Singapore Sharon Gets It Hard

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Sharon and Jessica worked at the FM Incorporation. Both were 28 years old and pretty sexy Singapore Chinese women. Sharon had 36D big boobs and a wide big butt. Jessica had a sexy look and had a big butt bigger than that of Sharon. Reymon worked in the same office and fantasized these two sexy women all the time.

Reymon and Sharon were at the office waiting for the rain to stop to leave for their home. Sharon was in her sleeveless long shirt and black jeans. She had shoulder length. Her lips were luscious and her skin was smooth and creamy. She went into the washroom and did not turn return for a long time. Reymon had been very horny from the morning turned on by Sharon’s creamy arms and her shaved armpits. He went into the washroom to find out what was going on. His cock immediately became hard at what he saw. The sexy Sharon was standing naked in front of the mirror and fingering her hairy pussy. Sharon was surprised to see Reymon there and tried to cover her pussy with her hands.

Reymon stripped his clothes and hugged her and kissed her luscious lips. Sharon protested at first but immediately gave in. Reymon hugged Sharon and sucked her luscious sexy red lips and licked her smooth oily face. He hugged her tightly and squeezed her big buttocks.

He now held Sharon by the nape of her neck and brought his huge cock near her sexy face. Sharon could smell his cock and involuntarily opened her sexy mouth to suck it. He was overjoyed seeing Sharon as a willing participant. He slowly pushed his cock into her waiting mouth and stroked her cheeks. Holding Sharon’s head he pushed his cock all the way into her mouth. Sharon’s thick lips formed a perfect ‘O’ around the shaft of his cock. It was an erotic sight for Reymon. He pulled his saliva dripping cock out of her mouth and rubbed it all over her sexy face. He pushed his cock again into Sharon’s waiting mouth and moved it in and out. He held her head tight and was pumping his cock in her mouth. Sharon’s mouth was gobbling up his cock and her saliva was drooling from her mouth. His cock was dripping and was moving faster in and out of her mouth.

Sharon loved the feel of Reymon’s hard and firm butt, which she held as he was fucking her hot mouth with his thick cock. Saliva drooled out of her mouth. “Fuck her mouth harder, Reymon” he told himself and dreamt of doing the same to his other colleague Jessica. Reymon felt he was escort ataşehir about to explode. He controlled himself and stopped pumping his cock in and out of Sharon’s mouth.

“Sharon do you like my prick?” Reymon asked without pulling his cock from her mouth. Sharon could only moan a gurgle in reply as her mouth was stuffed with Reymon’s thick cock. He was delighted to see that his sexy colleague offered no resistance at all; in fact she was sucking and licking his huge cock profusely. Reymon then held the back of her head and started fucking Sharon’s mouth again, first with slow long thrusts and then with short fast jabs. He fucked her mouth faster and faster and he exploded in her mouth and filled her mouth with his warm juice. He stayed still until he had emptied the whole stuff in her mouth. “Fuck Sharon faster in her mouth,” said Reymon with his stiff cock still stuffed inside Sharon’s mouth. Sharon’s inner thighs and her hairy cunt were all wet with her flowing juice.

Reymon spread Sharon’s big butt cheeks and kissed her dark asshole. Sharon’s dark anal sphincter contracted in anticipation for his eager tongue. The asshole sphincter was dark black on her slightly tanned smooth body. He pushed his finger into Sharon’s asshole and began to ream it with her tongue. He licked all over Sharon’s ass hole while shoving two fingers into her hairy cunt at the same time. Sharon moaned and grunted loudly.

Sharon’s cunt lips were fully engorged and puffed up above the dense bush of curly black hair. Her dense black pubic hair, her stout creamy thighs, and her thick pink cunt lips were too much for Reymon. He knew that Sharon was in need of a hard fuck. As there was no one in the office, Reymon carried Sharon to his office and made her lie on the desk. He raised her long legs over his shoulders and placed his erect thick cock on her cunt and pushed it in. The feeling of Sharon’s dense pubic hair on his cock was great to him.

Sharon’s cunt had never before experienced such a thick cock inside her cunt. Reymon had pushed only the head of his cock into her wet cunt; her outer thick cunt lips were fully stretched. Sharon yelled in pleasure, “Reymon…your cock is too big and thick…aaaahhhuunnnggnngnaaaaaa!!!!” “Your cock is ripping me” she wailed. He began to fuck Sharon with slow strokes, while sucking her big boobs.

He got a slow rhythm and sensed that kadıköy escort Sharon was lifting her big ass to meet his thrusts. Her cunt oozing was flowing freely and she could feel an orgasm approaching. Sharon clawed on Reymon’s back egging him to fuck her faster. Reymon asked how she was feeling his big cock. Sharon managed a whimper, “its great…It feels so good”.

Reymon licked Sharon’s stout thighs and began fucking her faster and harder. His heavy balls were slapping against her big ass with a THWAP…THWAP…THWAP…sound. He was fucking Sharon faster and her thick cunt lips clung to his thick shaft. Sharon was thrilled at the power of Reymon’s cock. He went on and on with no signs of stopping and Sharon could feel her orgasm approaching. Sensing this Reymon stopped pumping her cunt and wanted to tease his sexy and horny Chinese babe.

“Reymon…you…don’t stop fucking me…fuck me harder…harder…don’t stop I need to cum badly…aaaaaaaauunngggaaa…fuck me…fuck me harder…aaaa” yelled Sharon. Reymon shoved his cock harder and kept it still until Sharon climaxed again and again grunting loudly, “OOUUII MMAA UURRNNGH OOHHRRGGAAAAAAAD”. With that Reymon too exploded and filled the wet cunt of Sharon with his warm juice.

Reymon longed to taste Sharon’s thick cunt lips and quickly placed his mouth on it and sucked it wildly all over. He darted his tongue into Sharon’s dense haired cunt and teased her clit with it brining Sharon to another orgasm. Sharon moaned and twisted her sexy body as orgasm after orgasm gripped her. Sharon had never experienced such a wonderful sex in her life. Reymon held the headboard of the bed and placed his throbbing cock on Sharon’s mouth. He moved his hips while Sharon began to suck and milk his big cock. Reymon grunted loudly and pushed his cock into Sharon’s big mouth and she sucked and licked it hungrily. The sight of Sharon’s mouth stuffed with his huge cock excited Reymon and his cock became even harder in her mouth making her cheeks to bulge out.

He then made Sharon to sit on his lap facing him. Sharon stared at his thick cock and slowly sat on him taking his cock in by inch into her wet cunt. The lips stretched as she sunk his cock into her cunt. Reymon guided Sharon by holding her broad hips and with one pull made her sit on his lap with is thick and rock hard cock buried into her big, horny and hairy cunt.

Holding Sharon’s maltepe escort bayan hips he remained still with his cock fully stuffed into her fuck hole. He now fondled, caressed and sucked her big boobs. “Sharon my sexy babe do you like this” he asked her kissing her sexy cheeks and her luscious lips. The sexy and hot Sharon was fully plugged up in her cunt with his cock and Reymon was only rocking her gently; the tightness of his cock was bringing her close to another orgasm. “AAAH YYOUU ROGUE YOOVEE UUMM UUMMMN UURGGGHH OOOHHH YOOOUURR CCOOCKK IITTSS FFFIILLEED MMEE UUNNGGH UUNNNGHH UUUNNNNGGH OOOO AAAAAAHHH” wailed Sharon as she felt another orgasm.

Reymon squeezed Sharon’s big and firm ass cheeks together. Reymon slowly started fucking her in and out of her cunt with is hard and big cock. He rubbed the mound of her cunt and caressed her dense pubic hair as he kept fucking her. Sharon enjoyed each and every stroke of Reymon’s steel like cock. Reymon increased his pace of pumping and fingered her clit at the same time. Sharon’s loud moans turned into a continuos wailing, “AAAAAHHNN AAAHHNN AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHN AAAAAAAAAAANNN UUUUUGGGGGGNNNNHHH”. From her moans Reymon could feel that she was nearing another orgasm. She was in throes of orgasm and her wailing was completely incoherent. Reymon pulled his still hard and erect cock out of Sharon’s wet cunt and made her lie on the carpeted floor.

Reymon positioned his cock at the entrance of Sharon’s big cunt and with one hard stroke shoved the bulbous head into her wet and dripping cunt.

“AARRGGGGGGHH, UUNNGGHHH OOUUUIIIIIIII AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” grunted Sharon as her outer thick cunt lips were completely stretched by Reymon’s dick head.

He rubbed her hairy pubic mound as he kept shoving his cock up Sharon’s wet cunt. So excited was Sharon that she groaned to an orgasm. He pushed his cock fully inside her cunt as her cunt muscles pulsated with orgasm. With slow but long strokes he began fucking Sharon. She started meeting his thrusts by lifting up her big ass and groaned loudly, “UUNNGGHH AARRGGGHHHH FUCK ME HARDER…”. as she was fucked long and hard by Reymon with his big and stiff cock.

“Sharon, your cunt is tight and wet” remarked Reymon amidst his poundings. Sharon’s big boobs jiggled as he kept fucking her. Reymon was too excited at having this hot Chinese babe to himself and soon came deep inside her horny and hairy fuck hole. He rubbed her clit as he emptied his hot juice inside her cunt. He kissed Sharon on her lips and licked her face all over.

The heavy down pour had stopped by then and they both dressed up and went home after having a long and wet mouth kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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