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My name is Leonel and I’m thirty-four years old. In high school, other students called me Leo, at least those who knew I existed did. In high school, I was the resident nerd. Actually, nerd implies I was smart but didn’t have any social skills. I didn’t have social skills but I wasn’t smart. I took up space.

In physical education class, I was the guy never picked for any team sport. Not the last one picked. Never picked. The teacher would have to assign me to a team or just tell me to sit on the bleachers and watch. In other classes, I sat in the back of the room with empty seats around me. Nobody talked to me. Nobody wanted to talk to me, even the teachers who asked questions of the class but never offered me an opportunity to answer, even if I waved my arm in the air, which I soon didn’t bother to do.

I examined all the possible causes for their behavior toward me, from body odor to bad breath. Nothing explained it. I was just ignored. The student that wasn’t there. Even at my graduation, when they called my name and I walked across the stage to accept my diploma, they couldn’t find it. I got it in the mail two weeks later.

My mother told me to just ignore them. “Don’t encourage them,” she said. I didn’t understand her advice since I couldn’t encourage anyone I didn’t interact with at all.

In college, it wasn’t much better. I was rejected by three fraternities and one sorority. I never had a roommate in the dorm. I may be the only man who graduated from college still a virgin. I managed to graduate with a degree in accounting. This time they didn’t lose my diploma.

I’ve been working as an actuary in an insurance company for the last decade. I get my assignments via email and send my analysis back the same way. I may have seen my supervisor when I passed him in the hallway but I wouldn’t recognize him. We’ve never been introduced. I’ve never had an annual review although I get a small wage increase every year.

I’ve established a routine that works for me. I get up in the morning, shower and go to work. I stop in my neighborhood pub on the way home and nurse two beers, three maximum, at the end of the bar, until nine pm and then I go home, alone. Weekends I sleep late, eat, watch television and troll the internet for pornography. Pictures, videos or stories, I absorb them all. It seems unlikely but you’d understand once you know that I’m still a virgin. I’ve got all of the male urges but the opportunity to get laid has never come my way.

FedEx changed my life three months ago. About two months earlier, I stumbled on a sex doll web site. I was aware of a number of masturbation aids but a full-sized, made to order, sex doll surprised me. I did the research, chose my manufacturer and model, placed an order and FedEx delivered. She arrived in a label free box and was waiting patiently on my doorstep when I got home.

I rushed the box inside and opened it carefully before it was out of the hallway. Her name is Eve. She has shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, pouty lips, pubic hair and C-sized soft silicone breasts. Her body even gets warm. She is fully articulated and, from across the room, she looks alive. I was overcome with excitement. I sat her in a living room chair and just looked at her all evening.

The next day, after work, I went shopping for clothing for Eve. The next morning I was up early, dressed Eve and posed her as I wanted her to greet me when I came home and went to work. I stopped in the pub after work, trying to maintain a regular schedule but I left early and rushed home.

That night I gave Eve my virginity. Some might challenge that statement but I had “real” sex and I came inside her. It felt like the real thing to me, as far as I could determine. I didn’t know anything else. After a suitable period of recovery and relaxation, I cleaned her carefully, dressed and posed her for the next day and went to bed, happy and sexually satisfied for the first time in my life.

I continued to hang out in the pub after work each evening. Having sex regularly with Eve must have changed me in some way. Some of the women in the pub began to notice me. A few even engaged in conversations with me. Most left quickly but, eventually, I learned what they wanted and the conversations got longer and the topics more interesting.

One woman, maybe about my age, short dark hair, green eyes and bulging breasts, sat next to me and started a conversation. Her name was Rita. I was careful to keep the conversation about her with little focus on me and my eyes focused above her neck. I tried not to make the usual male mistake and say something stupid that permanently ended the conversation.

Rita seemed to enjoy the time we had together. The next evening, she sat next to me again and we continued our conversation. The third night, she raised the question of sex.

Suddenly, I was out of my league, over my head, talking about something I didn’t really know well, sex with a live woman. I guess I had all the right answers or, at least, none of the wrong ones. Rita wanted to Denizli Escort pursue the subject further, all the way to my bedroom, it seemed.

“Tell me Leo,” she said. “You don’t live far from here, do you?”

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“You leave at nine and always seem to walk home. It can’t be far,” Rita explained.

“Good detective work,” I said. “I live only a couple of blocks away.”

“Would you walk me home?” asked Rita.

“Where do you live?” I asked.

“Not my home, silly,” she said. “Your home.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” I stated.

“Why not?” Rita asked.

“Eve might not like it,” I said without thinking. “Fuck,” I thought. “Now I’ve done it. The first stupid man statement.”

“Eve?” questioned Rita. “You’re married?”

“Not quite,” I answered “Stop digging, you idiot,” I thought.

“Not quite?” queried Rita. “Either you’re married or you’re not. Which is it?”

“I live with Eve,” I said.

“So, girl friend then?” asked Rita.

“Not quite,” I said cringing.

“Let me think for a moment,” said Rita. “Eve is at home. Not your wife and not your girl friend. That leaves …. Ummm. Are you telling me you have one of those blow up dolls that you can use for sex?”

“Eve is more than that,” I said defensively. “Stop digging,” I told myself.

“More than a blow up doll,” thought Rita out loud. “Ummm. You mean you have one of those full sized silicone dolls with huge tits that you can have sex with,” stated Rita.

“Her tits aren’t huge,” I said. “I’m not a pervert.” “I thought you were going to stop digging,” I thought.

“Leo,” said Rita. “You have to walk me home.”


“I want to meet Eve,” she answered.

I stopped digging. The hole was finished and so was I. Rita was determined to meet Eve and I wasn’t man enough to stop her.

Rita tossed a couple of bills on the bar, took my hand and led me to the door. Outside she said, “Which way?”

“Right,” I said.

We walked in the direction of my condo. Rita put her arm in mine and walked with a lilt in her step as if she was headed for a celebration. I walked with my eyes down, watching every painful step as if I was headed for the gallows. We got to my front door. “This is it,” I said.

Rita waited patiently while I fumbled with my keys and eventually got the door unlocked. I turned on the light and led Rita up the stairs to the living room. Eve was seated on the sofa in the darkened room, just as I left her. She was dressed in a sheer, light blue, short negligee with dark panties and no bra. She had her head down as if she was reading the magazine in her lap and her legs crossed with a sandal hanging from the toes of her foot.

“She’s beautiful,” said Rita from the top of the stairs.

Not the reaction I feared.

Rita moved closer to Eve. She examined Eve with a curious eye. She even reached out to touch one of Eve’s breasts. “She’s even warm,” she said mostly to herself.

Rita turned to me. “You have sex with her?” she asked.

“I make love to her,” I replied.

“I can see that,” Rita said.

Rita indicated I should sit on the sofa next to Eve and she sat next to me. “Is Eve jealous?” she asked.

“I don’t think so,” I answered.

Rita turned my head in her direction. “In that case,” she said and leaned in to kiss me. I had little brilliant flashes in my eyes as she kissed me. Her lips were soft, pliant and firm at the same time. It was nothing like kissing Eve. Rita broke the kiss and looked at me suspiciously. She took my left hand and placed it on her breast and kissed me again. I tried to kiss her back as I mauled her breast with my fingers.

Rita sat back and took my hand off her breast. “Let me guess,” she said, “you’ve never done this before, have you?”

Looking down at my hands clasped between my legs, I shook my head, humiliated.

“Leo,” Rita continued. “I like you. I haven’t got a clue why. I can’t imagine being you, but I want to help you. I want you to have a normal sexual relationship, … with a live woman and that woman could be me. So, first thing I want you to know, a live woman isn’t anything like Eve. There are some important differences. We have feelings. We act independently of you. We’re all different from each other. We look different, smell different and taste different. We’re also anatomically different. In a perfect world, we’d move with you, enjoy your presence and orgasm together. That last is important. We have orgasms. Eve doesn’t and you don’t have to clean us up afterward.

“Finally, you’ve lost about a decade and a half of inter-gender social development. I think I can help you get the experience you need, and want, quickly but I need some time to organize. So, here’s the deal. I’m leaving for now. Meet me in the pub tomorrow night, same time, and we’ll come back here. Meanwhile, leave Eve just as she is. Save yourself. Eve will still be there after tomorrow although I hope you won’t need her anymore. Deal?”

Without completely understanding Denizli Escort Bayan her, I agreed.

“Good. Now walk me back to the pub.”

I pondered what Rita said all the next day without decoding what she had said. I headed for the pub after work and sat at my usual place at the end of the bar. I was nursing my first beer when Rita came through the door. “Good,” she said. “You’re here.”

Rita sat next to me and ordered her own beer.

“Rita,” I said. “I’m here and you’re here and I think that’s a good thing but I have to admit I have no idea what you were talking about last night and I’m a little nervous.”

“Leo,” Rita said. “I’m a little nervous myself.”

“Rita,” I said. “Are we going to … you know … do it tonight?”

“Leo, that’s the plan,” Rita replied.

“Is it usual to be nervous before the first time?” I asked.

“Usually,” she said.

“What I don’t understand,” I said, “is all that stuff you said about you all being different and I need to learn fifteen years of social norms quickly.”

“Leo, I love your simple guile. I think you have a clue but let me jump right to the point. See that table over there?” Rita asked as she pointed to a booth on the opposite wall.

I looked at the table. There were four women sitting around the table. When I looked at them, they all waved.

“The table with the four ladies?” I asked.

“That’s the one, but I’m not sure they’re all ladies,” responded Rita.

“What about them?” I asked.

“They represent fifteen years of social engineering.”

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“We’re going back to your place tonight and they’re coming with us,” said Rita.

“Wha… Why?” I stammered.

“They’re my friends. I care about you and so do they. They want you to know how women can be the same and different from each other. They want you to know how to know what they want and how to give it to them. They want you to know the difference between lust and love, the difference between affection and self-indulgence, the difference between giving and receiving. And, they all want to meet Eve.”

Rita and I left the pub and turned right. The four women followed us. Rita put her arm in mine and we walked together. “Rita,” I said. “I’m not a little nervous.”


“I’m scared shitless,” I said.

Rita laughed and did a little skip. “Leo,” she said, “we’re going to have fun tonight.”

In my living room, the ladies marveled at Eve. “She looks real.” “She’s beautiful.” “I wish I had tits like hers,” were some of the comments.

Rita had me sit on the sofa, some distance from Eve and the ladies formed a semicircle in front of me. “Ladies,” said Rita. “This is Leo. Leo is the guy we talked about last night. Leo, from left to right are Joan, Kate, Debbie and Vera.”

“I don’t think I’ll remember all their names,” I said.

“That’s fine. Names aren’t important for the rest of the evening,” dismissed Rita.

One thing was apparent to me. Joan, Kate, Debbie and Vera represented a wide variety of body types and sizes. Joan was approximately five foot six, long dark hair and breasts about the same size as Eve’s. Kate was shorter with smaller breasts. Debbie had breasts rivaling Rita’s. They looked even larger on her five foot zero frame and Vera was anorexicly thin with almost no breasts at all.

“Leo,” continued Rita, “just for full disclosure and to get some basics out of the way, we’ve discussed your situation and we’ve all volunteered to educate you tonight with the goal of changing your virginity status and, with luck, improving your interpersonal skills with women. For the record, we’re all married and bring years of experience with sex to help.”

“You’re all married?” I asked incredulously.

“Don’t be concerned,” said Rita. “We frequently travel together or singly, looking for sexual satisfaction. Our husbands know about our activities but not the details and they approve.” The rest of the women were nodding in agreement, as Rita talked.

“You’re husbands know?” I asked, still incredulous.

“Well,” said Rita. “Maybe they don’t know everything. They know we go out together to have fun. If they think ‘fun’ includes sex with other men, they don’t mention it and neither do we.”

“Sounds convenient,” I stated.

“It is. If they don’t say it, for them it doesn’t exist,” finished Rita. “Leo, we have an agenda for this evening. Just be patient and go along with us and I think you’ll like the result. Ready?”

“I guess so,” I committed.

“Okay,” Rita said. “There’s one more thing and it’s very important. Tonight, you’re going to lose your virginity. In the process, one or more of us going to have an orgasm.”

“Oh,” I said.

“Yeah, oh,” said Rita before she continued. “For a woman, an orgasm is a special event. I’m not talking about a tremble or a shutter. I’m talking about a real, earth shattering, volcanic eruption, full body orgasm. A woman is more vulnerable during an orgasm than at any other point in her life. She’s Escort Denizli totally incapable of rational thought or defending herself in any way. She’s totally dependent on her partner for her safety. Don’t let her down.”

Rita’s confession triggered concern in my head. Was I worthy of the responsibility she was demanding of me? My reflection ended when Rita sat in my lap, put my hand on her breast and kissed me. I squeezed her breast. “This is where we were last night,” she said. “I want to share some thoughts with you.”

Rita sat upright in my lap and looked directly at me. “What message am I sending to you?” she asked.

“I don’t know. You’re sitting on my lap and I want to kiss you,” I said.

“I get that but it’s not about what you want. It’s about what the woman wants. What am I saying to you about that kiss?” Rita asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Help me here,” I said. “I’m lost.”

“Okay,” said Rita. “Not every message a woman wants you to get is verbal. I’m sitting on your lap but I’m stiff, my head is upright and I’m looking right at you.”


“You should be hesitant in trying to kiss me but keep your lips closed for the first kiss,” Rita said, then she tilted her head slightly, relaxed against my body, pursed her lips and closed her eyes. “What am I saying to you now?” she asked.

I leaned in and kissed her.

“Right,” said Rita when the kiss ended. “Now, about your hand on my breast. I know that I put it there and you’re correct that I wanted you to feel my breast but I wasn’t expecting you handle my breast so roughly. My breasts are sensitive and I want you to stimulate them but not leave bruises. Gentle is the message. There’s a reason they called it ‘petting’ in high school. Gentle is always the message unless I explicitly tell you I want it rough. I’m looking for fondling and maybe some attention to my nipples. Got it?”

I relaxed my fingers and hefted her breast in my palm. I circled my fingers around the tip of her breast until I found her nipple beneath her clothing and moved a finger over it firmly but not forcefully. Rita closed her eyes and leaned against me. “Perfect,” she cooed.

A few minutes later, Rita opened her eyes. “Now, practice your technique with each of the others,” she said.

Rita stood up and Joan took her place. Her posture was immediately inviting and I kissed her, lips closed. Joan put an arm around my neck and kissed me back, her lips parted and she pushed her tongue against my lips until my mouth opened. Almost reflexively, I reached for her breast. I kept my touch light and focused on her nipple. Joan moaned into my mouth.

After an appropriate time, Kate tapped Joan on the shoulder. “Enough,” she said. “My turn.”

Kate replaced Joan and we repeated kissing and fondling. I was starting to enjoy the education agenda.

In the next five minutes, Debbie and Vera added their unique take on kissing and fondling. Vera didn’t have much in the way of breasts but her nipples were obvious. Vera was still on my lap when Rita spoke again. “Vera, why don’t you just stay there for the next exercise?” she asked.

“Leo,” Rita continued. “You’re a quick study. Now, what do you think the next step might be?”

I tried to think, but already my brain was suffering from a reduced blood flow. While I was pondering an answer, I noticed Vera playing with the top button on her blouse. “I think I might unbutton her shirt,” I said.

“Good answer. What signals would you expect from a woman if she wanted you to remove her blouse?” Rita asked.

I looked a Vera. “Vera seems to be sending a ‘go’ message,” I asserted.

Rita laughed. “Excellent interpretation. I think you should give it a ‘go’ and see what happens.”

I reached over, replaced Vera’s fingers with my own and unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. Vera dropped her hand and repeated her kiss. I proceeded to unbutton the rest of the buttons on Vera’s blouse.

“I think Leo’s got this one,” Rita said to the other three women. “We can save time if you just follow along with your own blouses,” she said as she began to unbutton her own blouse.

I could almost hear the buttons opening on all the blouses. Vera helped me remove her blouse and she sat expectantly on my lap while the others caught up.

When Debbie reached behind her back, Rita said, “Hold on. The next step is important and requires some dexterity. I think Leo needs the practice.”

Debbie smiled and put her hands in her lap.

Vera continued to kiss me while I playfully circled her nipple with my fingers. She whispered in my ear, “Take off my bra.”

I reached behind her back while Rita watched approvingly. Vera’s bra had two hooks and I fumbled with trying to unhook them with one hand. Vera reached up to help me. Rita stopped her. “Leo,” she said. “There’s a trick to undoing a bra with one hand. Push the edges of the strap together slightly and the hooks will almost open by themselves.”

I tried it and it worked. Vera’s bra hung from her shoulders. She shrugged her shoulders and her bra fell into her lap. I was looking at the first live, real woman’s, breasts I’d ever seen. Her breasts were bulges on her chest with huge nipples. She really didn’t need a bra. I held one of them in my hand, kissed Vera and waited for the next instruction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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