip out of me entirely.

I smiled at him watching him rise and make his way to the bathroom. Even soft his dick was bigger than most and it was all mine.

“And brush your teeth nasty ass!” I called after him teasing feeling the first of his cum start to come out of me.

“You are the one that woke ME up at zero dark thirty lady!” I heard from the bathroom right after running water.

I let my hand travel down to my leaking pussy gathering his cum and rubbing it against my sensitive clit. I loved playing with cum and for some reason his excited me more than others. I closed my eyes and let myself get lost in playing in our mess. I fantasized about feeling kicks and swollen breasts gripping my own nipples faintly hearing my lover speak from the bathroom. I was lost and nearing my orgasm circling my clit quickly moaning through raspy breaths when I felt his lips grace my exposed nipple. I let go of the other holding his head as he sucked gently leaning over the bed knowingly aiding me in yet another of my kinks.

“Yessss.” I moaned while he switched leaving the air to cool my wet nipple.

He moaned suckling hard biting slightly as my fingers picked up the pace. I imagined

what it would be like to nurse and express milk into his hungry mouth. I imagined being his forever, his personal whore, his wife, his Queen, the mother of his child. I came once again moaning out struggling to catch my breath while he continued sucking my sensitive nipples switching from one to the other. He watched me as I came down removing my hand and putting two fingers in my mouth making eye contact with him. I loved his smile, while I was busy being a nasty slut he saw a beautiful Queen. He leaned down kissing my lips softly then moving to kiss my forehead.

“Breakfast will be ready soon.”

He left the room allowing me to watch his muscled back and firm ass exit his own bedroom leaving me there. That’s how our valentine’s day went every year. I showed up early in the morning we fucked and he cooked, we relaxed fucked again, he cooked lunch and so on. The entire day was dedicated to our lust for good company and good food. It was always apparent and something often discussed that James wanted more with me but I resisted every step of the way preferring to remain unattached. So over the years we both were seeing other people, him looking for love, me looking for fun. It wasn’t until a year or so later that love caught up with him driving me from his number one spot.

A few days before valentine’s I text James a recipe, I wanted him to try to cook for me and did not get a response which was unusual. I figured he was busy so I ignored it until he responded the next day.

Hey sorry we need to talk about “us day”. He texted back using the term we coined to escape his ideals that valentine’s was too corporate to celebrate.

I was getting out of the shower and standing there half dry I figured this was going to be a conversation about how I would need to pay for the ingredients. So with a smile I called but was immediately declined. I frowned at the phone knowing that no matter who he was with he usually answered and kept his responses generic. The next message I got was almost an hour later.

I am on the way to you.

I personally don’t like having people in my space. I don’t have guests over its just not my thing. At the time he had only recently discovered where I lived and this felt like a breach in protocol.

No you are not, just call me!

I felt myself pouting, I wanted to know what was up but türkçe bahis I didn’t want him taking advantage of his knowledge. As much as I was prepared to protest him coming in I still threw on an over-sized shirt and waited for his response.

I need to speak with you face to face. Please.

James was not a man that used please outside of polite conversation. As a matter of fact , before he started having the “relationship” conversation he struck me as the strong emotionally stunted type. I looked at myself in a mirror walking towards the front door to turn on the porch light. My hair wrapped up for bed and nothing on my skin except cocoa butter and an old t shirt. It’s not like he hadn’t seen me like this before but this time it felt like I was under-dressed.

The light is on, door is unlocked.

I sat on the couch and waited wondering why I was nervous and why at the same time aroused. Nobody had every fucked me in my own house, it was reserved for bouts of my own pleasure yet I craved for him to take me against my will. I pushed the thoughts out of my mind getting up to get something to drink to calm my nerves when I heard the door open.

“Belle, I’m here.”

I exhaled opening the bottle.

“Kitchen Daddy.” I smiled at my ability to slip into the persona that would protect me from whatever news he had to offer. Belle was an emotionless fuck toy and that’s who he would be talking to. I poured two fingers in a Glencarin and waited for him to come in.

“Thanks for seeing me, already ready for bed huh.” He came in with a smile looking like he just came from a date. He offered me a hug and I embraced him smelling his neck and feeling the fabric of my shirt rub against my nipples. The combination instantly filled me with arousal. I kissed him softly on the lips before letting him go.

“I was ready for bed but you said we need to talk. You look good by the way. Did you just roll out of her bed looking to get what you really need or what?” I smiled at my subtle jab. I knew he was with someone else and it wasn’t a problem but I wanted to solidify my place in his mind.

“So, you know you are what I really need after all.” He smiled pulling me close.

“I always know what my Daddy needs.” I smiled seeing images of him bending me over my counter and spilling my scotch.

“What about what James needs baby?” His tone shifted from playful and flirty to serious we were about to have this conversation again.

I tried to pull away but he held me still.

“Do we have to do this again?” I asked pouting trying to appeal to his sensitivity.

He slid his hand under my shirt cupping my ass in his strong hands. I could feel the callouses from his time spent in the gym lifting against my soft skin. I knew he was just trying to maintain my attention but I let him manipulate me.

“Yes we have to do this again. I want you to be my girl Belle.” He kissed me on the forehead.

“I am your girl Daddy.” I moaned trying to kiss his lips watching his frustrated face pulling away.

“You know what I mean Belle. For real me and you.”

“You like the idea of me James you don’t actually want me. I fuck you right, say all the right things, I do everything you love and leave you be. You are thinking with that thick dick of yours now c’mon do we have to do this?”

He let me go and to hide my disappointment I turned my back to him to take a sip from my glass. I heard him exhale behind me.

“I know you; I’ve known you. I wont stop you from being you I just need to know we have something here.” He whispered in my ear coming behind me and grabbing my around the waits tempting me to pull my shirt up and bend over.

“If you know me so well why are we having this conversation? You know I don’t want to put you in a situation for you to be jealous and angry.”

He was killing me with this I didn’t want to be tied down, I wanted to be free to do as I pleased and not answer to anyone.

“What does this have to do with “Us” day?” I questioned taking another sip trying to

ignore the kisses going up my neck and the heat radiating from between my thighs.

He exhaled one more time attempting to let me go this time I held his hands in place simply putting one hand on top of his. I felt it, I knew what he was going to say, there was someone else, like really someone else.

“I’ve been seeing someone. I like her and she wants what I want.”

I pushed my ass into his lap trying to force a sexual situation to get the hurt out of my mind.He is making me second.

“Belle stop, I’m serious. Ill drop her right now just tell me it can be us.”

“And If I don’t, you are done with me?” I whispered.

“I am never done with you Belle but damn don’t make me do this.”

“Do what, you sound like you made your choice.”

“I don’t want to choose Belle I will never have with her what I have with you don’t make me settle for second best.”

I pulled up my shirt up and turned around exposing my bare body to him. güvenilir bahis siteleri I didnt want him to settle and I didnt want him to try and lay claim to me. I didnt know what to do, I walked up to him grabbing his belt trying to make a violent change of subject.

“Belle!” he raised his voice grabbing my hands firmly holding me in place while he backed away.

“Shut up James, just shut up! Take off your pants or leave.” I pushed against his chest enough to force him backward into a waiting chair.

“Fine if my dick gotta be out so we can talk so be it. You are not listening to me Belle, all I want is you. I’m sitting here like an asshole with my pants down just to show you I want you. Just tell me to drop her and I will dont make me one of those guys.” He leveled his voice I could hear the hurt he wasn’t trying to hide attempting to pull mine out of its secure place.

I knew what he meant, one of those guys, he didnt want to be a cheater and was leaving it all in my hands to decide.Just let him go Belle, swallow that hurt and kick him out, you can find another, you are ok just tell him to leave! I bit my lip hearing the common sense sound off in my mind looking at him staring into my eyes pleading for me to say what he wanted to hear.

Just know you are wrong for this. My last thought before I straddled him grabbing his face in my hands kissing him.

“Do you love me?” I whispered feeling his hands on me again.

“You know I do Belle.” He whispered between kisses while I stroked his dick sticking out from the front of his boxers.

“Do you think of me when you are inside her?” I whispered pushing myself onto the tip of his dick rolling my hips biting my lip. I closed my eyes knowing I couldn’t see his face in that moment or I would let him have what he wanted.


“Do you think of me when you fuck her James!” I growled, searching for something to pull me into the arousal and away from my emotions. I pushed his head inside me letting out a little moan.


I sank further.

“Does she fuck you like I do James?”


I took all of him in slowly rising up and down taking him in full strokes. I took the risk and opened my eyes looking deep into his while I rode him. I thought I was past the wall of emotions but it came flooding back. My mouth moved faster than my brain could stop it.

“Do you love her?”


I kissed him deeply continuing my slow strokes while his hands explored my body removing my shirt breaking our kiss for only a moment. I rode him slowly taking my time to get him to reach his peak kissing him passionately. I moaned into his mouth feeling my climax attempting to break free.

“Cum for me baby.” He moaned kissing my neck.

“Yes….Daddy!” I choked out right before it hit and my moans turned to screams.

“Fuck, damn, so good, mmmm.” I strung together feeling my face heat up and hearing my voice crack. I was lost in that moment feeling at home with him inside me. This is where I needed to be, in his arms.

He picked me up forcing me to grab around his neck as we had done several times before. I kept my eyes closed feeling him walk the several steps it took to get to my living room. He laid me on the couch slipping out for a moment before pushing himself back in. I couldn’t open my eyes they felt heavy, I felt his hand wipe my cheek before he began thrusting hard searching for his own release.

“You will always be mine.” He whispered thrusting deep.

“Always Daddy, I am yours.” I pulled him close wishing he was naked feeling his shirt blocking the warmth from his chest as I held him feeling more heat radiating from my face.

I bit his shoulder as he picked up the pace for a few strokes and began grunting filling me up.

“Yesss cum Daddy.” I whispered feeling each spasm.

We held each other while he came down both of us breathing hard and neither of us looking at the other just embracing freezing the moment. I began kissing his neck while pushing my hand under his shirt to feel his back.

“Never had a man fuck me through a hole in his boxers.” I joked trying to break the tension causing us both to laugh forcing his semi hard dick out of me.

“Never fucked through a hole in my boxers either. Hey, you like firsts right. Glad I could give you another.” He laughed getting up seeing the front of his boxers soaked to the waistband.

“Jesus, turned on were we?”

“You do that to me.” I joked sitting up feeling him begin to leak out of me.

“Let me clean up don’t leave yet.” I said scurrying to the bathroom. I avoided the mirror on the way in but caught a glimpse of my puffy eyes on the way out. Were you crying?

I put the thought out of my mind for now washing my face trying to compose myself. I stepped back into the living room feeling more naked seeing him completely dressed standing by the door. I offered him a smile and hugged him again.

“So that recipe, I’ll buy the ingredients and you’ll cook. Deal?”

He smiled and exhaled.

“I love you too Belle. Even if you don’t say it.”

“That’s a sweet thing to say to a girl that just got demoted to side chick appreciation day.” I joked causing us both to laugh.

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