Sin City

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I moved from small town Idaho to Southern Nevada last October. My job had been based out of Las Vegas for the past 6 years, and because of my unique situation with housing, didn’t want to leave Idaho. Long sorry short, 2 years ago, my unique situation was bought out for 6 figures. That money doubled my significant savings account, and I paid cash for a duplex. I lived in one side with a room mate who paid me $600 a month, and I rented out the other side for $1075. Last year, I was approached by a real estate broker who had a client who wanted my duplex. I sold my property for 55k more than I bought it for. With cash in hand, I bought my house in the Boulder City area. I have no family, and all of my friends were married with k**s now, so I was fine with a fresh start.
Anyhow, I don’t get out much when I’m not working. My job has me socializing and partying enough for 3 lifetimes, so when I get home, I just nest and don’t do much. But every once in a while, things come up to get me out of the house and in to the glitz and craziness of Las Vegas.
Last week, some friends from Idaho came down to experience the Vegas scene. I happened to be off of work for the entire time they came down, so I used some connections and got them a room at The Bellagio. The first night they got in, I had them picked up in a little limo, and let them to their own devices for the night to do whatever. The next day, we went shopping, ate at Hell’s Kitchen, and finished with dancing at a club.
Typical night club scene of course, and we drank way too much alcohol. But during the course of the night, we made friends with two women from Colorado. They were in town for a wedding, and drove down together. They were polar opposites of each other, and it was a surprise that they were friends at all. The who called herself Heather was outgoing, loud, and a typical party girl, the other one who called herself Tammy was more reserved and quiet. I found out later that neither one used their real names, but it didn’t really matter.
So anyways, it was close to 3am, and I had just returned from the bathroom with my friends Claudia and Emily, when we find Tammy alone at our table, halfway up passing out. We tried to ask where her friend went, and she literally had no idea. We texted her from her phone, and were told that she found something to do and would be back in the room later. The next problem was, Tammy couldn’t remember what hotel they were in, and couldn’t find her room key.
Claudia and Emily really didn’t want a stranger in their room, and because I was sober, told them I would take her back to my place to let her sleep it off.
She was passed out before we hit Sunset, and when I stopped for coffee and a bagel, she never even woke up.
The drive to my house took almost a half an hour, more than enough time for her to get in to a deep sleep. I had a hell of a time getting her in the house, and would have left her in the car if I didn’t think she would puke in my Challenger.
I put her in my spare room, turned the light on in the adjoining bathroom, put her purse and phone next to the bed, and went to bed myself.
I woke up the next morning at about 7:30. I went in to the spare bedroom to make sure I didn’t have to clean up any mess her drunk ass may have left, and was pleasantly surprised to see that all was well. I then went in to the kitchen to make coffee and begin my morning routine of answering texts on my company phone, answering emails, etc. And for about a half an hour, I tried to stay as quiet as I could, but my loner lifestyle got the better of me, and it was time for her to wake up and get out of my house.
Yeah, it sounds a bit harsh, but I have pretty much lived alone since I was 17. I had occasional roommates, but we missed each other a lot, and kept to ourselves. When I had a more permanent roommate, I began the job I have now, and we literally saw each other a few times a month. So, I like living alone, I like being able to do what I want in my house, and I especially don’t like people in my house that I don’t know. Yes, I brought her home, but honestly there really wasn’t much of a choice.
I was just getting ready to make a smoothie when I saw the time on the stove said 8:37, and at this point, I was done being quiet. “Alexa, play morning mix on Spotify”, “Alexa, volume up”, “Alexa, volume up”. There that was better. Thunderstruck from ACDC started playing through the tiny speaker and I still am amazed at how loud these speakers can get. Fruits and mixings in to the blender, and I turned that on as well. Now the house was a loud cacophony that should wake up the dead. I poured my smoothie in to my designated smoothie cup, and walked back to my room to take a shower. I peaked in to the spare bedroom, and she was no longer in bed. I walked in, thinking maybe her ass fell on the floor, and nothing. I came out, walked down the hallway, past the empty bathroom, then back out to the living room. She was gone. I walked back in to the spare bedroom, and her stuff was still where I put it. What the fuck?
I quickly walked back to my room because short of actually leaving the house (which I remembered that she couldn’t have done without de-activating the alarm), that was the last place she could be. And If I caught her going through my shit, there was going to be a huge problem.
I found her sitting on the floor of my bathroom, crying uncontrollably. To be honest, I am not a consoling type of chick. I was never consoled as a k**, nobody ever took me by the hand and told me “everything is alright”, blah blah blah. I was completely out of my comfort zone when I knelt down next to her and asked her what was wrong.
She looked at me through the crocodile tears and running mascara, “Where am I and who are you?”
The next ten minutes was spent kneeling down in the bathroom telling her the story of the night before, followed by another ten minutes of her sitting on my bed being upset that her friend left her, followed by a very loud and very angry phone call to her friend that ditched her.
I really tried to be a good host by offering her coffee or a smoothie, but she was really too upset to want either, and I can’t say that I blamed her. So, now we were back to the original issue of getting her the hell out of my house.
“Did you friend tell you what hotel you were staying in, or do you remember which one?”
“I didn’t fucking ask her!”
“Ok, so do you remember where you were staying? I could drive you in to town, I have to go anyways.” I didn’t have to go in to “town”, no resident of Vegas that doesn’t work on the strip has to go in to “town” for anything. I just wanted her gone.
“No, I don’t remember, I’m sorry.”
“Can you call her back and find out where?”
“I just want to go home.”
“Ok, when do you fly back?”
“We drove here.”
Getting any information out of her was like pulling teeth. One question, one answer. “Did you drive your car or hers?”
“We drove mine.”
“Ok, do you have your car keys?”
She rummage through her purse for a second. “No, I think they are in the room.”
Holy hell woman. “Do you have a room key somewhere in your purse?”
More rummaging. “No, I don’t think so.”
“Ok, what did the hotel look like? You really don’t remember the name of the hotel? Is it a big casino hotel, or just a small hotel?”
“I think there was a casino, but it wasn’t on the strip. It was like across from the strip.”
“Like across the airport from the strip?”
“I don’t remember.”
Then it hit me. “How did you get to the hotel? Did you have to use the navigation on your phone to get there?”
“Yeah, I did!”
“Give me your phone.” She did without unlocking it. Holy fuck! I handed it back. “Would you mind unlocking it first?” I really had to hold myself back from following that sentence up with “dumbfuck”.
Within seconds, I found out where she was staying. “Ok, so, you’re staying at Sunset Station. Get your stuff and I will take you back to your hotel. The front desk will give you a key, you can get in to your room, and you will be all set.”
She never looked up at me from hearing the good news, so I got up, grabbed my phone and my purse, grabbed my sunglass and car keys and headed for the door. Tammy just sat there on my couch. Now, usually I am a pretty patient person. The people that I deal with on a daily basis have ingrained patience in to me, and I pride myself on it. But this woman right here was getting on my last nerves. Thinking back, I must have just woken up on the wrong side of the bed, because I really shouldn’t have let it get to me like it did. Nevertheless, I stood in my open door looking at her sitting on my couch with her head in her hands. Well shit.
After a deep breath, I slowly closed the door and walked back to the living room.
“Tammy, right?”
“What’s going on Tammy? Why don’t you want to go back to your room?”
“How would you feel if your best friend in the world left you stinking drunk at a random bar to go fuck a random guy somewhere? There literally wasn’t a single text from her wondering if I was ok. No calls, nothing. How would you feel?”
“Honestly, I would be super pissed, and would have caught an Uber an hour ago to go get my car, and I would’ve left her ass hanging out to dry in Las Vegas while I drove my ass home.”
“I trust me, I’m pissed, but she has never been like this before. She has always been more conservative. And to just leave me for a random guy…we have been best friends since 1st grade.”
She rambled and mumbled and cried and sobbed for the next hour. I really did understand where she was coming from, but that didn’t stop the fact that she needed to pull her big girl panties on, and move the fuck on. Let’s fix it, let’s get you to where you are in control of the situation, and let’s move on with our lives.
She finally got to a point where she seemed to be pulling herself together, and was perhaps sobering up so I asked her again if she would like some coffee or something to eat.
“Can I maybe just have a glass of ice water?”
“Yes of course. I don’t have much to eat, but I might have some pop-tarts or something”
“No thank you, just the ice water. Any chance I could use your shower?
I said sure before I really had the chance to think about it, and then suddenly remembered she would have to use my shower. The main bathroom shower faucet had a broken handle and the showerhead leaked. “Uh, yeah, you will have to use the master shower. I will show you where the towels are.”
She followed me back to my room, and as I walked in to my bathroom to show her where the towels were, I looked back to see her already undressing.
“Uh, so the towels are in here, but don’t use the blue ones, they are brand new and I haven’t washed them yet. “
She slipped off her underwear and she was walking past me with her clothes in one hand, walked in to the bathroom and closed the door.
I immediately called Claudia and told her everything that happened. Claudia, knowing me like she did, was quite surprised I hadn’t just called her a taxi and pushed her out of the house. But something kept pulling me to be nice to her, it was kind of strange, and I told her as such. Claud’s answer to that was that I needed to get laid, and was secretly hoping she was a lesbian.
As I hung up with Claudia, I was putting my coffee cup in the dishwasher, and I could smell Tammy before I knew she was standing behind me. The smell of freshly washed hair had always been a huge turn on for me. “Um, Michelle, I need another favor.”
I turned around and I went a little weak in the knees when I saw her. She looked refreshed, was still dripping wet, and looked sexy as hell. Her long red hair was still dripping at the ends as she stood in front of me with only a towel. “This is kind of embarrassing, but I seemed to have maybe pee’d myself last night and I could really use some clean clothes. Would you mind terribly if I threw my clothes in to the laundry, and I will wash the sheets too.”
My first inclination was to tell her to just go commando and I would just run her back to the hotel room, but seeing her in all this sexy glory, I really didn’t want her to go yet. I mean, what if?
More to come………

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