Simply Miranda Ch. 04

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Doug woke to a beautiful hand wrote gold embossed note. It explained that for a few hours this morning Miranda was otherwise detained. He reached for the pillows she had laid back on and breathed in her essence. The note also said that she was sending Ethan in her place he would be there when Doug ordered breakfast.

Doug stretched almost bending in half. He felt so fine he could only smile. Calling the room service he stepped into the shower. He loved the way the water slipped off the top of the shower the likes of an amazing waterfall. Steam took the glass doors making them opaque he washed feeling his desires were consumed on every level. Miranda was the epitome of a classy lady. He turned off the shower thinking he heard the door chimes.

Stepping out of the shower he dressed in another Armani suit. French cuffs, with rare emerald cufflinks. Dark green silk shirt with white collar and cuffs. The jacket slipped on like a well made pair of leather driving gloves. His handkerchief was perfect point. Just the right amount of cuff was showing when he relaxed his arm. Placing his feet in the hand made leather slip on tasseled loafers he felt ready for the day.

Stepping out of his room he found the smell of bacon and orange juice wafting up to meet his nose. He was ravenous from all the sex he had. Stepping around the corner he found he wasn’t alone.

“Mr. Brook glad to meet you I’m Ethan. I’m sure Miranda spoke of me staying with you this morning for a few hours.” Ethan put his hand out his handshake was strong.

“Please call me Doug. Glad to meet you Ethan. Miranda did mention we were to spend a few hours together. Would you enjoy breakfast with me?” Doug felt at home with Ethan right away.

Ethan was well bred. Very handsome slim but his taste in clothing matched Doug’s. Sitting across from the table they talked about safe topics. Work, travel then they got to pleasures.

“I, myself enjoy a great high stakes poker game.” Confessed Ethan. ‘ You gamble Doug?” He asked interested.

“Yes, Baccarat, Black Jack at my own table. Occasionally poker.” Doug said sipping his Mimosa.

Ethan smiled broadly as he set his bloody Mary down, dragging the smoke from his cigar.

“So let’s go downstairs?” Ethan said calmly. ‘I can get us into a private game. It’s so private they have never allowed a woman to step foot in the room. What do you say?” Ethan waited for Doug’s reply.

“Sounds like a nice way to spend a few hours.” Doug responded.

Ethan stood up he was shorter than Doug but the two of them walked like power houses. Nobody would doubt their commanding presence, their demeanor. They carried themselves as though the world was theirs. Walking to the elevator it crossed his mind that had the Ethan been with Miranda? Well if he had he knew the essential consummate lady. Entering the elevator Ethan brought out a platinum key turned it the elevator went down a few floors.

A man dressed in a Cossack bowed then stood up walking towards the double leaded glass doors.

“Welcome Mr. Ethan they are waiting.” He spoke softly.

Ethan slipped him a crisp one hundred dollar bill. The table was full but two empty chairs. The chips were in mounds. Doug was impressed. Ethan sat down offered no name for his friend. The game started. Doug was watching Ethan closely, hand after hand he couldn’t seem to lose. He also noted that he was generous with tipping. Spoke of the state of affairs, with a tone that offended no one.

Doug got into the game playing and winning. Thoroughly enjoying these men. Man talk some bawdy but they were shakers and movers. Apparently for some it was a social gathering away from phones, decisions. Thousands won and lost in every hand. Doug saw that Ethan was straight faced. That made him interested instantly.

It was going to be the last hand, Ethan was up by at least four hundred thousand. Doug was watching his mannerism but couldn’t see anything.

“I bet everything I have an plus another six hundred thousand.” Ethan said solemnly.

The cards had been just been dealt. Ethan had only picked two up. All the guys looked at Ethan, then their cards. One man took him up on it.

“I will call you.” The man said quietly.

The dealer said, “One million dollars for this hand.”

He turned to Ethan and Ethan showed him he didn’t want any cards. The other man took one. Every man was watching you could hear a pin drop.

The man smiled placing four kings and a queen down. Ethan smiled broadly. Winked at Doug. Placed his cards down fanning four Aces and a queen. Ethan had just won güvenilir bahis a cool million. Doug was breathless. The men all sat back smiling some laughing. Doug never saw a drop of perspiration fall off Ethan’s face. Nor did his hand shake, he was a winner a good nature winner at that.

The men all shook hands congratulated Ethan. Welcomed Doug heartily. As they left the suite headed back into the elevator. Ethan took out his platinum key, turning it slowly the elevator moved a little slower.

“So Doug, how was that?” Ethan said without a bit of braggart in his demeanor. Ethan moved closer to Doug.

“Well I will never forget that for as long as I live. A cool million dollars. Getting to be in a private men’s game. They are a bunch of great fellows.” Doug spoke sort of stepping back so his back was against the elevator wall.

Ethan’s actions didn’t give away he had just made the honey of the pot. His hair, his goatee was superbly in place. Ethan was cool as a cucumber.

“Miranda should be back soon. Had a great time with you Doug.” Ethan said matter of fact.

“Me too. Ethan you only had picked up two cards when you bet were they two of the four aces?” Doug was inquisitive.

“Nope. A Queen and one Ace. What’s the fun of a sure thing Doug? Life can be so exciting with odds working for or against you.” Ethan laughed heartily.

The elevator stopped but the door didn’t open. Doug waited Ethan walked towards him. Doug felt panicked Ethan was surely not going to kiss him. It looked like it though. Doug started to clear his throat and move. When Ethan took his hands and took off his wig. Miranda was standing there in an Armani suit, goatee, and smiling at Doug.

“Doug isn’t it delicious ‘No Women allowed'” Miranda smiled as she kissed Doug’s surprised face.

The touch of her lips broke through Doug knew Miranda’s kiss intimately. Her facial hair was soft, he went hard she was right here. She had been a gentleman all morning. Walked into an exclusive man’s poker game coming out a million dollar winner. Now she was playing with his tongue. Her gentle hands were playing his body superbly. He was needing to feel her mouth around his cock. He unzipped his slacks. Miranda slid down his body with eagerness.

The first touch of his cock inside a mouth framed with hair startled him. She was wrapping him inside of that magic tongue. He was melting into her face. Closing his eyes he envisioned the hair and her softness surrounding his cock. He was throbbing, enjoying the sensations. Looking down he saw her in an Armani suit giving him head. As though she had taken lessons on how just like how a man wanted to be sucked off.

Doug’s knee’s were shaking seriously, Miranda braced him against the wall. As she went in for the big crescendo. Doug’s head seemed to blow off his shoulders as his knee’s buckled. His seed was drowning Miranda. He didn’t care, she would take care of him. That he knew for certain. Miranda would see to his pleasures. What a remarkable human being she was. Doug’s thoughts jumbled, his heart pounding, throat dry. He was going into sub space.

Doug was feeling buoyant Miranda kept him going. She kissed him intimately, licking and sucking him all over his body. Miranda made sure Doug knew she was thisclose. She turned him around making his face look upon the mirror. Her hands were physically touching his engorged cock. She looked from the angle seeing his pleasure in her playing rough.

“Use that hand of yours Doug. Use it to show me how you hold it before you take yourself to passions alone?” Miranda said excitedly’ Hmm, Yes! Like that the curve in your thumb and forefinger. Your hand that makes hundreds of motions a day. C’mon show Miranda how you take the girth and relieve yourself? Yes! Oh Yes! You know it so well. You feel the power inside of your hardened cock. Move it pleasure that rod for yourself. I’m watching you I want to see your pleasure. I want to hear your pleasure.” Miranda said with anticipation.

Doug watched his cock slip itself in the palm of his hand, then come out reaching the new wetness. He was masturbating for Miranda he didn’t care. He wanted her to se the enjoyment. He looked around the four walls of the elevator seeing his ass snugly tightened. His hand was very efficient. It was covered in copious amounts of pre cum.

“You want to watch me, Doug?” Miranda taunted him. ‘She slid down her pant zipper and pulled out a penis Doug was shocked it was life like. She fumbled at first, for his benefit.” Miranda grinned at herself.

“Like this cupping the underside Doug? türkçe bahis Or maybe I should make it like a water hose and water the flowers?” Miranda laughed so did Doug.

Doug seeing this lovely lady with cock in hand caused him to smile.

“Come to me Miranda?” He whispered.

Miranda walked towards him in complete submission. He took her hand placing her soft hand on his primitive cock. Covering his hand over hers. This is what to be lovers were. To manage to be able to share everything, Lovers were ready, willing, to share. They rose above all inhibitions. Slowly he took her hand and she caught on right away how to jerk him off. His smile was wonderful. He made the pleasures known. He even knew when he took his hand from hers, he knew she would continue.

He slipped his hand inside of her zipper. There was the small penis. He brought it out and with his expertise he held it with meaning of reality. Trying to stroke something much smaller, yet very life like he found himself finding her responding. He deep down enjoyed her womanly playground. Her beautiful folds of softness. His ease in entering her causing her to blush. His pressurizing her clitoris bringing her to cumming.

He seductively undressed her from her Armani suit. Slipping her suit jacket off her shoulders, undoing her suspenders. Slipping them off the most beautiful shoulders. Unbuttoning her shirt, he was on the third button when he found she had a lacy tee shirt. What a gloriously evocative woman Miranda was. He drew it over her head bare breasting her. His mouth was hungry going to the left nipple. Slurping the sweetness, under the side along the side. He took over her body. The mirror was showing them every angle as they both played the other well. They were searching the pleasure points with gusto. Doug brought down Miranda’s Armani’s slacks. He found some type of a low slung binder holding the penis in place.

“Miranda you are adorable. How your mind works is a treasure for the one that is with you.” Doug slipped it off and Miranda stood there naked for his eyes to look upon. Looking at all the mirrors he could see her full body was near perfection. He stood up and pulled her to his powerful grasp. He wanted for her to lean upon his muscular well endowed body.

They hugged each other with the power of lovers. He easily lifted her up allowing her legs to go around his waist. From every angle they could see their wanton, hunger for one another. Together they had the greatest power of all. Pure lust for the other.

“Miranda, I have an ocean of emotions for you.” Doug said before he passionately kissed her lips.

“Doug as well as I, for you.” Miranda kissed him back as their lips returned to possess their desires.

They kept each other working over time for their passions being fed. Then the elevator fell down four floors. Doug grabbed Miranda as though she would be hurt. Miranda laughed not at Doug, but herself. Slipping down she got to the panel before the elevator went dark. Lights flickered, elevator gained the four floors.

“Doug we have an appointment we must keep. If we are going to eat at your favorite restaurant this evening.” Miranda grinned she was back in control of his pleasures.

Doug stood there looking at her beauty unabashedly. The elevator opened into a marble foyer. Miranda reached out touching Doug’s hand. Your clothing is laid out. I have to get this facial hair off. I’ll see you by the front door in ten minutes.

“Byeee ..” Miranda swiveled her hips for his eyes only.

Doug wanted to grab her yet he wanted to know where they were going, more? Doug decided he would play a good boy because he knew Miranda would give him all he could want. Where he wanted it? She was a miraculous find. Looking on the bed he found a dark suit with a casual light sweater to wear under the jacket. Perfect for traveling. His grin broadened when he remembered the helicopter ride.

Hey she mentioned his favorite restaurant? All though he had mentioned many. There was that one he would be fascinated if they got to it. He heard her walking across the floor. Walking out of his room he stopped in his tracks.

Beauty was abundantly filling the hall way. A long sleeve, short dress also in black. Black silken ed nylons. Her silver white hair was straight to past her waist. Her four inch heels, were so slenderizing to her ankles. Dark sunglasses rimmed in diamonds. A diamond bracelet on left wrist. She looked like a star. He walked next to her, they were the perfect couple.

“I’m totally in your hands, Miranda.” Doug whispered.

“Nice güvenilir bahis siteleri thought.” She smiled ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Stepping out of the elevator in unison they were helped into the back of a black hummer limousine. Doug held Miranda’s hand as their car slipped from the underground garage. Miranda took her hand and placed it over his. Looking through her glasses she looked at him. Very touchingly kissing his forehead. Doug leaned back upon the leather, looking at this wide eyed visionary He had knew she was the woman he would always take with him. She would be the woman in a crowd calling out to him.

Bringing her fingertips to his lips he kissed their well defined nail beds. They made a turn he looked out couldn’t see anything for certain. Then he saw it. Surrounded with everybody wearing black. Standing on it’s own it was an impressive sight. The car slipped ever so quietly at the base of the stairs. Stepping out they side by side walked up the stairs. Doug was breathless, a private jet. Her own private jet. Now where would they end? He was impressed and he was the one stepping inside of the most luxuriate cabin. Just as they stepped in the door shut everybody seemed to disappear. Doug twirled Miranda kissing her nice and slow. He took her in his arms and danced her around the cabin. They were made for one another. His eyes fell upon his drink Cristal, his cigar, Lady Godiva chocolates.

The music was Beatles, Doug took them from swing, Tango, then the most sensual slow dance it left them both panting. Three Dog Night came up. Doug was enthralled he could bring up any music from Jazz to Easy listening. Their inner sanctum was a fantasy come true. Leather, mink, ermine, crystal. So much to touch and Miranda designed it. Her nonchalant way about owning the world’s best. Being the world’s best. Winning the million dollars.

“Now Miranda, when were you going to tell me about this?” Doug smiled by her face of innocence.

“Well. Darling Doug it looked like one seventeen this afternoon.” Miranda laughed jumping in Doug’s arms.’ You can’t drive where we will be eating for dinner tonight.” She said slowly.

“Are we alone?” Doug asked mischievously.

“Counting the pilots. The stewards. You and I. Nope we are not alone. We are alone from this point back to the bedrooms, baths, and dressing area.” Miranda took Doug’s hand pulling him back further than he imagined it was.

“You and I have the power for bringing the passions to new heights. This is her virgin flight in case you like virginal things.” Giggling as Doug threw her on the satin bed.

“I can’t deny I do enjoy virginal things. This whole time with you was filled with virgin moments. Knowing I’m going to take you right here and right now. Well Miranda, how does that make you feel?” Doug had a glint in his eye.

“It makes me want to, fuck you for the first time all over again.” Miranda whispered in his ear.

They went about breaking Simply Miranda in as they raced through clouds. Living for the moment not caring what was next. It started with Doug’s mouth covering her left nipple with great hunger. His cock was pressed upon her thigh. Her hands were playing with his heavy balls. Stroking his cock that stay buried up inside of himself. Before they knew what was happening they were in the classic sixty-nine position her on top. He wanted her there so he could allow her cum freely pour down his throat.

She loved the being able to engage his cock at many depths. She wanted him to feel his cock adored. She never wanted him to feel unwanted. Kissing his cock into hardness. Licking it into submission. Allowing it to explode in her mouth, across her nipples, or her beautiful face was her choice. Sometimes he would shout out what he wanted. She listened for his changes. The difference in his breathing. The differences in his licking her hole. It all told her how he was doing. Taking time to tell her what he desired that mere second before explosion. It brought chills into her body. He would be stroking her deep, then he would grab her pressing her onto the wall so her legs surrounded his back.

He was driven by that point. Drilling it home. Ramming her by force. Nothing was going to stop his focus he was going to fill her up with his hot white seed. He might even nibble on her nipples harder. He only wanted her to know when they were done she had been fucked into submission. He knew he would lay with her side by side as they cooled down. She would do whatever he wanted. So he knew he would do the same for her.

Pure hot raw sex. Taking the leap off the abyss. Nothing but everything feeling touched afterwards. At times that’s what they both needed. They knew they got it when they needed it that way. Then a soft melt down afterwards. She curled into him. Sometimes he curled into her.

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