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For once, you’re letting me take control. I have you blindfolded and bound to the chair with silk ties. Your silk ties, the ones that you usually use on me. Completely naked and at my mercy. For once, I can do what I want to you without you interrupting and trying to put my pleasure before yours. You can’t see me, and I turn on my very special playlist of songs just for us.

I don’t know if you can still hear what I’m doing, but I’m slowly removing my clothes. Stripping until I’m in only matching black silk lingerie, and the stupid black stiletto heels that I bought especially for you. I begin by sitting faceforward on your lap, loving the feel of your hardness pressing against the silk of my panties, as I press my lightly padded breasts against your chest as I chastely put my lips to yours. I hate that I can’t stare into your eyes right now, but I feel braver without the intensity of your sexy, predatory stare. I part your lips with my fingers, letting you suck each one in turn, before I once again press my lips to yours and allow my tongue to dart into the warmth of your mouth. Tongues dancing erotically against one another’s, until I break it, using my teeth to pull upon your bottom lip. I kiss along your jaw, along your neck, running my tongue across your Adam’s apple before kissing my way back to your lips. Somehow, doing even such little things arouses me greatly, and I’m sure you must be able to feel my panties moistening against your monstrous cock.

I start to kiss downwards again, letting my fingers and tongue dance across your chest with light, teasing movements, nipping playfully at your nipples. To go any lower, I need to move. I kiss your lips one last time, use my teeth to pull at your earlobe, and slowly sink to my knees in front of you. I know this will be no easy task and I certainly don’t have the skill to take it all, but I want to take as much as I can. I’ve been longing to really play with your cock, study it almost, and as much as I want to take it straight into my parted lipstick kiss, I start with my fingers. I let them dance as lightly as they have done across every other part of you, and I delight in hearing those little angry growls that suggest you wish to be free and mauling me. Slow, fluttering motions as my fingers nervously trace along from that salty little tip, all along the shaft to the little thatch of hair at the base.

I run my fingers everywhere, firmly tugging on güvenilir bahis your balls as I take my time, admiring and studying each vein, every little bump and curve, inch by careful inch. Seeing the drop of pre-cum at the tip, I slowly reach out with my tongue, and gently lick, delighting in the taste of your clear salty liquid. I suck a little, letting my tongue explore, rubbing against that little dip on the underside of your cock, before swirling back around your width.

“Mmmmmmmm fuck yes,” you moan, just before I take my lips away, smiling to myself as I lick them, savouring your taste.

Then I go back to my careful observations and start repeating what I did with my fingers, only this time, I’m using my lips. Kissing every inch, all the way from the tip to the base and back up again, firmly tugging at your balls just to keep you on your toes. I suck the tip again, letting my tongue rub against that dip for as long as I can manage, before the need for breath gives me pause.

Breathing slightly harder now, trying to get in controlled and measured, I slip one of my hands around the chair, so the my nails can dig into your ass as I start to suck you properly, fucking your cock with my eager little mouth. My other hand alternates between stroking your cock and tugging on your balls, trying to find whatever crazy rhythm will make you cum. It’s no easy task, but I keep going, loving that salty liquid, loving the way your cock twitches and hardens as my tongue continues to massage that little dint and that little slit. When my jaw can take no more, I go back to kissing your shaft, licking, tugging at your balls, and stroking as confidently as I can, wishing you would say something to guide me as I instinctively look towards your face.

Feeling the need to change positions, I decide to stand up and sit back on your lap. I pull your head down to breasts and tell you to please them with your tongue, that I want you to suck on my nipples, graze your teeth against them cruelly, as I reach between your legs and take your cock in my free hand. I wet my thumb with the nectar flowing between my thighs and begin rubbing that little spot under the head of your cock. Over and over, rubbing that little dint with thumb, tugging firmly at your balls as I continue to massage your cock. I want you to cum, and I plan on getting my way.

“I need you to cum,” I moan against you, as I continue to flick my wet thumb türkçe bahis against you, mixing my juices and your pre-cum for lubrication. Continuing to massage in little circles, desperate to make you cum, grinding against you, practically riding you as I make you cum for the first time, only loosening my grip when you finally release those first spurts of thick, white cream.

“Oh, fuck yes, Mir,” you moan, bucking against me.

I continue to stroke your cock, wanting it rock hard again, licking the liquid you’ve spilled onto my hand, before I push my wet silk panties to one side. I grab your cock, running it along my wet pussy lips, feeling a delicious sense of power and desire, especially when I hear you growling and moaning. I want to ram you inside me; want to feel you hard and deep inside my pussy, but I retain my composure and keep my grip firm, even going so far as to tease you with my tight little ass-hole. I feel you thicken and tense as I rub your cock against that super tight hole, and your breath escapes in a hiss of desire through your gritted teeth. I seriously consider it, thinking that I might enjoy you taking a part of me that no other has, but I know you’re far too big to be entering my virgin ass-hole.

“Please, babe,” you groan. “Just put the tip inside your tight, hot, little ass-hole.”

The muscles in my stomach tighten, and my ass-hole twitches against the very tip of your cock. It’s tempting, but I’m not quite that brave, deciding that anal is one act where I would prefer you to be leading. Instead, I slowly slide my pussy over your throbbing cock, gasping as you stretch my tight, wet entrance and the needy walls beyond. I groan, wriggling and squirming against you, feeling as though it might all be too much, when I feel your rough lips against my throat. I moan softly, those sweet kisses and gentle nips soothing me, quieting the sudden panic, and I begin to control my rocking hips, remembering exactly what I am doing and why. I cradle your face in my hands, covering it in kisses, before I hold your head to my breasts once more as I start to take a bit more of your cock with every downward motion.

“Oh fuck, Patrick,” I moan against your ear, as you start to move your hips up to meet mine. “Please don’t stop.”

I begin to ride you harder, more confidently, keeping a firm grip on your balls as your cock starts to hit the deepest parts of my hot tight wet cunt.

“Oh fuck güvenilir bahis siteleri yes, Patrick. Take me hard and deep. Don’t stop ’til you fill me completely,” I beg, riding you hard and deep, clutching at my silk covered breasts as I continue to take you deeper, my other hand grasping your balls almost painfully. “Oh fuck, don’t stop Patrick, don’t stop,” I moan, over and over again.

All of the teasing and riding, and desire to bring about your pleasure, suddenly hits me. I want to cum, I want to succumb to waves of ecstasy with you, and I feel so close to cumming as I impale myself over and over again on your monstrously big cock.

“Oh fuck,” I groan, squeezing your heavy cum-filled balls. “Fill me, please, I want you to cum inside me. Please, I’m begging you.” My breathing begins to come out in frenzied, rapid breaths, matching yours, and I pull the blindfold from your head, needing to see and feel those steel blue eyes staring into my soul.

Our eyes lock and we kiss passionately, our lips brushing together between sweet, heartfelt moans. Grinding against you, my pussy clamping even tighter to your thick cock, as I begin to rub my clit. I feel you thicken inside me, stretching me more than I thought possible, and I hold my orgasm at bay not wanting my pleasure until I feel yours inside me.

“Oh god Patrick, don’t stop, I’m so close, cum for me. Oh fuck, I want to milk your cock dry,” I groan, as I feel your warm, thick seed exploding into the deepest reaches of my tight wet hole. As soon as you growl out your release, bucking me hard as your hips thrust your cock even deeper inside me, orgasm rips through me. My head is thrown back, my back arching almost violently as I cum, screaming out in release, shuddering against you, nails deep in your back as I buck and writhe uncontrollably, gasping for breath and shaking. It feels infinite and yet all too brief, that intense, blissful climax, our eyes locked as I tremble upon your cock, my pussy pulsing with orgasmic aftershocks.

I wrap my arms around your neck, desperately clinging onto you with what little strength I have left; I feel shattered and spent, ready to let gravity pull me to the floor, but far too prideful to allow it. Then I feel your strong arms around me, cradling me as you cover me with kisses, and through the haze of my afterglow, I wonder just how long you’ve had your hands free.

“I’ve got you,” you say softly, picking me up and carrying me to the bed, your cock still firmly inside me.

I smile sleepily against your chest, gently rubbing my fingers against your nipples in lazy circles and wonder if you know just how true those few words are.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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