Sindy’s Seduction

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Author’s note: I saw this style of writing by another author and thought I’d give it a go.

In her freshman year at Northwestern Sindy had started working at a local coffee shop where she met Ryan. Ryan was five years older than Sindy, on the verge of graduating and merely looking at him made Sindy’s pulse race faster.

Ryan for his part was initially unaware of Sindy’s interest in him. But over the course of the year he’d come to the coffee shop to study and he gradually started to notice the cute girl with the blond hair always staring at him. He found himself appreciating the graceful curve of her modest breasts and her almost ever-present smile.

It was a few days before the end of September when Ryan asked Sindy if she’d like to go out for a date sometime. Naturally she said yes.

Sindy’s parents were not wealthy but they were well off and when Sindy went to college they made sure she had her own apartment. It was just a one bedroom affair with another room that was her kitchen, dining room, and living room all in one. Where Ryan shared his cramped dormer with two other young men that meant that his dates with Sindy frequently took place at her apartment.

Despite the circumstance their relationship was rather chaste. Sindy was always careful to make sure that things never got out of hand and that often left Ryan feeling frustrated. Still, he loved the girl and felt she was worth waiting for. But at the same time he longed to feel her bare skin against his own. Sindy of course had similar feelings for Ryan but she was constrained by her conservative upbringing and her parent’s expectation that she wait until marriage before getting physical with a young man.

Fate stepped in and late in the week before Christmas break one of Ryan’s roommates had left an electric hot plate unattended in close proximity to their pathetic little Christmas tree. Fortunately the ensuing fire took place during the day when almost all of the dorm residents were off at class. The remaining few who were in the dorm at the time safely made it out when the fire alarms went off.

Unfortunately the dorm was an old wooden structure and by the time the fire department arrived the building was a total loss. The fire department had no pretensions about saving the building and instead focused their efforts on preventing damage to other nearby dorms.

That afternoon Ryan got word that he was now out of a home and that what few clothes he owned had been consumed in the conflagration. The only spare clothes he still had were in his gym locker and these were suddenly much more important than they had been the day before.

Ryan texted Sindy and let her know about the fire. It turned out that Sindy had heard about the fire and she was of course pleased that Ryan was safe. But he had nowhere to live for the moment. The two of them agreed to meet for coffee to discuss the matter.

With the Christmas break only a day away Sindy asked Ryan if he could handle sleeping on her futon couch while she was away at home. The futon couch was one of those that went from being a couch into being a bed in moments. Naturally Ryan agreed to her terms that he keep his distance while living with Sindy and with only the things in his backpack he went home with Sindy.

That evening the two young people went out to gather a few sundries for Ryan to replace the things he lost. Sindy found it to be an intimate experience to shop for toiletries for her boyfriend and she also found herself desiring a more domestic lifestyle. Fantasies of marriage danced around her mind on the walk back to her apartment and she allowed herself a satisfied smile as she realized that it was now ‘their’ apartment.

The two of them stayed up later than usual due to the circumstance. They shared a late take out dinner and then got the couch set up as a bed for Ryan. Sindy excused herself to get ready for bed and Ryan listened as she did her evening grooming in the bathroom. He didn’t see her when she went into her bedroom and closed the door. His turn in the bathroom followed and then for lack of anything else to wear he just shucked his clothes and put on a clean pair of sweat pants for the night.

Sitting on his improvised bed Ryan caught his breath when Sindy returned to the room. She was wearing a simple silk nightshirt that buttoned down the front, her legs were temptingly bare, and the silk fabric readily betrayed the fact that Sindy’s breasts were tantalizingly unconstrained by a bra.

For her part Sindy felt flushed when she saw Ryan. It was the first time she’d seen him bare above the waist and he was everything she’d hoped for. He was well toned but not overly detailed like the narcissists she’d see in the weight rooms for hours on end. His chest had a proper tuft of hair unlike the fey boys who’d shave themselves hairless. And her eyes could not help but drift down to where she saw his sweat pants notably tented.

Being a relatively cloistered girl Sindy was naïve to Ryan’s erection Sincan Escort and she merely thought it impressive. Still, the sight of her boyfriend half naked flustered the girl and she said a quick good night before retreating to the safety of her bedroom.

It ended up being more than an hour before either of the two of them slipped into a slumber.

The following morning saw Ryan waking up early. He started a pot of coffee and then took a shower. As he was washing himself he felt his morning hard-on and decided to do something about it. His fist wrapped around the hard cock and started working it. Trying to choke back his moans Ryan quickly spewed four strong streams of cum into the steaming water.

When he came out to the main room Sindy was already there sipping her cup of coffee. The two young people were quite awkward as they tried to make conversation and it was the welcome fact of an early train for Sindy that put an end to the moment. A chaste kiss was exchanged and then Sin ran off to catch her train.

Ryan watched her from the window as she ran down the street and when she turned the corner he saw her look back and wave. He smiled and waved at her as she walked out of sight.

Arriving at home Sindy somehow managed to get through the holiday without letting her parents know about Ryan or how he was currently living in her apartment. Images of Ryan’s bare chest replayed in her mind all through Christmas. At the church Christmas Eve service she found herself thinking about the birth of Jesus and how maybe someday she’d have a baby of her own. Her mind drifted back to Ryan and she snorted back a small giggle as she realized she didn’t want to have an immaculate conception.

Christmas came the next day and Sindy managed to slip away from her family long enough to call Ryan and wish him a Merry Christmas. The sound of his soothing voice was music to her ears and she found herself eager to get back to Evanston.

Her parents were actually impressed when Sindy told them she wanted to get back to school early. Her logical reason was that she wanted to be safe back at her apartment on New Year’s Eve instead of trying to travel with so many other people on New Year’s Day. That particular year New Year’s Day fell on a Sunday and that made the following day a work day. Even the news media predicted chaos for travel that day what with a massive snowstorm on the way for New Year’s Day.

It was just before lunch time when Sindy got back to the apartment. Ryan was out somewhere but she knew he’d be back because he was expecting her home. Sure enough she had just doffed her jacket and hat when Ryan came in the door. He set down a bag of groceries and the two of them shared a passionate kiss. Sindy didn’t care that Ryan’s hand cupped one of her boobs as they kissed. No, she realized she liked it.

They broke their kiss and laughed that they were so passionate with each other. Sindy for her part was glad that Ryan hadn’t gone any further because she didn’t trust herself after having such lustful thoughts for him.

The two of them chatted and caught up with each other as they put away the groceries. Ryan had splurged and bought the makings for Sindy’s favorite cocktail which was a Mai Tai. Sindy didn’t care for champagne because it gave her headaches so Ryan had thoughtfully planned on the Mai Tai to toast in the new year.

It was just after nine when the snow started to fall. It wasn’t long after that when Ryan poured a fifth of white rum into a pitcher and then added pineapple juice, sweetened lime juice, grenadine, and a generous amount of dark rum to round off the drink.

Now Ryan could drink pretty hard like most college men but to be fair to him he wasn’t planning on drinking the whole pitcher of Mai Tai that one night. The thing was that he only knew the recipe one way and that was how he made it. He expected the pitcher of the cocktail would be sipped on for a few days.

At eleven the two young people sat in front of their TV and watched as the new year was welcomed in New York City. They toasted each other and Sindy finished her second Mai Tai of the evening. When she set down her glass she excused herself to get ready for bed and suggested that Ryan do the same thing.

In her bedroom she pulled off her winter travel outfit of blue jeans and a flannel shirt and put on her favorite silk nightshirt. As was her habit she dispensed with her bra for the night and felt a bit of relief as her globes were freed from their modest restraints.

It was then that Sindy noticed her panties were moist. She sighed with irritation because this was typical around the second week after her period. She didn’t like that her panties would get wet with the same clear stringy fluid every month. Taking off her panties she tossed them in her dirty laundry basket and grabbed a tissue to clean herself.

When she was finished she tossed the tissue in her waste basket and then opened a drawer Etlik Escort to find a fresh pair of panties. The first pair she found were her favorite linen panties she’d bought for herself at Nordstrom. She held them in her hand and shook her head at the thought of ruining them with the ‘snot’ coming out of her pussy.

“Maybe he won’t notice”, she said to herself. Looking in the mirror to make sure her nightshirt covered her down to just above her knees she decided it would be okay to go without panties for the next hour. She absently nodded her head as if to approve this decision.

Returning to the living room she found Ryan bare chested as usual and wearing only his sweat pants. He’d converted the futon to a bed while she was busy and was under the blankets on his makeshift bed when she returned. He invited her to join him and share his warmth. She didn’t hesitate and she also didn’t hesitate to help herself to the Mai Tai glass that had been refilled while she’d been changing.

Ryan somehow managed to behave himself as a nearly naked Sindy sat next to him. He’d seen her profile as she walked into the room and he instantly noticed the lack of panty lines under her silk nightshirt. He felt his balls roll with anticipation when the girl got under the blankets with him. He also did his best to convince his cock to settle down.

The hour went by and soon enough there was a countdown and then the TV showed the fireworks at the Navy Pier in Chicago as the new year arrived.

Ryan pulled Sindy close and kissed her to celebrate their first new year’s celebration together. The two of them were warm and tense when Sindy broke their kiss to suggest they toast the new year.

Sindy’s glass was empty again so Ryan got up and refilled it from the pitcher in the kitchen.

Returning to her he saw her bare feet on the carpet and then saw the silly smile on her face. She was sitting on the edge of the futon and he thought she might be thinking about going to her bedroom. He realized she wasn’t drunk but she wasn’t far from it. He put the two glasses down on a side table and then knelt down on the carpet in front of Sindy.

Leaning into her as she sat on the bed he gently kissed her. Her arms came up around him as she kissed him back. A few minutes went by as the two of them kissed and explored each other. The music from the celebration on TV created a very romantic tone for the moment.

Sindy didn’t notice when Ryan deftly undid the buttons on her nightshirt. Her whole universe at that moment was consumed with the sensations of kissing, being kissed, and feeling the strong bare shoulders of her man. She also didn’t notice as Ryan gently parted her knees with his hips.

“Oh.” Ryan heard her say as she felt him suckle on one of her nipples. She kissed the top of his head and her hands went to his waist as she felt him grinding himself into her crotch. Remembering that she wasn’t protected by the flimsy fabric of her panties her hands went further down his waist to find the reassuring presence of Ryan’s sweat pants right where they should be.

Ryan pulled away from her for a moment and shut off the TV. They were now in darkness save for the light that came in from the street outside. It was also unusually quiet what with the sounds of the city muffled by an ever intensifying snow storm.

In the darkness she saw him stand up and when he took her hand she obliged and stood up as well. She complied when he eased her nightshirt off of her shoulders even though she wasn’t truly cognizant of the situation. The presence of his sweat pants made her feel that it was okay if one of them was naked.

He guided her back to the bed and pulled the warm blankets over her. Then he went to the other side of the bed and climbed in. Her brief exposure to the cold air of the apartment made her welcome the warmth when Ryan moved partly on to her and kissed her again.

She felt his hand explore her body and she didn’t complain. His big warm hand moved around feeling her neck, her breasts, her waist, her hips, and then he slowly moved it to her pussy. She tensed when he first touched her down there but then relaxed as he gently explored and then found her button. Sindy was overwhelmed with sensation and alcohol as Ryan ministered to her needs.

Ryan was no virgin nor was he a philanderer. He’d had one girlfriend in high school and after three years of experience he knew his way around the female body. Sindy responded to his touch just like his old girlfriend used to. Her legs relaxed as he rubbed and teased her button and after some time he chanced to let a finger explore her cleft.

“Mmmmm” he heard as his finger easily slipped into Sindy’s body. She was so wet for him. She was ready.

He moved himself on top of her and gently parted her legs. The soft underside of his cock brushed against the fine blonde hair of her pubes as the two of them adjusted to their new position.

Sindy didn’t Çankaya Escort give it any thought when she had to spread her legs for Ryan. It was just the natural thing to do and she loved how his body was now pressing her down into the soft mattress. She felt him moving and adjusting as they kissed. Then she felt something warm, firm, and yet soft brush against her lower belly. The alcohol made this sensation into something quizzical but not alarming.

Ryan moved himself down on the girl and started sucking on her nipples and lightly biting them. She moaned in approval and then reflexively pulled her legs back and rested the soles of her feet against his thighs. Sindy herself was surprised when she did this. It seemed so lewd! Yet something had made her do this and it seemed like it was the right thing to do. She also felt more comfortable this way.

Sindy loved feeling Ryan suckling and biting her nipples and when he started kissing his way up her chest she had a moment of longing, wishing he’d suckle her some more.

His lips moved to her ear and lightly tugged at her earlobe. Then he moved his lips back to hers and she felt his tongue move into her mouth. It was her first French kiss and somehow it didn’t feel new or strange to her. It felt good to have part of him inside her body.

In the midst of kissing him Sindy felt Ryan’s pelvis moving on her and she became aware of something warm pressing against her pussy. She felt her pussy lips part and then the something moved between them rubbing back and forth. It felt nice. She knew she wanted more of this feeling.

“What are you doing to me?” she whispered into the night air.

“I’m making love to you.” was what she heard in reply.

Her mind struggled to process the import of what they were doing and what she had just heard.

‘We couldn’t be having sex, right? We’re just making out! And besides’, she thought to herself, ‘he still has his sweat pants on.’

Her hands moved from his shoulders to his waist. And then she moved them to his bare ass that was moving in synch with the sensation she felt between her legs. Sindy was torn as she realized that he was naked. She realized that the thing so wonderfully sliding back and forth in her furrow was Ryan’s bare cock. Part of her wanted him to stop. But it felt so good!

‘It’s safe so long as he doesn’t actually go inside me’ she told herself.

Ryan moved and put one arm around her with his hand holding her left shoulder. His other hand snaked around her waist and held her tight. She wasn’t going anywhere now and they both knew this.

Ryan withdrew his cock from running between Sindy’s pussy lips and for a moment Sindy felt relief that he was done and at the same time she felt a pang of loss that it was over. She couldn’t help herself but to feel giddy when she felt him press into her. It wasn’t the same feeling as the rubbing but she wanted it all the same.

She felt him press into her with a kind of urgency. The blunt tip of his cock was now searching for her opening in earnest. She felt it press and then slip away from her. Then she felt his body move back and try again.

“Oh, I’m not so sure…” she said as Ryan’s blunt tip finally found the right spot and she felt that tip press into the mouth of her pussy. Her hands went to Ryan’s waist as if to push him away.

Ryan felt Sindy tense as his cock pushed past the threshold of her pussy. He felt her try to lift his body off of hers. He paused for a moment as she said something.

In that brief moment Sindy understood that Ryan’s mind had checked out. He was holding her so tight and if she didn’t get him to stop it would be too late!

She struggled just a bit and realized her mistake as her movement got his cock into the exact right position to penetrate her body.

Ryan had felt his cock push past her pussy lips but then it wasn’t going any further. Then Sindy’s pelvis moved around and suddenly his cock moved deeper into her pussy.

Sindy caught her breath as she felt Ryan’s cock slip into her pussy. She was about to ask him to stop when his strong arms held her tight and he started thrusting into her. In a few moments she felt him deep inside her body and she felt his warm balls resting on her ass.

“Ohmigod.” she said.

Ryan felt a sense of relief with his cock finally buried into the object of his desires. He hadn’t had his cock in a pussy for almost six years and the feeling was exquisite. Part of him wanted to fuck her hard and get his rocks off. A more sensible part of him reminded him that he loved this girl.

“Are you okay?” he said to Sindy.

“Yeah.” she whispered, “We’re having sex aren’t we?”

He gave her a gentle thrust and replied playfully, “Yeah, I think we are.”

Ryan kissed her and slowly started thrusting himself into the girl. She took a little time to relax but eventually she did and so did Ryan.

He paused every now and again as he fought back the urge to fuck her hard and cum.

For her part Sindy was in awe of the amazing things happening to her. She had never imagined sex would feel so wonderful and intimate. It seemed surreal that for all of the years she had imagined what this moment would be like the moment was now upon her. She loved Ryan but at this moment he was simply the man who was finally fucking her.

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